Monday June 11, 2018

Show Notes for Monday June 11, 2018

Today for #MovieSatrMonday we spoke with Madeline Carroll about the movie "I Can Only Imagine" available tomorrow on DVD & BlueRay -

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"Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action." --Benjamin Disraeli

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I’m going to read you the name of a business and I want you to tell me if it’s a prison or a vineyard.
Sugar House in Salt Lake City, Utah .... PRISON
Spring Valley in Walla Walla, Washington ..... VINEYARD

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A man in Key West, Florida who earns a living parking cars is now accused of drunkenly stealing a Mercedes-Benz from an impound lot early Friday morning. 48-year-old Kevin Jones, who is listed in jail records as a valet, was arrested for felony burglary, grand theft auto, and criminal damage over $1,000 along with misdemeanor DUI. Jones reportedly took a cab to Arnold's Towing on Stock Island, stiffed the driver, and jumped the fence to get to the impounded Mercedes-Benz, which had been towed recently for being parked illegally. Police said Jones then drove the silver Mercedes-Benz through the lot's locked gate, ramming through it, and then headed north on U.S. 1. On Friday, Jones was locked up at the Stock Island Detention Center without bond. (

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The reviews are out for the new movie “Ocean’s 8.”

The oldest living munchkin from “The Wizard of Oz” died this week at the age of 98. Jerry Maren was living in a nursing care facility and suffered from dementia. 

Film Mogul Ron Meyer is selling his Malibu mansion for $125 million dollars. (

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The organization that makes all of our favorite emojis is releasing 157 new ones Tuesday. We get cupcakes, superheroes, lobsters, goggles, a raccoon, hippopotamus, brick, DNA, safety Pin, roll of Toilet Paper, and more. Companies like Apple and Google tend to have their own schedule for making new emoji available to the public, with most likely to support these new emoji by the end of the year.

24/7 Wall Street loves to rank cities — and it’s latest list is sure to rankle the residents of Detroit, which has been named the worst city in which to live. 24/7 Wall Street created an index with measures in eight categories: crime, economy, education, environment, health, housing, infrastructure, and leisure.

It’s not a classic baby’s first word, but it was one-year-old Joe Brady’s pick. The British baby was trying to activate Amazon’s virtual assistant and said “Alexa” as his first word. Joe’s parents admit they use Alexa enough that it’s not surprising that the little guy would make that his first word.

A study found that taking a daily brisk walk could extend the life expectancy of men over the age of 75. (

A study by the University of Arizona found that some ants who are lazy by design. (

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Number of US states that claim test scores in their elementary schools are above national average: 50.

KFC is testing a vegetarian fried chicken in the UK that’s aimed at healthy eaters. (
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Fisticuffs (FIS-tee-kufs)
-Fighting with the fists
-Bare knuckle fist fighting.

Early 17th century: probably from obsolete fisty 'relating to the fists or to fist fighting' + cuff

Used in a sentence:
"The sozzled gongoozler challenged the soigné gadabout to fisticuffs." 

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Police in New Jersey are searching for a suspected car burglar who left something behind. The alleged crook was caught on a security camera defecating in the driveway of a North Plainfield home. In a black and white video posted to the local police department’s Facebook page, the hoodie-wearing man can be seen taking off his jacket and backpack before the clip ends abruptly. Police wrote that “we edited the video as it was graphic, you get the picture.” Police said that the same man was spotted on other cameras in the neighborhood successfully burglarizing a car at a different location. He is also suspected of attempting to burglarize several other vehicles nearby on the same day. The North Plainfield police department is asking the public for any tips that will help them crack this case.(

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A woman in China was stopped by police after being spotted driving on the highway in a slow-moving pink bumper car. Footage recorded on a highway in Guiyang, Guizhou Province shows the woman driving a pink bumper car down the busy roadway while full-sized vehicles speed past her. The woman was stopped by police and given a warning. Police said they confiscated the bumper car from the woman, who operates a bumper car business in the city. (

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.
A Florida Boy Scout troop woke up at their camp to find that they were 
surrounded by aligators

A man was arrested for publicly shouting how bad Florida is 

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