Show Notes for Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Today we visit with Lt. Joe Kenda about his latest program “Homicide Hunter: Devil in the Mountains” which premiered recently on Investigation Discovery, and is available to stream now on Discovery+.


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December 28

Holy Innocents Day

National Card Playing Day

National Chocolate Candy Day

National Short Film Day

Pledge of Allegiance Day

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If you’re going to a New Year’s Eve party this year, be sure to head for home by 1am. A new survey looked at 2,000 adults’ plans for the special night and found 52% of respondents agree that the appropriate time to leave is within an hour of the ball dropping to ring in the New Year. Those who usually host typically invite about 19 guests, although this year, 71% of regular hosts said they plan to invite more people than usual. The survey, by OnePoll, also found that when it comes to being a good guest at a New Year’s Eve bash, you should bring a bottle of wine or alcohol (58%) or a dessert (48%) for the host to put out.

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Awkward news for those countries and municipalities that have made strides toward banning the use of single-use shopping bags: According to an eye-popping estimate by the Denmark Ministry of the Environment, a cotton bag needs to be used at least 7,100 times to make it a truly environmentally friendly alternative to a conventional plastic bag. The answer to what’s the greenest replacement for a single-use plastic bag isn’t straightforward, but the bottom line is this: Reuse whatever bags you already have, as many times as you can.


Avatar: The Way of Water” has marked a major milestone at the box office. The sci-fi epic has surpassed $550 million in global ticket sales, however, the $350 million-budgeted film sequel still has ways to go in order to start making a profit during its theatrical run. In just the first 5 days after its release, “Avatar 2” became one of this year’s 8 films to cross the half-billion mark worldwide. So far, the film has remained steady at the box office. On Tuesday, action-adventure flick added a solid $40.5 million internationally, and it seems on track to hit $1 billion by the New Year, according to industry experts.

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According to the American Research Group, the average American mall-goer is spending around $1000 dollars on Christmas.

Man, you can definitely tell we’re into the thick of the holiday season.

Report: About 40% of us will spend Christmas with extended family.

Sex has topped a list of what made people the happiest in 2022.

Researchers are suggesting that having sex is actually very good for your health.

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Not getting enough sleep and being hungry are the two biggest reasons for being angry.

Statistics show that people with high, medium and low-income groups spend about the same amount on Christmas gifts.

Per calorie, broccoli has more protein than beef.

Pound for pound, hamburgers cost more than new cars.

No one knows who named Earth.

The human brain named itself.


Question: A surprising 68% of millennials don’t own THIS common item. What is it?

Answer: A toaster

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Everyone has heard those stories about the number of disgusting germs and bacteria found on our smartphones. For example, The University of Arizona found there are 12 times more bacteria on a cell phone than on an average toilet seat. That’s one reason this is so awesome: Twitter user @shao1555 shared a video from a McDonald’s in Japan that has a phone sanitizing station right next to the restroom sink. In the video, shao1555 can be seen placing their phone into a slot labeled “Smart phone.” The phone is automatically taken down into the sanitizing machine, where a lid closes and UV lights come on. After a moment, the sanitized phone is then sent back up for the owner to retrieve. The sink phone sanitizer is called the “Wosh”, and its manufacturer “Wota” says it can sanitize a phone in about 30 seconds, removing about 99.9% of bacteria. LINK:

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Q-Tips: Let’s just get this one right out of the way…THEY DON’T GO IN THE EAR!

Pop-Tarts: The correct serving size is one pastry, but they were originally packaged in twos to save money…and it caught on.

Axe body spray: The directions say to spray on the wrist and/or neck.

Trampolines: They come with a warning that “No more than one individual should jump at one time.”

Vicks VapoRub: The instructions say not to put it directly in the nostril.

Antiperspirant: It works better if it’s applied at night. This is because it can then be absorbed by your skin, allowing the aluminum salts to clog your pores/sweat glands.

WD-40: Believe it or not, it’s not a lubricant. Spraying it on things like hinges can attract dust, making the situation worse in the long term.

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It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the dog’s owner – and the distance you are from your car. - Demetri Martin

I think it’s interesting that cologne rhymes with alone.” – Demetri Martin

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11 Formerly Homeless Veterans Have A Place To Call Home Just In Time For Christmas