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February 18

National Battery Day

National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day

National Drink Wine Day

National Red Sock Day

February 19

National Arabian Horse Day

National Chocolate Mint Day

National Lash Day

National Vet Girls RISE Day

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A study suggests that putting our clocks ahead to daylight saving, and leaving them there, could help fight climate change. The findings, published in Environmental Research Letters, show how researchers simulated the heating and cooling demands of office buildings for 15 US cities, and analyzed the impact that daylight saving could have until the year 2050. They determined that under current climate conditions, daylight saving time reduces cooling demand by 5.9%, but increased heating demand by 4.4%. But as the environment warms, they found that daylight saving time could reduce cooling demand by up to 5.4%, while increasing heating demand by 3.2%. In both cases daylight saving results in a net decrease in energy used. They say that moving our clocks forward permanently by one hour could be a tool to help reduce carbon emissions and adapt to the climate crisis.

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In many Chinese cities, there is a service called “Jam Busting” that allows drivers who are caught in traffic and need to get somewhere quickly to be picked up right away. Two people arrive; one to quickly get you through traffic on a motorcycle, and the other drops off your car at your arranged location.


According to a report, Ryan Reynolds is teaming-up with Toronto-based real estate development corporation Remington Group to purchase the Ottawa Senators NHL team. The Ottawa Sun says that Reynolds and Remington will make a bid to purchase the team, and plans to build a new arena in downtown Ottawa. If the deal goes through, Reynolds will be the face of the team. It’s expected the sale price of the club will exceed US $800 million. The “Deadpool” actor is also reportedly planning to create a series surrounding the purchase of the team and the construction of the new stadium. It would be similar to the “Welcome to Wrexham” series that has been produced since Reynolds co-purchased the Wales-based soccer team Wrexham FC.

The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t the only ones celebrating after Sunday night’s victory over the Philadelphia Eagles during Super Bowl 57. The telecast, which was broadcast on Fox and digital platforms, averaged 113 million viewers, according to early Nielsen data. That makes it the most-watched Super Bowl since 2017’s Patriots vs. Falcons matchup. The audience shot up to 118.7M viewers during Rihanna‘s halftime show, the most-watched halftime show since Katy Perry in 2015, and second most-watched Super Bowl halftime performance on record.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are taking their humor on the road. The former “Saturday Night Live” co-stars have announced their first-ever live tour together, titled “The Restless Leg Tour”. In a joint statement, Poehler and Fey said: “If this tour goes right, we can finally end this friendship!” Things start April 28 in Washington DC, before moving on to stops in Chicago, Boston and Atlantic City. The funny ladies plan to share stories from their 30 years of friendship and their careers from the stage.

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The move to paper straws is definitely better for the environment, but nobody likes it when it gets all soggy and self-destructs on your second sip. But hang in there, because scientists at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology say they are developing a 100% biodegradable, environmentally-friendly paper straw that doesn’t get soggy. It turns out that the paper straws we use these days aren’t just made of paper. If they were made of 100% paper, they’d get so soggy that they wouldn’t even be usable as a straw. So, manufacturers coat the surface with polyethylene, or acrylic resin, both of which are ingredients in plastic bags and adhesives. But that coating material doesn’t fully decompose – becoming microplastics instead. The South Korean researchers managed to come up with a coating material which is made of the same stuff that largely makes up paper, and can completely break down in the environment.

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Being a good leader is 30% genetic.

When you become really close to someone, you can hear their voice in your head when you read their texts.

The use of CAPITAL LETTERS to denote shouting dates back to the 19th century.

The US Embassy in Kathmandu has guidelines on what to do if a yeti is found.

Canada has a maple syrup reserve to ensure global supply in case of emergency.


Question: A survey asked: “What are the little things that make you happy?” What was the #1 answer?

Answer: A hug

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McDonald’s is offering its iconic Big Mac Sauce as a condiment served in a dip cup in Canada. Unlike the brand’s traditional dipping sauces, which are typically available free with the purchase of menu items, Big Mac Sauce (also known as “special sauce” and “secret sauce”) in dip cup form is listed as a condiment on the McDonald’s Canada website and is priced at 30-cents each. Big Mac Sauce dips can be found at participating McDonald’s locations across Canada through March 6. LINK:

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Shave your head once and get a tattoo on your entire scalp OR shave your eyebrows off permanently?

Date someone who is always negative OR date someone who is always falsely positive?

Windsurf on shark-inhabited waters OR hang-glide over a forest fire?

Live the rest of your life in good health and bad debt OR be constantly sickly with a runny nose, cough, and periodic fever, but with great wealth?

Have all your friends be smarter than you OR have all your friends be much better looking than you?

Have a really big nose and as a result have people call you ‘The Ventilator’ OR have really, really, big ears so that people call you ‘Dumbo’?

Have it rain rocks the size of baseballs OR have it rain darts?

Eat a small can of cat food OR eat 7 whole lemons, including seeds, pulp, juice, and rind?

Ride a bicycle 100 yards along a wooden plank 12-inches-wide, 50 stories above the ground OR walk a quarter-mile along a wooden plank 4-inches-wide, 50 stories above the ground?

Write “I am an idiot” 10,000 times without stopping OR suck 75 thick milkshakes through a skinny straw without resting?

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My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you’re ugly too. - Rodney Dangerfield

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A Student Needed Medical Care And A Home. His Teacher Adopted Him