Show Notes for Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Today we visit with actress Tyner Rushing (Stranger Things, Ruthless, The Resident, The Next Level) about several amazing projects!! FX's Under the Banner of Heaven opposite Andrew Garfield is now available on Hulu, and Amazon's The Terminal list opposite Chris Pratt (playing his best friend) set to release on July 1st.


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May 25th

National Brown-Bag It Day

National Missing Children’s Day

National Tap Dance Day

National Wine Day

Towel Day

National Senior Health & Fitness Day

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How often do you tell a lie? A recent study showed that 60% of people admitting to lying after just a single 10-minute conversation. So, maybe the better question is: How can you tell when someone else is lying? After a ton of research, Aldert Vrij, a professor of applied social psychology at the University of Portsmouth, says he knows a simple trick to indicate when someone isn’t telling the truth. What you want to do is to find a way to increase their ‘cognitive load’, so that maintaining a lie becomes more difficult. What does that mean? Simply get the person whose honesty is in question to focus part of their attention on another concept or task while you question them about whatever you think they might be lying about. It turns out that mental distraction can trip up even the most earnest liars (if there is such a thing…). Or, as the professor says: “Truths and lies can sound equally plausible as long as lie tellers are given a good opportunity to think what to say.”

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Researchers have linked spending more time playing video games with a boost in intelligence in children, which should go a long way in contradicting the narrative that gaming is bad for young minds. In a study of almost 5,000 9-and 10-year-olds, researchers in Sweden and Amsterdam found that kids who spend more time than the norm playing video games saw an increase of 2.5 IQ points above the average raise in that time frame. Watching TV and using social media didn’t seem to have a positive or negative effect on intelligence.


Netflix is ready to roast Tom Brady. The iconic NFL quarterback is set to be the first subject of what will be a series of new Netflix comedy specials called “Greatest Roasts of All Time” or “GROAT.” Brady, who will serve as exec producer on his own and future roasts, said: “To quote my good friend, Marshawn Lynch … ‘I’m just here so I won’t get fined.’” His roast will be filmed in 2023, following his next season in the NFL. Netflix’s comedy head jokingly said: “We can’t wait to burn 3-time Super Bowl-losing quarterback Tom Brady, who only went back to the NFL in order to delay this roast.”

Gordon Ramsay has been awarded $4.5 million in damages after going head-to-head with his former business partner Rowen Seibel in court. Seibel sued the fiery chef in 2014, but a judge in New York Superior Court ruled last week that Seibel was “not a credible witness,” and appeared to have “fabricated evidence.” Ramsay and Seibel opened The Fat Cow restaurant at a swanky outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles, in 2012. But when it closed in 2014, Seibel sued Ramsay, claiming the chef had “deliberately mishandled a trademark problem” for the eatery — and then “formed a new company with new partners” and negotiated a deal to open a new restaurant in the Fat Cow’s space.

It would be the biggest comeback in Hollywood history — and a slap in the face to Will Smith. Speculation is mounting that Chris Rock will be named host of next year’s Oscars — after being spectacularly smacked down at this year’s ceremony by Best Actor winner Smith. ABC’s President of Entertainment Craig Erich says he’s open to having Rock helm the 2023 Academy Awards. Erich also said next year’s show, which will be held in March, will be “even better.” The broadcast exec told Deadline that he is happy with the ratings for this year, but the decision to have Rock host next year would likely increase viewership astronomically.

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Store produce properly: With recent supply chain issues, some feel that the quality of produce has decreased, and with it, its shelf life. Freeze the stuff you aren’t going to use right away. Ripe fruits like avocados can be extended by a few days when kept in the fridge.

Weigh the cost and benefits: Sure, some items might be cheaper at a store on the other side of town, but when you factor in time and travel costs, is it worth it? And only buy in bulk if you’re going to eat it before it goes bad. (No fear of this at my place. We have teenagers…)

Be flexible with recipes: This can be big help, rather than shopping from a rigid list that doesn’t take into account what’s on sale or in season, or what you already have on hand. For instance, if there’s a bag of arugula on sale, grab that instead of the spinach on your list.

Team up: Some people belong to chat groups with family and friends, focused on spotting and sharing good deals. Sometimes these go as far as offering to pick up a certain sale item for everyone who’s interested, thus saving then time, money, and travel costs.

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The first frisbees were empty pie tins from the Frisbee Pie Company of Bridgeport CT.

An Alabama man was once sentenced to 10,000 years in prison.

The average person spends 2 weeks of his/her life kissing.

Depending on who is sniffing, a man’s sweat can smell like urine, flowers, vanilla…or sweat.

The computer mouse was initially named the computer “turtle”.

Humans can’t sneeze while sleeping.


Question: In a survey, 18% of people admitted to stealing THIS from work. What is it?

Answer: Printer paper

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Some people are a little blown-away by what you can get at Burger King in Germany these days. German BK has dropped a new range of burgers and to many, the menu is – uh – gross. Customers can choose from fried egg and banana, a currywurst sausage on a burger bun with a marinated herring, vanilla ice cream with eggs and olives on a burger bun, or the pièce de résistance: a burger with layers of pancake, fresh raspberries, ice cream, regular cream, and beef. Of course, the new menu has caught fire on social media, with one commenter saying: “It looks like you asked a 6-year-old to combine all his favorite foods.” Another wrote: “I might be pregnant because this actually doesn’t sound disgusting.” And that’s the comment that might hit closest to home. Because the new special menu is aimed at all the expectant moms in Germany. LINK:

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10 ways to make your binge-watch as comfortable as possible

1. Assemble your snacks before the binge-watch begins

2. Keep no less than three beverages in front of you at all times

3. Get up every hour to stretch

4. Consider the two-blanket approach

5. Consider your spinal column

6. If you're watching a show featuring heavy subject matter, take more breaks

7. Open a window

8. Text people about what you're watching

9. Switch positions

10. Respect the air

For Complete Article

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"I'm not crazy — I've just been in a very bad mood for 40 years." - Ouiser Boudreaux, Steel Magnolias

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Coast Guard Rescues Dog That Fell Overboard In Pamlico Sound

Show Notes for Tuesday, May 24, 2022

John & Heidi share funny stories of people doing weird things... plus it's a Tuesday... so we have everyone's favorite segment... TUESDAYS with Charlie!!!BUY THE T-SHIRTS HERE OR HERE

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May 24th

Brother’s Day

National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

National Escargot Day

National Scavenger Hunt Day

National Wyoming Day

National Yucatan Shrimp Day

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It may not come as a surprise to you, but according to science, if you and your partner are planning a holiday, it’s best to let the female choose where. No only do women put more research into vacation planning, they also make better decisions, according to a recent study. Skyscanner found that 75% of women do the research when planning a holiday, and 95% of both men and women are happy with this arrangement. And other studies have found that women are more likely to spend time looking for a good holiday, and analyzing a number of criteria such as hotel reviews and local travel advice. Men, however, are more “decisive”, but book a holiday more impulsively with less research. A 2017 study found that women do more of the organizing for a holiday too, such as packing, arranging travel insurance and asking neighbors to water the plants, while men tend to book airport parking and buy foreign money. By the way 66% of men THINK they do most of the holiday arranging.

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Laser tattoo removal doesn’t erase your tattoos. It breaks down the ink particles so your white blood cells can carry them to your liver. THEN what? Yup. It seems that laser tattoo removal actually results in you pooping out your old tattoo.


Helen Mirren once again assumed the role of Queen Elizabeth I for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations to mark her 70th year on the throne. The first official Jubilee celebration event, named “A Gallop Through History” featured 1,300 performers and 500 horses at the Royal Windsor Horse Show arena, broadcast live from Windsor Castle. 76-year-old Mirren, who played Queen Elizabeth in the 2005 drama “Elizabeth I”, performed her famous speech to the troops in a historic royal gown and hat, saying at one point: “I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.” Mirren appeared as Queen Elizabeth II in the West End play “The Audience”, and the film “The Queen”, for which she won an Academy Award.

Married…With Children” could soon be the latest TV series return after decades off-air. But it would come with a slight tweak. The original cast is all set for a reboot, including Ed O’Neil, Katey Sagal, Christina Applegate and David Faustino. But they won’t be returning in live-action, but in animated form instead. The idea is currently being pitched to TV networks and streaming platforms, with Fox, Hulu and Peacock reportedly showing “strong interest”. Fox carried the original series, unceremoniously canceling it in 1997 after 11 seasons, without a proper finale.

Fox executives have “no regrets” over their controversial decision to include Rudy Giuliani on “The Masked Singer”. During a conference call with reporters, Fox Entertainment’s Rob Wade said the only disappointment to him from the whole scandal was Giuliani’s participation was leaked before the season began. Giuliani was finally revealed to be the Jack in the Box singer during an episode that aired on April 20. Wade said: “The marketing is all about delivering jaw-dropping moments, which is exactly what the casting accomplished…I suppose my only regret or surprise was obviously the reveal was spoiled [by the press], but kudos to you guys. Just please don’t do it again.” Fox recently renewed the show for Season 8.

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Now that we’re well into “No Mow May”, when it’s been suggested that we NOT cut our grass to allow flora to grow and give bees, butterflies and beetles better access to nectar early in the year, it’s time to start thinking about the next excuse to skip yard work, for environmental reasons, of course. That’s right – it’s your annual reminder that we should all just leave those dandelions be. Don’t mow ‘em (even after the end of May…), don’t dig ‘em out, and for goodness sakes, DO NOT treat them with chemicals. Why? It’s for the bees, again. Roger Croll of the Halifax Honeybee Society backs up the comments of many on social media, who pointed out that dandelions are an important source of food for bees emerging after a long winter of hibernation. As you know, bees have had a tough time lately, so any help we can give them is important.

Coca-Cola is making a change to its bottles, aimed at preventing littering and giving a boost to recycling. In a design move, which is apparently the first for any major soft drink company, Coca-Cola drinks will soon have attached caps. The change is set to come into place this month in Scotland, and will be seen on bottles of Coke, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Diet Coke Dr. Pepper, Sprite and other drinks. It is hoped that with the attached caps, Coca-Cola drinkers will be encouraged to recycle the entire product, rather than discarding or littering the caps before putting the bottles in recycle. By early 2024, Coca-Cola Great Britain plans to have switched all its bottles to the new design. No word if there are plans to follow suit in other areas, such as North America. LINK:

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The fuller your fridge is, the more energy-efficient it is.

In ancient times, spider webs were used as bandages.

Overly tight ponytails (and manbuns) can cause bald spots.

Queen Elizabeth II has a rubber duck in her private bath, which wears an inflatable crown.

The earliest pacemakers required a wall outlet.

The particles from a sneeze exit the nose at over 100mph (160kph).

Hummingbirds don’t bathe.


Question: It takes the average person 8 seconds to do THIS. What is it?

Answer: Answer the phone

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A Canadian Member of Parliament has apologized after being called out by the opposition for participating in House of Commons proceedings virtually from a washroom stall. Last Friday, during a debate, Conservative MP Laila Goodridge flagged the speaker of the house, saying that it appeared the Liberal MP for Brampton Centre MP Shafqat Ali was participating from “a washroom.” The speaker reminded parliament that “we have to be very prudent on how we use our devices, and to be aware of the surroundings when you are online.” Monday morning, Ali appeared in the House chamber virtually (not from the bathroom), and apologized “for the unfortunate event that transpired last Friday.”

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1. Awkward silences

2. Forgetting their name

3. Mistiming a hug or kiss

4. Falling over

5. Spilling drink on your clothes

6. Spilling food down your front

7. Bumping into an ex

8. Calling them the wrong name

9. Telling a joke but it not landing

10. Farting

11. Having food in your teeth

12. Laughing at something they said that isn’t funny

13. Not talking at all

14. Calling them your ex's name

15. Getting a horrible spot on the day of the date

16. Burping

17. Having a coughing fit

18. Saying a joke and offending your date

19. Spilling drink on your date

20. Laughing and drink coming out your nose

21. Having an outfit disaster

22.  Splitting your trousers

23. Confusion over who is picking up the bill

24. Constantly talking about your ex

25. Your card getting declined

26. Having a hair disaster

27. Getting caught texting a friend about the date

28. Eating something garlicky and having stinky breath for the rest of the date

29. Ordering the spiciest thing on the menu unintentionally and not coping

Getting IDed at the bar

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"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow just as well."

Mark Twain

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Snapchat Co-Founder Pays Off College Debt Of New Graduates At L.A. Art School

Show Notes for Monday, May 23, 2022

This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Rory Culkin (Scream 4, Lords of Chaos, Waco, etc) We will visit about his latest project. Under the Banner of Heaven …premiered on April 28th. It streams Thursdays on Hulu.

The new true-crime miniseries "Under the Banner of Heaven" is part of FX's lineup of original programs developed exclusively for Hulu.

"Under the Banner of Heaven" stars Oscar-nominee Andrew Garfield as Jeb Pyre, a detective in a small Mormon community in Utah. Jeb is confronted with solving the shocking double murder of a woman and her infant daughter. As the investigation unfolds, Jeb learns troubling details about a fundamentalist sect that could be linked to the crime.


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May 23rd

National Lucky Penny Day

National Taffy Day

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Do you love the taste of sour candies? Then you might be an extrovert. At least that’s what a survey of 2,000 candy lovers is telling us. Conducted for Jelly Belly Candy Company, the survey by OnePoll digs deeply into the theory that a person’s preference for certain sweets says a lot about their personality. Besides being extroverted (59%), people who love sour candy also identified themselves as more “eccentric” (53%), “funny” (50%), and “sarcastic” (51%). Chocolate lovers tended to describe themselves as “optimistic” (76%) and “shy” (67%). Fans of mint were most likely to say they’re “thoughtful” (78%). Other results:

79% of cherry candy lovers identify as introverts.

People who eat candy every day are more likely to identify as “night owls” instead of “early birds,” (43% vs. 17%).

Sour candy lovers also tend to identify as “honest” (69%).

Cherry candy lovers are more likely to be dog people, while buttered popcorn lovers favor cats.

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If you’ve ever starting downing a burrito or taco, just to have half of the insides fall out while you’re trying to eat it, then this is for you. A man has invented the “Burrito Bumper”, a food funnel for that catches your fallen fillings, and creates a secondary taco, all set for you to enjoy. In a video posted to Reddit, Matty Benedetto breaks it down, saying: “First, effortlessly insert a tortilla into the bottom basket and begin binging on your overstuffed burrito. As it ultimately falls apart, the overflow of ingredients will conveniently flow into the funnel and be swiftly inserted into your newly created taco below. Upon the last bite of your burrito, simply reach down and go to town on your freshly recycled taco creation.” LINK:


Chris Rock wasn’t kidding when he said he won’t talk about “The Slap” until he gets paid. During a show at Royal Albert Hall in London on Thursday, Rock immediately addressed the elephant in the room – sort of. First, he remarked: “I’m OK, if anybody was wondering. I got most of my hearing back.” But anyone expecting Rock to go further than that will apparently have to wait for a comedy special. Quote: “People expect me to talk about the (crap), I’m not going to talk about it right now, I’ll get to it eventually, on Netflix.”

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says it is unlikely “at this point” that Johnny Depp would return for a potential 6th “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie to play ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’. When asked about a Depp return to the franchise, Bruckheimer said: “Not at this point. The future is yet to be decided.” The Hollywood mogul said he’s trying to rebuild the nearly 2-decades-old “Pirates” franchise around a new protagonist, ideally played by Margot Robbie. Bruckheimer said those working on the movie are “developing two Pirates scripts — One with her, one without.” Depp is currently embroiled in a highly-publicized court case against ex-wife Amber Heard.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate are returning to “Doctor Who,” reuniting for new scenes that will coincide with the show’s 60th anniversary celebrations in 2023. Tennant and Tate will reprise their respective roles of the 10th Doctor and companion Donna Noble. The pair’s tenure on the series spanned from 2005-10. When the characters were last seen together, the Doctor had to wipe Donna’s memory in order to save her life. In a statement, showrunner Russell T. Davies said: “Maybe this is a missing story. Or a parallel world. Or a dream, or a trick, or a flashback. The only thing I can confirm is that it’s going to be spectacular.”

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I’m sure that I’m not the only person who ever said that my kids are making me “lose my mind”. Well, it turns out science is backing me up. Rearing 3 or more children may spur the onset of cognitive decline, or dementia, later in life, according to the new study from Columbia University’s Aging Center. The scientists found that having 3 or more kids vs. 2 children has a “negative effect on late-life cognition” — the equivalent of being 6.2 years older. The study found additional children incur considerably more financial costs for their parents, thus reducing the family’s income and standard of living, which in turn causes worries and uncertainties that could contribute to cognitive deterioration. Having additional children also curbs women’s participation in the workforce. And professional work improves cognitive functioning among men and women, the study said. On the positive side, having more kids reduces the risk of social isolation for their parents, a situation that can protect against cognitive decline.

A marriage therapist has revealed the top complaint she hears about men from their wives. Corrin Voeller is also a speaker and online educator from Minnesota. She says, as you might have guessed, for many women, their biggest problem with their husbands has to do with . . . housework. In a viral TikTok video (viewed more than 1.5 million times), she said: “One of the top things I hear from women as a complaint (is that) that their husbands are waiting for them to tell them what needs to be done.” She goes on to explain the difference between ‘active responsibility’ and ‘passive responsibility,’ saying “Active responsibility would be you looking around the house for things you could do and taking responsibility for the things that need to happen within the house. Passive responsibility would be being available to help, but waiting for somebody to tell you what needs to be done.” So, what should guys be doing? According to Voeller, what women really want is someone “who is actively responsible for the house and for the children and not waiting for their wife to tell them what to do.”

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Ketchup was sold as a medicine in the 1830s.

Typhoid Mary” was a real person who spent the last 23 years of her life in quarantine.

In St. John, New Brunswick, there is a waterfall that regularly reverses its direction of flow.

A tourist who claimed a San Francisco cable-car accident turned her into a nymphomaniac won $50,000 in damages in 1964.

In the script, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s classic “Terminator” line was “I’ll come back.”

The “master of suspense”, Alfred Hitchcock, was afraid of . . . wait for it . . . eggs.


Question: In a poll asking what smells remind people of their childhood, freshly cut grass came in at #1. Certain meals cooking was second. What was #3?

Answer: Crayons

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A 19-year-old Florida woman who fled from police in the Florida Keys on Thursday told the deputy who caught up to her that getting arrested was on her “bucket list.” The cop spotted the woman’s vehicle driving recklessly just before 8 a.m. He turned on his lights and siren but the car did not immediately stop. Before she was taken to jail, the woman said getting arrested had been on her bucket list since high school. She was charged with fleeing and eluding police.

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We all know that trends come back around. And experts have identified a bizarre 100-year trend that allows them to predict exactly which names will be making a comeback this year. Here they are . . .

Girls (in order): Joan, Mary, Margaret, Dorothy, Gladys, Irene, Iris, Elsie, Ada, Mabel

Boys (in order): Ronald, Arthur, Robert, Albert, Freddie, Edward, Archie, Ernest, Isaac, Harris

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"Whenever I'm about to do something, I think, 'Would an idiot do that?' And if they would, I do not do that thing." - Dwight Schrute, The Office

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The world’s most famous nonuplets have just turned one! Nonuplets? That’s 9 babies. NINE. BABIES. The 5 girls and 4 boys were born last year to Halima Cissé and Abdelkader Arby of Mali, West Africa. The couple were flown to Morocco so Cissé could receive specialized medical care ahead of the birth, and it took a team of more than 30 doctors and paramedics to deliver the babies safely. The nonuplets made history as the most babies delivered in a single birth to survive. All of them were less than 2.5 pounds (1.3kg) when born prematurely, but the miracle siblings are all healthy and thriving under continued medical care. Their proud papa says raising a literal baseball lineup (plus a 3-year-old sister!) isn’t easy, but it’s worth it to see “all the babies in perfect health”.

Show Notes for Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22, 2022

Today we visit with The Skit Guys. We'll chat about their new movie “Family Camp” that just hit theaters on Friday, May 13th!

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thanks to

May 21st

National American Red Cross Founder’s Day

National Memo Day

National Strawberries and Cream Day

National Waitstaff Day

National Armed Forces Day

National Learn to Swim Day

May 22nd

International Being You Day

National Buy a Musical Instrument Day

National Craft Distillery Day

National Maritime Day

National Solitaire Day

National Vanilla Pudding Day

World Paloma Day

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Graduation is a time to celebrate all the hard work it takes to get a diploma, and according to a recent survey conducted by 59% of Americans know someone graduating this year and 52% of Americans say a graduation gift is expected.

The survey polled a cross-section of 1,880 adults, aged 18 and over.

Pomp” Up the Party

Will you be attending any graduation parties?

Yes (63 percent)

No (37 percent)

Gift of “Grad”

Will you be buying any graduation gifts?

Yes (57 percent)

No (43 percent)

How much do you plan to spend per graduation gift?

$26 to $50 (32 percent)

$51 to $100 (32 percent)

$25 or less (14 percent)

More than $200 (11 percent)

$101 to $200 (11 percent)

What kind of graduation gifts will you be purchasing? (select all that apply) [top five responses]

Gift card (62 percent)

Cash (54 percent)

Tech [laptop, phone, tablet, etc.] (21 percent)

Jewelry (15 percent)

Clothing/shoes (14 percent)

Diploma Dilemmas

How long did it take you to find a job after graduation?

Less than 1 month (54 percent)

1 to 3 months (21 percent)

More than 6 months (17 percent)

4 to 6 months (Eight percent)

Were you financially independent after graduation?

Yes (61 percent)

No (39 percent)

(If no) How long did it take you to become financially independent after graduation?

Less than 3 months (60 percent)

3 to 6 months (16 percent)

More than a year (12 percent)

6 to 9 months (Six percent)

9 to 12 months (Six percent)

In your opinion, what is the biggest financial hurdle that college graduates face?

Paying off student loans (53 percent)

Keeping up with rent/mortgage payments (23 percent)

Saving for retirement (15 percent)

Reducing credit card debt (Nine percent)

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Scientists have managed to adapt a computer to run on – algae. Engineers from the University of Cambridge ran a microprocessor for more than 6 months using just the current generated by a common species of cyanobacteria. Some internet-connected devices in parts of the world, such as washing machines, coffee makers, vehicles, and remote environmental sensors, operate far from a power grid, and in places where inserting a fresh battery or fixing a power source are impractical. Creating a ‘living’ power source that converts material in the environment makes for a greener, simpler power cell that won’t weaken as the sun sets, as with solar power.


Apparently, being “The Dark Lord” doesn’t pay very well. James Earl Jones reportedly only made $7,000 for voicing ‘Darth Vader’ in the first “Star Wars” film. The New York Post shared a resurfaced clip which shows Jones talking about how much George Lucas paid him for taking on the role of a lifetime. Although Jones, now 91, was the voice of Darth Vader, actor David Prowse wore the iconic suit in the 1977 movie. Lucas didn’t feel that Prowse’s voice was the right fit for the sinister Sith Lord, so, as Jones put it, “he hires a guy born in Mississippi, raised in Michigan, who stutters. And that’s the voice. That’s me.” Although $7,000 doesn’t sound like a lot of money now, Jones was excited about it at the time. In the clip, he says: “I lucked out, from all these so-called handicaps, for a job that paid $7,000! I thought that was good money. And I got to be a voice on a movie!”

Gwen Stefani announced via TikTok on Friday that she’s coming back to “The Voice.” She captioned the clip, which featured her and fellow coaches John Legend and Blake Shelton singing along to ‘Grace Kelly” by Mika’, “#Duet this if you’re going to be a Coach on #TheVoice this fall.” Stefani’s last stint as a coach was during season 19 in 2020. She and Shelton met on the show and married in July 2021. The fourth coach for Season 22, which will debut this fall, has yet to be announced. LINK:

Alex Trebek’s name and legacy live on through a new homeless shelter, the Trebek Center, serving the Los Angeles area. The facility opened in the area of the former Northridge roller rink Skateland, on May 12. His widow, Jean Trebek, was there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The shelter contains 107 beds and will provide help for people to find permanent housing. The Trebek Center also includes the Trebek library. The beloved “Jeopardy!” host died in November 2020 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Brought to you by

(These things should at least HELP you handle mornings better)

Expose yourself to light: Thanks to your circadian rhythm, having bright light early in the morning helps you to wake up. Also, remember that exposure to light in the evening may affect sleep.

Be mindful of your sleeping pattern: If you’re falling asleep in less than 10 minutes, you’re probably sleep-deprived. To see if you require more or less sleep: set an alarm for the time you need to be awake and try to go through the day without any stimulants.

Start your day with water and protein: Water will help wake your brain, creating neurotransmitters and hormones. And instead drinking coffee for energy, keep in mind that scientifically, that’s what food is for. Choose protein like eggs and avocado.

Move: Taking a walk or doing some stretches at the start of your day can improve mental clarity and increase blood flow. It is especially good for those who spend much of their day hunched over in front of a computer screen.

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Facebook’s blue color scheme is due to Mark Zuckerberg’s colorblindness. Blue is the color he sees best.

In Italy, there is a fountain that flows red wine 24-hours a day. It is free to everyone, except for “drunkards and louts”.

In a day, your brain uses the amount of energy contained in 2 large bananas.

Windmills always turn counter-clockwise. Except for the windmills in Ireland.

An elephant’s tooth can weigh as much as 12 pounds (5.4kg).

Coconuts kill more people than sharks do.

Approximately one-third of people can’t snap their fingers.


Question: In a survey, this food was found to be the one that people are LEAST likely to say they hate. What is it?

Answer: French fries

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A retired Indian couple is suing their son and daughter-in-law, demanding that they produce a grandchild within a year or pay them 50 million rupees (US $675,000). Sanjeev Prasad said it was an emotional and sensitive issue for him and his wife, Sadhana, and they cannot wait any longer. Prasad said that he and his wife spent his life’s earnings on his son’s education to become a pilot, and arranged for him to get married 6 years ago, but his son and daughter-in-law. “have an attitude that they don’t think about us.”

THE LIST: Brought to you by


Whyzit expenses always rise to meet income?

Whyzit when someone says ‘Got a minute?’, you might as well pencil them in for the next 2 hours?

Whyzit insurance always seems to cover everything EXCEPT what happens?

Whyzit the amount of sleep needed by the average person is always “10 minutes more”?

Whyzit boring people are never hoarse?

Whyzit we think the traffic light will change if we talk to it?

If sleep regenerates us, whyzit we look like that when we first get up in the morning?

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"I just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs. That's all I've ever wanted."

Kevin Malone, The Office

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Here’s a combination of words I never thought I’d see grouped together: ‘carbon-negative hotel’. But that’s exactly the situation in Denver, where the Populus Hotel, inspired by the aspen tree that the state of Colorado loves, is looking to become the first-of-its-kind in America that removes more carbon than it uses. At the almost-finished building, there’s no parking, removing the need for digging and building an underground lot, and encouraging guests to use public transit. The low-carbon outside design of the hotel was inspired by aspen bark, and a super insulating material was used to greatly reduce energy consumption. The roof is lined with solar panels, and for every ton of CO2 produced from energy use, the hotel will buy “carbon offsets” — trees planted by a third party that will absorb CO2 throughout their lifetime.