Show Notes for Tuesday January 15, 2019

Show Notes for Tuesday January 15, 2019

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A study by Northwestern Mutual found that 1 in 5 Millennials with debt expect to die without every paying it off.

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According to a Casper, Wyoming police report, A blow-up Frosty the Snowman survived an attack by an intoxicated woman early Monday morning. Two officers responded to a disturbance at 2:47 a.m. where a woman had come to a man's apartment in the building and barged inside. The man said he heard banging on his door, opened it, and Alexis Sue Burns pushed her way inside, unwelcome and unknown by him. He asked her who she was, what was wrong, and she told him to “sit the f--k down” before he picked her up and pushed her outside. He locked the door, called police, and described the younger woman who was wearing a black shirt and no coat. She walked down a stairway and the man was able to hear her screaming and yelling outside and in the street. Then it got really weird. According to the police report, “Upon arrival, the officer observed the described female wrestling with a blow-up snowman Christmas decoration in front of Magic City Stoves.” Burns was taken into custody for public intoxication and malicious mischief. (


Actress Rose McGowan has stuck a plea deal with Virginia prosecutors after being arrested last year for cocaine possession.

“Band of Brothers” actor Neal McDonough refuses to kiss actresses on screen out of respect for his wife and his religion. He says it even cost him close to a $1 million role on the show “Scoundrels”. Http://

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Bud Light will begin posting large nutrition labels on its beer cans starting next month. (

A New York City couple is being accused of using a spy cam to watch their nanny shower. (

Paris’ first all-nude restaurant has closed due to a lack of customers. 

Twitter users are accusing Piers Morgan of faking his stay at a British hospital after he posted a selfie that showed him lying in a gown on Friday. 

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has agreed to pay as much as $800 million in penalties to settle lawsuits over false emissions readings on diesel vehicles. The Justice Department filed suit against the automaker in 2017 over the Environmental Protection Agency’s finding that it had used illegal engine-control software that turned off pollution controls under certain driving conditions. The software enabled the vehicles to pass emissions tests while allowing them to release higher levels of pollutants in normal driving, according to the EPA. Fiat Chrysler will also pay $19 million to settle a suit brought by the State of California for noncompliant vehicles.

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The Speedwell was the name of the ship that was supposed to accompany the Mayflower on its historic journey across the Atlantic in 1620... it was left behind in Plymouth, England, when it started taking on water.

Vestiphobia… Fear of clothing.

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Many of us have had to deal with a co-worker eating our food at work, but what about a burglar doing it? Boynton Beach police arrested 29-year-old Yvelande Jean-Pierre last Wednesday for just that. According to police, Jean-Pierre broke into a substation and stole two pre-made meals belonging to an officer from the refrigerator. She actually warmed one up and ate it. Upon finding the scene the next day, detectives discovered Jean-Pierre left her ID behind. Police also said Jean-Pierre was caught on surveillance. Jean-Pierre has since been charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief. (

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A driver in Manitoba, Canada tried to excuse his speeding by telling police officers that he’d been listening to Mötley Crüe‘s “Kickstart My Heart” at the time of the offense. The glam metal band’s November 1989 single apparently came on the radio in the driver’s car just before he was pulled over by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which the driver then tried to use as justification for his speeding. A post on the RCMP’s Facebook page last Monday confirmed the incident, which saw the driver – who was driving 90 mph – being fined $639 for the offense. According to the post, the RCMP officer who pulled over the unnamed driver was also listening to “Kickstart My Heart” at the same time as they were both tuned into the same radio station. (

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Albert Einstein was a genius but his brother frank was a monster 
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Veteran Gets to Meet, Reward Detroit Teen Girls Who Returned Wallet With Cash