Show Notes for Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Today we visit with Mark Critch. He stars as Mike Sr. in The CW's new comedy series "Son of a Critch." Critch also serves as creator, executive producer and show runner for the series. The whole show is based on the award-winning, bestselling memoir from Mark Critch ("This Hour Has 22 Minutes"), SON OF A CRITCH is the hilarious and very real story of a young Mark coming of age in the 1980s.

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January 31st

Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day

Brandy Alexander Day

Eat Brussels Sprouts Day

Gorilla Suit Day

Hell Is Freezing Over Day

Hug An Economist Day

International Zebra Day

National Backward Day

National Hot Chocolate Day

National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

National Plan For Vacation Day

Scotch Tape Day

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Lately, we’ve been hearing more and more about the possible negative physical effects of drinking alcohol. With that in mind, a new study suggests the solution to ending problem drinking could be as simple as . . . smaller glasses. Researchers from the University of Cambridge conducted a study involving 21 pubs and bars in the UK, where they removed the option of serving wine in large glasses (250ml, about ⅓ a bottle of wine). What they discovered was this: Eliminating that larger glass option resulted in an average decrease of just under 8% in wine sales. And interestingly, despite this reduction, pub owners did not suffer financially, because smaller glasses typically have higher profit margins. And there was no corresponding increase in beer or cider sales during this period, indicating that people didn’t compensate for their decreased wine consumption by drinking more of other alcoholic beverages. While an 8% reduction in wine sales may seem modest, the researchers say that removing the largest serving size could be an effective strategy for encouraging customers to drink less alcohol.

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A recent survey found that many believe that eating healthy during the day gives us a “hall pass” to overindulge in unhealthy food at night. The poll of 2,000 US residents found the average person overdoes it in unhealthy food 3 nights per week. Six in 10 (62%) admitted they always sacrifice taste over nutritional value when it comes snack time. Snacks are considered a “must” for 83% of people — who say they have “at least” 2 a day.

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Dakota Johnson is setting her alarm—and the record straight. After making headlines for seemingly saying she needs to get 14 hours of sleep every night, the “Fifty Shades” actress explained things on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. First off, she clarified that she “didn’t even say” she ‘needs 14 hours of sleep’, but QUOTE: “I said that I could easily sleep 14 hours. I don’t demand it.” Laughing, she added: “I’m not a monster. I have a job!” She also had some words for those critical of her sleeping habits, asking: “Leave me alone!…I’m literally doing nothing. I’m just sleeping!”

An Australian police department has joked it is “investigating” Margot Robbie’s Oscars snub. Victoria Police is having some fun on social media after the “Barbie” actress – who was born and raised in Queensland – failed to land a nomination in the best actress category for the Academy Awards, while co-star Ryan Gosling did get a nod for his role as ‘Ken’. Alongside a collage of pics of Robbie, the cops wrote: “Police are investigating after a former resident of Ramsay Street was allegedly robbed of an Oscar nomination for best actress.” The force also took the opportunity to encourage local residents to report all non-urgent crimes, such as theft, using an online reporting tool.

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Lindsay Lohan turned down an offer from “Dancing with the Stars” because she says she doesn’t want to do reality TV.

A 20-year-old amateur golfer just won a PGA Tour event, but he’s not allowed to collect the $1.5 million prize. Sunday, Nick Dunlap, a sophomore who plays golf for the University of Alabama, came out on top at the PGA West golf course in La Quinta CA. His score of 29-under par was one stroke better than professional Christiaan Bezuidenhout. But Dunlap won’t be able to take home the $1,512,000 prize, because of his amateur status. That means Bezuidenhout will receive the first-place cash. Dunlap is the first amateur to win a PGA Tour event since 1991, when a young Phil Mickelson won the Tucson Open.

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Dolphins literally sleep with one eye open, because only one brain hemisphere sleeps at a time.

Since 1945, all British tanks come with tea making equipment.

Originally, vacuum cleaners were horse-drawn. The horse-drawn buggy would announce to all your neighbors that you were having a special treatment done. Great advertising!

Giraffes are 30 times more likely to be hit by lightning than people.

The word ‘yo’ was first used in the 15th century.

✓ ‘Yoda’ was almost played by a monkey.


Question: 10% of people believe having one of THESE makes them seem more attractive to the opposite sex. What is it?

Answer: A cute dog

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Officials at a British zoo say that a group of foul-mouthed parrots that were isolated from the rest of the flock are being moved back in with the rest of the chatty birds in the hopes of cleaning up their language. The Lincolnshire Wildlife Park famously received 5 African gray parrots from different owners in 2020, and the new arrivals spent their time in quarantine teaching each other a variety of profanities. The birds were removed from the rest of the zoo’s flock to keep them from teaching bad words to dozens of other parrots. Now, the recent arrival of 3 more potty-mouthed parrots led operators to make the decision to put all 8 of the cussing birds in with the rest of the parrots. The chief executive of the park said keepers are hoping the swearing parrots will learn better etiquette from the rest of the flock, instead of the other way around. Otherwise, he said, “We might end up with 100 swearing parrots on our hands.”

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Travel company EasyJet Holidays, surveyed 100 European hotels in its network, and shared its finding of the weirdest things that guests have left behind. Here is the top-10, ranked in order of “strangeness”…

1. Dentures

2. Witchcraft paraphernalia

3. Prosthetic limbs

4. A glass eye

5. Grandma’s “lucky” tea cup

6. Thousands of German Mark coins stashed behind a toilet

7. A clown costume

8. An inflatable boat

9. Caviar

10. Rosary beads

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Take a good hard look at people’s ruling principle, especially of the wise, what they run away from & what they seek out.” – Marcus Aurelius

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New York City Partners With RIP Medical Debt To Wipe Out $2 Billion In Medical Debt

Show Notes for Tuesday, January 30, 2024

John & Heidi share funny stories of people doing weird things... plus it's a Tuesday... so we have everyone's favorite segment... TUESDAYS with Charlie!!!BUY THE T-SHIRTS HERE OR HERE

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January 30th

Inane Answering Message Day

Martyrs’ Day

National Croissant Day

National Draw A Dinosaur Day

National Escape Day

School Day Of Non-Violence And Peace

Yodel For Your Neighbors Day

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We’ve been told forever about the health-boosting effects of green tea, but scientists are now saying the stuff is also good for your MENTAL health. In short, it makes you happier. Previous research has shown the positive quali-teas of the drink, such as reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. Maggie Moon a brain health nutrition expert, says that the major components of green tea include caffeine, theanine, arginine and EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). The combination of those bioactive ingredients can lead to both same-day and long-lasting elevation of mental health and mood, as well as anti-inflammatory and longevity effects. A study found that those who consume at least 3 cups of green tea per week have a 21% less chance of depression compared to those who don’t.

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Netflix plans to “retire” its cheapest ad-free plan in the countries where it is still available. The streaming giant has already limited the $11.99-a-month Basic subscription, blocking new or returning users from signing up for the plan in the US and UK since July. Now, Netflix says it’ll phase out the plan elsewhere, starting with the UK and Canada, in the second quarter of the year. Netflix recently raised the plan’s price from $9.99 to $11.99 a month for subscribers in the US, UK, and France, with the premium plan rising $3 to $22.99. Netflix’s next cheapest ad-free plan costs $15.49 a month. A plan with advertising is also available at $6.99 a month.

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Franchises find a way. Universal has greenlit a 4th “Jurassic World” movie with the revived series’ original screenwriter, David Koepp, on board. While plot details are scarce, insiders say the film will start a new storyline separate from the trilogy of “Jurassic World” films that starred Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, and eventually also included Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern and B.D. Wong. The franchise has amassed over $6 billion in combined box office revenue.

Come on, Barbie, let’s go…read. Margot Robbie’s stylist, Andrew Mukamal, has that he has collaborated with the “Barbie” actress on a $50 fashion book chronicling the hit movie’s press tour and its unforgettable style moments. “Barbie: The World Tour” will hit bookshelves on March 8, 2 days before Robbie hits the red carpet at the Academy Awards. However, the weekend excitement might not be what they are hoping for, as Robbie was snubbed for a Best Actress nod when the 2024 Oscars nominees were announced Tuesday.

Dolph Lundgren currently stars in “Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom” as ‘King Nereus’, but he thinks “maybe there won’t be” another sequel. Speaking with a reporter, Lundgren opened up about some of his biggest comic book roles, including Aquaman and his role as in the original “Punisher” film from 1989. When mentioning Aquaman, Lundgren said: “We’ll see if there’s any more Aquaman. I heard maybe there won’t be, so, we’ll see.” He also shared that all Marvel films are part of the Marvel Universe, which means that his version of ‘Frank Castle’ from Punisher could make a cameo at some point. When asked if this is something he’d be interested in, Lundgren replied, “Yeah, why not?”

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A survey says that 1 in 9 men secretly wear makeup.

A smartphone app that can tell a defendant what to say in court using AI has been used for the first time — and it’s a lot cheaper than a real lawyer. California-based company DoNotPay says it’s the first time AI has been used during a trial anywhere in the world. The neural network listens to all speeches from witnesses, lawyers, and the judge, then tells the defendant exactly what to say through an earpiece, urging them to stick to only those words. In this case, legal history was made over a speeding ticket. The identity of the accused and location were not disclosed by DoNotPay, but the breakthrough may set a precedent for more serious cases in the future.

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In the 19th century, ‘Shirley’ was a popular name for boys.

Together, Wayne and Brent Gretzky hold the NHL record for most combined points by 2 brothers: 2,857 points for Wayne – 4 for Brent.
✓ Dandelion root can be roasted and ground as a coffee substitute.

Baby robins eat 14 feet (4.3m) of earthworms every day.

Carnivores dream more than herbivores.

NASA accidentally erased the original tape of the first steps on the moon.


Question: Almost half of men have fallen asleep while doing THIS. What is it?

Answer: Getting a haircut

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February 14 is coming, and if you feel like getting your ‘special someone’ a gift that’s a little different, zoos in New York and Texas are here for you. They’re offering the chance to buy naming rights for cockroaches. The Bronx Zoo says you can pay to have a Madagascar hissing cockroach named after your Valentine, with other gift packages available, including roach socks, stuffed roaches and a “virtual roach encounter”. But the San Antonio Zoo is taking a different approach. Its “Cry Me a Cockroach” fundraiser lets jilted patrons to pay to have a roach, rat or vegetable named for their ex-lover — before it is fed to another zoo animal. The zoo’s website says: “San Antonio Zoo will help squash your past, a true heartbreak healer, by feeding your selection to an animal resident.” The zoo is also offering a candle bearing the scent of hippo poo as a Valentine’s gift, because apparently poop “is the cologne of the hippo world and is used to impress potential mates.” LINK:

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A Reddit user posted the question “”What common product has a feature you’re not sure everyone is aware of?” The answers did not disappoint. Here are some of them . . .

☞ “Lifetime warranties on (things)…like Columbia jackets and Jansport backpacks. If your zipper fails or…is no longer repelling water, file a claim online…They will either repair it or ship you a comparable new version.”

☞ “Even though it’s only been a couple decades, I feel like people forget that you can just buy an HD antenna and watch local channels instead of needing cable/satellite.”

☞ “Netflix has a Fitness genre where you can watch and work out alongside videos.”

☞ “You can mute most modern microwaves.” (WHAAAA?????)

☞ “The iPhone has a plant identifier built in. Take a picture of a plant you want to identify. Pull up from the bottom, and there will be an option to ‘look up plant.’”

☞ “If you’re too far away from your car to lock/unlock it but need to…hold the key against your head and press the button. Your skull acts as a massive antenna…”

☞ “Each box of foil, plastic wrap, etc. has tabs on the ends that you push in to keep the roll in the box.”

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I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford. Then I want to move in with them.” —Phyllis Diller

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A Single Act, A Decade of Impact: Pay It Forward Group Marks 10 years Of Charitable Deeds

Show Notes for Monday, January 29, 2024

This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Kim Coates and Lili Simmons about their new film “Double Down South”

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January 29th

Curmudgeons Day

Freethinkers Day

National Carnation Day

National Corn Chip Day

National Puzzle Day

Seeing Eye Dog Day

World Automobile Day

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Maintaining long-term exercise habits is not an easy thing to do. Here’s the good news: Researchers in China say that dancing, being a social and enjoyable exercise, may be the ideal solution for those looking to lose weight. In a series of tests, the scientists found that getting your groove on leads to significant improvements in body mass, waist circumference, and body fat in those who are overweight or obese. Additionally, they found that dance enhances blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, physical fitness, cognitive functions, and mental health, AND can also aid in managing health conditions such as diabetes, gallstones, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

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Stanley cups are all the rage these days, and we’re not talking about the NHL championship trophy. The Stanley company’s “Quencher” tumblers are selling out in minutes and causing frenzies in supermarkets. But it seems one California woman wasn’t interested in paying up to $60 for a water cup. Police in Roseville pulled over and arrested a 23-year-old woman with 65 stolen Stanley cups valued at nearly US$2,500. Cops learned of the alleged theft after staff at a nearby store “saw a woman take a shopping cart full of Stanley water bottles without paying for them,” and “refused to stop for staff and stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise.” An officer spotted the vehicle nearby, and the woman, who was not named, was arrested for grand theft. Cops wrote in a release: “While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habits.

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Ryan Gosling got an Oscar nomination for his role in “Barbie,” but Margot Robbie — was left out in the cold. The Academy Award nominations were announced yesterday, and Gosling is up for Best Supporting Actor — alongside Sterling K. Brown, Robert De Niro, Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo. “Oppenheimer” leads with 13 nominations, followed by the Emma Stone-starring “Poor Things” with 11. “Killers of the Flower Moon” has 10 nominations, and last year’s biggest hit “Barbie” scored 8. In the Best Actress category, Annette Bening is up against Lily Gladstone, Sandra Hüller, Carey Mulligan and Emma Stone. For Best Actor, Bradley Cooper faces off against Colman Domingo, Paul Giamatti, Cillian Murphy, and Jeffrey Wright. The 96th annual Academy Awards will be held March 10, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Oliver Stone has issued an apology to Ryan Gosling for blasting the actor for playing the role of ‘Ken’ in the wildly popular “Barbie” film. The legendary director posted a statement on X, praising the movie, after he accused Gosling of accepting the role of Barbie’s boyfriend solely for the money in a recently resurfaced 2023 interview. In his post on X, Stone wrote that he “was able to see Barbie in a theater back in July and appreciated the film for its originality and its themes”, adding: “I found the filmmakers’ approach certainly different than what I expected. I apologize for speaking ignorantly.”

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A report says that sleeping more on the weekend can help reduce your risk of heart disease.

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy is best known for tattooing the A-list – from Rihanna to Justin Bieber and LeBron James. But now, he’s on a quest to turn tattoos into medical diagnostic devices, using “Magic Ink” — a tattooing ink which can be turned on or off by being exposed to light. He has joined forces with the professor at the University of Colorado who invented the ink. The duo believe that Magic Ink will eventually be used to warn people with diabetes about their blood sugar, or to alert people to slap on sunscreen. Magic Ink may also someday allow people to get tattoos that aren’t so permanent. McCurdy said: “You could get a patch of ink and you could change that picture inside your skin.”

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Movie theaters make roughly 85% of their profit off concession stands.

Just as some people talk in their sleep, sign language speakers have been known to sign in their sleep.

CDs were created to hold 74 minutes of music because that is the duration of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

In Greece, you can lose your driver’s license for being “poorly dressed” or “unbathed”.


Question: 17% of people agree: Doing THIS boosts our creativity. What is it?

Answer: Listening to music

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Miller Lite is selling mints for people who miss the taste of beer during Dry January. Miller Lite Beer Mints promise an initial taste of mint, followed by “the subtle, yet great taste of Miller Lite that leaves consumers’ breath feeling fresh and their taste buds hoppy.” The mints come in a $5 tin with the beer’s iconic logo on the front.

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You Lose Most of Your Heat from Your Head: Where your body loses heat is closely related to surface area, and the head has only about 9% of the body’s surface area. On the other hand, if the rest of you is all covered up and your head isn’t, then you DO lose most of your heat from your head…

To Warm Up, Sip Coffee or Brandy: Caffeine and alcohol actually hinder the body’s ability to produce heat, and can cause your core temperature to drop. Instead, drink warm water, or something with sugar.

If You Go Out in the Cold, You’ll Catch a Cold: You catch cold from a virus, not from cold temperatures.

Rub Your Fingers or Toes to Warm Them: Wiggle them instead. If exposed skin becomes cold, cover it with a warm hand until it feels better. Rubbing can cause tissue damage.

Try to Resist Shivering: Shivering means that your body is trying to warm up, and that’s good. In fact, shivering can triple your body’s heat production.

If I’m Feeling Cold, You Must Be Feeling It Too: Age, gender, fitness level and acclimatization all determine when you “feel” cold. And it’s been proven that women generally feel cold before men do, possibly because they have less heat-generating ability.

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Kids are expensive, I didn’t even realize how broke I was until last year someone stole my identity and it ruined her life.”—Kate Davis

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'He Didn't Give Me A Name': Amazon Driver Shovels Snow For Man In Wheelchair

Show Notes for Saturday, January 27 and Sunday, January 28, 2024

Today we visit with Matt Browning, a nationally recognized retired undercover law enforcement officer who spent considerable time assigned to the FBI - working both the Joint Terrorist Task Force and the Violent Crimes / Fugitive Task Force.

Matt Browning is on A&E's program, "Secrets of Polygamy," which exposes the shocking realities of life within the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), the Kingston clan or The Order also known officially as the Davis County Cooperative Society, and the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB). Available now on A&E. WATCH THE TRAILER:

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thanks to

January 27th

Do For Your Country Day

Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day

International Day Of Commemoration In Memory Of The Victims Of The Holocaust

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

National Activity Professionals Day

National Big Wig Day

National Chocolate Cake Day

National Geographic Day

National Preschool Health And Fitness Day

Punch The Clock Day

Thomas Crapper Day

Vietnam Peace Day

World Breast Pumping Day

January 28th

Daisy Day

Data Privacy Day

Global Community Engagement Day

International Lego Day

National Blueberry Pancake Day

National Gift Of The Ladybug Day

National Have Fun At Work Day

National Kazoo Day

Pop Art Day

Rattlesnake Roundup Day

Thank A Plugin Developer Day

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It has been long-reported that spending excessive amounts of time online or on your phone is linked to lower levels of mental health and dissatisfaction in relationships. But a new Canadian report says there is a “sweet spot” regarding how long you can use digital technology without causing much of an impact. StatsCan found that people who spend less than 10 hours weekly watching online content report having very good or excellent mental health at a rate of 16% higher than those who watch content for 20 or more hours per week. It was also found that those who take a “break” from the internet are much more likely to report very good mental heath.

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Last week, Kraft announced it will launch 3 new Kraft Singles flavors for the first time in nearly a decade: Jalapeño, Garlic & Herb and Caramelized Onion. The company said “The tantalizing new flavors will elevate any ordinary sandwich into irresistible culinary delights.” The last time Kraft Singles launched new flavors was when Sharp Cheddar and Pepper Jack slices were introduced. The new flavors will be available by the end of the month.


Elle King’s tribute to Dolly Parton didn’t hit the right note with fans. The ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’ was criticized following her Friday performance at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, where she was part of a concert held in honor of the country music star’s 78th birthday. The Opry has issued an apology to fans—writing on X: “we deeply regret and apologize for the language that was used during (the) second Opry performance.” During the event, King sang a rendition of Parton’s 2001 hit ‘Marry Me’.” But as seen in a video on TikTok, she forgot the words and started swearing on stage, and cautioned the audience: “Don’t tell Dolly.”

One of Disney’s signature comedies, “Wizards of Waverly Place”, is getting a sequel. Disney has ordered a pilot for the follow-up, which will be executive produced by original stars Selena Gomez and her small screen sibling David Henrie. Gomez will guest star in the pilot for Disney Channel as ‘Alex Russo’, the character that helped launch her career. David Henrie will reprise reprising the role of ‘Justin Russo’ as a series regular.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on “Sex and the City”, ‘Carrie Bradshaw’, often left us wondering how she could afford a closet full of designer duds on a writer’s salary. One item that did fit a modest budget, though, has just skyrocketed in value, selling at auction for a whopping 10,000 times its original price. The white tiered tutu worn in the opening segment of the show, which was originally purchased from a $5 bin in Manhattan’s garment district, received a winning bid of $52,000, according to Julien’s. It’s one of 5 used for the series opening credits. Parker herself has one of them in her own collection.

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Hyundai is fulfilling the dreams of every teenager who never quite learned how to parallel park in driving school. The carmaker has unveiled a car that can turn its wheels 90 degrees. Selecting a spot, drivers of the new Hyundai Mobion simply press a button, and an automated function sees that the electric 4-door “crab walk” into the spot. How? Rather than having one central electric motor, engineers created with one small individual motor for each wheel. This design also allowed them to incorporate suspension, braking, and turning hardware into each wheel. As a result, the Mobion can also drive diagonally. It can turn on a dime 180°, with a turning circle of zero centimeters beyond the front and back bumpers.

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Cheese was created over 4,000 years ago — by accident.

It takes 10 pounds of milk to make just one pound of cheese.

Of the more than 2,000 varieties of cheese available worldwide, mozzarella is the favorite.

If a cheese is named after a city, it’s capitalized. Examples include Asiago, Brie, Camembert, Gouda, and Parmesan.

Mice don’t particularly like cheese. They prefer sweets and carbs.

✓ “Tater Tots” originally failed because people thought the product was too cheap. Popularity rose after the price was raised.


Question: 19% of us will say THIS to someone this morning. What is it?

Answer: “I love you”

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An Indian man who had been pronounced dead “came back to life” when the ambulance transporting him home to his family hit a pothole. Darshan Singh Brar had not been feeling well, so his grandson took him to hospital. He was diagnosed with a severe chest infection which also took a toll on his pre-existing heart condition, and despite doctors’ best efforts, he was pronounced dead after 4 days on a ventilator. But as friends and relatives gathered to mourn, the ambulance transporting his body home hit a deep pothole. Moments later a grandson, who was with the body, saw the 80-year-old move his hand. He checked for a pulse and, sensing one, alerted the driver. Back at hospital, doctors confirmed that Brar was very much alive. He’s currently listed in critical condition.

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Paris has once again been named the world’s most attractive city destination, according to a report by global market research company Euromonitor International. It looked at leading cities from around the world and ranked them on criteria including tourism, sustainability, economic performance and health and safety. Here are the top 10…

1. Paris, France

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

3. Madrid, Spain

4. Tokyo, Japan

5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

6. Berlin, Germany

7. Rome, Italy

8. New York, United States

9. Barcelona, Spain

10. London, United Kingdom

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When your mother asks, ‘Do you want a piece of advice?’ it is a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway.”—Erma Bombeck

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Search and Rescue Heroes Save 23 Lost Skiers In Grueling Backcountry Operation