Show Notes for Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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March 21

National California Strawberry Day

National Common Courtesy Day

National Countdown Day

National Fragrance Day

National French Bread Day

National Single Parent Day

World Down Syndrome Day

National Ag Day

National 3-D Day

World Social Work Day

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Now, the good news: Getting regular, uninterrupted sleep might help those who are trying to lose weight, according to the Sleep and Heath Research Program at the University of Arizona. In a study where participants’ sleep habits were monitored over the course of a year while they sought to attain dietary and fitness goals, researchers found that better sleep health was associated with a higher rate of attendance in group sessions, closer adherence to caloric intake goals, and participants’ physical exercise duration increasing over time. The director of the program said: “This was a great example showing how sleep isn’t just tied to weight itself, it’s tied to the things we’re doing to help manage our own weight.”

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A group of scientists say they believe that life has already been found on Mars. They say they’ve spotted fossilized sponges, corals, worm eggs, algae, fungi, lichen, shrimp, crabs, sea spiders, scorpions, and even a translucent millipede, on the surface of the Red Planet. Other groups of like-minded researchers have published 4 peer-reviewed papers setting out their reasoning for believing proof of life is already there, detailing the supposed existence of “fungi growing out of the ground” and “unusual specimen that may have been in a hole and two days later is outside the hole.”


CBS may be ending “The Late Late Show” later this year, and possibly replacing it with a reboot of “@Midnight”. James Corden announced last year that he will be leaving The Late Late Show at the end of its current season to move back to the UK, and CBS has yet to announce a replacement host, but according to a report, they may not be hosting the same show. @Midnight was a Comedy Central late-night show hosted by Chris Hardwick that aired 2013-17, and it may be getting a revival on CBS.

Months after Jeremy Renner’s devastating snow plow accident, Disney+ has unveiled the trailer for his feel-good project “Rennervations”, which features the “”Hawkeye” actor and a team of expert builders as they travel the world in search of decommissioned vehicles that they can rebuild to serve a new purpose for communities in need. The four-part Disney+ series, which Renner calls “a driving force” in his recovery, was filmed prior to his accident, and will also feature his “Avengers” co-star Anthony Mackie, Vanessa Hudgens, Anil Kapoor and Sebasti├ín Yatra. “Rennervations” will hit Disney+ on April 12. LINK:

Chris Rock’s controversial Netflix special has cracked the streamer’s Top 10 TV list in the US with just one day of viewing data. After airing live on Saturday night, “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage” ranked #7 in TV shows watched in the US for the week, as viewers caught the one-episode special Saturday evening through Sunday. The platform’s first foray into live programming also has a running time of just one hour, far shorter than the typical Netflix series.

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In an interview, Julia Roberts said her kids have no idea she’s famous.

Great idea. A life coach says if you’re single, you should take yourself on a date once a week. Chantelle Dyson says there’s no reason not to treat yourself if you’re at a point in life where you’re without a significant other, so go to a concert…go to a restaurant…heck, go on vacation by yourself. After becoming a divorcee at age 26, she decided she didn’t want to miss out on life, and decided to do things on her own and enjoy singlehood. So, she started taking herself on dates to spend quality time alone, such as reading in the park, having a solo movie night and going to concerts. Now she advises others to do the same, and says spending time alone allows people to “truly understand themselves” and have “better success” when they do decide to date. She also suggests that while on a solo date, you set yourself challenges to push yourself out of your comfort zone. One example: “Speak to 5 strangers.”

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Laughter synchronizes the brains of both speaker and listener so that they become emotionally attuned.

Eating garlic improves your body odor.

A woodpecker’s tongue wraps around its brain to protect it during high-speed pecking.

Although Saturn is the second-largest planet in our solar system, it is also the lightest.

The tallest volcano on Mars is 17 miles (27.3km) high – 84 times taller than the Eiffel Tower.


Question: Which M&M color is the most uncommon?

Answer: Brown.

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If your pupper gets suspiciously few compliments about how “cute” he is when you’re out and about, this contest might be for him. Applications are now being accepted for the 2023 “World’s Ugliest Dog” competition. According to the official website, the goal is to celebrate “the imperfections that make all dogs special and unique.” Organizers claim: “The annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is not about making fun of ‘ugly’ dogs, but having fun with some wonderful characters and showing the world that these dogs are really beautiful.” If your furry friend might suit the bill, you’re asked to file an application online, including a photo, short biography and vaccine records. The official competition will take place on June 23 at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California, with a first-place prize of $1,500 plus a trophy declaring them the “World’s Ugliest Dog.” Last year’s winner was a 17-year-old Chinese crested-Chihuahua mix named Mr. Happy Face, who definitely had some ruff competition, judging by the pics on the website. LINK:

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You’ve forgotten what’s in the box when it gets delivered: Forgetting what you ordered is a sign you’re on spending autopilot, which is a slippery slope to debt. (When this happens to me, it always turns out to be something my wife ordered – that SHE can’t remember. Hey…WAIT a minute…!)

You shop when you’re bored or lonely: Online shopping has a way of pulling you from boredom into an emotionally engaging place. This is the effect of dopamine (a naturally produced chemical in your brain). The problem is that this surge of excitement is short-lived, so you go looking for that “rush” again. Try a 24 hour pause between filling your cart and actually hitting the ‘buy’ button to see if your purchase is a need or a want.

Your credit card balance mysteriously keeps rising: You’ve just consolidated your debt, and now your credit card balances are up again. What’s going on? You need to make a budget — and stick to it. Whatever is left over for discretionary spending, “Have at ‘er!” (The problem is that I think “she” already did…)

There are unopened packages or price tags on previous orders: The fact that you’re considering rounding up all of those items and selling them on Facebook Marketplace kinda shines a light on your overspending problem. Time to take some of that earlier advice.

Family and friends comment on your shopping habits: And not in a good way. If they’ve made comments, or have sat you down for a full intervention, they’re bringing it up because it seems you’re struggling. Change starts with finding a reason to do so. For your kids? For the freedom that savings could bring you? Is it for your wellness? If you can find that reason, you can find the initiative to change.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Winston Churchill

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A Cemetery Placed An Ad For A Lonely Goose - And Found Her A Mate

Show Notes for Monday, March 20, 2023

This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Emily Swallow (The Mentalist, Seal Team, Supernatural, The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett & More) Swallow plays live-action Star Wars fan-favorite character ‘The Armorer’ in Disney+ hit series “The Mandalorian” and “The Book of Boba Fett.”

The highly-anticipated 3rd Season of “The Mandalorian” premiered March 1st onDisney+.

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March 20

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

National Proposal Day

National Ravioli Day

World Flour Day

Spring Begins

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Three-quarters of people aged 70 older agree that the ‘old age stereotypes’ no longer apply to today’s seniors. In a poll, 72% of them said they feel “years younger” than their actual age, and here are their top tips for staying young (or at least feeling that way…):

A varied diet

Laughing daily

Socializing with friends

An active sex life

Hanging out with people younger than they are

Keeping up with new music

and 1 in 20 said they still jump up on grocery carts to glide around, just to prove they can still do it.

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People spend one-sixth of their lifetime trying to enhance their physical appearance, according to research published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. Survey data from 93,000 participants across 93 countries and various cultures was analyzed by an international research team. It considered the application of cosmetics, hair grooming, clothing style, body hygiene, exercise and dietary habits as actions taken to better one’s looks. Women were found to spend an average of 4 hours per day, with men averaging just above 3½ hours primping in some way.


Pete Davidson and his girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders, crashed their car into a Beverly Hills home Saturday night, police have confirmed. The “Saturday Night Live” alum had been driving a Mercedes-Benz “at a high rate of speed” around 11 pm when he jumped a curb in the Flats neighborhood, according to a report. Davidson reportedly also hit a fire hydrant and skidded across the front lawn before slamming into the corner of the house. Photos of the site show the siding on one corner of the home was broken and pushed inward. Neither was apparently injured, and police are still investigating.

Bruce Willis’ wife Emmy Heming Willis has made an emotional plea to paparazzi to stop yelling or otherwise distracting her husband to get his attention. In an IG video, she asked “photographers and video people that are trying to get those exclusives of my husband out and about: Just keep your space. I know this is your job, but maybe just keep your space.” She also asked that people don’t yell at him or ask how he’s doing, and avoid “the woohoo-ing and the yippee ki yays” in order to “give our family or whoever’s with him that day to be able to get him from point A to point B safely.” Her post video came after an outing was hampered by media attempting to capture a rare public appearance by Willis, who has been diagnosed with dementia.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck can’t make up their minds – they’ve pulled the plug on the Pacific Palisades home which they seemed set on buying for $34.5 million. TMZ says the couple were supposed to close escrow on Friday, but just before it was signed, sealed and delivered, they pulled out. Why? Sources say they are now in escrow on another house – and at least one home they viewed last week is listed for more than twice what they were spending on the one that they just bailed on. That would put it near $70 million.

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A study claims that those who are divorced are about 25% more likely to die early than those who are married.

Janie’s Life-Changing Baked Goods is known for its pie crust cookies — and giving employees a second chance. Owner Janie Deegan discovered a love of baking when she was 25 and recovering from addiction. She found baking to be “a beautiful, meditative, very controlled artistic outlet.” When she decided to open a bakery in Manhattan, Deegan wanted to give others an opportunity to start over as well. She has an open-door hiring policy, meaning if someone is “ready, willing, able, and enthusiastic about coming to work”, she isn’t “going to look at your past situations or gaps on your resume or if you’re homeless or been in prison. The person you show up to the interview as is the person we’re looking for.” That’s been her recipe for success — she now has 2 bakeries and 15 employees.

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Humans have the same number of hair follicles as chimpanzees.

Women have more taste buds than men.

A study showed that the brains of people who exercise moderately look 10 years younger than those who don’t.

Studies have shown that psychologically, losses are twice as powerful as gains. So winning $100 feels as good to us as losing $50 feels bad.

Ancient Romans left graffiti on Egyptian pyramids saying things like: “I didn’t like anything but the sarcophagus,” and “I can’t read the hieroglyphs.”


Question: Recent stats show that over 10% of us keep track of THIS everyday. What is it?

Answer: How much water we drink

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A man in Spain has been ordered to pay his ex-wife $215,000 for 25 years of unpaid domestic labor. The record divorce settlement was calculated by a judge, based on the annual minimum wage throughout the couple’s marriage. The man must also pay his ex-wife, Ivana Moral, a monthly “pension” of $527, as well as $422 and $633 to his 20-year-old and 14-year-old daughters. The woman said she and her daughters were “left with nothing” when the couple, who married in 1995, were divorced in 2020.

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A Redditor asked, “What’s the most under-utilized ingredient by home cooks that pro chefs use all the time?” Here are some of the best responses…

✓ “Pasta water! My Italian grandma always used salty, starchy pasta water to amp up her sauces. It really is a game changer.”

✓ “Lemon juice. It enhances the flavor in almost anything you’re cooking. Vinegar is too dominant, but lemon juice adds just the right taste.”

✓ “MSG. Disregard those who say it’s bad for you (or gives you headaches and whatnot). Those claims have been disproven for years.”

✓ “Fresh herbs. The difference between fresh basil or curry leaves and the dried stuff is basically night and day.”

✓ “Instant mashed potatoes. I use it to thicken soups instead of using cream or a roux, and it’s such a game changer.”

✓ “Peanut butter. Just a little bit of creamy p.b. can thicken up many sauces — like a roux traditionally would. It adds a complex, toasted umami component to the flavor. Just don’t overdo it!”

✓ “Fish sauce. It is a secondary source of salt that also brings another dimension of flavor.”

✓ “Toasted sesame oil. It adds a light nuttiness and saltiness to a dish.”

✓ “Bacon fat. Save leftover bacon grease and use it instead of olive oil or butter when you’re making anything that could use a little extra flavor boost.”

✓ “Good-quality butter. It’s amazing people will happily slather their bread with loads of butter, but they balk at using a couple of tablespoons in cooking. That right there is the source of restaurant-level flavor.”

✓ “White wine. Lots of chefs add a dash of lemon or lime juice to their food, but I think white wine works even better.”

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You’re only as good as your last haircut. – Fran Leibowitz

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911 Dispatcher Walks Family Members Through CPR, Saving Toddler's Life

Show Notes for Saturday, March 18, 2023 & Sunday, March 19, 2023

This weekend we visit with Jordan Goodman… America’s Money Answers Man! Jordan's website -

Some of Jordan's books
“The Ultimate Guide To Student Loans” -

Master Your Debt” -

Fast Profits In Hard Times” -

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thanks to

March 18

National Awkward Moments Day

National Biodiesel Day

National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day

National Sloppy Joe Day

National Supreme Sacrifice Day

National Corn Dog Day

National Quilting Day

March 19

National Backyard Day

National Certified Nurses Day

National Chocolate Caramel Day

National Let’s Laugh Day

National Poultry Day

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Although we’ve always been told that wisdom comes with age, 1 in 9 seniors say they still don’t have life figured out. A survey of 2,000 Americans 64 and older dispels the idea that older people have all the answers – even though more than half said that everyone expects them to. 54% of seniors said they feel like there’s “always” or “often” pressure on them to make the best decisions, and nearly one-fifth feel that decision-making actually gets harder as they get older (17%). The survey found that older folks used to feel very confident about making large financial purchases and investing on their own, but one-third would now consult others about those decisions beforehand.

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Keeping up with the latest news can be very bad for your health, according to a study. Last year, researchers at Texas Tech University found that those who obsessively follow the news are more likely to suffer from both physical and mental health problems, including anxiety and stress. Those who constantly check the latest headlines end up with “significantly greater physical ill-being”, that can lead to a vicious cycle where people check for updates more and more often.


James Cameron’s “Avatar: The Way of Water” broke box office records when it was released at Christmas, and after months at the theater, it is finally hitting home video — with 3 hours of bonus features. The movie will be available for purchase from all major digital retailers (including Prime Video, and Apple TV) beginning March 28. Unlike other blockbusters, The Way of Water will premiere on digital retailers before streaming or physical media. But don’t worry, this digital edition will be worth it. Among the extras will be features that chart the evolution and production of the groundbreaking blockbuster, delving into the the intricacies of Pandora’s habitats, along with the blood, sweat and tears that went into its actualization.

Elon Musk will be the center of a new documentary from Alex Gibney, the Oscar-winning director of “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.” Already months into production, Gibney announced the project Monday, saying he’s “hugely excited”. It is described as a “definitive and unvarnished examination of multi-billionaire tech entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter.” Gibney’s additional credits include “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” and “Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine.”

Keanu Reeves has always wanted to play ‘Wolverine’. Taking part in a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session, Reeves was asked if he regretted rejecting any roles, and he replied: “No, but I did always want to play Wolverine.” Reeves has experience in comic book films after starring in the 2005 DC flick “Constantine”, a role he is set to reprise in an upcoming sequel. As for what his favorite film of his career is, Reeves responded: “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! …I’ve been very fortunate to work on a few films that have changed my life. I can’t pick just one.” He went on to mention A few, including “River’s Edge”, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, the “Matrix” trilogy, “Point Break”, and “John Wick”.

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I just read that using social media can hurt a student’s chance to be accepted into some colleges.

The European country of Latvia began seizing cars from heavily drunk drivers this year. But when those cars began overfilling compound yards, authorities had to decide what to do with them. 200 cars have been seized so far this year, and now those vehicles are headed for Ukraine. Twitter Convoy, a volunteer group, has been tasked with delivering the cars to the war-torn country, to be used by the Ukrainian military and hospitals.

Two super-smart twins, Gloria and Victoria Guerrier, have been named valedictorian and salutatorian (respectively) of their New York high school for their exceedingly high GPAs. Neither of the young Einsteins has ever received a grade lower than 100. Oh, and when the dynamic duo isn’t one-upping each other in the classroom, they’re competing in 3 varsity sports — earning All-County and All-State honors for track. This fall, both will head to Yale University to study computer science. According to Gloria, the sisters “use each other to improve upon ourselves” in the way that iron can be used to sharpen iron.

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Mulan has the highest kill count of any Disney character, including villains.

79% of pet owners sleep with their pets.

Even though smoking is banned on airplanes, ashtrays are mandatory on every plane. This is for safe disposal in case someone breaks the law.

When you have to make a choice, and every choice is a bad one, it’s called a “zugzwang”.

The word “porcupine” means “spiny pig” in French.


Question: In a survey asking about the common ways people have wrecked their phones, 42% said they had done THIS. What is it?

Answer: Put it in the washing machine

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A grandmother in Arizona made sure her funeral would reflect her colorful and fun personality — with an M&M-shaped casket. Mary Stocks Martin died Feb. 9, at the age of 86. Her grandson told a TV reporter that the retired teacher “used to initial everything ‘MSM,’ but that ‘S,’ in cursive…looks like M&M. The students started bringing her M&Ms, memorabilia and it turned into something that she reflected on as part of her success as a teacher.” Martin built her M&M-shaped casket, with help from her son, years before her death. It was modeled after her favorite M&M spokecandy — the one named “Blue”. It featured the close-eyed M&M while his hands held miniature candies bearing the names of Martin’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Parts of the M&M-themed funeral were shared in a video slideshow that was uploaded to TikTok, and has been viewed more than 9 million times. LINK:

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Butter: It is safe to eat past its best before date as long as it’s been stored properly and doesn’t show any signs of spoilage (mold, change in color or texture). Butter is good for a month after the best before date in the fridge – and up to a year in the freezer. (Sure, it’s safe to eat – but I still can’t afford it!)

Bread: Yes, it will go stale, but as long as it’s not moldy, it’s safe to eat. If stale, try toasting it or using it for breadcrumbs. If it has mold – trash it.

Hard cheese: It’s usually safe to eat for months after its best before date. In fact, aging actually improves the flavor of many cheeses. Just make sure it’s stored in the fridge, in an airtight container.

Canned foods: They’re safe as long as the can is intact and the contents look and smell normal. Keep canned foods in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat.

Dry cereal: It doesn’t go bad the same way that things like meat or dairy products do because it is processed, and designed for a long shelf life. Generally, cereal is good for up to a year past its best before date. (The cereal my kids eat isn’t even “good” to begin with!)

Hard candy: Good news – That leftover Halloween candy you found under the sofa is probably still good. Candy has a long shelf life because it contains preservatives and is often packaged in a way to prevent contamination. Sugar also acts as a natural preservative.

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It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours. - Ronald Reagan

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Man Scales A Building To Save A Toddler Who Fell From A Window

Show Notes for Friday, March 17, 2023

Today we visit with TWO of the Women Of Wrestling (WOW) We have Foxxy Fierce and Kandi Krush joining us to visit about two new Docuseries that premier this month on Pluto TV. 

WOW - Women Of Wrestling airs in weekend syndication and on Pluto TV

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thanks to

March 17

National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

St. Patrick’s Day

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If current trends continue, half of the world’s population will be overweight or obese by 2035, according to a new report by the World Obesity Federation. The findings, published in the World Obesity Atlas 2023, suggest the global obesity epidemic will continue to snowball if prevention and treatment measures do not improve. The report projects that 51% of the world’s population — over 4 billion people — will be considered overweight or obese in 12 years. Additionally, 1 in 4 people are predicted to be obese — a staggering jump from the 1 in 7 living with obesity now. People with a body mass index of more than 25 are considered overweight, while obesity is defined as a BMI of over 30.

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Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock tops the list of actors in Oscar-worthy movies in terms of her worth per second to these films. According to a study commissioned by, Bullock is worth nearly $95,000 for every second she’s on the screen in recent Oscar-nominated films. Sir Ian McKellen came in second, followed, in order, by Kate Winslet, Whoopi Goldberg and Dustin Hoffman. At the opposite end of the scale, Robert De Niro and Tom Cruise rank 48th and 49th, with just over $26,000 of box office worth per second.


Jenny Ortega is living the dream with the title role in Netflix’s smash hit “Wednesday”, but she has revealed she very nearly turned down the role. Ortega – who enjoyed a separate triumph with her comedic turn on “SNL” on the weekend – initially wasn’t interested in the role, saying when she “got the email”, she “passed on it”, because she had already done a lot of TV, and wanted to concentrate on a film career. It was only the lure of director and exec producer Tim Burton that persuaded her reconsider. Ortega said even though he is “such a legend”, he still had to ask her “a few more times” before she eventually relented — going on to star in what has become the second-most watched English-language show in Netflix’s history.

CBS is set to air a primetime special titled “A Salute to ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’” immediately after the 2-part conclusion of the long-running crime show on May 21. Capping off 14 seasons, the first part of the series finale will air May 14, and the second May 21, followed by the one-hour farewell special at 10pm. Hosted by “Entertainment Tonight’s” Kevin Frazier, A Salute to NCIS: Los Angeles will feature interviews with cast members from the past 14 years, along with behind-the-scenes footage.

Millie Bobby Brown is ready to leave Hawkins in the rearview. The 19-year-old said she’s “very ready” to say goodbye to “Stranger Things”, as she prepares to film the 5th and final season of Netflix’s sci-fi series, which premiered in 2016. Although she is “really grateful” for the show, Brown said she is “definitely ready to wrap up” as “a lot of the story that’s been told now”, and she is now focusing on the bigger picture of her career. Brown is set to star in the upcoming films “Damsel” and “The Electric State”.

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A study claims you waste $75 in gas a year by messing up and going the wrong way.

What are sports? If that question was posed to the contestants in a recent episode of “Jeopardy!”, we’re pretty sure they would have managed to get that wrong, too. On the game show last Thursday, the young trivia whizzes bombed every single clue in a category called “In the Sport.” Here are the answers that they were tasked with coming up with the “questions” for. Try them, and see how you do…

The $1,000 clue: “Chunker, gag bit, mallet, a lot of money.” Two of the contestants offered up roulette (is that even a sport?) and horseracing. The third didn’t even try. The Answer: Polo.

The $800 clue: “Penalty killing, plus-minus, the five-hole, ‘the biscuit’ (that’s what everyone’s chasing).” No one guessed. The Answer: Hockey.

The $600 clue: “Eight-count, accidental butt, cutman (for said accidental butt).” Silence. The Answer: Boxing.

The $400 clue: “Best ball, casual water, closed face, and – the absolute worst – shank” One player said: “What is water polo?” The Answer: Golf.

The $200 clue: “Inherited runners, appeal play, pickoff.” Crickets from the contestants. The Answer: Baseball.


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Roses cut in the afternoon will last longer than ones cut in the morning.

The chess term “checkmate” is from the 14th-century Arabic phrase, “shah mat,” meaning “the king is helpless.”

Technically speaking, brides don’t walk down the aisle – they walk down the ‘nave’.

Soybeans produce more flatulence than any other bean.

It would take less than 6 months to get to the Moon by car at 60mph (95km/h).

Mickey Mouse’s dog “Pluto” was named after the planet, not the other way around.


Question: If you’re average, you do THIS 3 times a day. What is it?

Answer: Tie your shoes

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Automaker Ford has filed a patent application for a device that could lock owners out of their cars if they miss payments. The patent describes how the internet operates, the network connected to your car, and according to Vice, potential scenarios – including how a lending bank or institution could use an app or infotainment system to bring up your late payments. From there, the car could start having features disabled like the radio, or GPS, until payment is brought up to date. The car could “escalate” to shutting down the A/C, automatic locks, or even not operating during times of the day that the vehicle is not needed for work. The car could make a loud buzz or other noise that would make driving the vehicle unpleasant, all before finally just locking you out of the car. From there, the car could end up helping in its own repossession, possibly even moving autonomously to an area where it would be easier to tow. LINK:

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Recently a Redditor asked: “What’s something ancient that only an internet veteran would remember?” Here are some of the awesome answers:

➢ “Having a ‘computer room.'”

➢ “The (Oogachaka) Dancing Baby” LINK:

➢ “Netscape”

➢ “Getting booted off the internet when someone in the other room picked up the phone.”

➢ “Ask Jeeves”

➢ “Discussion boards for specific topics. I met a lot of cool people, some of which I’m still in contact with a good decade and a half later.”

➢ “An internet that didn’t have any advertising.”

➢ “I remember when Amazon was just an online bookstore.”

➢ “The hit counter on the bottom of webpages that told you how many people had visited the page.”

➢ “The Napster and Lars Ulrich (Metallica) drama.”

➢ “How about: the sound of dialup??”

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If you find it hard to laugh at yourself, I would be happy to do it for you. - Groucho Marx

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81-Year-Old Stuck In Snow Survives Nearly A Week On Croissants