Tuesday May 8, 2018

Show Notes for Tuesday May 8, 2018
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"What I've learned from running is that the time to push hard is when you're hurting like crazy and you want to give up. Success is often just around the corner."--James Dyson

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A study published in the Wall Street Journal found that combat training is likely causing brain injuries to our troops. (

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A Florida man – 32-year-old Lester Roy Wagner told deputies that the 
codeine/morphine powder found in his vehicle was nothing more than 
“pre-workout” used for exercising. A deputy found Wagner sitting in his 
Honda Odyssey in front of an abandoned business at 4:00 a.m. The
deputy said, “I immediately noticed that Wagner was sweating profusely, 
looking around rapidly, digging into his pockets, and speaking quickly, which 
was an indicator to me that he was nervous.” The Deputy received consent 
to search the vehicle and found a capped syringe and silver spoon, along 
with a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle. There was also a container 
with a blue powder mixed in with brownish gray powder with a plastic 
scooper inside. The powder tested positive for the presence of 
codeine/morphine. The deputy said, “I then asked what was inside the 
container. he said it was only pre-workout. I then showed him the field 
test kit.” Wagner was adamant that the container only held pre-workout
but could not advise on the brand or where he purchased it. Wagner 
was charged with Felony Traffic of a Controlled Substance.

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Kathy Griffin told Wendi Williams that Anderson Cooper will never apologize for firing her from CNN. 
Son of Bigfoot debuted at the box office Thursday. (
Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker bought a Cosmo for a French man who told her he was a huge fan of her show. (

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The Pastor of a San Francisco Episcopal Church says he will not apologize for having a Beyonce themed mass this weekend.(https://goo.gl/3TRxKL
Prince William officially signed the birth certificate for his new child, Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge. (
T-Mobile is buying Sprint in a merger that will cost $26 billion dollars. (
A Georgia Doctor was arrested after she threatened to slit her employees throats and cut their heads off. (
A doctor in Georgia has been charged with making terroristic threats after she allegedly threatened to slit her employees’ throats and cut off one of their heads. Marian Antoinette Patterson, a family practice doctor who’s worked in the Valdosta area for almost 30 years, allegedly shouted a slew of threats at her employees. Authorities reportedly responded to Patterson’s South Georgia practice after reports of a disturbance. Patterson allegedly told employees she would “slit their throats,” and even told one worker she was going to “cut her head off and roll it down the hallway,” and that she’d call the employee’s children to show them. The doctor allegedly grabbed at least one employee and threw a catalog, reflex hammer, and prescription bottles, along with trying to throw a large potted plant. Patterson also tossed water on two employees. Patterson has been charged with three counts of terroristic threats and false imprisonment.
A study by the Weizmann Institute of Science found that white bread has the same health effects as wheat bread and that one isn’t healthier than the other.

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A listener sent this in to correct us from the other day.

Here's some true facts about pigs.
They very certainly CAN look up. First one bites you, there, you'll know it. 
They have teeth, that look like a set of human dentures. And they smile. Which is funny as hell, first time you walk up to a hog pen, and ten of them look up and smile at you.

The reason they are smiling, is because they are hoping you will climb in, with them.    So they can bite and stomp you to death, and fight over the scraps.  Hogs, are only outdone by possums, on viciously killing anything. 

A body, in a hog pen, will be completely gone in the morning.

Hogs, physically, are more like a human, than any other animal. ( heart valves, etc.). Morally?    Who knows?     Something to think about.    But they sure as hell can look up.   Thanks for the show

(I replied and thanked him for the info... he then replied with this)
Hi. Thanks for the reply. Here's a real, fun fact.
Crows, and ravens, mate for life.  
They are also the only species that can communicate with another one.
Birds, that talk to mammals.   When they find a single deer or elk or whatever, sick or cut from the heard, they search for the nearest wolf pack, have a cry they understand, and they will follow them to the prey.  The Crows gets the leavings.     Pretty cool, huh?
YES!!! Thanks again for the awesome fun facts!!

The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Waggish (WAG-ish)Adjective:
-Humorous in a playful, mischievous, or facetious manner.
-Resembling or characteristic of a wag.
-Done or made in waggery or for sport.
-Silly and playful.

From mid 16th century “wag” denoting a young man or mischievous boy - also used as a term of endearment to an infant. Believed to be from obsolete “waghalter" - a word that was once used for a "gallows bird" - a person who was going to be, or deserved to be, hanged. First known use: 1589

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A Canadian Man who robbed a Tim Horton’s was busted after attempting to use a Halifax ferry as a getaway vehicle. Halifax Regional Police responded to a robbery at a Tim Horton’s where they say a male suspect claimed he had a firearm and demanded money from staff. After the alleged heist, police say the suspect boarded a Halifax Transit Ferry and allegedly attempted to make a getaway across the harbour. His alleged plan was foiled when police contacted Halifax Transit and asked them to turn the ferry around. The man was arrested at the Alderney Ferry Terminal in Dartmouth without incident and police were unable to find a firearm. (

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A man in Lubbock, Texas took out his aggression on a McDonald’s drive-thru window after learning the location would not be able to fulfill his breakfast order. The angry McDonald’s patron reportedly arrived at the restaurant shortly before 4:00 a.m. on Monday, where he attempted to order biscuits and gravy via the drive-thru window. A worker then informed the man that the restaurant was temporarily closed in order to reset the computer system, and told him to come back in 20 minutes. The man did as he was told and returned about 20 minutes later — albeit with a baseball bat, and a score to settle with the drive-thru window. Security footage from outside the McDonald’s shows the man marching back toward the restaurant and taking a few swings at the drive-thru window. An employee inside was reportedly able to get out of the way before the window broke. Police are currently looking for the suspect, who was seen in surveillance footage wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and what appears to be a backwards baseball cap. (https://goo.gl/XvRXYb)

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A man called 9-1-1 during a police chase and asked to speak with Donald Trump
FLORIDA - (https://goo.gl/2qGZUn) 

A woman renewed her wedding vows with a Ferris Wheel named Bruce
FLORIDA - (https://goo.gl/91KGJf) 
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Police officer adopts homeless mother's opioid-addicted newborn LINK TO STORY