Show Notes for Friday May 17, 2019

Show Notes for Friday May 17, 2019

Today we visit with New York Times Best Selling Author David Randall about his new book Black Death at The Golden Gate.

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A new survey found that one in two Americans takes prescription drugs.(

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Police arrested 68-year-old Gary Wayne Anderson of Florida for a DUI charge after he crashed his lawn mower into a Haines City police vehicle. Anderson’s driver’s license has been suspended since 1978. He has two prior DUI convictions. Anderson failed the field sobriety test and was taken to the Haines City Police Department. At the department, Anderson told officers he had been poisoned by police and demanded to be taken to a hospital. At Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center, his blood-alcohol level was .241 – more than three times the legal limit of 0.08%. Police reported that cocaine was also found in Anderson’s system. The crash caused minor damage to the rear bumper of the police car. According to Chief Elensky of the Haines City Police Department, “It’s never a good idea to get behind the wheel drunk, even if that wheel is to a Craftsman, Massey Ferguson, or John Deere.” (

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx posed together as a couple for the first time ever at the Met Gala. (

Tom Hanks will join Savannah Guthrie as a co-host of “NBC News Today” on May 23rd live from Indianapolis to promote the Indy 500. (

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The Vatican’s official magazine published a piece about the secret sex lives of nuns. (

Taylor Swift is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly that hits newsstands Monday... and Tyra Banks is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. (

Victoria’s Secret is rethinking its annual fashion show and could take it off of TV.

Meghan Markle’s former husband Trevor Engelson got married in California on Saturday. (

“Full House” star John Stamos is selling his French-style California home for $7 million. (

A Milwaukee Bucks fan bought Danica Patrick and her female friend two beers during Wednesday night’s game but didn’t acknowledge her boyfriend, Aaron Rogers, who was sitting right next to her. (

MTV has cut ties with “Teen Mom” star Janelle Evans when she refused to dump her boyfriend after he admitted to killing their family dog.

A video has gone viral of the annual chihuahua races in Chattanooga, Tennessee. (

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AOL Was Once Responsible for Half of All CDs Produced. When AOL was giving away internet via CDs in the mail, spending some $300 million to produce and mail them during its 1990s peak, the early online giant was producing a whopping 50 percent of all CDs being made in the world.


Gymnophobia... Fear of nakedness

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What's worse than losing your AirPods? Finding one inside your belly. A Taiwanese man named Hsu went through this unusual experience when he went to sleep and somehow his right AirPod slipped its way into his mouth and down his stomach. He was able to locate the missing AirPod using the 'Find My AirPods' feature. “I could hear the ‘beep, beep’ sound, which seemed to follow me around the room, “says Hsu. After searching his room thoroughly, he realized that the sound was coming from within his stomach and it suddenly dawned on him, “I swallowed my Airpod.” To get himself checked, he went to the Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital where the doctors confirmed through his X-ray that the AirPod was indeed inside his stomach. Hsu was prescribed a laxative and advised by doctors to monitor his poop as they waited for things to pass through usually. Otherwise, surgery would be needed. The next day, as Hsu answered his call of nature, behold! he found the missing AirPod. Amazingly, the defecated device still had 41% battery remaining. In what can either be a very proud or very embarrassing moment for fans of Apple products, Hsu cleaned the AirPod and started using it again.far. (

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A Florida man might not want to take Snapchat video suggestions from his nephew anymore. According to Sarasota police, Brian Slocum walked into a pawnshop on Tuesday evening. He had his infant son in a carrier when he approached the clerk. The 43-year-old single dad then put the carrier on the counter, spun it around, and asked what he could get for the baby. “This is what I got. I know there’s no one under 18 in here, but he’s barely used, 7-1/2 months old, what do you think he’s worth?” Slocum is heard on a video that was posted on his Snapchat. He didn’t get an offer. The Sarasota Police Department got a phone call instead from the clerk. The department said in a Facebook post, “The pawn shop clerk did take the comments made by Mr. Slocum very seriously and we appreciate him immediately notifying us.” Slocum reached out to police, too, when he saw his video all over social media — not just on his Snapchat account. He told police the visit and request of the clerk at A&F Pawn Jewelry and Loan was a prank. He said his nephew had suggested he post “silly videos” on Snapchat, but this one went seriously wrong. (

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19-Year-old Construction Worker Uses Crane to Rescue Over a Dozen 
People From Apartment Fire