Thursday October 4, 2018

Show Notes for Thursday October 4, 2018


Dear John,

I'm a single dad. My wife passed away from cancer a few years ago and I've been raising our daughter and son on my own. I have not gone on dates or even wanted to go out. My kids are both in high school now and they keep telling me I need to start dating. The other day when I was waiting to pick my daughter up from school, there was a car parked near me with an adorable woman inside. She kept looking my way and smiling. I saw her pick up a girl about my daughter's age. I've noticed that she's there every day now, maybe she was before and I just never noticed. I can tell you I really look forward to my afternoon school stop, but I wonder if I should try to talk to her. I don't know if she's married. I don't know if she would even want to talk to me if I walked over there one afternoon. I'm afraid I'd get tased or sprayed with mace if I creep her out by walking over to say hi. What should I do? I don't know if I'm really ready to move on yet, but I sure do look forward to my afternoons now.

Signed – StillInMourning

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October 4th
National Taco Day
National Golf Lover’s Day

National Vodka Day

"The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." --John F. Kennedy

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Liberty Bay in Portland, Maine ….. REHAB

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Police in Lincoln, Nebraska cited a man for drinking an alcoholic beverage in the back of a police cruiser. The incident happened just before midnight on September 26th. The Lincoln Police Department said they found 38-year-old Rubin Rollins intoxicated on the street, trying to get to his brother’s house. The police kindly offered him a ride so he wouldn’t struggle getting there in his inebriated state. That’s when they heard a can open in the back of the cruiser and saw him drinking Hurricane Malt Liquor. He was cited for having an open container of an alcoholic beverage. He was then sent to the Bridge Behavioral Health Center. (
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Rihanna’s Hollywood home has been broken into for the second time this month. (

Kevin Spacey is being sued by a male masseuse who claims the actor forced him to touch his genitals during a massage.

CNN founder Ted Turner revealed that he’s suffering from a form of dementia. (

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An escaped Florida inmate was caught after he stopped to order a sweet tea at a restaurant near the prison. (

Mexico has disarmed the entire Acapulco Police force because of their ties to drug cartels. (

A video has gone viral of Michael Jordan downing multiple glasses of wine at a soccer game in France.

The city of Venice is considering a ban on alcohol to fight tourism. (

A security breach has given hackers access to over fifty million Facebook accounts. (

A new study found that pet owners are happier than people who don’t have pets. (

A new study found that 1 in 4 workers has quit a job over a long commute. (
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Toilet seat covers are basically pointless.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Abscotchalater (ab-SKOCH-uh-late-er)
-Someone hiding from the police.

From absquatulate (v.) 1837, "Facetious U.S. coinage", perhaps based on a mock-Latin negation of squat "to settle." Said to have been used by the U.S. Western character "Nimrod Wildfire" in the play "The Kentuckian," as re-written by British author William B. Bernard and staged in London in 1833.

Used in a sentence:
“We found an abscotchalater hiding in the abditory in the back of the barn!”

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A Penn State student is facing trial after charging $15,000 for porn on his ex-roommate’s debit card. Parker Schoem is facing four felonies, after allegedly stealing his former roommate’s debit card information and spending over $15,000 on adult websites for over three years. In August, Schoem’s ex-roommate became aware of a large sum of money missing from his bank account, after returning to Penn State from serving with the South Korean Army. State College Police tracked the purchase information to miscellaneous pornographic websites linked to Schoem’s email address. According to a court document, 21-year-old Schoem allegedly confessed to the use of the card to access live pornographic pay-per-view events for about two years in mid-September.

Police in Southern California arrested a 20-year-old man and two teenage boys last week after they allegedly scammed people in a fake funeral scheme. Authorities said Richard Navarrete, of San Bernardino, California, and two unidentified 14-year-olds were taken into custody on Monday after they allegedly accepted cash donations for the funeral of a young boy who they falsely claimed had died. The suspects were allegedly accepting donations near a highway in Victorville, California, just north of San Bernardino, when a police officer initiated a “pedestrian check” and launched an investigation.
“Through investigation, deputies discovered the boy was not deceased and was in fact the son of Navarrete’s friend,” the department said in a statement. “Each of the subjects had water bottles containing money that had been donated as a result of the fraudulent signs.” Police interviewed one of the alleged victims near the scene and are searching for others who may have fallen victim to the scam. The suspects are facing charges of theft by false pretenses.  (
Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.
A Florida man landed in jail Tuesday after police say he was caught with nearly 200 illegally harvested lobster tails in his car.FLORIDA - (

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