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Dear John

I live on a cul-de-sac and everyone in the neighborhood are good friends. In fact, we probably are too close. All of the women are very close and we know a lot about one another's lives. I guess it's both good and bad, especially now. Because I know something I wish I did not know. One of our friends has told us that her husband doesn't have any sex drive. It's been going on for a couple of years and she's really frustrated. The guys have no idea she's told us about it. She has also been trying to get me and my husband to come over for dinner, it's never worked for us and I'm kind of glad! I think she is expecting more that dinner. One of the women on the street is my very best friend. We share everything together...even beyond the close friends on the street. She just told me that she and her husband have been secretly having threesomes with the lonely wife for more than five years and my best friend is sick of our other friend complaining about being sex-starved. Now I don't know what to do with this. I feel like it's going to all blow-up and ruin our perfect neighborhood. How can I navigate through this delicate situation? Should we just list our home and move? I'm pretty much ready for that!


Not that close of a neighbor!

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July 25th

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A University of Sydney researcher is recommending that those who are trying to lose weight, should weigh themselves weekly, not daily. Nick Fuller lists among the reasons that we should monitor weight every 7 days: It helps account for normal weight fluctuations due to recent food intake, hydration, hormonal changes, etc., and weekly weighing also helps avoid scale obsessions – which can lead to self-sabotage. Fuller also points to a study that found those who weighed themselves weekly or daily over several months lost more weight than participants who didn’t weigh themselves at all. But there was no added benefit with daily weighing.

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The longest book title contains 1,809 words. The title of Srijan Timilsina's 2014 Guinness World Record-setting book is practically a full text in itself. Including 1,809 words (or 11,284 characters) it begins, The historical development of the Brain i.e. from its formation from Annelida: Earthworm, Lugworm, Rag worm, Amphitrite, Freshwater worm, Marine worm, Tubifex, Leech. etc, Arthropoda: Housefly, Butterfly, Honey bee, Fairy shrimp, Horseshoe crab, Tick, Bluebottle, Froghopper, Yellow crazy ant…," and continues to list pretty much every insect, fish, and mammal you can think of, including humans. It then goes on to ask questions like, "What did they find and what did they eat? How did they defend from their enemies and attack them? Which is the oldest stone ever discovered? Which ancestor of human being first started to walk with the help of two limbs?" It finally ends with, "Solutions of above inquisitiveness are included in this book," which you think would go without saying, but perhaps not if you want your title to set a world record.


Kelsey Grammer’s ‘Dr. Frasier Crane’ will return to radio station KACL this fall in Season 2 of the Paramount+ revival, “Frasier.” An upcoming episode will feature guest appearances from many of the original sitcom’s cast members — including Dan Butler as ‘Bob “Bulldog” Briscoe’, Edward Hibbert as ‘Gil Chesterton’ and Harriet Sansom Harris as Frasier’s agent ‘Bebe Glazer’. The news came the same day that Season 1 of “Frasier” scored 3 Emmy nods. The sophomore season will premiere Sept. 19.

Twisters” is spinning way ahead of forecasts. The sequel earned $80.5 million over the weekend, blowing way north of the industry estimates of $50-55 million prior to release. It’s the third-biggest opening weekend of the year, behind “Inside Out 2” ($154 million) and “Dune: Part Two” ($82 million). Twisters also set a record for the biggest domestic debut for a natural disaster movie, exceeding the $69 million earned by “The Day After Tomorrow” in 2004.

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There’s a law in China that REQUIRES adult children to visit their elderly parents.

A former news reporter organized a fundraiser so that a 90-year-old Air Force vet, who had to work to pay his bills, could retire. Karen Swensen came across Dillon McCormick gathering carts in a New Orleans grocery store in humid 90°F weather, and, feeling bad for the man, decided to do something about it. She shot video of McCormick doing his job, and used it in a GoFundMe, introducing it by saying: “He is a veteran of the United States Military. It’s Memorial Day. It’s hot. Mr. McCormick was born in 1933, making him a part of the Silent Generation. Please, America, let us be his voice.” She hoped to raise $35,000. In just 24 hours, two hundred grand rolled in, and she eventually had to cut the donation button off after it passed $233,000. In an update, the reporter wrote: “No longer will the 90-year-old veteran have to push shopping carts in triple-digit heat to put food on his table.”

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Crackers will give you cavities faster than candy.

Grocers (and grocery stores) got their name because they sold goods by the gross.

✓ “Time” is the most commonly used noun in English.

Even a blind chameleon will change its color to match its surroundings.

Your real accent comes out when you’re drunk. The more alcohol you consume, the harder it is for the brain to control the way words are pronounced.


A survey found THIS to be the most popular activity during summer vacation. What is it?

Answer: Shopping

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A man was caught trying to smuggle more than 100 live snakes into China by stuffing them into his pants. Customs officers in Shenzhen intercepted the man traveling through a checkpoint between Hong Kong and mainland China. During inspection, he was found to have 6 drawstring bags sealed with tape in the pockets of his pants, each containing “a number of live snakes in various shapes and colors” authorities said. A total of 104 snakes were found in the guy’s pants. Fortunately for all involved, none of the species was venomous.

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According to psychologist Roger Hall, you should do these 5 things in order to disconnect from work BEFORE you punch out for some much-deserved time off…

Set expectations: Prime yourself and your co-workers for what to expect while you are away. Can you unplug completely? Who will cover your responsibilities? Do they have everything they need so they won’t need to contact you?

Mute notifications: This is essential if you truly want to unwind. And if you still won’t be able to resist checking in, take the even more drastic measure of deleting all work apps from your phone.

Set up an emergency plan: If you’re required you to stay in touch in case of emergencies, have a plan in place with your coworkers. Yes, they should call you if a situation arises, but there should be a clear course of action regarding how to handle these things.

Distract yourself deliciously: It is so important to find absorbing activities that enrich time away from work, enabling you to disengage from the daily grind. Whether it is outdoor activities, trying new foods, or exploring a new environment, get your mind off work.

Forgive yourself: We’re wired to work, so unplugging can be a challenge. So, forgive yourself if you need to do some work on vacation, as it may stave off the anxiety of returning to a full inbox, and a stressful first day back.

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There is nothing like puking with somebody to make you into old friends.” —Sylvia Plath

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MrBeast's TeamSeas Exceeds Expectations, Removes 34 Million Pounds Of Ocean Trash