Thursday August 16, 2018

Show Notes for Thursday August 16, 2018


Dear John,

My two brothers and their families are having a camping trip Labor Day weekend. They've been going to the same place each year with tents, cabins and a camper. They've been inviting my family to go with them for many years now, but we're not camping people. This year we agreed to go along, but we're staying at a hotel in the area and will come to visit during the day, but that way my wife and daughter can sleep in a comfy bed and can take showers. I'm already getting flack from my younger brother for this. He says he's just kidding around, but it's making my wife mad and now she doesn't even want to go. Should I tell them we've decided to do something different? Should we just take the high road and go? What do you think?

Signed – NotACamper

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August 16th
National Tell a Joke Day
National Roller Coaster Day
National Airborne Day

National Rum Day

"Speak less than you know; have more than you show." --William Shakespeare

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A former Illinois police officer, who lost his badge while on duty 30 years ago, found it on eBay.

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Police say an Ontario man is facing an impaired driving charge after attempting to prove to his friends that he wasn't drunk. Peel regional police allege the man was drinking at a bar and set out to show his friends he wasn't impaired. It's alleged he drove to a Mississauga, Ontario police station to prove his point. Police say he asked for a breath test and officers obliged. A police spokeswoman says his blood-alcohol level was allegedly 1 1/2 times the legal limit. The most shocking part of the story is that this guy has friends.

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The CW has cast Aussie actor Ruby Rose as Batwoman, “an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter.” Rose, who was introduced to U.S. audiences in Orange Is the New Black, will make her first appearance as the superhero in the annual December crossover event in the CW’s DC shows: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. A separate Batwoman show is also in development for the 2019–2020 season. If you’d give anything to see the first trailer for Avengers 4, you’re gonna have to wait a little longer. However, someone has gifted Avengers fan an awesome, cheesy VHS trailer for the movie.

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Shares of Weight Watchers have fallen by 5% this week after the company revealed that it hasn’t signed up as many new members as they predicted. (

The Nation’s doctors are warning that women who hold in their urine in an attempt to have “pee-gasms” can do irreparable damage to their organs. (

A London Department store has opened its Christmas section a full five months before the holiday. (

A group of Japanese high school students were able to recreate the Hiroshima Bombing using virtual reality simulation. (

Guinness World Records has named a 108-year-old man and his 100-year-old wife as the world’s oldest living couple. They’ve been married 80 years.

McDonald’s is about to change one Big Mac fan’s life with the chance to win free food for life. If you want to be that lucky winner, there’s one way to go about it: ordering food through their mobile app between August 10-August 24.
A bank robbery in Alaska was solved quickly because the robber presented a hold-up demand note written on the back of an affordable housing form — with his name and birth date entered in the appropriate spots.
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Sean Connery wore a toupee in all his James Bond movies.
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Uxorious (uhk-ZOHR-ee-uhs)
-Having or showing an excessive or submissive fondness for one's wife.

late 16th century: from Latin uxoriosus, from uxor ‘wife.’

Used in a sentence:
“Pendleton wished to join the Gentleman Explorers Club, but he is just far too uxorious to go gallivanting around the globe on his own.”

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A KFC in Dover, Delaware had been closed for more than an hour Sunday night when a Florida man showed no regard for its hours of operation. Police said 27-year-old Antonio Stevens, of Orlando, Florida tried to force a KFC employee to reopen the restaurant at gunpoint. The employee, a 38-year old woman, was outside the restaurant around 11:15 p.m.. She was waiting for a ride when the suspect approached and demanded entry. When she told him she couldn’t reopen the store, he moved on to demanding her personal belongings. He pointed what appeared to be a handgun at her. After a struggle, the suspect left the scene on foot with nothing to show for his efforts. Officers arrived and manage to track him down. They took him into custody after another brief struggle. Investigators recovered a mask and a BB gun used in the incident. Stevens faces charges for first-degree robbery, wearing a disguise during the commission of a felony, and resisting arrest.

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A Chinese man who drove his expensive Land Rover SUV into a river in order to save 20 yuan ($3) on a car wash recently learned the hard way that sometimes being too cheap can cost you a lot more than you were trying to save. According to a report from the Fire Services Department in China’s Sichuan Province, a local man had to be rescued from a nearby river after driving his Land Rover SUV into the water to wash it and getting stranded on a small islet. The man told rescuers that he simply wanted to wash his car so he wouldn’t have to go to the car wash and pay the 20 yuan fee, but he didn’t expect the flood gates of an upstream dam to be opened causing the water level to rise almost instantly. (

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.
A T-Ball Umpire was fired by his league for betting on the games FAKE NEWS Two Florida nursing home employees are charged with using duct tape to restrain and quiet a patient with dementia. FLORIDA - (
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This Guy Has the Happiest Job in the World: Calling Lotto Winners and Telling Them They’re Millionaires