Show Notes for Friday, March 31, 2023

Today we visit with Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow) about his latest film “Heart of a Champion” starring Casper Van Dien, Edward Furlong and YaYa Gosselin.


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March 31

National Bunsen Burner Day

National Clams on the Half Shell Day

National Crayon Day

National Prom Day

National Tater Day

Take Down Tobacco Day of Action

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A new study says reducing your social media use by just 15 minutes a day can not only improve your general health and immune function, but also can improve symptoms of depression and loneliness. Professor Phil Reid of Swansea University, which conducted the study, said: “These data demonstrate that, when people reduce their social media use, their lives can improve in many ways—including benefits for their physical health and psychological well-being.”

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A British designer has created a $2,500 pair of boots in the form of a Teletubby. Christian Cowan’s latest footwear are an homage to ‘Dipsy’, the bright green character from the 90s children’s show. The New York-based designer, who is known for his celeb clients including Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell and BeyoncĂ©, recently posted a photo of the boots on Instagram, writing, “No caption necessary.” Also available: A denim jacket emblazoned with ‘Po’, for $595, a hoodie featuring ‘Laa-Laa’, going for $395, a white T-shirt emblazoned with an image of ‘Tinky Winky’ for $195, and a pair of wide-leg jeans showing ‘Dipsy’ – for just $495. LINK:


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have pulled the plug on yet another real estate deal … and they’re once again on the hunt. Sources say that Bennifer has fallen out of escrow on the $64 million Pacific Palisades mansion they had their sights set on earlier this month. No word on why, but for those keeping count, this is the 3rd home they’ve fallen out of escrow on in the past year – including a $55 million Bel-Air estate in April, another Pacific Palisades palace last month, worth $34.5 mil – and this latest false start. And there are reports that the two were scooping out real estate again over the weekend.

Andy Kaufman is set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He’ll be inducted alongside this year’s other honorees that currently include Rey Mysterio and The Great Muta. Kaufman is known for his career on stage and screen, most famously starring as ‘Latka’ in the hit sitcom “Taxi”. But he also made his mark on the world of wrestling, when he declared himself the Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World, offering money to any woman who could pin him, as part of his act.

Cameron Diaz is no longer “back in action.” She’ll reportedly retire from acting for good after she wraps the Netflix film “Back in Action” with Jamie Foxx, so she can focus on being a mom to her 3-year-old daughter, Raddix. The Daily Mail quoted a source “close to Diaz” as saying: “These back-to-back 10-hour workdays have been a lot on her and she hates being away from Raddix.” While Diaz’s husband, Benji Madden, is supportive of her acting career, her time on set has apparently “been a lot on him.” As well.

Nick Lachey has been ordered to attend anger management classes and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings after accosting a paparazzo. The 98 Degrees singer was charged with assault and battery against Jody Santos in March 2022 but did not receive formal punishment until the photographer hassled the Beverly Hills Police Department for months. Santos now says the “Newlyweds: Nick And Jessica” reality star “has to complete [anger management and AA] within a reasonable time…If he fails to do so, they will move forward to prosecute him.”

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Experts say our reliance on computers is making us dumber.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his kids “no longer access TikTok”, due to recent concerns with privacy and security.

If you go to one of Jean Bailey’s fitness sessions, be ready to move. Four times a week, the 102-year-old puts her neighbors at a senior living community in Omaha through their paces. She’s been running fitness classes for the last 15 years, and started offering them more often in the last few years to help her community stay active during COVID. She encourages her students to do what they can, understanding that some have health issues. Quote: “I just tell them I don’t care what they do, but move.” Her classes usually attract about a dozen participants, and Bailey makes them all feel welcome with her positive attitude, according to Elk Ridge Village operations director Sean Tran. He said: “You can’t help but want to hang out and spend some time with her.”

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The earliest pacemakers required a wall outlet.

Women cry, on average, between 30 and 64 times a year.

Men cry, on average, between 6 and 17 times a year.

Kissing someone is more sanitary than shaking hands, if you want to avoid a cold.

In Italy, there is a fountain that flows red wine 24-hours a day. It is free to everyone, except for “drunkards and louts”.

Only 4 days of every year are exactly 24 hours long.


Question: Over 80% of us have at least one of these and we don't fully appreciate it until we turn 28 years old.

Answer: A sibling

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Disney debuted a “real” lightsaber at the South by Southwest festival in Texas this month, during a presentation by Disney parks chairman Josh D’Amaro. The device, a real-life version of the iconic special-effects weapon used in the “Star Wars” franchise, was unveiled as part of Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser hotel experience. Calling it “a true wow moment” for both guests and himself, D’Amaro activated the saber, which extends out and makes all the noises and sounds Star Wars fans would expect. Alas, hardcore Star Wars fans are a tough crowd, as evidenced by the comment posted by one Twitter user, who wrote: “The hilt is too bulky and the blade is too short, so you unfortunately will not be allowed to release this, but keep up the great work!” LINK:

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Cats and dogs (English)

Old ladies and sticks (Welsh)

Like a peeing cow (French)

As from Esteri’s butt (Finnish)

Female trolls (Norwegian)

Chair legs (Greek)

Tractors (Slovakian)

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A waist is a terrible thing to mind. – Karen Scalf Linamen

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Oh Sweet Baby Pickles: A 90-Year-Old Tortoise Named Mr. Pickles Just Became A Father

Show Notes for Thursday, March 30, 2023


Dear John,

The landlady in my apartment complex is a sweet 70- something woman who treats me like her son. She's always trying to set me up with a woman and always tells me about single women that move into the apartment complex. Last year, I told her to back off a bit and told her it's not a good idea to play matchmaker in the building because she could end up putting people in a bad situation. She said I was the only person she did it with but agreed. Until a few weeks ago when she said "You're getting a new neighbor and I'm not going to mention that she's very pretty and single." I blew it off until I saw the woman yesterday. She's amazing. She said hi and said, "Hey. You must be the single guy the landlady is trying to set me up with". I want to be annoyed that the landlady did this, but maybe this time she got it right. But here's the thing. This new girl lives next door to me. What if we click and start seeing each other and then it doesn't work out? There are too many things that could go wrong. What do I do? I think I need to move out, then start dating her.

Thank you,

Too Close For Comfort?

We'll answer THIS Dear John Letter on Thursday's show.... and we can answer YOUR letter NEXT week! Simply send a message to our facebook page at (your comments are welcome & wanted) or email it through our web form at Whether we use it on the air or not, EVERY Dear John Letter is answered. We offer advice and promise to keep your identity 100% anonymous. #DearJohnLetters #JohnAndHeidiShow #FreeAdvice

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March 30

National Doctors Day

National I Am in Control Day

National Pencil Day

National Take a Walk in the Park Day

National Turkey Neck Soup Day

National Virtual Vacation Day

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Got plans to see live music at all this weekend? Well, if you’re planning to bring along earplugs, you’d be in the minority. New research says that half of all concert and club goers experience ringing in their ears, but only one in 10 regularly wear earplugs at gigs, festivals and nightclubs. According to the World Health Organization, that means that one in two young people are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss – including tinnitus and deafness. The research also found that fewer than 50% of music fans even know what tinnitus is – an irreversible condition in which a person hears noises such as ringing, clicking or buzzing inside their ear. It is often caused by overexposure to loud noise.

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Dad jokes” could be a sign of good parenting, according to an expert. Marc Hye-Knudsen, of Aarhus University’s Cognition and Behavior Laboratory, wrote in the British Psychological Society that dad jokes are important to help children learn to be embarrassed, and to toughen them up to learn that embarrassment isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He claims that, “By teasingly striking at their children’s egos and emotions without teetering over into bullying, fathers build their children’s resilience and train them to withstand minor attacks and bouts of negative emotion without getting worked up or acting out, teaching them impulse control and emotional regulation.”


Selena Gomez is expressing her gratitude after becoming the first woman on Instagram to surpass 400 million followers. The “Only Murders in the Building” star took to the social media platform, and captioned a photo gallery of herself posing with fans with the words: “Wishing I could hug all 400 million of you.” As of Sunday morning, the actress and singer had 401 million Instagram followers. Last month, she surpassed Kylie Jenner as the most-followed woman on the site.

Taron Egerton doesn’t think he’s the “right choice” to play James Bond. The “Kingsman” star addressed rumors of him playing the next ‘007’ in an interview with The Telegraph, explaining why he feels he’s not the right person for the role. Quote: “You have to be consistently statuesque to be that guy…I’ve always struggled with my weight.” Although he went on to admit that being Bond might be “really fun”, he clarified: “It’s sort of irrelevant how I feel about it, anyway, because I can tell you there have been zero phone calls.”

Julianne Hough is joining “Dancing with the Stars” as a co-host and Alfonso Ribeiro has been upped to emcee of the franchise for its 32nd season. Hough will assume Ribeiro’s previous role on DWTS, which is to interview the dancers after their performances in the Sky Box. Tyra Banks announced it was “time” for her to step down as host last week. Pro dancer Hough is a two-time “DWTS” champion, and has expanded her career to become a recording artist and actress, starring in films such as “Safe Haven” and “Footloose”.

Jon Bernthal is returning to his most punishing role. He’ll reprise ‘Frank Castle’, aka antihero ‘The Punisher’, in Marvel Studios’ “Daredevil: Born Again” for Disney+. Bernthal joins Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio in the series, which begins shooting in New York this month. In a departure from other Marvel series, which come in at 6 or 9 episodes per season, Born Again is planned as an 18-episode epic.

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21% of flight attendants say they’ve had sexual relations with a colleague during a flight, says a report.

A couple in their 80s just got married after falling in love on an internet dating site.

Over the last 4 years, Liz Pinfield-Wells has recycled 2,600 pounds (1180kg) of waste that her city’s garbage collectors won’t pick up. The Dawley, England, resident started her own recycling center at home when she learned her baby’s food pouches could not be recycled by the city. Pinfield-Wells, who says that her family is always trying to reduce its carbon footprint, invited her neighbors to drop off their trash, and dozens have taken her up on her offer. She sorts everything into 30 categories of recyclable waste, and then sends everything to TerraCycle, where it is recycled into small pellets that are turned into items like benches. She donates the money she earns to local causes, including a community garden and her daughter’s gymnastics team.

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Studies show that bronze medalists are happier than silver medalists because they appreciate winning a medal at all.

The television was invented only 2 years after the invention of sliced bread.

The common cold is caused by over 200 different viruses.

The “Pinky Promise” originally required the person who breaks the promise to cut off their pinky finger.

An estimated 80% of the ‘close door’ buttons in elevators don’t actually do anything.

While spring always falls on either March 19, 20 or 21, it hasn’t arrived on March 21 since 2007, and won’t arrive on that day again for another 82 years – in 2103.


Question: Chances are, you will do THIS more than 18,000 times in your lifetime. What is it?

Answer: Exceed the speed limit

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Sports equipment giant Wilson recently unveiled a 3D-printed basketball prototype that does not need to be inflated and features a see-through lattice design. The Wilson Airless Prototype relies on the elasticity of its “research-grade” polymer material to produce the same bounce as traditional basketballs. With no need to inflate the ball to a certain pressure, it eliminates problems like puncture risks, and slow leaks through the valve. Although Wilson has kept the traditional binding pattern of the regular basketball, so players are still able to get their fingers into the seam lines for better grip, the prototype ball is see-through, with hundreds of small hexagonal holes allowing air to pass through.


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☞ “To live in the butt of the wolf” — From the Italian, it means to live very far away.

☞ “I’m not hanging noodles on your ears” — The Russian version of “I’m not pulling your leg.” (A Russian politician has just been fined for posting video of himself with wet noodles dangling from his ears while watching a Putin speech…)

☞ “To throw a chicken at oneself” — In Chile, this phrase means “to run away.”

☞ “To make kittens” – It might sound romantic, but in Italian it is used to describe vomiting.

☞ “To look like the Mona Lisa after a spanking” — This cheeky Czech idiom simply means someone is badly dressed.

☞ “Wiggle your bucket” — In Mexico, when someone wants to “wiggle their bucket” with you, they just want to dance.

☞ “Cleaner than a frog’s armpit” — The Spanish tend to be obscure with their idioms, and this one means to be completely broke.

To buy oneself a monkey” — In German it means to get drunk. (Maybe someone once bought a monkey while under the influence?)

☞ “To bang your butt on the ground” – A French idiom is similar to our

acronym ROFL (“rolling on the floor laughing”).

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If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. - Derek Bok

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'He Is A Hero': Stranger Saves Mother And Daughter After Car Crash

Show Notes for Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Today we visit with Chyler Leigh (Supergirl, Grey’s Anatomy) About Hallmark Channel’s Original New Family Drama THE WAY HOME is One of Cable TV’s Most-Watched Shows.

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March 29

National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

National Nevada Day

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

National Little Red Wagon Day

Manatee Appreciation Day

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Women feel more confident in the Spring and Summer seasons, according to a new poll. The survey of 2,000 women looked at how the weather impacts their confidence and mood. Perhaps the least-surprising thing revealed is that on average, women say they can put up with only 7 weeks of cold weather before they’ve just had enough. That means they feel they need to go somewhere warm by January. Nearly half (49%) said they feel least confident about how their skin looks during Winter, due to issues with dull skin (30%) and uneven skin tone (21%) at that time of year. Women also said they feel the least radiant during Winter’s peak in December (36%) and January (41%).

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A “smart” bandage is being developed, that can monitor healing and even provide antibiotics to the injury site, as well as stimulate the growth of tissue, using electrical signals. California Institute of Technology scientists have manufactured the high-tech polymer bandages, which would, in theory, heal wounds more quickly and affordably, especially for those with certain chronic illnesses that are known to slow down the healing process, such as diabetes.


Amanda Bynes was forced to back out of a planned reunion with the “All That” cast at 90s Con in Hartford, due to illness. Details on her condition are unclear. During the All That panel at 90s Con, Kel Mitchell asked for prayers for his former co-star. Fans who had booked photo-ops with the “Amanda Show” and “Easy A” actress weren’t totally out of luck, however. “SNL’s” Kenan Thompson, who also starred on All That, was available in her place.

Amanda Bynes’ parents aren’t considering another conservatorship for their daughter despite her recent psychiatric episode. A source close to the family said that despite the mental breakdown, Lynn and Rick Bynes found solace in the fact that the “Easy A” actress called the police on herself. The actress was seen alone walking near downtown LA without any clothes on in the early hours on Sunday. She reportedly waved down a car and informed the driver that she was coming down from a psychotic episode, then called 911 herself, and is now receiving care. Bynes had been living by herself and attending cosmetology classes, and the source believes Sunday’s incident was an “anomaly.”

Amanda Bynes was likely living “on the streets for days” before she called police on herself after suffering a mental break. Sources close to the former “Easy A” star told TMZ that her car had been towed in Long Beach CA on March 15. That’s about 40 miles from her home and 15 miles from where she was found in downtown LA early Sunday. The outlet’s sources believe Bynes may have hitchhiked or taken public transportation to get around and eventually made her way to Hollywood, where she was spotted in a fan’s TikTok video days before being placed on a psychiatric hold. It is expected that hold will be extended.

Middle-earth has a few new residents. Ciarán Hinds, Rory Kinnear and Tanya Moodie have joined the cast of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” ahead of the series’ second season, Prime Video has announced. The 3 will feature in recurring roles through the upcoming season, which is currently in production in the UK. Hinds is an Irish actor, while Kinnear and Moodie are both British. Details regarding their characters remain under wraps. Hinds, Kinnear and Moodie join an already expansive cast on the series, adapted from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. “The Rings of Power” featured 23 series regulars during its first season, playing elves, ents, dwarves, harfoots, orcs and humans.

Willem Dafoe isn’t against doing another “Spider-Man” movie as the ‘Green Goblin’. He told an interviewer that he’d consider another turn as the villain “If everything was right…that’s a great role. I liked the fact that it’s a double role.” That’s a reference to ‘Norman Osborn’ and alter ego, the Green Goblin. On the other hand, Freddie Prinze Jr. was recently asked about returning to the “Scooby-Doo” franchise for his role as ‘Fred Jones’ – and it’s a non-starter for him. Quote: “It wouldn’t be something I would do. I have zero interest.”

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A pet Zebra in Ohio bit off a man’s arm.

Ohio has been named the best US state for retirement.

A so-called “life hack expert” says he has the secret to removing a band-aid painlessly. On TikTok, Los-Angeles based creator Sidney Raz shares life hacks and tricks with his followers. And his “no pain band aid removal” video has hit 1.4 million views. In it, he is seen putting on a small, plastic Band-Aid, and then removing it in an upwards motion, pulling it up off the skin of his arm. After doing so, he says: “I didn’t even feel that happen.” At the end of the video, he reiterates: “Pull up the Band-Aid.” It’s hard to properly explain without seeing it, but the video shows him yanking on it in way that the entire band-aid comes unstuck at once, rather than peeling it off in the way that you or I might naturally do it. In response, one TikTok’er said: “Just tried it with the fabric ones, it does indeed work.” LINK:

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The largest snowflake in the world was found in 1887: It was 15 inches (38cm) wide and 8 inches (20cm) thick.

There’s an island in Japan you can visit that’s inhabited only by friendly bunnies.

The British royal family isn’t allowed to play Monopoly.

In the 19th century, experts warned women about a disease called ‘bicycle face’, which meant getting stuck with the awkward faces they made while biking.

✓ ‘God’ is the only “Simpsons” character who has 5 fingers. All other characters have 4.

Giraffe hearts need to pump twice as hard as a cow’s, in order to get blood to its brain.


Question: 59% of people say they find THIS place stressful. What is it?

Answer: The airport

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The restaurant chain Panera Bread is testing a new palm-scanning technology from Amazon that will automatically identify customers, suggest menu items, accelerate payments and even allow workers greet people by name. Panera says the project will begin its rollout of “Amazon One” in the coming months. Panera is the first national restaurant to use the technology, which IDs customers using their hands, allowing them to pay and access their loyalty account with their palm. The company says guests who link their MyPanera account to Amazon One “will enjoy the convenience of fast payments, as well as tailored meal recommendations from Panera associates based on their preferences and previous orders.” When customers are done ordering, guests can scan their palm again to pay.

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Here are some recent tweets from parents about the hilarious “alternative” words for common items that their children came up with . . .

⇒ “my son just referred to a house phone as a ring-a-ling phone and im officially calling them that now”

⇒ “My 4yo told me they had butt cakes after lunch today and I was like “what?!” And he was like yea it was buttcakes… big ol cupcakes with icing. Oh bundt cakes. You had bundt cakes, buddy.”

⇒ “My 5-year-old just referred to the drink menu as a “beer magazine” and that’s what I’m calling it from now on”

⇒ “My 3yo daughter doesn’t know the word “cough drop” so she is requesting medicine beans.”

⇒ “5yo: mommy can you make me a bald egg? Me: are you talking about a BOILED egg? Him: the hard egg with no skin and hair.

My daughter called the 1st President “George Washingmachine” and if anyone corrects her you’re dead to me.

⇒ “My 5 yr old called a QR code a scan square and now I’m asking myself – “why do they even call them QR codes”

⇒ “My son referred to a little boy today as ‘a double kid’ – any idea what he meant? A twin. The boy had a twin brother.”

⇒ “When my daughter was 4, she tried to say she had the “heebie jeebies” but it came out “Hebrew Bee Gees” — and that’s how it’s been pronounced in my house for the last 10 years”

⇒ “Instead of “emotional” support, my son said “mimosa-tional” support and I want that a lot more”

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Once you give up integrity, the rest is a piece of cake. - J.R. Ewing, Dallas

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Man Scales 3-Story Building To Rescue Neighbor During Fire

Show Notes for Tuesday, March 28, 2023

John & Heidi share funny stories of people doing weird things... plus it's a Tuesday... so we have everyone's favorite segment... TUESDAYS with Charlie!!!BUY THE T-SHIRTS HERE OR HERE

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March 28

National Black Forest Cake Day

National Something on a Stick Day

National Triglycerides Day

National Weed Appreciation Day

National American Diabetes Association Alert Day

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Possibly awesome news on the AI front. Artificial intelligence has developed a treatment for cancer in just 30 days – AND can predict a patient’s survival rate with 80% accuracy. Researchers at the University of Toronto along with Insilico Medicine developed a potential treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC, a common form of liver cancer), using a platform called Pharma.AI. Without getting too technical on you, it was able to come up with a previously unknown treatment pathway for cancer. Plus, the creation of the potential drug was accomplished in just 30 days by synthesizing just 7 compounds. AI is rapidly changing the way drugs and medicine are discovered and developed, as the traditional method of trial and error is slow, expensive and limits the scope of exploration.

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A cotton grocery tote should be used at least 7,100 times to make it a “truly environmentally friendly alternative” to traditional plastic bags, according to an estimate commissioned by the government of Denmark. At a rate of once per week, that means a reusable bag would take over 136 years of use to make it worthwhile. At the very least, this info serves as a reminder that we should be mindful of how often we are buying reusable bags, and consider donating extras or using them for other purposes – which might help reduce their environmental impact.


Will Smith has 2 upcoming projects that could return him to audiences’ good graces, over a year after ‘The Slap’. Sony Pictures is moving ahead with a 4th “Bad Boys” movie after “Bad Boys for Life” was one of the biggest box office hits of 2020. Netflix is also resuming work on “Fast and Loose”, which the streamer put on hold days after last year’s Academy Awards incident. Those 2 projects will be Smith’s first acting gigs since slapping Chris Rock during the 2022 Oscars. Smith is expected to get $25 million for each project, which is only around $10 million less than what he earned on his last 2 projects.

Days of Our Lives” has been renewed for 2 more seasons, guaranteeing the show will reach a historic 60th season. The NBC soap opera successfully transitioned from the traditional broadcast network to Peacock, where it has been joined by the spinoff “Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem”. Since Days of Our Lives moved to Peacock last season, the show has been in a Top 10 title for the NBCUniversal streamer.

Grey Sloan Memorial will be losing both of Ellis Grey’s daughters this season. Kelly McCreary, who has played ‘Meredith Grey’s’ half-sister ‘Maggie Pierce’, since the end of Season 10, is departing “Grey’s Anatomy” after 9 years. Her last episode as regular will air April 13. Like Pompeo, who is set to return for the Season 19 finale after Meredith’s big Feb. 23 sendoff, Maggie also will pop in to visit the doctors of Grey Sloan as a guest star.

The post-production editors behind “Saturday Night Live” have reached a tentative agreement with NBC, averting the strike deadline of April 1. If ratified by the crew of 12-20 workers, the 3-year deal will result in pay increases of up to 60% over the life of the contract and deliver immediate pay boosts, plus other benefits and bonuses. SNL has never been targeted with a show-specific strike in its nearly 50-year history.

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Pug owners have happier marriages than other dog owners, says a report.

You have to run 4 miles to burn the calories in one Coke.

Yes, it’s Spring cleaning time and all, but if this new invention pans out, dusting could become a thing of the past! Scientists at the University of Texas are developing “self-cleaning” surfaces that make dust particles unable to stick to them. They say the particles instead stick to each other — and simply roll off the surfaces, thanks to gravity. The researchers were initially focused on space technology, because dust can wreak havoc on space missions and on high-tech space stations, possibly even ruining them. But the scientists believe their discovery could also prove useful on Earth, preventing solar panels from collecting dust and losing efficiency – and even protecting our screens and windows from ever accumulating dust.

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The Eiffel Tower was inaugurated the same year Nintendo was founded. (1889)

Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” has her own mailbox at the Louvre because of all the love letters she receives.

Studies show your favorite foods are likely those your mother ate while pregnant with you.

A bottle of Coca-Cola can dissolve a nail in just 4 days.

Gasping for air in a high-altitude environment, plus UV light reflecting off the snow, will cause the roof of your mouth to get sunburnt.


Question: Health experts say you should wash THESE 2 to 3 times a year, although many of us don’t. What are they?

Answer: Pillows

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China has unveiled its latest digital news anchor, an “artificial intelligence” entity that its inventors say can provide 24/7 news coverage. The anchor, a virtual young woman named Ren Xiaorong, introduced herself to Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, in a video uploaded by state media. Ren “wore” a black jacket and has shoulder-length hair tucked behind her ears. Her makers say she has the professional skills of “thousands of news anchors.” And it must be true, because in her own robotic words, she works “365 days, 24 hours. News broadcasts about any topic all year round.” The AI-driven chatbot is definitely not a rival to ChatGPT at this point, though. Her only function so far is providing pre-programmed answers to questions about a political conference. But in the video, she says: “Every single bit of feedback you give will help me improve myself.” LINK:

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The UN’s ‘World Happiness Report 2023’ was unveiled. The good news: Despite the world shutting down for 2 years due to COVID-19, that apparently didn’t negatively affect people’s overall happiness. Respondents are slightly happier now than before the pandemic. Here are the top-10 happiest countries . . .

1. Finland (6th year running…)

2. Denmark

3. Iceland

4. Israel (#9 last year)

5. Netherlands

6. Sweden

7. Norway

8. Switzerland

9. Luxembourg

10. New Zealand

(Other BS countries in the top 101: Australia (12), Canada (13), Ireland (14), US (15), UK (19), UAE (26), Thailand (60), Jamaica (68), Philippines (76), Hong Kong (82), South Africa (85)

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A fool and his money never should have got together in the first place. - Michael Douglas, Wall Street

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University Awards Full Scholarship To 13-Year-Old Who Sold Tea To Help Earthquake Victims