Show Notes for Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26, 2024

Today we visit with best selling author Lucinda Berry about her latest book (audio drama) One Of Our Own, available now:

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May 25th

Geek Pride Day

Global Africa Day

International Plastic Free Day

International Skin Pigmentation Day

May Revolution Day

National Bath Bomb Day

National Brown-Bag It Day

National Missing Children’s Day

National Sing Out Day

National Tap Dance Day

National Vtuber Day

National Wine Day

Towel Day

World Thyroid Day

Jordan’s National Day

Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day

Birthmother’s Day

Julia Pierpont Day

National Babysitter’s Day

National Birth Mother’s Day

National Italian Beef Day

Red Nose Day

May 26th

Don’t Fry Day

Dracula Day

Earring Lovers Day

National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

National Cherry Dessert Day

National Heat Awareness Day

National Paper Airplane Day

National Sorry Day Aka The National Day Of Healing

Sally Ride Day

World Lindy Hop Day

World Redhead Day

Georgia’s National Day

Guyana’s National Day

Trinity Sunday

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Yes, spring-cleaning is definitely a drag, but let’s not get carried away. Would you trade going on your yearly vacation to get out of spring-cleaning? One in 5 parents would, according to a new survey. 2,000 parent homeowners in the US with kids under 17 were asked about the tedious work that comes with the arrival of nicer weather, and it turns out that this season isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. 83% agreed that spring is the most difficult season to keep their homes clean. More than half (54%) said that they need to give up spending quality time with their kids because of their spring-cleaning commitments. And 43% said their child has complained because of the amount of time their parents are busy cleaning.

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During this era, the film was measured out and cut into foot-long (0.3 m) strips, which contained 16 frames in each. One foot of 35mm film was just one second of screen time. The amount of seconds in a film naturally became known as the footage.


Katy Perry thinks a female should replace her on “American Idol”. The singer previously suggested that country singer Jelly Roll should be her replacement, but on reflection, Perry feels that there should always be a female voice on the Idol panel. Perry, who starred alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, said that if Jelly were to be next in her role, “That would be too many men, let’s be honest.” She also stressed that her replacement needs to be someone who is “honest and bold, not scared of negative comments”. She did point out, however that “we love Jelly Roll, and I’d love for him to be on this show whenever it’s appropriate.”

Steve Carell is headed to HBO. The former star of “The Office” will lead the cast of an untitled comedy from “Ted Lasso” co-creator Bill Lawrence and Matt Tarses (an exec-producer of “Scrubs”). The show is set on a college campus and centers on an author’s complicated relationship with his daughter. HBO has handed out a straight-to-series order of 10 episodes for the series, which had been the focus of a multiple-platform bidding war.

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Pac-Man debuted this week in 1980. Researchers say frequent video gaming can alter the human brain.

The world’s largest plant designed to suck planet-heating pollution out of the atmosphere like a giant vacuum began operating in Iceland last week. “Mammoth” is the country’s second commercial direct air capture plant opened by Swiss company Climeworks, and is 10 times bigger than its predecessor, Orca, which started running in 2021. Direct air capture is a technology designed to suck in air and strip out the carbon, using chemicals. The carbon can then be injected deep underground, reused, or transformed into solid products. What’s more, the whole operation is powered by Iceland’s abundant, clean geothermal energy.

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If you drilled a tunnel straight through Earth and jumped in, it would take you about 42 minutes to get from one side to the other.

The Los Angeles Angels baseball team name translates directly to ‘The The Angels Angels’.

May 22nd is the least common day to be born. The most common birthday is September 16th.

You could swim through syrup just as fast as you can swim through water, even though it is many times thicker.

Vanilla is used to make chocolate.


When people were asked what they buy without telling their spouse, clothes came in at #1. THIS came in third. What is it?

Answer: Food (especially ‘guilty pleasure’ snacks)

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France’s Post Office has released a scratch-and-sniff postage stamp to celebrate the baguette, once described by President Emmanuel Macron as “250 grams of magic and perfection”. The stamp, which costs €1.96 (US$1.41), depicts a baguette decorated with a red, white and blue ribbon. Upon scratching, users will detect what’s being called a “bakery scent”. It was launched on May 16, the day of Saint-Honor√©, the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs.

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hate when my husband gives me some crazy directions like “i’m in the south west corner” it’s a costco parking lot i have no idea where i even am let alone what you mean by south or west – amil

my mother has a medical podcast where she self diagnoses her ailments it’s called my voicemail and it happens every morning at 9am. – Kim

there are actually 8 stages of grief. you’re forgetting “making little jokes about it” – trash jones

sometimes when I don’t want to pay the $100 therapy copay I go to my friend’s house and talk extra loud until her husband who’s working on his psych PhD goes “do you mind if I say something” – faith

i saw a single tiktok in which a woman mispronounced gnocchi “yonkees” and unfortunately for everyone in my life i am going to say it that way forever now. – molly conger

Engagement photo shoots are so funny as a concept. Like girl, we believed you – Ellory smith

[talking to my married friend] so he’s just like, always there? in your house? and you don’t get sick of him? – Karen Chee

(OCD girl before ovens were invented) i think i left my horse on – April Clark

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Be like a postage stamp; stick to one thing until you get there.” —Josh Billings

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A Single Mom's Life Is Transformed By Her Boss's Kindness

Show Notes for Friday, May 24, 2024

Today we visit with the husband-and-wife team behind SHOGUN! Justin Marks (who recently co-wrote the Academy Award-nominated Top Gun: Maverick) and Rachel Kendo. With rave reviews and record-setting views, Shogun is TV’s most buzzed about new series. Time Magazine called it “a genuine masterpiece”; Variety said “it’s the most transportive TV epic since ‘Game of Thrones’”; and the series has a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Viewers, meanwhile, made the premiere the most-streamed program of any title on any platform. The ten-part series, now streaming on Hulu, is based on James Clavell’s 1975 historical novel about warring factions during Japan’s samurai era at the dawn of a century-defining civil war.



TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thanks to

May 24th

Asparagus Day

Aviation Maintenance Technician Day

Brother’s Day

Denny’s Endless Breakfast Day

International Women’s Day For Peace And Disarmament

National Caterers Appreciation Day

National Escargot Day

National Scavenger Hunt Day

National Tiara Day

National Yucatan Shrimp Day

World Schizophrenia Day

Eritrea’s National Day

Carb Day

National Cooler Day

National Death Busters Day

National Don’t Fry Day

National Road Trip Day

National Title Track Day

National Wig Out Day

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A study once found that when it comes to listening to and enjoying new music, the average person hits “taste freeze” at age 33. That’s when most people stop listening to top 40 hits. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy music beyond that age. Nor does it necessarily mean that you only enjoy the “oldies”. What happens, according to data assembled by Spotify, is that musical tastes diversify around age 33. Some discover alternative music, classical music, world music, or jazz. They also tend to follow new songs by the aging pop stars of their youth, but when it comes to younger artists…not so much. While ‘taste freeze’ has probably always existed, music streaming seems to have enhanced it…and Spotify gave it a name.

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The world record for the longest human chain (holding hands) is 652.4 miles, and it consisted of 5 million people in Bangladesh as part of a campaign.


Avengers” star Chris Hemsworth will be honored with the 2,781st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this Thursday. Hemsworth, who plays ‘Thor’ in the Marcel Cinematic Universe, will receive his star in the category of Motion Pictures. Speakers on hand for the presentation will include Robert Downey, Jr. and filmmaker George Miller. Hemsworth stars in Miller’s highly anticipated “Mad Max” prequel “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga”, which opens this Friday.

Yellowstone” will be happy to hear some concrete news about the show’s final episodes. On Instagram, Forrie J. Smith, who plays ranch hand ‘Lloyd’, confirmed that shooting has begun on the much-anticipated second half of Season 5 of the Western. In a video clip, Smith said: “Hey, y’all, you know I’m back in Montana, finishing up Yellowstone here. I’m blessed with that.” The second and final installment, which will consist of 6 episodes, is slated to debut on Paramount Network in November. It was delayed in 2023 due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes.

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A report claims that coffee loses 70% of its flavor within 2 minutes of being brewed.

Another reason to sound the alarm bells regarding Artificial Intelligence: AI systems these days are becoming increasingly sophisticated. How sophisticated? A report by the Center for AI Safety in San Francisco warns that with engineers and developers working to make AI as “human” as possible, some systems are now capable of telling lies. The research team wrote in its report that “Large language models and other AI systems have already learned, from their training, the ability to deceive via techniques such as manipulation, sycophancy, and cheating the safety test.” This poses short-term “risks such as fraud and election tampering, to long-term risks, such as losing control of AI systems.” In one example, the AI system CICERO, developed by Meta to play the strategy game Diplomacy, turned out to be an expert liar — despite its creators’ efforts to make it honest and helpful. It was found to “make alliances with human players, only to betray them later, in pursuit of victory.” Another system learned to cheat on tests designed to prevent it from engaging in harmful financial behaviors. Even more scary, just like a student might only behave when the teacher is watching, it learned to “play dead” during evaluation, only to pursue its own goals once it was no longer under scrutiny.

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A pound of houseflies contains more protein than a pound of beef.

People born in May have the lowest risk of illness and disease, while those born in October have the highest, according to a study.

An average adult’s stomach can hold about 2 quarts (1.9 liters) of food.

NASA invented the “Dust-Buster”.

Your dog can get a sense of when you’re supposed to be home from work based on how much of your scent is left in the house.


On average you’ll get around 10 of THESE per year. What are they?

Answer: Headaches

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Soon, you may be able to simply look at a restaurant checkout screen to pay. The novel, biometric technology is becoming increasingly widespread, and one facial ID payment company, PopID, is signing more and more deals across the US to introduce this state-of-the-art tech into eateries. Users simply take a selfie to register, then look at a camera to verify their identity for each transaction. The fast-food chain Steak ‘N Shake is installing the system in 300 locations. Customers take about 3 seconds to check in through PopID – much faster than opening the restaurant’s app and scanning a QR code.

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According to a consultation of 8 safety guides…

First Aid Kit: Accidents happen, and having basic medical supplies on hand can help you address minor injuries or provide temporary relief until professional help arrives.

Phone Charger and Battery Charger: A working cell phone is vital during emergencies. A phone charger ensures your device stays powered up, and a portable charger could recharge your phone if you’re unable to access a power outlet.

Flashlight: A reliable flashlight can be a lifesaver during nighttime emergencies, or when you need to inspect your car in low light conditions.

Jumper Cables: Whether your own battery is drained, or you need to come to the aid of another driver in need, jumper cables can help you get back on the road quickly.

Spare Tire: A flat tire can happen anytime, anywhere, so it’s essential to have a spare — and the necessary tools to change it. Regularly check your spare tire’s condition and inflation.

Blanket: In cold weather or emergency situations, a blanket can provide warmth and comfort until help arrives.

Water and Non-Perishable Snacks: Staying hydrated and nourished is essential during unexpected delays or emergencies. Keep a supply of bottled water and snacks, such as granola bars or nuts, in your car.

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Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.” —Katharine Whitehorn

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Stranger Covers $112 Tab For Unclaimed Pizza Order At Local Shop

Show Notes for Thursday, May 23, 2024


Dear John,

My husband and I are expecting our first baby, and it's also the first grandchild in the family for both sets of parents. We have decided that if it's a boy, he will be named after my husband's grandfather. he was very close to him and he died three years ago. My in-laws have been kind of strange about it. They are very religious and have told us they have their whole church praying that we will have a boy, and have asked us to attend prayers and rituals with them. I didn't like that, but went along with it just to avoid a problem. Well, we found out we were having a girl. My husband took it very hard. He cried in the car, then turned his phone off to hide from his family. He finally told them and they all made their disappointment quite clear. This bugged me, because my daughter deserves to be celebrated. A couple of weeks later, they started coming to visit but they kept referring to our child as our "son", claiming the results were false because they have faith. I had several fights with them but they kept it up, and my husband sided with them. Well, my Sister-In-Law called to inform me she had arranged a baby shower. I get along with her very well and was very happy about it. But when I arrived, the room was decorated with blue balloons, and blue cake with grandpa's name in the decorations everywhere. My Sister-in-Law explained they were ‘still’ hoping the gender results are false and it’s a boy. I looked at my husband and he agreed with her. I lost my temper and yelled at them all. I told them they were delusional and to stop treating my daughter like she was unwanted. And to throw a party right instead of for an imaginary grandson. My Mother-in-Law started crying, I took my bag and walked out. My husband followed me outside and told me I insulted him and his family. He said it was disrespectful to the memory of his grandfather and I needed to come in and apologize. I told him to wake up and see the insanity He said I need to suck it up and play along. He said they need some time to get over the shock that it's not a boy. I said absolutely not and demanded he take me home. He said no, so I got a ride; He called 15 times, then texted that he wouldn’t be home until I come over and apologize for ruining everything they've done for me. Then he suggested I was mentally unstable. I sent one response and said, "Then I guess you aren't coming home". He didn't. And still hasn't. We haven't spoken or texted since this weekend. So what's my next move? This has to stop, and I think I'm okay ending my marriage over it. But is that short-sighted? What should I do?


Proud Girl Mom

We'll answer THIS Dear John Letter on Thursday's show.... and we can answer YOUR letter NEXT week! Simply send a message to our facebook page at (your comments are welcome & wanted) or email it through our web form at Whether we use it on the air or not, EVERY Dear John Letter is answered. We offer advice and promise to keep your identity 100% anonymous. #DearJohnLetters #JohnAndHeidiShow #FreeAdvice

TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thanks to

May 23rd

International Day To End Obstetric Fistula

National Drinking With Chickens Day

National Lucky Penny Day

National Medical Coder Day

National Taffy Day

World Turtle Day

Chardonnay Day

SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by

What’s the first thing you do when you awaken in the morning? Check your phone? Grab a quick breakfast? Bad ideas, both. A neuroscientist is warning about the things you should avoid doing, in order to protect your brain. And those include checking your phone as soon as you wake up. Emily McDonald (who posts brain-health advice on Instagram) says her tips can help prevent things like brain fog and forgetfulness. The mindset coach recommends we wait at least 20 minutes after getting up in the morning before reaching for the phone. Why? This is the time that the “brain is transitioning between sleep and waking” … when “our brain is really suggestible”. She cautions that if you read “stressful things” at this time, it prompts “you to be stressed”. And the same rule applies at night. Try to switch off the TV, laptop and phone well ahead of bed. Also, avoid processed food such as cheese slices and chips, which can also have a negative impact on the brain, leading to cognitive aging. Instead, reach for whole foods and good fats, such as avocados and blueberries.

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One of the most surprising facts about Friends is that it wasn’t filmed in Manhattan, where it’s set, but at the Warner Brothers Ranch just outside of Los Angeles.


Ben Affleck appears to have returned to his broody self. He reunited with wife Jennifer Lopez on Sunday amid rumors they are headed for divorce. The pair attended a movie event at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica, then made their way to Soho House, a private members club. J-Lo looked chic in a pair of slacks and a turtleneck sweater, covered with a long trench coat. But Ben, being Ben, opted for his signature look of jeans, sneakers and a Boston-themed T-shirt. Notably, Affleck was wearing his wedding band, which had been absent in recent days, including while attending his child’s school play on Friday.

Horizon: An American Saga,” Kevin Costner’s risk-it-all Western epic, rode into Cannes on Sunday, earning a 7-minute standing ovation, which brought him to tears. Costner was visibly emotional as the film received huge applause and chants of “Kevin! Kevin! Kevin!” During his speech, Costner thanked the audience and promised “3 more” installments of the “Horizon” franchise, which is already due to get a sequel in August. He also got a laugh from the crowd when he remarked: “I’m sorry you had to clap that long for me to understand that I should speak.”

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A survey found that most people would rather have nude photos of them released than their bank account information.

You’ve heard of the buzzword “FOMO”, the Fear Of Missing Out. Now comes “FOPO”. Experts say the Fear Of People’s Opinions is becoming more and more common these days. It’s a concept named by psychologist Michael Gervais who also authored a book on the topic. Gervais says that today’s society centers other people’s opinions, making them hard to ignore ― and the fear of them can hold you back from your full potential. Those who know, say that something as innocent as pretending you’ve seen a movie that you’ve never actually watched, or scrolling your phone in an attempt at appearing busy are both signs of FOPO. You may also fall into the FOPO trap if you tend to panic about a text message that reads “OK,” or if you study your friend’s face for negative reactions to a funny story. Gervais feels that FOPO is “a pre-emptive process to increase our acceptance in the eyes of others and…to avoid rejection…and what we end up doing is we scan our world for approval.”

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Cupcakes can be as addictive as cocaine.
✓ Penguins can jump as high as 9 feet in the air.

Cats sleep for ⅔ of their lives.

Starfish do not have a brain.

The word “aquarium” means “watering place for cattle” in Latin.

Human birth control pills work on gorillas.


THIS happens more often on Tuesday than any other day of the week. What is it?

Answer: Being late for work

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Riley Keough is challenging the “fraudulent” sale of her grandfather Elvis Presley’s iconic Graceland home ahead of a foreclosure auction. A temporary restraining order halting the sale of the Memphis estate was granted, just days before it was set to be auctioned today. Earlier this month, it was revealed the late King of Rock and Roll’s beloved residence would be sold to the highest bidder after previous owner, Lisa Marie Presley, allegedly failed to repay a $3.8 million loan taken out in 2018, before her death. But a lawsuit filed by Keough argues her mother never took out a loan, and the documents are false.

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According to “experts” (Where do I apply to become an “expert” on this?)…

1. Never Have I Ever: Use ‘Never have I ever’ as a prefix to a sentence for something you’ve never done, and everyone who has done it has to take a sip.

2. Straight Face: Players write ridiculous or inappropriate sentences on pieces of paper. One at a time, each player chooses a slip of paper and attempts to read it without giggling or cracking a smile. If they fail, they drink.

3. Beer Pong: You know how it works. It’s not that complicated!

4. Flip Cup: Simply down your drink as quickly as possible, place it on the edge of the table, and hit its base as many times as it takes in order to ‘flip’ it so it lands face down. The first to complete a whole row of cups is the winner.

5. King’s Cup: Lay out a deck of cards face down, in a circle around a central cup. That’s the King’s Cup. Players take turns picking a card from the circle – each card has a different rule for making people drink. Best enjoyed with a large number of players – so you don’t incapacitate yourself too quickly!

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The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” —Vince Lombardi

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Doctor Is Still Cancer-Free After Incurable Brain Tumor Diagnosis, Thanks To His Own Treatment

Show Notes for Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Today we have a #ComedyCall with a very funny comedian. Ivan Decker recently released his new special “Popcorn”



TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY! (A special thanks to

May 22nd

Bitcoin Pizza Day

Canadian Immigrants Day

Harvey Milk Day

International Being You Day

International Day For Biological Diversity

International Sherlock Holmes Day

National Boss Babes Day

National Buy A Musical Instrument Day

National Craft Distillery Day

National Maritime Day

National Solitaire Day

National Vanilla Pudding Day

World Goth Day

World Paloma Day

World Preeclampsia Day

Yemen’s National Day

Emergency Medical Services For Children Day

SURVEYS, STUDIES & SUCH: Brought to you by

Does a full moon really cause people to act strangely? No, according to a 2019 study by New York University. Researchers collaborated with the Vallejo, California police department to determine if “The lunar effect” is real. They found no significant uptick in reported crimes or arrests during nights when the moon is full. When other police departments heard about the study, they wanted an investigation of their own data. Similar sets of research with the Barrie, Ontario Police Force in Canada and the Irapuato Citizen Safety Secretariat in Mexico also showed no uptick in crime during full moon events.

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C-3PO and R2-D2 had their own 1985 single-season 13 episode spin-off TV series called Star Wars: Droids. The season showed the adventures of R2-D2 & C-3P0 before they joined Luke Skywalker.


A sequel to Amazon’s “Road House” movie is in the works, with Jake Gyllenhaal reprising his lead role as ‘Dalton’. While Amazon is keeping quiet on any other details for now, it did report that the first film has attracted nearly 80 million worldwide viewers to-date, after premiering on Prime Video March 21 — and attracting a record-breaking 50 million-plus viewers over its first 2 weekends. That makes it “Amazon MGM Studios’ most-watched produced film debut ever on a worldwide basis.”

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga”, the 5th installment in George Miller’s action franchise, had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, and was given with a 7-minute standing ovation, as Miller and members of his cast, including Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth, looked on. Anticipation has been high for Furiosa, which launches in North America on May 24. It comes 9 years after “Mad Max: Fury Road”, which starred Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, received rave reviews, made just under $400 million, and garnered 10 Oscar nods, winning 6.

Cameron Diaz has been on a long break from acting, but she’s on her way back. Netflix has announced that her comeback movie “Back in Action” will debut in November. The streaming comedy premieres Nov. 15 and will find her starring alongside Jamie Foxx, with whom she headlined her last movie, the 2014 musical adaptation, “Annie.” This time, the duo plays former CIA agents who gave up the spy life to start a family, but wind up ‘back in action’ after their cover is blown.

Nicolas Cage is returning to the Spider-Verse…sort of. The Oscar-winner has landed the lead role in Amazon Prime Video’s live-action “Spider-Man Noir” series. It will tell the story of an aging and down on his luck private investigator (Cage) in 1930s New York, who is forced to grapple with his past life as the city’s superhero. Cage reprises the role after portraying Spidey in the 2018 animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

SCOOP OF THE DAY: Brought to you by

A clothing company once developed a shirt that can be worn 100 days straight without developing any odors.


Highway: Can be one lane in each direction or several lanes in each direction, with varying speeds, and can stretch across a single state or multiple states. May have stop signs or traffic signals, and even railroad crossings. Doesn’t necessarily have high speed limits.

Freeway: These are in heavily populated regions and big cities, and are always fast-moving, with multiple lanes in both directions. Ramps and exits are the only access points, meaning there is no interruption in the flow of traffic. Can be entirely in one state, or go through several.

Expressway: Much like a freeway, expressways actually connect other highways or freeways within the same city or metro area. May have tolls and they often have carpool lanes.

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A study found that having a cat in the house is the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner.

Tears you cry when you’re upset contain a hormone that’s a natural painkiller.

The Olympic world record for the longest human long jump is greater than the world record for longest horse long jump.

99% of Finns take a sauna at least once a week.

The word “school” comes from the ancient Greek for “free time.”


According to a survey, THIS is the #1 thing in our home that we have too many of? What is it?

Answer: Clothes hangers

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The livestream video Portal connecting New York to Dublin has been temporarily switched off — due to what organizers are calling “instances of inappropriate behavior.” The Portal streamed video between a Manhattan plaza and a Dublin street. But the installation’s sponsors shut the 24-hour video feed off Tuesday, stating that while “The overwhelming majority of visitors have behaved appropriately…instances of inappropriate behavior have come from a very small minority of Portal visitors and have been amplified on social media.” One TikTok user posted a video showing her flashing her breasts to the Portal shortly before the shut-off.

THE LIST: Brought to you by


Here are the movies coming to theaters this summer that are vying to be “THE” blockbuster of the year, √† la “Jaws” or “E.T.” or “Independence Day”, etc…

✪ “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F” (July 3): Eddie Murphy is back as Detroit’s finest streetwise detective. ‘Axel Foley’ returns to that ritzy L.A. neighborhood, investigating the death of an old friend. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taylour Paige, and Kevin Bacon join a host of familiar franchise faces.

✪ “Twisters” (July 9): The belated sequel to the 1996 disaster movie, with a whole new group of tornado chasers, including Glenn Powell, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Anthony Ramos, Maura Tierney, and Sasha Lane.

✪ “Deadpool & Wolverine (July 26): Yup, this is the movie that will integrate Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool’ into the MCU. And, of course, Hugh Jackman is back as ‘Wolverine’. Plus, Jennifer Garner will apparently be reprising her role as ‘Elektra’.

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No man goes before his time—unless the boss leaves early.” —Groucho Marx

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Heroic Twin Awarded King's Gallantry Medal For Rescuing Sister From Crocodile Attack