Show Notes for Wednesday November 21, 2018

Show Notes for Wednesday November 21, 2018

Today we visit with Duane Tudahl about his new book PRINCE and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions 1983 and 1984 (Expanded Edition)AVAILABLE HERE -


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Wednesday November 21, 2018
"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?"--Robert Browning

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The most interesting race at the Breeders' Cup was over before it even started. Kentucky State Police arrested a 24-year-old man Saturday evening at Churchill Downs after officials say he entered a restricted area, mounted a horse, and rode it out toward the track. Michael Wells-Rody, of Georgetown, Kentucky, was “under the influence of alcohol” and was “loud and disorderly” to Churchill Downs staff, the arrest citation said. After jumping on the horse, he rode it out of the tunnel to the track entrance of Churchill Downs and was caught by police shortly after he made his way to the tunnel. Wells-Rody faces charges of alcohol intoxication in a public place and disorderly conduct. He has since been released from Metro Corrections and is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning. (
The producers of “Game of Thrones” announced that the final season will air in April of 2019. (
Tim Tebow is going to host a TV show called “Million Dollar Mile” that’s produced by LeBron James. Actually, it’s a game show where contestants win money if they run an obstacle course while people try to tackle them. (
Matthew McConaughey revealed that he really wanted to play Jack in “Titanic.” The actor even auditioned with Kate Winslet and walked out feeling pretty confident that he got the role.(
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Harley Davidson has unveiled their very first electronic motorcycle. It comes out in 2019. (

Uno, Pinball, and the Magic 8 Ball have all been inducted to the National Toy Hall of Fame. (

A new study found that Ketamine can reduce suicidal thoughts and depression symptoms after one dose. Ketamine is often sold in night clubs as “Special K.” (

A Wallet Hub survey found that Atlanta, Georgia is the best city for dating because of its low cost restaurants and number of available people. (

Taco Bell is now taking reservations for people who want to hold special occasions there. Each party is capped at one hour in length. (

A female employee was arrested at a South Carolina McDonald’s after she assaulted her manager because he told her to stop eating bacon. The manager ordered her to stop eating breakfast food in the kitchen and she attacked him. (

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Mr. Rogers announced that he was feeding his fish on every episode of his show because a blind viewer once asked if they were okay.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

Ochlophobist (OK-la-FOW-bist)
-One who fears or has an aversion to large crowds.

From Greek “okhlos” - crowd, mob + “phobos” - fearing + -ist. First known use: 1867

Used in a sentence:
“The closer it gets to Christmas, the more I realize just what an ochlophobist I am!”

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A burglary suspect made a pot of coffee before stealing items from a Florida business. He was arrested after investigators found his DNA on a cigarette butt and empty cups of coffee left behind inside the building. Deputies with Walton County Sheriff’s Office said James Dexter Jackson entered the Regional Utilities on Santa Rosa Beach from a rear door on March 17th. The victims said they had personal sheds on the property and several items were scattered around the area, with few missing, including several fishing rods and a wakeboard. Inside of the buildings were several tables typically used for meetings. Investigators said Jackson entered the building from the rear door to make a pot of coffee. A Styrofoam cup was found near the coffee pot, and another was located on a small table near an open window. A cigarette butt was found shoved between the screen and building. The cups and cigarette were collected as evidence and sent to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab. Officials said the results later showed DNA found on the items belonged to Jackson. He was arrested this week and faces a grand theft and burglary charge. (

A police report states that a Texas woman wearing an oversized dog’s head costume robbed a Houston convenience before leading cops on a vehicle chase that ended with her arrest.
According to investigators, Colleen Dickens, a 30-year-old mother of two, robbed a Stripes store of cigarettes and $10 in cash Thursday morning. She then fled the scene in a car but was quickly apprehended by police officers. After a short chase, Dickens emerged from her car wearing a large dog’s head. Police seized the furry costume part as evidence. Dickens was named yesterday in criminal complaints charging her with robbery and using a motor vehicle to evade arrest or detention, both felonies. Dickens, a Houston resident, is being held in the Harris County jail in lieu of $12,500 bail. Since she kept trying to spit on jailers, Dickens was photographed as a corrections officer held a towel over her mouth. In addition to the dog’s head, Dickens was also wearing a pair of wings. (

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A Broward County man brought a tiger into a grocery store and later told police it was his therapy animal FAKE NEWS
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Congress Members From Opposing Parties Are Visiting Each Other’s Districts So They Can Work Better Together in DC