Thursday August 30, 2018

Show Notes for Thursday August 30, 2018


Dear John,
My husband and I have been having some tough times lately. We've been married for twelve years. Most of those have been happy years. We have two daughters and they are both involved in many activities. Sometimes we each take a girl and go our own way. It seems like we hardly ever see eachother any more, then when we do it's pretty easy to spend that time arguing about dumb things. One of those things is a dog. We talked about getting a dog, but we both agreed tht we were not home enough and it would be a bad idea. Last weekend while I was at a work event, he took the girls out an picked out a dog. I feel like he is purpousley trying to drive a wedge between us. What do you think? I know the girls love the dog, but I think it was a bad idea. My husband agreed, but then got them the dog anyway. What do I do? Should I get rid of the dog an be the “bad guy”? Should I get rid of the husband? (just kidding, sort of)

Any advice?

Signed – NotSoHappyDogMom

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August 30th
National Toasted Marshmallow Day

National Grief Awareness Day

"Both my mother and I were determined that we weren't going to stay on welfare. We always worked toward doing better, toward having a better life. We never had any doubts that we would." --Larry Ellison

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A Tennessee man decided he found better use for a biscuit when he chose to lunge it at his former girlfriend. 45-year-old Jeffrey Tomerlin was arrested Monday after he allegedly threw a biscuit “really hard” at his ex-girlfriend’s face. Tomerlin flew into a rage Sunday night when he spotted his former fling with her new boyfriend in a car in South Nashville. He reportedly charged at the vehicle and began punching the hood of the car and telling the couple he would kill them. He also yelled racial slurs. Police arrived at the scene where Tomerlin continued to bang his head while sitting inside the police cruiser. He was taken to the hospital before being booked into jail on charges including public intoxication, vandalism, and assault.

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Steven Spielberg’s 1991 movie Hook is getting a 4K Blu-ray release which will include 11 never-before-seen deleted scenes. The movie stars Robin Williams as a grown-up Peter Pan, Dustin Hoffman as the infamous Captain Hook, and Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell.The Hook 4K Blu-ray will be available for purchase starting October 9, 2018
Dr. Pimple Popper will return for a second season on TLC in January 2019.

The director of the next James Bond movie has quit over creative differences.

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A new report says that Eastern European countries consume the most alcohol worldwide. (

A study by the Urban Institute found that the median age for a first marriage is 27 for women and 29 for men. It’s seven years later than it was back in 1960. (

New research shows that an extract from Maple Leaves could help prevent skin wrinkles. (

The Governor of Louisanna announced that he’s hoping to turn the French Quarter in New Orleans into a family friendly entertainment hub. (
A company in Taiwan just released dog shaped ice cream.

A Canadian Coffee Chain named “Second Cup” is turning several stores into marijuana dispensaries.

An American company has embedded microchips in 80 of its employees. (

A new study shows using E-Cigarettes can damage your DNA.

A robber recently stole $1,000 worth of vape pens from a Mount Juliet, Tennessee gas station. (

A pair of goats have been found wandering the subway tracks in Brooklyn.(
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German chocolate cake is named after a guy named Sam German, not the country.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Forswunke   (for-SWUNK)
-Exhausted after physical exertion.

Middle English past participle of forswinke, “exhausted from physical exertion,” most commonly in the performance of household chores. Terms with similar meanings included dwang and snool, “to oppress or exhaust one’s vital energies by overwork,” while tireling denoted a person who was easily fatiqued by physical exertion. The sixteenth-century toilful was used of a hardworking individual or one who was characterized by toiling, and the related verb thripple meant “to toil ceaselessly.” Titteravating was an early dialectic variant in eastern England for “tiresome.

Used in a sentence:
"I'm positively forswunke after tea with the bridge club splatherdabs."

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Madison police believe a Madison man is behind a college parking scam. Police said they were working to arrest 23-year-old Tony Fountain for scamming University of Wisconsin students. Officers said on Tuesday, a victim gave Fountain $400 in rent for a parking space he does not own. Fountain was arrested earlier this summer on suspicion of charging rent for a parking space on Hawthorne Court, also not under his control. Fountain, who uses the name “Bama Flow” online, has been contacting potential victims through a Facebook group where UW students find apartments and parking spots. Officers are trying to find probable cause to arrest Fountain.

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Officials in Virginia are investigating a shooting that reportedly stemmed from an argument involving two men and whether Halle Berry played Aretha Franklin in a movie. Officers responded to the shooting around 10:45 a.m. Thursday. A witness told WTKR they overheard the two-people arguing about whether Halle Berry played Aretha Franklin in a movie. Police said one of the men pulled out a gun and shot the other man “at least once.” The gunshot victim was taken to a local hospital where he is listed in serious condition. Media reports from 2011 indicated Aretha Franklin said she wanted Halle Berry to play her in the yet-to-be-filmed biopic. However, earlier this year Franklin chose Jennifer Hudson for the role. (

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.
“God” got busted after St. Lucie County, Florida, sheriff’s officials say
he burglarized a home in his boxer shorts. The man forced his way into a couple’s home. They pushed him back out but he kept looking in their window. When police arrived the man told them his name was “God” and his birth date was “God”.
FLORIDA! (real story)
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Person Leaves Refreshingly Positive Thank You Note on Windshield of
Ambulance Blocking Their Driveway