Show Notes for Thursday, November 30, 2023


Dear John,

I love my neighborhood. It's close, we all get along great, and our kids all play together. But my new next-door neighbors have been a problem. We have a big outdoor Christmas display with inflatables and a nativity scene. The new neighbors have two little kids, and they've been coming over to play on our front lawn! And they move everything around. Last night, I found Baby Jesus wrapped in a blanket under a bush. And they put a hole in my inflatable Santa while wrestling with it. The kids are great. The neighbors are great. But I don't want these kids over here messing with our stuff. I have to fix it all every day! I mentioned it to their mom and she laughed and talked about how much her kids love Christmas and how cute it is that they love to play so much. Then she thanked me for being so nice and opening up our home to them. I know they're just kids, but these things are expensive. They're not toys. How do I deal with this without being a jerk? Any advice?


Not A Grinch

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November 30th

Cities For Life Day

Computer Security Day

National Mason Jar Day

National Meth Awareness Day

National Mousse Day

Perpetual Youth Day (Dick Clark’s Birthday)

St. Andrew’s Day

Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

Day Of Remembrance For All Victims Of Chemical Warfare

National Personal Space Day

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Did you ever stop to wonder how many people you know? Now, you don’t need to. The answer is 611, according to Tyler McCormick, a professor in the statistics and sociology departments at the University of Washington. That’s his best estimate, at least, for the average number of acquaintances that Americans have. If that sounds like way too many – or not nearly enough, here is a rule of thumb to go by: According to McCormick, to estimate the number of people you know, simply count the Michaels. He says there are more than 3million Americans named Michael, about 1% of the population. So, if you know 8 Michaels, you probably know about 800 people.

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Apparently, “cricketing” in order to fall asleep is a thing now. The term “cricket feet” has over 53 million views on TikTok, where sleepyheads are sharing videos of themselves explaining the technique that leaves them feeling ‘snug as a bug’. What is cricketing? These people swear that rubbing their feet together in bed — like a cricket — helps ease them into a peaceful slumber. In one video, a woman named Marissa shows herself doing the technique. Commenters claim the ritual is “comforting” and “relaxing”, and a physical therapist explains that the feet are loaded with nerve endings and acupressure points, that, when stimulated, “help regulate and calm your central nervous system.” LINK:

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Kim Kardashian is moving from the small screen to the big one. The “Kardashians” star will produce and star in an upcoming female-driven comedy titled “The 5th Wheel.” Kardashian reportedly has been hands-on in the pitching for the film and even has attended each meeting to deliver her pitch. Although she has plenty of experience as a reality star, Kardashian has been spreading her wings into the scripted world. She recently starred in the “Delicate” season of “American Horror Story,” a role that earned her both praise and criticism from viewers.

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest” is staying put at ABC for the foreseeable future. ABC and Dick Clark Productions have extended their deal for the annual New Year’s Eve show through 2029. Hosted by Seacrest from New York’s Times Square, the show serves as a celebration of the best music of the year, with performances by some of the biggest stars of the day. Details about co-hosts, performers, and additional locations will be announced at a later date. The show will air live on Dec. 31 beginning at 8pm ET.

Macaulay Culkin will be honored with the 2,765th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on December 1st. His “Home Alone” mom Catherine O’Hara and director Natasha Lyonne will speak at the ceremony, which will be hosted by Steve Nissen. Culkin most recently appeared in “American Horror Story: Double Feature” and in “The Righteous Gemstones”.

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According to a report, on the list of things that make you sleep, tryptophan is #2, just ahead of soft music.

In a poll, 70% of people said they’d rather stay at a hotel for the holidays, than with their family.

Sometimes, you just HAVE to tell a little white lie. And that’s definitely the case if you want to land that dream job, according to a professional recruiting manager. Bonnie Dilber, of Seattle, uploaded a video to her 1.1million TikTok viewers, where she covered her practices for landing a gig. In it, she advises followers to “save these choicest tall tales to tell”, and to “prepare your lies before every interview.” She says these are the 3 lies you must be willing to tell:

• “Do not tell them that your boss doesn’t like you. Don’t tell them that everyone is really hard to work with. All they’re going to hear is that you are difficult. Instead…say something like, ‘Things are going great, but I want to take on bigger challenges.’”

When they ask why you want the job, don’t say you need a paycheck and benefits. That’s not unique. Instead, “Tell them why you are passionate about the company’s mission, why this job is your life’s work and why you are just such a good fit for the culture of this company.”

And finally, when asked about your plans for the future, Dilber says you need to lie through your teeth. “I don’t care if…you are going to jump ship as soon as you find something better. When they ask you about your plans for the next 5 years, your plans are to be at the company, you’re plans are to come in, knock it out of the park on this role and continue to grow as opportunities arise.” LINK:

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It’s a myth that no 2 snowflakes are exactly the same. In 1988, a scientist found 2 identical snow crystals in Wisconsin.

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

The song ‘Silver Bells’ was called ‘Tinkle Bells’ until co-composer Jay Livingston’s wife told him “tinkle” has another meaning.

Some species of fish have voices.

People who complain tend to live longer.


Question: THIS place sees a 27% increase in activity in the days immediately after Thanksgiving. What is it?

Answer: The emergency room

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A woman was arrested after walking onto the tarmac to catch a plane taking off from Canberra Airport in Australia. Eyewitness Simon Hales said to local reporters: “She’s trying to yell at the pilot, she’s trying to get his attention and jump up, it was bizarre”. On Facebook, he wrote that the woman had “missed her flight clearly, and thought she could still catch it. (She) pushed past the staff at the door, ran down onto the tarmac and ran up to the plane. Luckily the pilot was warned or spotted her, and killed the engine.” The woman was arrested by the Australian Federal Police. LINK:

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Password management service NordPass has released its annual list of the most-commonly used website passwords, and is shining a light on some disturbing trends among those of us who just can’t seem to get very creative in our password choices. Here are the top-10… (look familiar?)

1. 123456 (up from #2 last year. What is wrong with us?)

2. admin

3. 12345678

4. 123456789

5. 1234

6. 12345

7. password (down from #1 last year. Congrats, people?)

8. 123

9. Aa123456

10. UNKNOWN (Although most of these passwords can be cracked in a second, cybercriminals may take up to 17 minutes to crack this one)

Nordpass also determined that internet users in North America are likely to use more generic passwords. Internet users in the UK, on the other hand, opt for common phrases like ‘chelsea’, ‘arsenal’, ‘liverpool’, and even ‘football’. The company advises us to use longer passwords, and to use mixed-case characters, symbols, and numerical values. It also says using password generators can produce random and complex strings of passwords that cannot be cracked easily.

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Halloween is the beginning of the holiday shopping season. That’s for women. The beginning of the holiday shopping season for men is Christmas Eve.” ~ David Letterman

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Teen's Unexpected Route Home Leads To Heroic Act Of Kindness

Show Notes for Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Today we'll visit with writer and director Iain Softley about The Shephard, based on the novella by the acclaimed author Frederick Forsyth, The Shepherd follows the story of a young RAF pilot flying home across the North Sea on Christmas Eve. He finds himself in peril when his radio and electric power cut out, leaving him stranded and running on limited fuel. Just when it appears his luck is about to run out, a mysterious good Samaritan appears above the fog below him and the story takes an unexpected turn. “The Shepherd” begins streaming on Disney+ on December 1st. executive producer John Travolta.

Here's the link to the trailer:

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November 29th

National Electronic Greetings Day

National Lemon Creme Pie Day

National Tuxedo Cat Day

Customer Is Wrong Day

International Day Of Solidarity With The Palestinian People

Isdal Woman Day

Throw Out Your Leftovers Day

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Yes, technology can definitely make life easier. Robots, for example, can make daily chores much simpler than cleaning the house by hand. BUT, a new study has found they can also make things much simpler for hackers. A team of researchers from the University of Maryland says that robot vacuum cleaners can actually be remotely reprogrammed to record sound waves, even though they don’t have a microphone. The team discovered that the robot’s laser navigation signals can be converted into sound waves. With the help of signal processing software and machine learning systems, computers can accurately pick out speech and musical patterns from TV shows that the vacuum is eavesdropping on. A spokesperson said: “Even though these devices don’t have microphones, we can repurpose the systems they use for navigation to spy on conversations and potentially reveal private information.”

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Can an overly-full stomach actually explode? Yes, but it is unlikely, say the experts. The phenomenon of a stomach bursting is extremely rare, gastroenterologist Dr. Balzora wrote in the Washington Post, thanks to the stomach’s “thick muscle walls and a rich blood supply”. The medical term for a person’s stomach exploding is a “gastrointestinal perforation”. And a third helping of pumpkin pie isn’t likely to make it happen. More likely causes include ingesting harmful substances like corrosive chemicals or sharp objects, a clogged colon, a gunshot wound, or a complication during a medical procedure.

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Jimmy Kimmel is back as host for the 96th Oscars ceremony, his 4th go-round at the lecturn. The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host also handled the 2017, 2018 and 2023 telecasts. The 2017 ceremony produced the now infamous “La La Land” and “Moonlight” best picture screw-up. Kimmel will join other 4-peaters Whoopi Goldberg and Jack Lemmon. The only people to host more times are Johnny Carson (5), Billy Crystal (9) and Bob Hope (11). The 96th Oscars will be held at the Dolby Theatre on March 10, 2024.

Rare movie posters worth around $1.9million are under the hammer in London. The huge memorabilia sale hosted by Propstore and ending Dec. 8 features a poster for the 1980’s “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back” which is considered “one of the most scarce and desirable of all posters in the Star Wars trilogy”. It’s expected to fetch $15-20,000. Also available is a poster for the original Star Wars film, worth $6-12,000. A subway poster for the James Bond “Thunderball” movie has an estimated price tag of $10-20,000, and a similar poster for “Goldfinger” is expected to bring $5-10,000.

Disney is heading back to Arendelle. Disney CEO Bob Iger has revealed the studio is working on a fourth “Frozen” movie, in addition to the previously announced “Frozen 3,” which hasn’t been released yet. On “Good Morning America”, Iger said: “‘Frozen 3’ is in the works, and there might be a ‘Frozen 4’ in the works too.” He backed that up by saying director Jenn Lee is working on “two stories”. He made the announcement from Disney’s theme park in Hong Kong, where he’s in town for the opening ceremony of the attraction “World of Frozen.”

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A study says that the most dangerous part of your home when you’re drunk is the stairs.

Kendall Jenner says she will get cosmetic work done on her face — eventually.

The flying car that you can park in your garage has lifted off on its maiden flight. The Samson Switchblade, a street-legal car that has been approved by the FAA, was taken by a pilot on a 6-minute flight. The Switchblade requires an airport runway to take off. It uses unleaded gasoline rather than airplane fuel and needs 3 minutes to switch from driving to flying mode. Then it can be flown to the airport nearest your destination at up to 200mph. Once landed, it folds in its wings and tail and is small enough to be parked in a normal garage. The 2-seater already has 2,300 reservations from 57 countries and all 50 states in the US, and the news of the successful maiden flight will likely see that grow.

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There are 3,000 English words or phrases which mean ‘drunk’.

There’s a village in Norway called Hell, and it freezes over every winter.

Fishing is the sport with the most participants worldwide.

Football (soccer) is the most popular spectator sport.

Japan has over 200 flavors of Kit Kat, including baked potato, melon and cheese, wasabi, and vegetable juice.


Question: According to a survey, in the 1970s, 87% of us did THIS as soon as we got home from work. Now, only about 45% do. What is it?

Answer: Check the mail

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Can you imagine a world where everyone is NOT walking around with a smartphone attached to their hand…or ear…or pocket? That’s exactly what the future might hold, if the startup Humane has anything to do with it. Its “Ai Pin” (released last week) is a futuristic – but in some ways prehistoric “phone” that sells for $699 and requires a monthly $24 subscription. Humane is one of a number of companies trying to replace the smartphone with screenless devices that rely on providing voice prompts to ultra-intelligent chatbots. What it does have is a camera and microphone that ingest information, like a glorified search engine. It clips to your shirt, and is run by an AI-powered operating system. But what about that “no screen” thing? While Ai Pin lacks a screen and keypad, it uses lasers to project information onto your hand. While the AI Pin attaches to your shirt, other companies are experimenting with similar devices in the form of a pendant and Ray-Ban smart glasses. LINK:

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(Just because they usually aren’t what we were expecting…)

Timothée Hal Chalamet: It’s always handy when your middle name also appears in your last name…

Ryan Rodney Reynolds: He once tweeted that his middle name “sucks”. LINK:

Kate Garry Hudson: Named after her uncle, who died shortly before her birth.

Elton Hercules John: Yes, he chose this as his stage name. But ‘Hercules’ came from the name of a horse in a British sitcom – not the Roman god.

Tina Stamatina Fey: Her first name is actually Elizabeth, and her middle name inspired her to go by “Tina”.

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell: Her 4-year-old brother Finneas kept calling the unborn Billie “Pirate” – so much so that her mom almost gave her that as her first name!

Richard Tiffany Gere: Tiffany was his mother’s maiden name.

James Kimberly Corden: Apparently, giving males the middle name Kimberly is a tradition in his family.

Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton Wykeham Fiennes: We have no explanation. Nor do we for the fact that you don’t pronounce the second half of his first name…

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins: Blue almost became her first name.

Hugh John Mungo Grant: Don’t know why he was named Mungo, but it sounds awesome!

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It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.”~ Harry S. Truman

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Man With No Car And No Furniture Dies With Big Secret, Leaving His Small Town Millions

Show Notes for Tuesday, November 28, 2023

John & Heidi share funny stories of people doing weird things... plus it's a Tuesday... so we have everyone's favorite segment... TUESDAYS with Charlie!!!BUY THE T-SHIRTS HERE OR HERE

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November 28th

Make Your Own Head Day

National French Toast Day

Red Planet Day

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How often are you able to see your friends these days? According to a new poll, the average person spends just 4 hours a month socializing with friends – usually meeting up just twice. And more than a quarter of the 2,000 adults polled said they are spending less time in person with friends this year compared to last. The trend is most apparent among millennials aged 25-34, where 37% say they are struggling to find time for pals – compared to 33% of 35-44-year-olds. Gen Zers between 18-24 are the only age group spending MORE time with their FRIENDS this year, as opposed to less. The top 3 reasons for not spending more time with friends are distance (36%), a busy work schedule (35%), and family commitments (33%).

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Keeping secrets can be a good thing, according to a new study – as long as the news is positive. Columbia University researchers asked 4,000 test participants whether they planned to discuss and share good news secrets with others — or keep them private. They found that good news that was being kept a secret was more “energizing” than good news that was not a secret — leading people to want to keep the good news to themselves. Although previous research has suggested that keeping secrets is bad for our well-being, the lead author says those studies “only examined keeping secrets that have negative implications for our lives.”

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Steve Carell will make his Broadway debut playing the title character in a revival of Anton Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya.” The production, which will be performed at Lincoln Center’s Vivian Beaumont Theater, will begin previews April 2, 2024, and open on April 24. The cast boasts also boasts William Jackson Harper (“Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania”) and Alfred Molina (“Spider-Man: No Way Home”). Complete casting will be announced soon.

Poor Things” star Emma Stone will receive the Desert Palm Achievement Award, Actress at this year’s Palm Springs International Film Fest. The film awards will take place on Jan. 4. In a statement, the film fest said: “Emma Stone continues to exert influence as one of the most important actresses of this generation, whose performances are always exceptional no matter the role.” Stone previously received the festival’s Vanguard Award in 2016 alongside “La La Land” costar Ryan Gosling and director Damien Chazelle. Earlier this week, the festival announced it would be honoring Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” with the Vanguard Award.

Emma Stone will hit a major “Saturday Night Live” milestone when she joins the 5-timers club on the Dec. 2 episode. She’ll be joined on that week’s “SNL” by musical guest Noah Kahan. Stone will be the 25th member of the elite club of frequent SNL hosts. The last new inductee was Woody Harrelson, who joined the club last spring. The group also includes Steve Martin, who has hosted the show 16 times, and Tom Hanks, and Tina Fey (6 each). The all-time leader is Alec Baldwin, who has hosted 17 times.

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A study shows being tortured changes the way you feel pain forever.

Apparently, there’s a glow-in-the-dark ice cream.

A dog named Daisy embraced her inner Lassie, leading her owner to a mineshaft where a missing cat was waiting to be rescued. After nearly a week of searching for her cat Mowgli, Michele Rose had “almost given up hope” of finding him. But suddenly, her dog started “going berserk,” running back and forth between their house and the nearby woods. Rose followed Daisy to an old 100-foot-deep mineshaft that Mowgli had fallen into. Rose calls her dog a “superstar”, and feels that without her actions, “Mowgli could still be down there, that’s for sure.” He was in good condition after firefighters rescued him, and happy to reunite with Rose – and with Daisy!

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If you’re an average sleeper, you’ll roll over 12 times in bed tonight.

It’s estimated that a new baby can rob parents of anywhere between 400-750 hours of sleep in the first year.

Penguins have an organ above their eyes that converts seawater to fresh water.

The rules of golf once said that if your ball hit your opponent, he would lose the hole.


Question: Two out of 3 married women say their husband isn’t very good at THIS. What is it?

Answer: Driving

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It’s the latest “job that you’d love to have that you’ll never get”: Subscription flower company Bloomsy is offering up a gig where they’ll pay someone $2,000 to watch and rate 12 Hallmark Christmas movies. The “special Christmas movie maven” will also receive “an ample supply of Ghirardelli hot cocoa” and 2 pairs of fuzzy socks to ensure their movie marathon is a cozy experience. The film fan chosen by BloomsyBox will be asked to rank each movie for its festivity factor, predictability quotient, chemistry check, tear-jerker test and replay value. In addition to the $2,000 payment, the winner will, of course, also receive a 12-month flower box subscription. Applications are being accepted through Dec. 3. LINK:

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i don’t understand how spending more money than i earn is irresponsible. i’m giving more than i take. i’m generous. – Ginny Hogan

sure people start getting engaged, married and having kids, but something nobody truly prepares you for about your late twenties is how many of your friends start running marathons – Annie Wu

Women’s fall fashion is basically coming up with ways to wear a blanket without it looking like you’re wearing a blanket. — Jessie

Just accidentally sang “was the son of a pizza man,” and now I’m intrigued. – Annie Way

no thoughts november. i will not be doing any more thinking – clare

sorry i can’t come out tonight the sun’s setting at 5 – trash jones

Doctor’s offices need those portable buzzers so instead of sitting in the waiting room forever you can leave and get buzzed when they’re ready for you like a medical Cheesecake Factory – SpacedMom

taking the amtrak is so fun. when you drive all you see is ugly highways but when you take the train you get to see some guy’s weird backyard — chase

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A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”~ Groucho Marx

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Couple Pays Bill For Large Group Of Special Needs Friends

Show Notes for Monday, November 27, 2023

This #MovieStarMonday we visit Eriq La Salle (ER, Coming To America)

Eriq is also a best selling author of THREE BOOKS!

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thanks to

November 27th

National Bavarian Cream Pie Day

National Craft Jerky Day

National Electric Guitar Day

National Pins And Needles Day

Pie In The Face Day

Turtle Adoption Day

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According to a new study, men tend to let their female partners win when they’re competing against one another in games and challenges. Researchers at the North China University of Science and Technology determined that men may go easy on their wives and girlfriends in order to avoid conflict and “prevent them from leaving or being poached” by another male. Lead author Shuyu Jia concluded that: “Male partners may be adopting a ‘happy wife, happy life’ mentality…by allowing their spouse to win.” It should be pointed out, though, that the study also found that women were less competitive when playing against their partner than when playing against male strangers.

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A smartphone app may soon be able to tell you if you are too drunk to drive — by listening to you read tongue-twisters. Scientists at Stanford Medicine and the University of Toronto worked together on the premise that built-in sensors in smartphones could gauge a person’s level of intoxication through vocal changes. Study participants read the tongue-twisters aloud while a smartphone, positioned on a table, recorded their speech. Using digital software, the research team examined things such as frequency and pitch, and how those attributes changed with alcohol consumption. Comparisons between the voice pattern change and breathalyzer readings demonstrated a 98% accuracy rate in predicting intoxication. The researchers say that future sobriety apps may incorporate multiple types of sensors, including for detecting changes in gait and texting patterns.

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After much speculation, “Young Sheldon” is officially coming to an end. “The Big Bang Theory” sequel is set to end after the upcoming seventh season, which will premiere on Feb. 15. In addition, CBS has already announced when the finale will air. Young Sheldon will have an hour-long series finale on May 16. The season is expected to have either 14 or 15 episodes to close out the series. It has been reported that creator Chuck Lorre is working on another “BBT” offshoot.

They’re not ‘Movin’ Out’ after all. In a bold move amid the uncertain tides of the real estate market, two iconic New Yorkers, Billy Joel and Alec Baldwin, have opted to retain their lavish estates. The ‘Piano Man’ made headlines in May when he listed his 26-acre estate in Oyster Bay for an eye-watering $49 million. Insiders say that Joel has had a change of heart, and will keep his keys a little longer. Meanwhile, Baldwin tossed his Amagansett estate onto the market in September 2022, with a hefty $29 million price tag. After a series of dramatic price slashes, resulting in a final listing price of $22.5 million, Baldwin has now decided to pull the 10-acre retreat off the market as well. Average mortgage rates stand at 8.07% over 30 years, contributing to the recent shift in the once hyper-competitive housing market.

FX has renewed “Welcome to Wrexham” for a third season — set to premiere in Spring 2024. Season 2 concluded on Monday night, and the entire season is available to watch on Hulu and Disney+. Welcome to Wrexham is a docuseries tracking the dreams and worries of Wrexham, a working-class town in North Wales, as Hollywood stars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds guide the future of the town’s historic football club.

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Brought to you by

Marijuana-based dating sites are growing in popularity.

One in 5 women dreams their man is cheating on them.

Apparently, the word in the retail industry is that stores should tread lightly these days when it comes to self-checkouts. The backlash against it is growing, and many businesses have made moves to dial back on the technology — after it exploded over the past few years. British supermarkets chain Booths recently announced that it is removing self-checkout stations in all but 2 of its 28 stores. In the US, Walmart, Costco, Wegmans and other chains have also revised their self-checkout strategies. Why? They’ve found that self-checkout leads to more losses – through customer errors AND intentional shoplifting. And what scams are people most-often using to beat the system? Common tactics include not scanning an item, swapping a cheaper item (bananas) for a more expensive one (steak), scanning counterfeit barcodes attached to their wrists, or even properly scanning everything — and then walking out without paying.

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The energy of a discharge of an electric eel could start 50 cars.

The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head.

In 1966, Mercedes invented a car controlled by joystick.

Fall leaf colors are present year-round, but are only visible once chlorophyll — the chemical that makes leaves green — breaks down during autumn.

Babies start dreaming even before they’re born.

If your last name is closer to the end of the alphabet, you’re more likely to be an impulse spender.


Question: This holiday season, men are 3 times more likely than women to get hurt doing THIS. What is it?

Answer: Putting up the tree

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Taylor Swift is a 4-letter word in one Maryland couple’s home. Last month, Dana Rice’s husband said he could “take it no longer” with her very frequent mentions of the pop star, so he created a makeshift “Swift” jar. Dana posted a hilarious video on Instagram capturing her husband, Dan, creating the jar, which said on it: “Any mention of T. Swift and you owe $0.25.” Dana says she had “no idea” what her husband was up to when he asked for a sharpie and started creating the Swift jar right in front of her, but she pulled out her phone to record. She admits that she was taken off guard once she realized what it was – but on the plus side, as she put it, “My husband hooked me up with a roll of quarters right off the bat … And of course, they’re going straight into the jar.” And by the way, as the label on the jar specifies, any mention of Swift’s new beau, Travis Kelce, also applies. LINK:

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I sure have a lot of opinions about cooking shows for someone who’s eating a paw patrol string cheese for breakfast – meghan

Moms be like, “Your cousin’s neighbor’s husband’s aunt died. Just thought you should know.” — Jessie

My neighbors had their entire house decorated for Christmas by the time I got home from work tonight so I have to move – mean things I say to myself

I have to move my car and parallel park it into a spot opposite some workmen and honestly I would rather drive it directly into the sea – Mollie Goodfellow

i love when people are able to introduce me to their grandparents using their insane made-up name in a 100% serious tone: “this is peeps and lolly.” – Emily

I’m “remembers when a 32-in TV weighed 450lbs” yrs. old. – Linda

Every healthy marriage requires compromise. I want to decorate for the holidays this weekend and my husband wants to decorate after Thanksgiving so we compromised and are decorating this Saturday. – sixfootcandy

bill nye’s full name is william new years eve – Kim

Some random lady took down our outside decorations because “Halloween is over,” and now I want to invite her inside because Dinner is over, and I don’t want to clean up from dinner any more than I wanted to clean up after Halloween. – Krista Pacion

When someone asks me why I’m leaving the party early, I say “I’m late for an appointment with my pajamas.” – Lindsay

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There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”~ Oscar Levant

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Grandma And The Stranger She Mistakenly Texted In 2016 Will Spend 8th Thanksgiving Together