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Dear John,

This summer, the company I work for is giving everyone a week off. We need to have some work done on our building and it made the most sense to just close for a week and let them get it done more quickly. I'm excited that I have the week off, but now my husband is asking me to take another week off right after that for a family trip. I've tried to convince him to move the family trip to the week that works better for me, but he seems to not really care. He said it would be nice for me to have two weeks off. Yeah.. that would be nice, but I am going to feel like a heel asking for another week off, when we're already getting a week. I have some vacation time saved up, but does that seem like a bad idea? I don't even know if it will be possible, since we're all going to be learning some new equipment that week. How do I convince my husband to adjust his schedule to fit better? Should we take separate vacations this year?


Trying to make this work!

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April 11th

Be Kind To Lawyers Day

Dog Therapy Appreciation Day

International Louie Louie Day

National Barber Shop Quartet Day

National Cheese Fondue Day

National Clean Up Your Pantry Day

National Eight Track Tape Day

National Marketing Operations Appreciation Day

National Pet Day

National Poutine Day

National Ranch Water Day

National Submarine Day

World Parkinsons Disease Day

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It seems that virtual dating, which became a big thing during the worst of the pandemic, is back in style. Why? Because going out has become so expensive. The dating app Wingman says that Gen Z in particular has embraced the “virtual first date”, which lets people test the waters with a potential new partner without making a financial investment. Apparently, 65% of Wingman users aged 18-27 choose to meet on Zoom (or another type of video call) as a first date, instead of meeting up. According to a spokesperson for the app, Gen Zers “don’t bat an eye at it…You can have a quick chat and you can see if there’s that spark.” Some even try to set some of the atmosphere of a regular date — but at a lower cost — by ordering takeout to their date’s place for the call.

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Jeff Bezos has scooped up a third property on Miami’s elite Indian Creek Island — for a staggering $90 million. The Amazon founder, who was recently named the 3rd richest person in the world by Forbes, purchased the waterside mansion in the ritzy neighborhood, nicknamed “Billionaire Bunker,” in an off-market transaction. The resort-style manor features a plush yard overlooking the ocean with several manicured gardens, a large driveway, and a beautiful swimming pool and guesthouse. It is being reported that Bezos plans to live in the home while completing the demolition of his 2 other island abodes. Indian Creek is already home to A-listers, including Tom Brady, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The tech titan purchased his other 2 neighboring Indian Creek residences for $147 million.


Lucas Partridge, dust off your buzzer, because it’s finally time to defend your record-setting reign as “Jeopardy!” champion. Jeopardy! producer Sarah Foss confirmed on the latest episode of the “Inside Jeopardy!” podcast that the quiz show will return with regular episodes next week — with Partridge returning as reigning champ — following 8 months’ worth of tournament-style play, a result of the Writers Guild of America strike. As Foss pointed out in the podcast, even though Partridge was only a 3-game champ, he now holds the record of longest-reigning Jeopardy! champion, ever.

Bob Iger teased new details for the “Avatar”-themed land coming to Disneyland during a shareholders’ meeting. In a video filmed, naturally, at Disneyland, the CEO mentioned several theme park expansion projects, including the new Avatar attraction, and a new “Frozen”-themed land headed to Disneyland Paris. He showed a concept image of the Avatar project, which builds off of the success of “Pandora: The World of Avatar”, a highly immersive land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which opened in 2017. The new image shows a lagoon with a boat-like attraction, and several large show buildings, which could include Flight of Passage.

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The Prime Minister of Singapore makes $2.2 million a year.

Dogs can understand that certain words refer to specific objects, suggesting they may understand words in a similar way to humans, a recent study from Hungary found. It has long been known that dogs can learn commands like “sit,” “stay,” or “fetch”, but proving their understanding of nouns is more difficult. The scientists observed that brain activity in 14 of the 18 dogs studied was different when they were shown an object that matched with a word they knew, compared to one that mismatched. They said that the resulting brain activity was the same as those produced by humans in similar experiments. The researchers say this is the first evidence of brain activity for this comprehension in a non-human animal.

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Baby robins eat 14 feet (4.3m) of earthworms every day.

The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

An iceberg contains more heat than a lit match.

Pain travels through the body at 350 feet (107m) per second.

Mailing an entire building has been illegal in the U.S. since 1916 when a man mailed a 40,000-ton brick house across Utah to avoid high freight rates.

✓ The word “mafia” is never mentioned in the film version of “The Godfather” because the actual mafia demanded it.


According to a survey, THIS is the thing that adults miss most about being a kid. What is it?

Answer: Not having to pay for things

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Dunkin’ has announced that their new spiked iced teas and coffees will be available in 24 US states. The drinks add a kick to your regular Dunkin’ order, although you won’t be able to buy them in the drive-thru. The canned iced teas have an alcohol content of 5% and come in 4 flavors: slightly sweet, half and half, strawberry dragonfruit and mango pineapple. The iced coffees are 5% alcohol and come in original, caramel, mocha and vanilla flavors.

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A Reddit thread was started with the question: “What is your ‘boomer’ opinion?” And it turns out that some complaints common to the older generation are shared by people of all ages. Here are some of the best responses…

☞ “People share way too much on social media. You don’t need to record every second of your life. Live in the moment every once in a while.”

☞ “Screw touchscreens. I want physical buttons…especially in the car when I don’t want to take my eyes off the road. Physical buttons are more accessible for people with disabilities, and they’re just generally more satisfying to push.”

☞ “TV is getting too dark and too quiet. I swear we have to turn the volume up twice as loud…to watch Yellowstone. You better believe the commercials have plenty of volume, though…” (Now, where’s my back medication, Irma?)

☞ “I hate going to concerts and seeing everyone with their phones up…recording the whole thing. What’s the point in paying for a concert ticket if you’re not going to dance or actually enjoy it?”

☞ “Paying good money for a product that doesn’t do the thing it says on the box until you install their (bleep!) app on your phone. This makes me want to start a fight.”

☞ “Music in bars is too loud! I want to find just one bar where I can talk to my friends without screaming.”

☞ “You should really put your phone down when you’re out to eat with people.”

☞ “I like CDs better than digital music. I just think they sound better, and they’re way easier to play in my car than having to screw around with an aux cord or bluetooth connection.”

☞ “Paper menus are far superior to QR codes. Half of the time, the menu won’t even load.”

☞ “Why would anyone really want a smart fridge or toaster? I don’t want the new, shiny thing. I want something that works and lasts a long time.”

☞ “I just want to speak to a real person on the telephone when I have to call a business.”

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By the time someone says, ‘To make a long story short,’ it’s too late.” —Don Herold

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MrBeast And Lectric eBikes Donate 600 Life-Changing eBikes To People In Need

Show Notes for Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Today we visit with a very funny stand-up comic. Nathan Timmel has a brand new Comedy Special that was released on LEAP DAY. You can watch it for FREE at

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April 10th

American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Day

Dyngus Day

Global Work From Home Day

Golfer’s Day

International Safety Pin Day

National Cinnamon Crescent Day

National Encourage A Young Writer Day

National Farm Animals Day

National Hug Your Dog Day

National Report IRS Tax Fraud Day

National Youth HIV And AIDS Awareness Day

Salvation Army Founders’ Day

Siblings Day

World Homeopathy Day

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What is your happy place? It turns out that most of us have a favorite place to be, and according to a new poll, for 93% of adults, that place is outdoors. The survey of 2,000 adults in the UK, found that for Gen Z, their happy place is watching a sunset, while older generations are most content walking along the beach, strolling the countryside, or sitting in the yard. Millennials said they are happiest cuddling with their kids, or relaxing in the yard.

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It has been found by scientists that chocolate is good for your health — in more ways than one. A study from Zhengzhou University in China says a chemical found in chocolate called theobromine has many benefits for the body and the brain. The chemical, which originates in cocoa beans, can help you lose weight by breaking down brown fats. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, and can protect the brain from Alzheimer’s. The scientists also say that theobromine can counter the impact of high cholesterol levels on memory and cognitive function, and fight against depression.


Sam Raimi is finally addressing rumors that he’s working on another ‘Spider-Man’ movie starring Tobey Maguire. Marvel fans have been speculating for a while that the director would reunite with Maguire for a 4th installment of the Spidey universe he created in 2002. In an interview, Raimi said: “I did read that, but I’m not actually working on it yet…Marvel and Columbia are so successful with current Spider-Man [movies]…I don’t know that they’re going to go back to me, and say, ‘Well, folks, we can also tell that story!’” Raimi has said he was open to the idea of directing a 4th Spider-Man film.

Clear the aisles — Target Lady is back! Kristen Wiig reprised her iconic “Saturday Night Live” role for a series of new Target ads, beginning with a teaser shared this week. From the moment she wakes in the short ad, Target Lady is ready for action – donning red fuzzy slippers with the Target logo on them before getting in a morning workout – using the Target checkout lane as a makeshift treadmill. Next, she dives into her day, literally head-first through a slide that takes her to the store for another dream come true day as a Target cashier. The new campaign promotes Target’s “Circle Week”, beginning on Sunday. LINK:

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A new study found that chocolate is better for the brain than exercise.

For the life of me, I cannot see how this could be a bad thing. The cookie brand “Chips Ahoy!” says it is unveiling a new cookie…with better chocolate chips. It is part of a recipe revamp of the original cookie, known for its bright blue packaging. The company says the new version will look and feel the same, but with an updated taste that features chocolate chips with higher cocoa and Madagascar vanilla extract content, giving it a “richer cookie flavor” and “creamy” chocolate taste, according to the company. The new and “MMMproved” recipe will be available starting next month.

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Mars has a mountain named Olympic Mons, which is almost 3 times taller than Everest.

You blink 5-10 million times per year.

The symbols used by cartoonists to indicate swearing are called “grawlixes”.

Adding all the numbers on a roulette wheel equals a total of 666.

It is nearly impossible to break an egg by applying equal pressure to all areas.


28% of us haven’t shown up for THIS at least once in the past year. What is it?

Answer: Dinner reservations

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A restaurant is offering a discount to parents of good children, according to a viral post on Reddit. The thread, in the sub-Reddit group r/mildlyinteresting, shows the cropped image of a restaurant receipt with an itemized discount line that reads “Well Behaved Kids.” The savings for the parents of the angelic darlings worked out to $6.72. The name and location of the eatery was not given, but people definitely weren’t shy about giving their 2 cents worth on the policy. One wrote: “Kids are people; they’re human beings, and not all of them are going to be ‘well-behaved’ all the time. That’s life.” Another felt “Having someone make a judgment call on every single table with kids is ridiculous.” On the other side of the booth, one Redditor supported the police, saying: “I would absolutely 100% give a massive discount to well-behaved children at my job … I cut hair.” Another chimed in: “There needs to be a discount for well-behaved adults, too.”

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Forbes has released its 2024 “Rich List”, its ranking of the world’s wealthiest people. Here is the top 10…

1. Bernard Arnault & family: Net Worth: $233 Billion — 75 fashion and cosmetics brands, including Louis Vuitton and Sephora.

2. Elon Musk: $195 Billion – cofounded Tesla, SpaceX, tunneling startup Boring Company, and 3 others.

3. Jeff Bezos: $194 Billion — founded e-commerce giant Amazon in 1994.

4. Mark Zuckerberg: $177 Billion – In 2004, he started Facebook at age 19. Parent company Meta now also owns Instagram, Threads, and WhatsApp, plus other products and services

5. Larry Ellison: $141 Billion — Chairman, chief technology officer and cofounder of software giant Oracle, of which he owns just under 40%.

6. Warren Buffett: $133 Billion — Known as the “Oracle of Omaha,” he is one of the most successful investors of all time.

7. Bill Gates: $128 Billion – He diversified his fortune from software firm Microsoft into dozens of holdings, including waste disposal firm Republic Services and tractor maker Deere & Co.

8. Steve Ballmer: $121 Billion — Former CEO of Microsoft, who led the company from 2000 to 2014.

9. Mukesh Ambani: $116 Billion – He chairs and runs Reliance Industries, which has interests in petrochemicals, oil and gas, telecom, retail and financial services.

10. Larry Page: $114 Billion – He stepped down as CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, in 2019 but remains a board member and a controlling shareholder.

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Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” —Anonymous

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Meet Laverne Biser - A 105-Year-Old Eclipse Chaser Excited To Add The 13th To His List.

Show Notes for Tuesday, April 09, 2024

John & Heidi share funny stories of people doing weird things... plus it's a Tuesday... so we have everyone's favorite segment... TUESDAYS with Charlie!!!BUY THE T-SHIRTS HERE OR HERE

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April 9th

Appomattox Day

International ASMR Day

International Knife Sharpening Day

Jenkins’ Ear Day

National Baked Ham With Pineapple Day

National Cherish An Antique Day

National Chicken Little Awareness Day

National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

National Former Prisoner Of War Recognition Day

National Gin And Tonic Day

National Mature Women’s Day

National Name Yourself Day

National Winston Churchill Day

Pancit Day

Unicorn Day

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It’s not the working trend that I expected to see: Workers these days are putting in about 4 fewer hours per week than they were in 2021, on average. A new report by ActivTrak found that in the past 3 years, the average length of a workday fell by 15%, or 47 minutes. And our weekends are starting earlier: The average employee now clocks out of work on Fridays at 4:03pm, a full hour earlier than they did in 2021. The stats come from a study of 135,000 North American workers across almost 1,000 companies. And the best news? The overall efficiency of employees has remained flat, even as our workdays shrank by 47 minutes.

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The University of Connecticut isn’t playing around this year. With both their men’s and women’s basketball teams in the Final Four, U of C isn’t taking any chances, and has removed all the light poles from campus in an effort at preventing celebratory damages. Last year, following the men’s team victory, light poles were torn down at the Storrs campus, and thrown through windows. A spokesperson said: “Given the prevalence of damage to the aluminum campus light poles along Fairfield Way last year, the University is temporarily removing them and has installed wall lights in that area.” Also, alcohol will reportedly not be served at the local Gampel Pavillion.


Catherine O’Hara and “WandaVision’s” Kathryn Hahn have joined a new comedy series from Seth Rogen titled “The Studio”. The pair will appear alongside Ike Barinholtz and Chase Sui Wonders in the show, which is, a parody of “a legacy Hollywood movie studio trying to survive in a world where it is increasingly difficult for art and commerce to live together.” The Studio, which Rogen will star in, co-write, co-direct and executive produce, will come to Apple TV+. No date has been announced.

Felicity Huffman has been cast as a ghost from the past in season 2 of “Criminal Minds: Evolution” on Paramount+. The “Desperate Housewives” actress will guest star as ‘Dr. Jill Gideon’, a biological psychiatrist who also happens to be the ex-wife of Mandy Patinkin’s ‘Jason Gideon’ from the early years of “Criminal Minds”. Criminal Minds: Evolution is a continuation of the CBS series that ran from 2005-2020.

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US authorities are looking into technology that would prevent a car from exceeding the speed limit.

It looks as though cowboy hats are going to be the hottest fashion accessory this summer, and depending on how you feel about that, you can either thank – or blame – BeyoncĂ©. According to those who know, the pop-star-turned country singer is adding momentum to a ten-gallon trend that was already in progress, thanks to the lids worn prominently in last summer’s “Barbie” movie. There has also been a spike in popularity of western-inspired designs on fashion runways, and in the men’s fall/winter 2024 line from Louis Vuitton. Now that BeyoncĂ© has released her highly-anticipated country album “Cowboy Carter”, the look is expected to become impossible to ignore. The “coastal cowgirl” aesthetic, featuring cowboy boots and linen garments, trended last summer as stylish riding boots became a wardrobe staple for some fashionistas. And when Queen Bey announced her new country album during the Super Bowl, Google searches for “cowboy hat” surged more than 212%. So, get set for a summer full of hats, boots, bolos and belts, as members of the Beyhive – enter the age of “cowgirl couture”.

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✓ ‘Yoda’, from “Star Wars”, was modeled after the appearance of Albert Einstein.

A man actually looked for and found a single needle hidden in a haystack. It took him 18 hours.

In 2007, Georgetown University banned the possession of multiple ping pong balls in an effort to eliminate the playing of beer pong.

Data scientists analyzed over 10,000 words to discover the “happiest” word in the English language. It’s “laughter.”

Lemurs were once the size of gorillas.


Men are 3 times more likely than women to lie about THIS. What is it?

Answer: Their salary

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OK – nerd alert – but this is pretty cool. It looks as though Apple Maps may soon customize the directions it gives you, based on the type of car you’re driving, among other things. Stay with me here… Yes, Apple Maps has long been the “poor little brother” of competitor Google Maps, but it has taken steps to enhance its app, and its latest patent filing indicates it may have plans to provide customized routes for those using the feature via CarPlay — based on the user’s vehicle and engine profile. For example, it could provide users with driving directions based on their fuel level. That way, the route could call for a stop at a gas station, if needed. Even cooler, if you were driving an electric vehicle, directions could be customized based on how far the EV can go before it needs a charge — and Apple Maps would make sure that the route includes a charging station along the way, of course.

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As recommended by experts…

1. “Blazing Saddles” (1974)

2. “Airplane!” (1980)

3. “Young Frankenstein” (1974)

4. “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (1974)

5. “This Is Spinal Tap” (1984)

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Thankfully, perseverance is a great substitute for talent.” —Steve Martin

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Young Cancer Survivor's Dream Comes True At Phillies Opening Day

Show Notes for Monday, April 08, 2024

This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Rory Culkin about his new movie “Five Pounds Of Pressure" 


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April 8th

Baby Massage Day

Buddha’s Birthday

Dog Farting Awareness Day

Draw A Picture Of A Bird Day

International Feng Shui Awareness Day

International Kids Yoga Day

International Romani Day

National All Is Ours Day

National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

National Empanada Day

National Zoo Lovers Day

Pygmy Hippo Day

Rex Manning Day

Step Into The Spotlight! Day

Trading Cards For Grown-Ups Day

World Pageant Day

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I’ve heard of leaving your smartphone on ‘silent’ in order to avoid interruptions, but it seems that now, a large number of Gen Zers (and, yes, also some millennials) are utilizing the “Do Not Disturb” mode on their phones – in some cases, all day long. That’s right: Going on vibrate or silent isn’t enough anymore, it’s DND 24/7. On TikTok, videos tagged “DND” and “DND 24/7” show teens and 20-somethings sharing how peaceful and productive they’ve felt since changing their notification settings. A story in Huffington Post quotes a 21-year-old explaining that when it comes to studying, “a new Snapchat notification or Instagram message can often send me into a downward spiral of scrolling through my social media accounts for several minutes.” A 2005 study found that, on average, it takes around 23 minutes for most people to get back on task after an interruption. Other Gen Zers go incommunicado for different reasons, like “peace of mind” for a while during the day. And it’s a bonus that going on DND also means avoiding the spam calls and texts that they would otherwise be receiving. LINK:

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All Japanese citizens will have the same surname 500 years’ time — unless married couples are permitted to use differing last names, a new study says. The report, from Tohoku University, found that if the country does not update a civil code dating back to the late 1800s which insists that couples select a single surname, every single Japanese person will be known as “Sato-san” by 2531, and people may “have to be addressed by…first names or by numbers.” “Sato” already tops the list of Japanese surnames, accounting for 1.5% of the total population.


Jake Gyllenhaal’s “Road House” remake debuted to a record-breaking 50 million worldwide viewers on Prime Video over its first 2 weekends. That’s the best movie debut for an Amazon MGM Studios-produced original in the streamer’s history, according to Amazon. The movie premiered to a raucous reception at Austin’s SXSW Film Festival in March, and was marketed heavily in the sports world, as Gyllenhaal’s character is a washed-up UFC fighter.

The Matrix” just celebrated its 25th anniversary. And now, Warner Bros. has announced a new installment in the franchise. Drew Goddard, screenwriter of “The Martian”, who also directed “The Cabin in the Woods” will write and produce the new movie alongside his partner Sarah Esberg, with original Matrix writer/director Lana Wachowski executive-producing. Details are scarce, but reportedly, the 5th film is set in the “Matrix” universe, but is not a direct sequel. The last Matrix film was 2021’s “The Matrix Resurrections,” which followed the original trilogy.

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The percentage of the world’s elderly is expected to double by 2050.

A robot dog in Massachusetts is a hero after it was shot multiple times while searching for an armed suspect who was barricaded inside a house. Controlled remotely by police, Roscoe was able to locate the suspect in the basement, allowing officers to arrest him safely. State troopers credited Roscoe with potentially saving human lives. But even though he was a very good boy, poor bullet-ridden Roscoe the robo-dog was shipped back to its maker, Boston Dynamics, which will send the police a new model to replace him.

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According to Guinness, the heaviest dog on record was a St. Bernard named Benedictine, who weighed 162 kilograms (357 pounds).

Scientists concluded that the chicken came first, not the egg: because the protein which makes egg shells is only produced by hens.

Weeks have 7 days because the ancient Babylonians had one day for each known celestial body: the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn.

NASA estimates that the value of minerals in the asteroid belt equals nearly $100 billion per person alive.


Parents say their kids do THIS 50% more in the summer. What is it?

Answer: Snack, or eat junk food

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Tattoos sometimes cause regret – but not usually like this: Filipino Ramil Albano had local tattoo parlour Taragis’ logo tattooed on his forehead and commented on the post – just like it had suggested he do, in order to win a prize worth about $2,400. But the shop had presented the challenge as an April Fools’ joke, not expecting anyone to fall for it. Now, the good news: In the wake of the terrible life decision, other local businesses have stepped up to offer to overeager contestant with the fresh forehead tattoo some cash, to help sooth his wound. Food stand ChizMozza offered Albano the equivalent of $240, writing” Your dedication to win” makes you a winner for us”. Then, health and beauty brand Project Glow Up offered to give the entirety of the original prize money to Albano, only this time the cash would be real, “for being dedicated to taking up the challenge full-heartedly!”

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According to a consultation with 10 expert TV websites…

1. “The Sopranos” (1999-2007): It felt cinematic, complex, and engrossing in a way very few – if any – other TV shows had ever managed.

2. “Breaking Bad” (2008-2013): The blistering journey of Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman delivers tension, explosive drama, comedy, and its fair share of emotional moments. (Plus, tighty-whities!)

3. “The Wire” (2002-2008): A raw, gritty series which offers an unflinching look at the drug trade and its impact on urban America.

4. “Mad Men” (2007-2015): It provided viewers with enough indelible images and fascinating characters to populate entire novels. Haunting and often very funny.

5. “Game of Thrones” (2011-2019): The show that inspired an entire generation of babies to be named “Khaleesi”, this historical fantasy series truly had it all. From dragons and ice demons to sinister monarchs and brave warriors, it brought the books of George R. R. Martin to life in spectacular fashion.

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It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.” —Gore Vidal

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Miracle Surgery Reverses Blindness In Three-Year-Old