Monday April 30, 2018

Show Notes for Monday April 30, 2018
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"Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave." --Mary Tyler Moore

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A Colorado state survey found that 69% of marijuana users have driven under the influence in the past year and 27% admitted to driving high almost daily.

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A Connecticut school bus driver was busted for allegedly using his vehicle to deliver and pick up bags of heroin after dropping children off at the end of school days. Stratford Police arrested 29-year-old Garfield Howell following a months-long investigation in which surveillance footage reportedly showed him using the bus for drug transactions. Howell worked for We Transport, a charter bus company that transports students in the Bridgeport Public Schools district, and all the transactions were made after he dropped off his passengers. When police arrested Howell at his home in Stratford, they seized around 195 grams of heroin. Howell has been charged with sale of narcotics, conspiracy to sell narcotics, and risk of injury to a minor.

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Macaulay Culkin told Ellen that, due to rabid “Home Alone” fans, he tries to avoid leaving the house around Christmastime.

Martha Stewart joined the hit food show “Chopped” as a recurring judge.

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Germany is trying to deport Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard after learning that he receives $1400 a month in welfare benefits as a refugee who fled to their country.
( apologized after accidentally re-activing the accounts of thousands of users who quit the service.
People who closed their accounts 10 years ago were suddenly getting notifications on their phones of people checking out their profile.

A study by MusicMagpie found that 6 in 10 American children under the age of 6 own a smartphone.

A survey by the SPANA International Animal Charity found that 1 in 5 employees hates their boss.

A Massachusetts judge is facing criminal charges after he was caught having sex with a female clerk in his chambers.

Prince William and Duchess Kate have welcomed their third child, a baby boy.
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The death of a Russian investigative reporter has raised alarms about a worrying pattern: tragic and often deadly incidents involving people who go public on sensitive issues.
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The leg bones of a bat are so thin that no bat can walk.
The katydid bug hears through holes in its hind legs.

Slugs have four noses.

The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Kibitz  (KIB-its)
-To look on and offer unwelcome advice, especially at a card game.
-To speak informally; chat.

From 1920s: Yiddish, from colloquial German, from German Kiebitz ‘interfering onlooker’ (literally ‘lapwing’).

Used in a sentence:
"If you two don't stop kibitzing, and get back to work, I'm going to plotz!"
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Police say that an Alabama man named Gary Bradley, who goes by “Tripp,” took money from a church's collection plate and deposited the funds into an account he controlled. Witnesses told police that Bradley went before Mayfair Church of Christ and announced he had been stealing from the offering plate. Church officials say Bradley has helped with collection during services. He's accused of taking thousands of dollars from the church and its members. Huntsville police spokesman Lieutenant Michael Johnson says the bank questioned the suspicious nature of the deposits into Bradley's account since the checks were made out to the church. Police say Bradley has been making deposits since last fall. Bradley was arrested and charged with theft of property. (

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A man accused of streaking during an Ohio middle school girl’s lacrosse game and assaulting a trainer blamed “bad mushrooms” for his behavior while in court. Prior to running on the field, 20-year-old Melvin Williams broke into a home across the street and damaged four paintings and antiques worth up to $27,000. He then reportedly ran onto the lacrosse field in his boxers. Onlookers also said that he was noticeably bloodied up. Dash cam video of Williams’ arrest showed him struggling with officers as they tried to place him into their police car. Williams recently faced a judge on charges of assault and induced panic. That's when his attorney blamed “bad mushrooms” for the incident. The judge set a $50,000 bond in the case, which was posted that afternoon. (

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A woman was arrested after she made a bomb threat on an ETCH A SKETCH
Sorry ….. FAKE NEWS
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