Tuesday August 21, 2018

Show Notes for Tuesday August 21, 2018

John & Heidi share funny stories of people doing weird things... plus it's a Tuesday... so we have everyone's favorite segment... TUESDAYS with Charlie!!!
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August 21st
National Brazilian Blowout Day
National Spumoni Day

National Senior Citizens Day

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." --Martin Luther

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A new study claims to have figured out why alcohol makes us crave junk food. According to the scientists, alcohol stimulates nerve cells in the brain that trigger your appetite.  (https://goo.gl/9YKdJn)

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Authorities in Indiana said they arrested two men when a commercial vehicle inspection of a truck loaded with lettuce uncovered 260 pounds of marijuana. Indiana State Police said an officer stopped a tractor-trailer for a routine commercial vehicle inspection. The occupants of the truck, Florida residents Jorge Blanco-Diaz and Adan Labanino Delacruz, told the officer the truck was hauling a load of fresh lettuce. Police said, “a search of the trailer yielded 260 pounds of hydroponic marijuana concealed within the legitimate load of fresh lettuce.” Both men were arrested on felony charges of dealing marijuana. (https://goo.gl/AKKaVz)
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Actress Ruby Rose has quit Twitter after backlash over the announcement that
she’ll play the first lesbian superhero in the TV show “Batwoman.” (https://goo.gl/2vFTCG)
Real Housewives of Potomac star Candice Dillard married her fiancé Chris Basset last Saturday. (https://goo.gl/XALQrV)
Selena Gomez has designed a new Coach bag as part of her endorsement deal with the company. (https://goo.gl/Zdbxc3)
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The American Psychological Association announced that men get postpartum depression too. (https://goo.gl/qNfTgk)

A study by the United States Department Of Conservation found that the number of suburban bear encounters has doubled in the past year. (https://goo.gl/9VdsSX)

A study found that United States College students will owe $2 trillion dollars in loans by the year 2021. (https://goo.gl/3c8sEk)

A dozen cars were sent floating down a street in Little Falls, New Jersey after torrential rains created a river.

A chiropractor in Westchester, NY is suing the TSA for touching his privates during a screening. (https://goo.gl/rcUkwT)

The makers of a new British beer called “Watercress Warrior” claim it will increase your sex drive. (https://goo.gl/dpNtPg)

A French theme park has trained cows to walk around and pick up trash. (https://goo.gl/WGC4h2)

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Steve Jobs relieved stress by soaking his feet in Apple’s company toilets.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Ramfeezled (ram-FEE-zul’d)
-To be exhausted with work, to be worn out.
Verb (Ramfeezle)
-To wear oneself out.


Used in a sentence:
“I’m going to have to cancel our dinner engagement, I’m completely ramfeezled; perhaps tomorrow night?”

See also "forswunke"

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A man, who allegedly placed soda into a cup he was given for water, was shocked with a stun gun after becoming aggressive toward police. 48-year-old Daniel Stine is facing a felony robbery charge and a number of misdemeanors after the incident last week in an Arby's in Missoula, Montana. Stine is accused of trying to kick an employee before entering a nearby restaurant's restroom, where he was confronted by police. “The officers were able to make entry to the bathroom; however, when they did and confronted the man, rather than comply with their instructions he approached them in what appeared to be an aggressive manner,” Missoula police public information officer Travis Welsh told KGVO Radio. “The officers attempted to take control of him physically and that's when he began to resist and fight with the officers and had to be tased to comply to the officer's instructions,” Welsh said. (https://goo.gl/ZDEXv1)

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What started out as a joyride ended in an arrest. Police arrested a 15-year-old male for allegedly stealing a fire truck and rescue gear from the Strinestown Community Fire Company in Pennsylvania. Surveillance video from the station showed that a male juvenile used a stolen Ford Explorer to push open one of the garage doors at the fire station around 12:15 a.m. Sunday. The footage then shows him getting dressed in the rescue gear, boarding the fire truck, and driving off with the sirens blazing and lights flashing. The truck was eventually found abandoned in a field, where witnesses reported seeing a male in firefighter gear flee the scene. At noon on Sunday, the teen was located by Hellam Township Police and returned to the Youth Development Center. Fire department officials were able to identify the male as a 15-year-old who previously served as a junior firefighter with the station.
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A man was arrested after carrying a live alligator into a convenience store and chasing customers with it. FLORIDA - (https://goo.gl/YDwGwM) A skateboard riding man hitched a ride on the back of a police car and held
on for 5 miles before they noticed him FAKE NEWS A man stripped naked in a shopping mall and made WHOOPING sounds at
nearby police 
FLORIDA (https://goo.gl/736Rop)
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In Twist of Fate, NFL Star’s Organs Go to the Ailing Sports Hero Who Inspired Him