Thursday May 17, 2018

Show Notes for Thursday May 17, 2018


Dear John,

My son is 25 years old. He still lives at home with us. We told him we would be OK with him coming home for a while to get caught up on his debt. He has a job and he's been getting things caught up, but last week he showed up with a new car. It's not brand bew, but it's way more than he really needed at this point in his life. I'm upset that he didn't talk to us before making this purchase since he lives in our home for free. If he can afford the new car, he could have afforded an apartment. His other car was workign fine, he was not in an accident or anything. He just wanted a new car. My husband and I have talked this over and we both think it's time for us to put a deadline on his stay here. He has older and younger siblings that are all on their own. I know we're getting heat from at least one of them for letting him stay here for free. Should we innitiate a “rent payment” for him to stay? Should we give him a 60 day notice? We don't want to be heartless, but we feel like he's taking advantage of us at this point. Any advice would be appreciated.

Signed – MomAndDad

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"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and, above all, confidence in ourselves. We must believe we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained." -- Marie Curie

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Monica Lewinsky says she was uninvited to a Town and Country Magazine event
after Bill Clinton decided to attend. (


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25-year-old Stephen Elmore pleaded guilty to felony arson this week after he 
started a fire in retaliation to a prank. The incident took place in Colorado and 
involved Elmore getting drunk, passing out, and having phallic symbols drawn 
on his face. One of Elmore’s roommates admitted that when he passed out she 
took a felt tip pen and drew penises on his face. Elmore discovered the drawings 
and initially confronted one of the men present, though Elmore's female roommate 
eventually told him she was the one who did it. Elmore then went downstairs to 
his room next to the garage and eventually started a fire in that garage. The 
roommates managed to put out the fire. Elmore must now undergo substance-
abuse and mental-health evaluations and remain free of alcohol and drugs 
during a two-year probation sentence. ( 

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Geena Davis’s husband Reza Jarraphy files for divorce after seventeen years of marriage. (
The LAPD is trying to determine who stole the Iron Man suit that was worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the Marvel Studios films. (
Jada Pinkett Smith sat down her husband’s ex-wife for an episode of her new Facebook talk show series, “Red Table Talk.” (

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Rolls-Royce unveiled a $325,000 SUV in Germany Thursday.  
A Massachusetts state trooper rescued a dog running loose on the interstate by luring it with homemade jerky.

A 32-year employee of the Covington Independent School District in Kentucky passed away a few years ago. This week he was honored for donating his estate to the district. Alvin Randlett donated more than $175,000 to the Office of the Attorney General’s Child Victims’ Trust Fund. The donation helps to protect children from abuse, a cause Randlett embraced while serving as a janitor at an elementary school for all 32 years.

While people do die from drowning, falls and animal attacks at national parks, the top reason for death is heart attacks.

A new study finds that tourism is worse for the environment than anyone thought. 

A 15-year-old girl in England was left with horrific burns after deodorant was sprayed on her in the latest school craze. The game involves spraying deodorant onto a person’s bare skin for as long as possible, and has left the 15-year-old with a nasty wound where doctors had to perform a skin graft.

Malaysia just elected a 92-year-old leader.

A man in China was detained after he inserted feces and motor oil into several ATM machines. He actually thought doing this would make money come out.

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As of January 1, 2004, the population of the United States increases by one person every 12 seconds. There is a birth every eight seconds, an immigrant is added every 25 seconds, and a death every 13 seconds.

The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Quafftide or Quaff-tide (KWAF-tyde)
-The time or season for drinking.

Use in place of:
-Miller Time
-Happy Hour
-Tipple time

From Quaff - To drink a beverage, especially an alcoholic one.
Of uncertain origin. First used circa 1515.

Used in a sentence:
“Quafftide comes but once a year,
So let’s all be filled with pleasant cheer!
Hie we all to the rathskeller now,
Before the white serjeant takes her bow!
The knocker-up comes at five,
Then back to work we all must strive!”

or, perhaps...

“Quafftide comes just once a day,
So let’s hit the bars, out late we’ll stay!
Happy hour is far too short,
For brandy, sherry or rosé port.
So gimme some Jager or Guinness Stout,
And let’s make some noise & give a shout!”

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Kangaroos may look incredibly sweet and cuddly, but they do come with a warning.Greg Piper, a lawmaker in Australia, wants tourists who travel to his country to stay away from the animals, especially after many foreigners have been attacked by them. Piper recently opened up parliamentary debate on the issue of kangaroo management at Morisset Hospital. The hospital, a mental health facility and residential facility for people with developmental disabilities, has become a popular tourist destination because of the large number of kangaroos that live on the hospital grounds. The property's kangaroos are not monitored by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, and the hospital says it is not equipped to support the tourists. A number of incidents have been reported in which tourists have been attacked, causing injury. In most cases, the visitors had been kicked or scratched by the long claws of a kangaroo. One man required 17 stitches to his face after being attacked. I do not want to stop people from seeing kangaroos, but the situation has to be better managed. The kangaroos have become so desensitized to human contact that they will freely approach human visitors to obtain food, which leads to many of the kangaroos becoming aggressive,” Piper said. To keep visitors safe, Piper is suggesting that more signage be added to the hospital’s grounds, warning tourists not to feed the kangaroos. He also wants the National Parks and Wildlife Service to assist the hospital staff with the animals. Morriset is located about 90 minutes from Sydney.

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A Wisconsin thief was caught on surveillance video yawning and struggling to stay awake while stealing a shopping cart of Red Bull worth approximately $250. The unidentified man was captured on surveillance video rolling boxes of the energy drink out of a grocery store. The police department quipped, “Stealing can be exhausting…..Which is probably why this guy can’t stop yawning and why he has nearly $250 worth of stolen Red Bull in his cart!” Details about where the crime happened and which direction the suspect fled were not released. Police urged anyone who recognized the person to call the station immediately. (

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A Florida man known in his trailer park as “Santa Claus” has been 
convicted of breaking into a neighbor’s home to leave her notes and
panties he wanted to see her wear. 
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90-Year-Old Credits ‘Words With Friends’ for Saving Her Life LINK TO STORY