Show Notes for Friday January 11, 2019

Show Notes for Friday January 11, 2019

Today we visit with Dakota Fred Hurt, star of Discovery’s Gold Rush: White Water, just returned for their second season, it's the spin-off of GOLD RUSH (Discovery’s #1 show). Watch it on Fridays at 10 PM on Discovery.

The Dakota Boys are back for a second season – risking it all in a death-defying hunt for gold in the remote mountains of Southeast Alaska. From the producers of GOLD RUSH, Discovery’s #1-rated show, GOLD RUSH: WHITE WATER returns for a second season on Friday, January 4 at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

Catch the current season, along with past seasons of GOLD RUSH: WHITE WATER, on the Discovery GO app – free with their paid TV subscription.

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January 11
National Arkansas Day
National Milk Day
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
National Step in the Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day


A study by Northwestern University found half of adults who think they have a food allergy don’t really have one. (

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Deputies at the Lafourche Parish Jail in Louisiana found a gun concealed in the buttocks of a man arrested after police found a “zip gun” and homemade silencers in his truck. Golden Meadow Police Department officers spotted suspicious activity at the home of Lori Dupuy. When the officers approached to investigate, Dupuy gave a false name and then fled the scene. The officers then questioned Justin Savoie, who was also at the home. During a pat down of Savoie, officers discovered a concealed handgun, marijuana, and a pipe used for smoking marijuana. The officers also spotted a homemade “zip gun” on the floorboard of Savoie’s truck, which was parked with the door open, and found several additional firearms and homemade suppressors inside the truck. While Savoie was undergoing a strip search during his processing into the Lafourche Parish sub-station, deputies found a small gun concealed in his buttocks. Savoie was charged with first offense possession of marijuana, a felony charge of taking contraband to penal institution, and a felony charge of improper registration of a firearm. (


Colton Underwood’s virginity has become a hot topic after the season premiere of “The Bachelor.” (

Thousands of fans confused a picture of Kris Jenner for her daughter Kim Kardashian after she posted a selfie on Instagram Tuesday.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has not responded to Christian Bale’s harsh comments about him at the Golden Globes. (

Melissa McCarthy revealed that she snuck thirty ham sandwiches into the Golden Globes on Sunday. (

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Sears arranged to remain open yesterday after receiving a last-minute revised bid from Chairman Eddie Lampert's hedgefund, ESL Investments. The agreement came after a twice-delayed hearing in bankruptcy court. The $4.4 billion bid will keep 425 jobs open and 68,000 people nationwide employed, at least for the time being.

A 114-year-old Cleveland Heights, Ohio, woman who was believed to be the oldest person in the U.S. died yesterday. Family members attribute Lessie Brown's longevity to a diet heavy on sweet potatoes. Brown became the country’s oldest person following the May 9, 2018, death of 114-year-old Delphine Gibson, of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

A new smart refrigerator called “The DrinkShift” will keep track of have many beers you down and order new ones when you’re running low. (

Chris Rock told a New York crowd that he would never host the Oscars because it’s become too politically correct. (

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Benjamin Franklin invented water-skiing?


Kenophobia… Fear of empty spaces.

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A woman in Palm Beach County was arrested after allegedly assaulting her parents when they refused to take her to an Outback restaurant. 28-year-old Deana Seltzer was charged with domestic battery, battery on a person 65 years of age or older, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The victim’s mother told police that Seltzer asked to go to Outback. When the mother said no, that’s when Seltzer became enraged and began punching her chest and arms. Police said Seltzer’s father tried to break up the fight, and she began assaulting him. He received scratches to his face and upper body. Officials said Seltzer then began running around the home and flipped over a large glass table, recliners, and other pieces of furniture. She then ripped a 12-inch decorative knife off a wall and ran toward her father while screaming, “I’m going to [EXPLETIVE] kill you.” He was able to grab her arm and wrestle the knife from her. Police arrived on scene and set up a perimeter around the home. Seltzer eventually ran out of the home and was taken into custody. Officials said the first thing Seltzer said to responding officers was: “They should have taken me to Outback and this wouldn’t have happened.” (

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Heather Carpenter, a substitute teacher at Phillippi Shores Elementary School, will be arraigned Friday for allegedly sabotaging the principal’s party at a Sarasota park by dumping human feces on the grills and tables. Police said 42-year-old Carpenter was angry over a complaint she filed at school and wanted revenge on the principal. The sub allegedly was witnessed in rubber gloves and a face mask around 6:30 a.m. Dec. 1st at Urfer Park putting fecal matter around the pavilion, which was reserved for the birthday party of the principal’s 6-year-old daughter. Officers spoke to the principal who explained she had an ongoing dispute with a substitute teacher, who taught her daughter’s class. The detectives went to the home of Carpenter, who allegedly confessed to the act of revenge. She told officers she flung the poop around the pavilion because she was upset over how a complaint she filed at school was being handled and wanted to disrupt the birthday festivities. Carpenter was arrested Dec. 7 on suspicion of criminal mischief. (

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Doctors on a Plane Save Woman’s Life by Constructing Makeshift 
Ventilator Out of Nearby Parts