Show Notes for Monday, January 24, 2022

This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Famke Janssen (GoldenEye, House on Haunted Hill, Hide and Seek, X-Men, X2: X-Men United, and X-Men: The Last Stand, Taken, Taken 2 & Taken 3) Her latest film is out now! REDEEMING LOVE is a powerful story of relentless love and perseverance as a young couple’s relationship clashes with the harsh realities of the California Gold Rush of 1850. It is a life-changing story of the power of unconditional and all-consuming love.


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January 24

Beer Can Appreciation Day

National Compliment Day

National Peanut Butter Day

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Researchers say thinking too hard about something may lead to bad decisions. Researchers (at University College of London) found subconscious snap decisions can be more accurate than those made after thinking things out.

According to a study, when people curse they tend to be more honest.

They say you can never have too much of a good thing, but that might not be the case — if you have a good memory. A recent study found that people with strong memories grow tired of experiences more quickly than others.

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A Pensacola man was charged with several felony offenses after a trooper used Narcan to revive him after a traffic crash on Highway 29 at Kingsfield Road. 
The Florida Highway Patrol charged 39-year old William Hawthorne with driving under the influence with property damage, child neglect, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He remained in the Escambia County Jail without bond. A trooper arrived at a wreck about 11 a.m. Saturday to find Hawthorne to be unconscious behind the wheel, turning blue in the back and with agonal breath, FHP said. The trooper administered Narcan, with Hawthorne responding quickly, regaining consciousness. A 6-year old girl was in the vehicle with Hawthorne at the time of the crash, according to a crash report. FHP said a white Ford pickup was stopped southbound on Highway 29 at Kingsfield, waiting for a green light. Hawthorne was traveling south on Highway 29 and collided with the trailer hitch on the pickup, troopers said. The driver of the pickup, a 77-year old Pensacola man, was not injuried.


Nicolas Cage knows it sounds “pretentious”, but he wants to be referred to as a “thespian.” The Oscar winner, known for his performances in “Leaving Las Vegas” and “Face/Off,” said that he’s not a fan of being called an “actor.” In a podcast interview, Cage said: “For me it always implies, ‘Oh, he’s a great actor, therefore he’s a great liar.” He says the word “thespian” works better for him “because thespian means you’re going into your heart, or you’re going into your imagination, or your memories or your dreams, and you’re bringing something back to communicate with the audience.” He currently stars in the film “Pig”. CNN

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A Winnipeg, MB man has racked up millions of TikTok views by posting videos of him simply smiling for the camera. Borzah Yankey challenges anyone watching his videos to “try not to smile.” He says he receives messages from people all the time telling him their child couldn’t get through without smiling. He says he wants to spread his smile to cheer up others during the pandemic. His handle? -CTV

If you’re too busy playing Candy Crush to text your friends, I have good news. A project led by by a guy who used to work for Google aims to let people have conversations without talking or using their hands to type, sign, or gesture. Called SilentSpeller, the project is a communication system that allows people to send texts using a high-tech dental retainer to spell out words without actually voicing them. The device works by tracking the movement of the user’s tongue.

Back in early 2020 — also known as Normal Times — people were showing off their Valentine’s Trees on social media. People were simply removing all signs of Christmas from their Christmas tree and adding Valentine’s Day decorations. The idea rolled over into 2021 and is expected to continue this year.

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Adult cats only meow at humans, not other cats.

On October 11, 1919, An in-flight meal was served for the very first time ever on a commercial airline flight. The flight was from London to Paris.

By age twenty the human brain reaches its maximum weight — about three pounds. Over the next 60 years it loses about 3 ounces total. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... RUSSIA

In Russia a cattle thief loaded the cattle he was stealing into a bus and headed out of town. Apparently he didn’t think a passenger bus loaded with cattle would attract attention, but it did. Police noticed and arrested him.

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Cat people are creative but dog owners tend to earn more. A survey looking into the similarities and differences between dog and cat owners revealed cats and dogs may have more in common than their keepers. From dieting and exercise trends to relationship and career choices, the survey shows dogs typically have a greater influence on their owners’ decisions than cats do. The survey found that cat people fancy themselves more creative than dog people overall. Dog owners, however, tend to earn more money on average ($47,000 vs. $40,000), which could be linked to additional trends, with dog owners twice as likely to work in the financial field and cat owners being nearly four times as likely to work in creative fields. The extra income may also help dog owners, as they tend to spend 33 percent more on clothing and accessories and 26 percent more on entertainment than cat owners. Cat people are more likely to take in a documentary and show a higher preference for musicals and indie films. Dog lovers are bigger fans of horror and action, but also indulge their romantic side a little more, scoring higher for both romcoms and romance movies. Cat owners, much like their pets, are more likely to enjoy gentler hobbies such as reading, writing or doing a bit of gardening. Dog owners, on the other hand, are quicker to embrace more active pursuits such as sports, yoga, dancing and travel — displaying a need to expend energy on a similar level to their own furry friends.

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“There’s nothing wrong with you that an expensive operation can’t prolong.”

Surgeon (Graham Chapman), Monty Python’s Flying Circus

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300 Bales Of Hay Donated To Kentucky Farmers Hit By Tornadoes

Show Notes for Saturday, January 22 and Sunday, January 23, 2022

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January 22

National Blonde Brownie Day

Celebration of Life Day

National Sanctity of Life Day

January 23

National Handwriting Day

National Pie Day

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You might know that your credit score matters when you take out a mortgage or search for a job. However, you might not realize that it also can play a role in your relationship or marriage. Your credit score tends to indicate whether you will be a great partner and how long your relationship might last (according to a study done by the Federal Reserve Board). After following 12 million U.S. consumers for 15 years, the study found that people with higher credit scores are more likely to commit to their relationships and stay committed. And for those of you out there looking for love, your sweetheart’s credit score tells you more than his or her financial background — it reflects a person’s personality and skills in managing relationships. The research showed couples with close credit scores are more likely to have a rosy future. Huge differences in credit scores, however, suggest different spending habits and an increasing chance of separation. A 66-point difference is linked to an almost 25 percent greater chance that the couple will break up during the second, third or fourth year of their relationship.

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With the holidays behind us, we now have a couple of bozos who found themselves all dressed up with no place to go. From Alabama comes bozo number one, a six foot three man in an elf suit who was arrested on Christmas Eve and charged with assault. Not sure if he was the Elf from A Christmas Story, but it’s definitely a possibility. And on Christmas Day, bozo number two, a man in a Santa Claus suit who was busted for drunk driving. HO HO HO indeed.


2021 was a tough year, but there were a lot of good things.

Britney Spears was released from her conservatorship. She also got engaged.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got back together.

More Ted Lasso — and it was nominated for a record 20 Emmys and won seven.

Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary Get Back.

Hulu gave us Only Murders in the Building.

Season 4 of Yellowstone premiered and delivered huge ratings.

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First thing people spot when they open up a dating app profile is this! Three in five Americans hate how their smile looks in photos, new research suggests. A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. respondents found that most have based a first impression of someone else on their smile (76%) and eyes (69%), more so than on their clothes (56%) or social media presence (27%). However, people’s online presence can affect how they’re perceived. Results show that how people look in their photos and videos (52%), their spelling and grammar (49%) and the types of content they post and share (48%) have all influenced a first impression. 57% have removed old photos of themselves online. Yet according to those polled, the average Twitter or Instagram profile photo is six years old. Conducted by Spark Aligners, the survey also found that more than two-thirds have a favorite photo of themselves. Most (71%) prefer this photo because they feel they look their best in it, rather than due to the lighting and composition of the image (54%). 76% of Americans said they don’t always smile in photos. Rather than grin from ear to ear, some will present a poker face (46%), cover their mouth (43%) or make a surprised expression (43%). Men were more likely to prefer framing their profile photos from the waist up (42%), while most women were comfortable with a close-up of just their face (38%). When asked what social media platforms people feel most pressured to present their smile on, Facebook topped the list (53%), with more than twice feeling obligated to do so than on LinkedIn (24%). When using a dating app, the first thing most said they would notice about a profile photo is a person’s smile (32%) — more than twice as those whose initial attention would be drawn to their body type and posture (15%). As for the least noticeable features? The backdrop or location where the image was taken, the presence of a vehicle and the person’s clothing went largely unnoticed by potential dates.

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Microsoft made $16,005 in revenue in its first year of operation.

The inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison, was afraid of the dark.

More couples separate or divorce in January than any other month of the year. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... ENGLAND

A dog in England needed a trip to the vet after feasting on his owner’s underwear. The cocker spaniel swallowed his owner’s thong. She said she was “incredibly embarrassed” when surgery revealed the contents of her dog’s stomach. In the past the dog has also eaten socks and boxer shorts.

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After hearing of a possible break-in, a co-owner of Savvy Barbershop in Montreal decided to check security footage, and discovered that the broken glass at his business occurred after a couple fell through while kissing. The shop’s owners said they’re willing to pay for a night’s stay in a hotel for the couple if they came forward and identified themselves. The shards of glass have since been framed inside the shop. Mike Rose says, however, that he thinks “there’s something romantic about never finding out who it is: “They just stay this mystery couple that’ll be part of our history forever. It’s kind of fun.”

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When I was 8 my dad once drove me to the orphanage because I was acting up and told me to get out. I settled down.

When I was 10 I flipped off my mom for limiting my Halloween candy consumption. After I flipped her off, she made me pick one piece of candy and threw away the rest. I cried the entire time.

I didn’t want to eat my green beans, so my father said I either e

at them or wear them. I called his bluff. With a Ziploc baggy and some twine, I wore those green beans the rest of the night around my neck. They still laugh at that one.
• If I slammed a door as a kid, I was to “open and close it 20 times, nicely.” It actually worked pretty well.

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“I used to sell furniture for a living. The trouble was, it was my own.” Les Dawson

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Man Pays For 60,000 Pounds Of PEI Potatoes To Be Sent To Montrealers In Need

Show Notes for Friday, January 21, 2022

Today we have a #ComedyCall with the very funny comedian John Crist. He is currently on his 2022 stand-up theater tour, The John Crist: Fresh Cuts Comedy Tour.

Crist’s 2016 debut comedy special I Got Questions is available on Amazon Prime.

Over the past year, he's gone viral with videos like “Brands that need to be CANCELLED” “Weatherman MELTS Down on live TV,” and “Every Parent at Disney,” which have helped him garner over1 billion views online and over five million fans on social media.

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January 21

National Granola Bar Day

National Hugging Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day

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Studies show housework is the third-leading cause of arguments between married couples, right behind money and sex. In her book The Truth About Love, relationship consultant Pat Love offers a few tips on getting your man to carry a larger share of the load.

DO stop picking up after him. After stepping on his dirty socks and underwear for a week, he’ll get the idea that they will stay on the floor until he picks them up.

DO tell him specifically what you want him to do. Give him specific tasks to complete.

DO praise him when he does well. Like well-trained dogs, positive reinforcement is the key to getting the behavior you want from your man.

A study says that people who go to bed earlier have fewer worries.

Do you get “price tag pride” when you find a great deal? Research found that 55 percent of us are proud to brag when we’ve nabbed a sales item, while 27 percent get such a buzz that they can’t wait for their next “bargain hit”.

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'Drunk' Missouri woman is arrested after she ran onto the tarmac after missing final boarding call for her Spirit Airlines flight in Phoenix. Vickie Meyers, of St. Louis, Missouri, was arrested at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix on Sunday for running onto the tarmac. The 53-year-old woman told police she had been reportedly drinking and was not sure of her flight time and made a run for the Spirit Airlines airplane. Meyers failed to get through a closed gate door and then opened an emergency door before she ran down a flight of stairs. 
Airport crew workers were able to stop and held her until the police arrived. Meyers was arrested and charged with trespassing. https://www-dailymail-co-uk.


Lori Loughlin was the victim of a home robbery earlier this month. On Jan. 3, a group of masked thieves broke into the LA-area home owned by Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli. Based on security camera footage, the group of men, who wore all black, broke the couple’s bedroom window to get inside. They swiped the Full House actress’ jewelry box, which contained pieces valued at $1 million. -PopCulture

Jeopardy!” is in no ratings jeopardy at all, 14 months after the passing of longtime and beloved host Alex Trebek. For the week of Dec. 27, the quiz show surpassed “60 Minutes” to become the most-watched non-sports program on TV, according to Nielsen numbers. It’s not only the first time this season that has happened, it’s the first time in at least 3 decades. -TheWrap

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Unbelievably, Google is no longer the most-visited website in the world. According to Cloudflare Radar’s popularity ranking, in late 2021, the search engine was officially been knocked off the top spot. The new champ is none other than video-sharing app TikTok. It first emerged as the most popular website on Feb. 17, but that only lasted for one day. It again rose to #1 in March and it stayed on top for a few more days. The same happened in May, and after Aug. 10, TikTok was the most popular domain most days – also passing fellow social media platforms such as Facebook. Cloudflare puts the top-10 websites in popularity for 2021 in this order, following TikTok, Google and Facebook: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, Netflix, WhatsApp and Instagram.-LADBible

Even with regular visits to the dentist, children from richer families are more likely to experience tooth decay, according to the first meta-analysis of its kind. The systematic review of 65 studies conducted in 30 countries suggests the corrosive effects of soda, juices, and energy drinks have eaten away at some of the privileges provided by wealth and education. Among adolescents who attend private school and whose parents have higher levels of education and income, tooth wear was discovered to be significantly worse. Dental researcher Khaled Ahmed of Griffith University in Australia says although this might sound counter-intuitive since teens from affluent families are more likely to have access to regular dental care, the truth is, “Fizzy drinks, energy drinks and packaged juices are in many countries available to the affluent” and these people “may be more frequently exposed” to sugar-based drinks and foods. -ScienceAlert

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50% of us have a real problem with our food touching other food on the plate while eating dinner.

Unlike dogs, pigs, and some other mammals, humans cannot taste water. We taste only the chemicals and impurities in the water.

No matter how cold it gets, gasoline will not freeze. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... SINGAPORE

A man in Singapore was sentenced to prison after posing as a female flight attendant to pick up men in nightclubs and then rob them. The man dressed in women’s clothes, called himself Michelle, and stole credit cards, cash and phones from the men while they were asleep.

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Thanks to the pandemic, dude ranches and hunting camps had another big year in 2021. A few years back many of them started adding heavyweight horses and super-large saddles to seat swelling numbers of over-sized clients. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that over 40 percent of U.S. adults are obese, Western wranglers and outfitters say they are doing all they can to accommodate the widening of waistlines and other anatomical areas. Non-existent 30+ years ago, plus-sized saddles are now often used.

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The annual list of foreign objects that required medical intervention to remove from human bodies is out.

EAR: Christmas light bulb; espresso beans; toilet paper; googly eye; wooden end of paintbrush; piece of cake; circus peanut; Tic Tac

NOSE: Rubber snake; mulch; candy corn; soda can tab; rock from fish tank; cat food; number 8 button from TV remote

THROAT: Mood ring; smartphone sim card; USB cable; magnifying glass; cologne sample; golf pencil; guitar pick; poker chip; golf ball marker; engagement ring

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“I haven’t spoken to my wife in years. I didn’t want to interrupt her.” - Rodney Dangerfield

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Anonymous Customer Purchases Guitar For Kid Who Frequented The Store Just To Play It.

Show Notes for Thursday, January 20, 2022


Dear John,

I just found out that my sister has not told her kids that she was married before. They know her husband was married before because he has a daughter from that marriage. My sister was married for a few years, but she did not have kids with her first husband. I mentioned her first husband by name and she gave me a weird glare. When the kids left the room, she told me the don't know anything about that. She doesn't think they need to know. I said it seems like a weird thing to keep from them. She's mad at me because I said it felt like she was lying to her kids. She disagrees, but I feel like it's a lie by omission. Not sure what advice I need, but I wonder if this seems odd to you two as well. Am I the weirdo on this?

Signed – ConfusedSister

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We will answer THIS Dear John Letter on Thursday's show.... and we can answer YOUR letter NEXT week! Simply send a message to our facebook page at or email it through our web form at Whether we use it on the air or not, EVERY Dear John Letter is answered. We offer advice and promise to keep your identity 100% anonymous. #DearJohnLetters #JohnAndHeidiShow #FreeAdvice

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January 20

National Buttercrunch Day

National Cheese Lover’s Day

National Disc Jockey Day

Get to Know Your Customers Day

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A new survey of Americans found 56 percent said getting asked “what’s for dinner” is one of the most stressful things they’ll encounter in a day. Leftovers can be an easy solution to the question, but they can be a hot debate themselves — with 72 percent of Americans identifying as pro-leftovers with the rest saying they don’t like to eat them or never eat them. The survey found our favorite leftovers are soup/stew, pizza, meat, pasta, and rice.

A study finds that liquids make up almost a quarter of the calories in the average American’s diet. Is that good, or bad? Well, the problem is most Americans only count the calories they get from solid foods — which means we’re not aware of how calories are sneaking into our diet.

According to a small study, driving with a bad cold is like driving while wasted. Researchers found a heavy cold can decrease your driving ability by 50 percent.

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A 19-year-old in China intentionally live-streamed himself taking illegal drugs in front of an online audience to see what being arrested would be like. He got his wish.


Disney's "Encanto," which did not have a very big opening at the box office, is enjoying "a second life on music and video streaming services," says Bloomberg. The animation film was the most-viewed title on the Disney+ streaming service in the first two weeks after its Dec. 24 release online, per the company.

Scream” has ended the reign of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” at the top of the box office charts, earning $13.3 million on Friday, and putting itself in position to gross $35 million in its extended opening on Martin Luther King weekend. The 5th installment in the “Scream” series saw the return of stars Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell and David Arquette in a film aimed at both the 18-35 crowd and Gen X moviegoers that saw the original “Scream” in 1996. “No Way Home” added $5.1 million on Friday and is expected to reach a total of $704 million by the end of the long weekend. -TheWrap

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If you’re not feeling well this month, you might want to pay a visit to your doctor, as January has the distinction of being the seasonal peak of deaths for the year. A professor (at the University of Alberta) believes the January increase is due to many factors, including the harsh effects of cold weather and people unconsciously postponing death until after Christmas.

We tell more lies in January than at any other time of the year. Fibbing about New Year resolutions, exaggerating how we are doing on diets or detox means we each dish out 217 lies in January. Lying to take off work is also a regular occurrence and four out of ten of us will make up excuses to get out of socializing. Money is another one of the top things we’re likely to lie about, with many admitting to hiding how much they spent over Christmas and how much debt there was on the credit card.

Michigan is known for some pretty wicked winter weather. This, of course, means its road crews have to have some of the best snow plows ever made. In fact, the Wolverine State had hundreds of plows — and most of them have names. The Michigan Department of Transportation keeps a list on its website. Some of the names: Pillsbury Plowboy; Snowba Fett; Plowderpuff ; Han Snow-Lo; Ice to Meet You.

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More than 95% of avocados eaten in the U.S. are Hass avocados, and they're all descendants of one mother tree in Southern California. Avocados are toxic to almost every other animal except humans.

The can opener was invented 48 years after the can.

Women blink nearly twice as often as men. PRESENTS... A NEWS HEADLINE... FROM SOMEWHERE IN THIS WORLD!

Dateline.... SOUTH AFRICA

In South Africa, a woman who was admitted to a hospital with a migraine had her stay extended when a TV fell on her head. The woman was ready to leave the hospital when she moved the TV, on an adjustable arm above her bed, and it fell. She suffered a mild concussion.

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How often do you wash your jeans? Should they be washed after every wear? After every five wears? Fifty wears? A decade or so ago Canadian college student Josh Le turned his own pair of jeans into a science experiment, wearing them for 15 months without washing them. He wore the jeans 330 times without washing them. If the jeans smelled, he might stick them in the freezer overnight or let them hang for a few hours. After 15 months and one week, the time came to test the jeans. He enlisted the help of his professor, Rachel McQueen. She and Le first swabbed the jeans before washing them. Then they washed the jeans and let him wear them for 13 more days, similar to a more normal amount of time between denim washes, and tested them again. McQueen said: “There did not appear to be differences in the bacterial carriage depending on whether the jeans had been worn for 15 months or only 13 days.” Also: “The bacteria present on the jeans came mostly from Le’s skin and was not harmful.”

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• “A dog’s nose can tell you if he’s healthy or sick.” Nope. Cold and wet, or warm and dry, a nose is just a nose. The only accurate way to test a dog’s temperature is with a thermometer. Normal dog temperature between 100-point-5 and 102-point-5 degrees Fahrenheit.

• “Dogs who eat grass are sick.” Dogs are descended from wild wolves and foxes, which means grass was once part of the normal canine diet. So if they eat small amounts of grass and barf it up, don’t worry — totally normal.

• “Dogs love to the petted on the head.” Not necessarily. Some dogs hate it because they have very sensitive eyes and ears.

• “Dogs are picky eaters.” Not true! Dogs have very poor taste buds, and eat primarily based on their sense of smell.

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“I walk around like everything’s fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.” - Anonymous

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Bystander Rescues 3 Kids From Icy Pond, Deputies Bring One Back To Life With CPR.