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Dear John,

My uncle had me help him fix his computer. He was having some issues that were pretty easy to fix. While I was there he mentioned that he is starting to do some online dating. My aunt passed away a few years ago. I was excited to hear that he was going to take this next step, but then he was telling me about some of the things he's finding online and I'm concerned for him. He does not have any children and I'm about the only family he really has left. He was telling me about some of the ladies he talked to from other states and a few from other countries. I told him about online scams and asked him not to send anyone any money or give them any more information than you'd give to a complete stranger, because they really are strangers. I gave him some ideas on how to meet people locally and even had a conversation about “what it's like out there now”. He was married for about 40 years. I can only imagine how different this all is for him. I think he may have been a little offended by how I talked to him, but my “mother senses” kicked in and took over. Before I knew it I was basically having the birds and bees conversation with my 65 year old uncle. Do you think I went too far? I wonder if I should apologize for prying into his business? I just want to make sure he's not a victim of some scam. Any ideas?

Signed – Nice Niece

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March 31

National Bunsen Burner Day

National Clams on the Half Shell Day

National Crayon Day

National Prom Day

National Tater Day

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Yes, a lot of us have a fear of public speaking, but it turns out that even more are afraid of — having to go to the loo in a public restroom. A new survey of 2,000 Americans about their bathroom preferences found 69% hate going #2 in public so much, they hold it until they can be in the comfort of their own home. It’s not what I expected, but men were more likely to hold it in, at 74%, compared to 65% of women. On average, respondents said they are willing to put off pooing for 2½ hours in order to go at home — men are willing to wait 3 hours, compared to 2 hours for women.

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An implanted “drug factory” the size of a pinhead could cure a patient’s cancer in less than a week. That’s according to bioengineers at Rice University who say the new treatment can completely eradicate late-stage ovarian and colorectal cancers in as few as 6 days. The tiny implants, tested on mice, continuously deliver a high dose of interleukin-2 to the tumor region in the patient. Interleukin-2 is a natural compound which activates the immune system’s white blood cells to fight the cancer.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show” is coming to an end. The daytime show announced that after 19 seasons, the final episode will air May 26. Through the years, 64-year-old Ellen has hosted over 4,000 guests, and distributed nearly half a billion dollars in giveaways. In a statement, the show said that on the final episode, “The lineup of special guests will pay tribute to the trailblazing host and share their favorite memories from DeGeneres’ 19 iconic seasons.” DeGeneres announced in May 2021 that she will be ending her long-running talk show this year.

Long-standing daytime talk show “Maury” is coming to an end after 31 years on the air. The series, which is, of course, hosted by Maury Povich, will cease production this spring, but repeats will continue in syndication. Maury began in 1991 as “The Maury Povich Show” with Paramount Domestic Television. In 1998, its title was shortened when production was taken over by what is now known as NBCUniversal. Maury was last renewed 2 years ago through the 2021-2022 TV season. In May, 2016, the show marked its 3,000th episode.

Nick Jonas is taking his talents to a new reality competition. He’ll replace Shaquille O’Neal as a judge on NBC’s “Dancing With Myself”, after O’Neal was forced to exit when production was delayed. Jonas will join a judging panel that also consists of Shakira and Liza Koshy. Dancing With Myself features everyday people who will try their hands at dance challenges that will be designed and demonstrated by the judges. Jonas has previously served as a coach on “The Voice”, and is expected to return for Season 22.

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A team of European scientists claims to have successfully decoded pigs’ grunts. After analyzing over 7,000 recordings from over 400 pigs, scientists at the University of Copenhagen have become the first in the world to decode pig grunts into identifiable emotions. The team developed an algorithm capable of determining whether a specific pig is experiencing positive emotions (happy, excited), negative emotions (scared, stressed), or somewhere in between. The study authors say these findings can identify the emotions a pig is experiencing at a particular time and could help improve pig and animal welfare all over the world.

So, it turns out that Netflix may be aware that some people share their password. And you might soon have to pay to do so. The streamer has been working on ways to “enable members who share outside their household to do so easily and securely, while also paying a bit more,” according to a blog post last week. Over the next 2 weeks, Netflix will be testing features in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru called “Extra Member” and “Profile Transfer.” With “Extra Member,” subscribers can pay to add an account for up to 2 people they don’t live with. These “extra” members will have regular Netflix access, including their own profile and login, at a discounted rate of about $3 US. Separately, the “Profile Transfer” option lets subscribers transfer their profile info — namely their watch history and recommendations — to a new account, which would make it easier for password moochers to start paying for their own plans.

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Studies show your favorite foods are likely those your mother ate while pregnant with you.

The name “coronavirus” is derived from the Latin word “corona,” meaning “crown” or “halo.” This refers to the appearance of a crown (or solar corona) around the virus particles.

It would take a snail 220 hours to crawl one mile (1.6km).

A group of lizards is called a “lounge.”

The scientific name for the gorilla is “Gorilla, gorilla, gorilla”.

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Question: A study showed that THIS probably happens about 280 times per week in your home. What is it?

Answer: The fridge door is opened

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Disney’s latest menu item just might be its most polarizing yet. Disneyland in California has introduced – wait for it – peanut butter and jelly pasta. The dish, which is being called a “dessert pasta,” is now available as part of the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival. Peanut butter & jelly mac consists of macaroni noodles coated in a peanut butter sauce and finished off with a dollop of strawberry jelly, a sprinkle of brown sugar streusel, and a layer of strawberry crackle, which is pretty much a serving of Pop Rocks. And it might not taste as hideous as your face is showing you think it is. One food writer said her first bite was “savory and strange” because she only got the peanut butter-coated pasta, but on her next bite, “All of a sudden, there was a savory/sweet/fruity combination that worked, especially propelled by the popping sensation that lasted through the bite.” She says it might not be the sort of thing she would order again and again, “but it definitely proved to be a worthy experiment”. Dessert pasta is a concept that dates back to the Italian Renaissance.

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Exercise more: You knew we were going there. Exercising releases good mood endorphins so you are always happier after a workout or a simple nice walk to the store.

Positive thinking: It raises energy levels, creativity and productivity by as much as 30%.

Treasure experiences: Spending on experiences provides longer lasting happiness than spending on possessions.

Write it down: Feeling and thinking about why you are grateful helps stave off negative thoughts. Keep a journal . . . or use social media if you like (God knows we could use some positivity there!).

Practice mindfulness: Concentrate and pay full attention to the present moment and accept it in a non-judgmental way. This can boost mood, reduce stress levels, and lead to a better quality of life.

Beauty sleep: When you don’t get enough sleep, negativity takes over big time.

Help others: Research shows that when we dedicate a little time or money to helping others, it has a significant effect on our own happiness.

Focus on strengths: Whether you are curious, open-minded or brave, use those traits to improve your life and that of others, rather than dwelling on weaknesses. Realizing our full potential is one of the best ways to find happiness . . . and to make the world a better place.

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“Thanksgiving dinners take 18 hours to prepare. They are consumed in 12 minutes. Half-times take 12 minutes. This is not a coincidence.”

Erma Bombeck

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98-Year-Old 'Postman' At Care Home Gifted Royal Mail Uniform

Show Notes for Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Today we visit with Todd Hoffman, known from the No. 1 show GOLD RUSH on Discovery Channel. We'll talk about his new Discovery series HOFFMAN FAMILY GOLD, which premiered March 25.



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March 30

National Doctors Day

National I Am in Control Day

National Pencil Day

National Take a Walk in the Park Day

National Turkey Neck Soup Day

National Virtual Vacation Day

National Little Red Wagon Day

Manatee Appreciation Day

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According to a recent survey conducted by, the USA’s most generous cashback site, Americans plan to buy the following this spring:

Household essentials [toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, etc.] (57 percent)

Cleaning supplies (50 percent)

Personal care products [toothbrush, razors, soap etc.] (46 percent)

Clothing (45 percent)

Haircare products (37 percent)

Skincare products (36 percent)

The survey polled a cross-section of 3,103 adults, aged 18 and over.

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It may be unlikely that you ever have a chance to travel to outer space, but your name can. NASA is collecting names to be put on a flash drive and sent into space on the Orion spacecraft, scheduled to launch later this year. The initiative is part of the agency’s uncrewed “Artemis I” mission, which is the first mission of the Artemis program to eventually return astronauts to the moon. It’s free to add your name to the flash drive, which NASA says is a way to get people excited about the program and “inspire the next generation.” Since opening the submissions earlier this month, the space agency has already received over one million names.


Host Rebel Wilson opened the U.K.’s BAFTA film awards by making jokes about her recent weight loss, James Bond, the pandemic, and J.K. Rowling’s controversial statements about the transgender community. She took to the stage in a sparkly red gown, explaining that she “might look a bit different” from the last time the audience had seen her, because “since then I’ve done quite a transformation — I hope J.K. Rowling still approves.” Wilson, who shed more than 70 pounds (31kg) after kicking off her self-proclaimed “year of health” in 2020, also joked that her slim-down would help her out in Hollywood, saying “Now I can play the non-funny love interest in an Adam Sandler film.”

Jussie Smollett began his 150-day jail sentence for staging a hate crime against himself in protective custody, separated from other detainees and watched by security cameras and an officer. Judge James Linn sentenced him to 30 months of felony probation — starting with a 5-month term in jail — for lying to police that he had been the target of a racist and homophobic attack. Smollett loudly maintained his innocence and suggested he could be killed in jail.

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A British father who nearly threw out a rare Harry Potter first edition has sold it at auction in the UK for the equivalent of US $90,000. He pre-ordered the first edition of JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” from a bookstore in 1997 for $17.00, but almost returned it because it came without a dust jacket. The man, a collector, said: “Being the first edition, I expected it to have one”, but he decided to hang onto the book on the toss of a coin, which he calls “a moment of destiny.” He later found out the hardback first issues of “Philosopher’s Stone” (called “Sorcerer’s Stone” in the US) did not come with a dust cover.

With the problem of plastic pollution being labeled a catastrophic environmental concern, burger chain A&W Canada is testing something that might help. This month, A&W is piloting the “ButterflyCup”. The ButterflyCup is made entirely from thick, biodegradable cardboard, overcoming the need for a lid or lining. The user simply “creates” a lid by making 2 simple folds. It is constructed with natural paper sourced from forests certified as sustainable. And even if improperly disposed of as litter, the cup biodegrades naturally, a vast improvement over the traditional throwaway cups used by fast food restaurants and coffee shops, which usually aren’t accepted by recyclers because of the plastic coating. The cups are labeled: “No lid. No plastic. No problem.”

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The average English-speaker has about 50,000 words in their mind and finds the right one in 600 milliseconds.

Ancient Romans left graffiti on Egyptian pyramids saying things like: “I didn’t like anything but the sarcophagus,” and “I can’t read the hieroglyphs.”

Bluetooth” technology is named after a 10th century king, King Harald Bluetooth. He united the tribes of Denmark, just like the wireless technology unites cell phones and computers.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” has her own mailbox at the Louvre because of all the love letters she receives.

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Question: Young people are 4 times more likely to do THIS with their phone, compared to older people. What is it?

Answer: Keep it on mute

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A Canadian company is attracting attention for its new policy, where it pays candidates for a job interview. Non-profit organization FoodShare Toronto says that since March 1, it has been paying job applicants $75 per interview conducted with the company. Foodshare says it is recognizing the fact that people sometimes have to take time off their current job to go to an interview, there are travel costs, perhaps childcare expenses, and “employers should be paying for that.” CEO Paul Taylor believes “employers have gotten off scott-free for far too long” in expecting job candidates to bear the costs of auditioning for a job. The company also pays candidates, at the rate of pay for the job they’re applying to, if they’re required to do any presentation or assignment as part of the interview process.

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• “Hand me that… uh… that uh… that thingy there.”

• “I hate it when they’re missing stuff in here.”

• “Bo! Bo! Come back with that. Bad dog!”

• “Oops! Hey, has anyone ever survived from 500 ml of this stuff before?”

• “Ya know, there’s big money in kidneys, and this guy’s got two of ’em.”

• “Could you stop that thing from beating? It’s throwing off my concentration.”

• “Well folks, this will be an experiment for all of us.”

• “Sterile schmerile. The floor’s clean, right?”

• “OK, now take a picture from this angle. This is truly a freak of nature.”

• “This patient has already has some kids, am I correct?”

• “Better save that. We’ll need it for the autopsy.”

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“My husband and I fell in love at first sight. Maybe I should have taken a second look.” - Halley Reed (Mia Farrow), Crimes and Misdemeanors

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2nd Graders Write Letters From Shelter Animals' Perspectives To Help Them Get Adopted

Show Notes for Tuesday, March 29, 2022

John & Heidi share funny stories of people doing weird things... plus it's a Tuesday... so we have everyone's favorite segment... TUESDAYS with Charlie!!!BUY THE T-SHIRTS HERE OR HERE

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March 29

National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

National Nevada Day

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

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How do you feel about breakfast for dinner? In a poll of 2,000 Americans, 65% said that traditional breakfast foods like fried eggs, waffles, cereal or bagels taste even better when enjoyed for dinner, or “brinner.” And two-thirds (65%) also admitted to making dinner leftovers into their next-day breakfast. Monday ranks as the most-common day for breakfast-eating, and Sunday the least likely day to eat breakfast. When asked which one breakfast food they’d be willing to eat for the rest of their lives, the #1 choice was pancakes (11%).

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How often have you heard the anguished cry from your partner: “I’ve got nothing to wear!”? Despite that common plea, a recent survey found that people have an average of US $268.44 worth of clothing sitting in their closet – that they have never worn. About 80% of the 2,000 UK respondents to the survey said they regularly wear the same clothes, and just 6% said they have worn everything in their wardrobe at least once.


Daniel Radcliffe is denying speculation that he could play ‘Wolverine’. He’s been suggested as a potential replacement for Hugh Jackman as the superhero, but he doubts that Marvel will choose him to play the character. Radcliffe has previously suggested that he doesn’t want to play Wolverine because his love for the ‘X-Men’ films means he doesn’t want to see them remade.

Hailey Bieber was reportedly involved in a serious medical emergency, and was hospitalized with a brain condition. Shortly after the news broke Thursday, Bieber herself took to social media to share that she was taken to the hospital after experiencing “stroke like symptoms.” Medical personnel ran a number of tests, attempting to determine whether it had anything to do with COVID-19, particularly as her husband, Justin Bieber, battled the illness in February. According to Hailey’s post, it was eventually determined that she suffered from a “very small blot clot” in her brain. She wrote that her body passed the clot on its own and that she “recovered completely within a few hours.”

Deadpool 3” has been in development for years, but the superhero film has finally taken a major step forward with the announcement that Shawn Levy will be directing. This choice in director is significant given that star Ryan Reynolds has worked with Levy on last year’s hit comedy “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project”. The Deadpool films are the top-grossing X-Men films of all time, with the original earning $783 million, and the sequel bringing in $786 million. Deadpool 2 came out in 2018, with Reynolds starring alongside Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin. No release date for Deadpool 3 yet.

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Hiccups. Everyone has a cure, and some of them might even work. CNN recently asked its online audience to submit their best hiccup cures, and had a team of experts determine if science backs them up. Here are some highlights . . .

Suggestion: Breath tricks such as taking a deep breath while titling your head back, exhaling until you can’t any longer, or holding your breath and gulping.

Answer: These are scientific. Intense breathing involves activity of the diaphragm, which may ‘trick’ it into no longer spasming.

Suggestion: Sipping water while bent over, or while plugging ears, or from the wrong side of the glass.

Answer: Any time drinking water is involved, it may help. Swallowing triggers the vagus nerve, which is connected to hiccups. Plugging ears can also help, believe it or not…

Suggestion: Eating a spoonful of sugar or peanut butter, or sucking on a lemon slice.

Answer: These can help. Citrus or acidic things also activate the vagus nerve. And sugar and peanut butter take effort to go down, which activates the swallowing muscles, and the good ole vagus nerve.

Suggestion: Thinking about cows, naming men you know who are bald, or scaring the victim.

Answer: Distraction can help. You guessed it – being scared can trigger the vagus nerve, and those other methods can put concentration elsewhere, thus “resetting” the urge to hiccup.


Find a partner and extend your index fingers toward each other at a distance of 6 inches. Move fingers toward each other as slowly as possible (good – it’s a distraction)

Sticking a cotton swab of KY Jelly up your nose or down your throat and twirling (maybe, could reduce irritation)

Tip your head back, relaxing your jaw. Let your tongue fall back and breathe through your nose. Hold for about a minute

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If you type the word “askew” into Google, the entire page will tilt slightly.

When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.

From birth to toilet training, a baby goes through an average of 8000 diaper changes.

The space between the eyebrows is called the “glabella,” derived from the Latin word “glabellus,” meaning “smooth.”

The word “porcupine” means “spiny pig” in French.

Women have more taste buds than men.

THE QUESTION OF THE DAY: Brought to you by

Question: 24% of us admit we have actually cried over THIS. What is it?

Answer: A bad haircut

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An Ohio bodybuilding contest has debuted an unusual new event: the “Slap Fighting Championship”. The Arnold Classic, an annual bodybuilding competition in Columbus founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, held its first Slap Fighting Championship, following an announcement by Schwarzenegger and YouTube star Logan Paul. It featured male and female competitors in different weight classes taking turns hitting one another in the face with open hands, in a battle for slap fight supremacy. The women’s category was won by Adrianna Sledz, while Dawid “Zales” Zalewski won the men’s super heavyweight contest via TKO. LINK:

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A recent Reddit thread asked: “Older women: What are some underrated ways to take care of ourselves now, to make things easier when we get older?” Here are the best responses . . .

☞ “MOISTURIZE everyday, head to toe, no matter how yucky it feels. Your old skin will reward you!”

☞ “Keep making friends. My retired former boss has a group of girl friends. They vacation together, go golfing, shopping, dining, etc.”

☞ “Nurture your old friendships. The older you get, the more precious it becomes to have friends who knew you in different stages of your life.”

☞ “Financial stability is so important. Make sure you’re putting something away now for the future.”

☞ “Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, and go to bed at a regular time.”

☞ “Sun protection! Not only will it help you look more youthful, but it will also aid in skin cancer prevention.”

☞ “Get rid of things you don’t need.”

☞”If you have the means, go see a therapist if you are even entertaining the idea. It WILL help you.”

☞ “Don’t be afraid to edit your life…After being upset when friends posted yet another unsettling untrue thing on Facebook…I realized I just don’t want to be a fact checker for my friends.”

☞ “Embrace and enjoy the body you have right here, right now. You know who thinks you look great? You, 10 years from now.”

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“I can’t end my messages with Love, Shaq because the B-52s ruined that for me.” - attributed to Shaquille O’Neal

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Louisiana Man Rescues Boy From Alligator-Infested Waters

Show Notes for Monday, March 28, 2022

This #MovieStarMonday we visit with actor/producer and businessman Wendell Pierce, known for roles in HBO dramas such as Detective Bunk Moreland in The Wire and trombonist Antoine Batiste in Treme; as well as portraying James Greer in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, high-powered attorney Robert Zane in Suits, and Michael Davenport in Waiting to Exhale. Pierce also had roles in the films Malcolm X, Ray, Selma and Horrible Bosses.

We will visit about his new original movie “Don’t Hang Up”, an action-thriller based upon real life events. Available now on “Bounce”, the leading broadcast and multi-platform entertainment network serving African Americans.

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thanks to

March 28

National Black Forest Cake Day

National Something on a Stick Day

National Triglycerides Day

National Weed Appreciation Day

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Millennials are more likely to worry about about social media than their finances, a new study shows. Money managing app Upwise commissioned a survey of 2,000 millennials about how they spend their money — and time — and discovered they devote a whopping 150 more hours per year online than they do to managing their bank accounts. They’re also more likely to play with pets, surf streaming services, care for houseplants or ponder what to eat for dinner longer than they would thinking about their finances. Only 27% of millennials said they check their bank accounts once per week, while 45% said they didn’t know how much money they currently have in their accounts.

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Rents in Manhattan, New York City have once again hit record highs, after cratering during the pandemic. The median monthly rent for a Manhattan apartment was a record $3,700 in February. That was up 24% from a year ago and up an unusually large 4.2% from January, according to a report from brokerage Douglas Elliman and appraisal firm Miller Samuel. Why the spike? Demand is surging for rental apartments, which means the “pandemic pricing” deals offered a year or two ago have now been replaced by bidding wars.


Rob Gronkowski and Miranda Cosgrove will take over Nickelodeon next month. The network has announced that the NFL superstar and “iCarly” actress will be co-hosts of the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards 2022, which will air live on Saturday, April 9. The show will, of course, feature tons of slime and pranks celebrating fan-favorite stars of film, TV, music and sports. Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards 2022 will air on Nickelodeon, TeenNick, Nicktoons and the Nick Jr. channel.

Top Gun: Maverick” has been cleared for takeoff! Tom Cruise’s long-awaited return to the cockpit as hotshot pilot ‘Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’ was delayed by the pandemic, pushing back the movie’s planned release date several times. It has now been slotted in for a special screening at the Cannes Film Festival, and is set to hit theaters on May 27. Cannes runs from May 17 to May 28. The full lineup of selections for the festival will be revealed in April.

The Lord of the Rings” alum Sean Astin is joining the cast of Dwayne Johnson’s “Young Rock” in the role of The Rock’s childhood nemesis. As a recurring guest star for the comedy’s upcoming second season, Astin will play ‘Dr. Julian Echo’ in the show’s fast-forwards. Dr. Echo is now a chiropractor from Minnesota, who holds a grudge. “Young Rock” Season 2 will continue with stories inspired by Johnson’s upbringing before turning into The Rock, furthering the storylines from Season 1 and introducing new chapters.

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It’s happening again. The changes are subtle…and sneaky, but discerning shoppers have probably noticed lately that some products are shrinking in size or quantity – or both. Record inflation means we’re paying more for everyday purchases like paper products, shampoos as well as food and beverages. Companies can raise prices, and many are, but some decide to go this route: Charge customers the same price while offering less. Product downsizing, also known as “shrinkflation” happens during times of high inflation because companies are also paying more for raw materials, production and delivery costs, according to Edgar Dworsky of He says shrinkflation is becoming increasingly prevalent these days, and his organization has noticed it in toilet paper (shorter rolls), cookies (smaller), Gatorade (smaller) and conditioner (new squeeze tube containing less). Experts say that companies do this because raising prices is a last resort, as it is very noticeable to consumers and can influence demand.

We all know 1 or 2 people around the office who are seemingly incapable of composing an email without including a ‘smiley-face’ or a ‘winkie face’ or some other emoji before hitting “send”. Well, they might want to reconsider. Researchers at Tel Aviv University found that workers who frequently use emojis and other graphics in their emails are seen as less authoritative. In addition, these employees are seen to be less powerful. The aim of the study was to determine whether the use of images in emails influences the perception of employees at work. And, it seems, emojis should be used with caution. The scientists concluded: “Our advice: think twice before sending a picture or emoji to people in your organization, or in any other context in which you wish to be perceived as powerful.”

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The tallest volcano on Mars is 17 miles (27.3km) high – 84 times taller than the Eiffel Tower.

The “O” before an Irish name, such as “O’Reilly,” means “descendant of.”

Bart Simpson’s name is an anagram of “BRAT”. His full name is Bartholomew Jojo Simpson.

NASA slang for floating space poop is “escapees”.

The Incredible Hulk’ was initially supposed to be gray, but according to Stan Lee, an issue with the printer turned the Hulk green.

THE QUESTION OF THE DAY: Brought to you by

Question: In a survey, 62% of parents said it is easier to do THIS with a girl than with a boy. What is it?

Answer: Name them

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A hair salon owner in England has decided that a 4-day workweek is enough. Joel McCauley, who runs Slunks in Cardiff, decided to let staff work a shorter week in March 2020, when the pandemic hit. But after noticing his employees were happier, healthier and more relaxed after he introduced the measure, he decided to make it permanent. And here’s the weird thing: Workers are still being paid for a full 5-day week, plus part-timers were given a boost in pay. McCauley says he’s seen the benefits, with his team having more energy and a surge in productivity. Now, he’s urging other businesses to follow suit, saying: “This is simply a better, healthier way of working…Outside work, you can be a better person, a better parent, a better member of the community.”

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With many people traveling (or planning to travel soon…), here are some “unpopular” travel opinions. Which do you agree with?

The day before a vacation is better than the vacation itself. (That sweet moment of realizing that vacation begins tomorrow is worth savoring. But that “last day of vacation” feeling? Ouch!)

There is no point in being first to board a plane. Priority boarding is useless. (Would you rather sit in the waiting area or stand in a long line to finally sit in a tiny airplane seat for even longer?)

There should be a dedicated section on the plane for families with children. (Probably near the bathroom…)

Plane seats should NOT be reclinable. (Yes, some find it more comfortable, but it’s not for the person behind. If you’re really tired, you’ll be able to sleep in the upright position.)

There’s no point in standing up on the plane as soon as it lands. (Why block the aisles for 15 mins., while you can go nowhere?)

I think clapping when a plane lands is sweet. (Airline staff work a stressful job, have to deal with some awful people, and having the passengers all come together to say ‘well done’ after the flight is a nice way of saying thanks.)

If an Airbnb has a cleaning fee, I shouldn’t be expected to leave it spotless. (I am paying for it to be cleaned after I leave. So I should be able to leave it in the same manner I would a hotel room.)

Solo vacations are much more enjoyable than vacations with others. (You avoid that clash of “Where do we go?” and What do we do?” next. You simply have to worry about yourself and do what you want to do…and eat where you want to eat!)

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“Woke up today. It was terrible.” - Grumpy Cat

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Alcohol-Free Bar In Texas Fuels The Growing 'Sober-Curious' Movement