Friday June 22, 2018

Show Notes for Friday June 22, 2018

"As people are walking all the time, in the same spot, a path appears." --John Locke

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I’m going to read you the name of a business and I want you to tell me if it’s a prison or a vineyard.
Old Westminster - Westminster, Md.

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According to an arrest report, a man concerned that he had been conned by a methamphetamine dealer contacted Florida police and asked them to test his drugs and “press charges” against the dealer if he had “been given the wrong narcotics.” 49-year-old Douglas Peter Kelly called the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and told a deputy that he had a “violent reaction” after smoking what he thought was “speed.” Kelly told cops that he believed that the drug in question was actually Flakka, the notorious synthetic stimulant. After speaking with cops, Kelly drove to the sheriff’s office “because he wished to have the illegal narcotics tested.” Kelly subsequently provided cops with a piece of aluminum foil that contained a “clear, crystal-like substance.” A field test of the substance provided by Kelly resulted in a “positive reaction for the presence of methamphetamine.” While perhaps relieved that his dealer was not cheating him, Kelly’s mood likely changed when police arrested him on a felony narcotics possession charge. (
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Two of the hottest selling shows on Broadway are based on Harry Potter and SpongeBob Squarepants. Now comes word that they’re working on a musical about Michael Jackson. 

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Japan plans to lower the legal age of adulthood from 20 to 18.

A Singapore man with a love for sniffing women’s armpits was sentenced to 14 years in jail. The 36-year-old assaulted 23 women over the course of 15 months, smelling their armpits and touching them in elevators, stairwells and their homes.

For the first time, you can now go online and check a database to see if you are a descendant of the people who came to America on the Mayflower.

Some bank robbers in Ethiopia fled empty-handed, and then got caught in a traffic jam. Two of the alleged robbers got away but police managed to apprehend the main suspects.
Police are looking for a teenager who wrote a graffiti promposal on the Colorado National Monument.

A Tennessee grandmother was arrested after police found her driving with her grandkids locked in dog cages.

Two divers discovered a 334-year-old British shipwreck that’s believed to contain $10 million dollars in jewelry.

Thousands of Irish women participated in a world record setting skinny dip on Saturday to raise money for children’s cancer. The naked swim raised over $153,000 dollars.

The royals celebrated the Queen’s 92nd birthday with a festive parade known as Trooping the Colour.

We’re not above lies when it comes to extending our weekends. A survey says one in five adults admits they have planned to call in sick to extend their weekend into three days. Young adults ages 18 to 34 are more likely than older colleagues to call in sick when they’re really not, with 32 percent in that group doing so.

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City with the most Rolls Royces per capita: Hong Kong.

Of the six men who made up the Three Stooges, three of them were real brothers (Moe, Curly and Shemp).

The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Puzzomous (PUZ-uh-mus)
-Disgustingly servile or obsequious in behaviour.
-Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree.

Origin unknown-ish, but the original documentation of this word comes from a book with the Brobdingnagian title “A Glossary of Yorkshire Words and Phrases, Collected in Whitby and the Neighbourhood, with Examples of Their Colloquial Use, and Allusions to Local Customs and Traditions.” by Francis Kildale Robinson, 1809-1882 - wherein it gives this definition:
-puzzom 'poison', puzzomful 'poisonous', and puzzomous 'poisonous'.

So one may ask where do we get “servile” or “obsequious” from “poison”? As it turns out, a now archaic definition for obsequious is “dutiful in regard to the dead and in the proper and appropriate performance of obsequies (funeral rites).”

Used in a sentence:
'Gwenda told that mammothrept little carker, Dermot, to stop being so blatantly puzzomous.” 

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Hoboken, New Jersey police have apprehended a Bayonne man who allegedly tried to rob the tellers at Investors Bank on River Street last week. The robbery attempt ended in failure when the would-be robber discovered that none of the teller drawers had any money in them. Bank personnel told police that the suspect entered the building and gave tellers a note that contained different denominations of cash. “Give me that money!” he allegedly demanded. That was when the bank tellers gave him a harsh truth: they already stored the day’s money away and there was no cash in their respective drawers. The man climbed onto the counter to see for himself, then fled the scene with no proceeds after confirming there was no cash. Once he was gone, bank personnel called police. The police eventually arrested 54-year-old Edward Dempsey without incident. (

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A South Carolina (Greenville) man was arrested for unlawful carrying of a firearm. Police said Michael Vines is accused of tossing a fully loaded Smith and Wesson .38-caliber revolver into the grass after a recent car wreck. Ironically, Vines has a gun tattooed on his forehead.

A South Carolina man has been arrested for illegally possessing a firearm.
Police say Michael Vines tossed a fully-loaded .38 caliber reveler into the grass after a car wreck. Vines was also charged for driving under a suspended license among other charges. The Greenville Police Department posted the suspect's mug shot on their Facebook page showing Vines with a gun tattoo on his forehead.

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A contractor faked his own death to avoid paying his customers 
back for renovations he never performed

A man was fired from daycare and arrested after mixing vodka in the 
Kool Aid Container

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He Rescued a Dazed Woman From Her Car Minutes Before It Explodes LINK TO STORY