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February 21

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A few reasons to LOVE Mondays? A new survey says that Mondays are the most productive day of the work week. Plus, almost half (46%) of hybrid workers (those who work from home part of the time) prefer to start their week from their company’s headquarters, compared to just 20% who favor working from home on Mondays. Oh, and if you find Mondays difficult, please know things will get better. A separate OnePoll survey found that the most stressful time of day is 7:23am. This could be the result of a number of things, including getting stuck in traffic, spilling something on one’s clothes, dropping something, and waking up late.

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As of Mon. Feb 6, it’s been 5 years since SpaceX caused a stir by launching Elon Musk’s personal Tesla roadster into outer space, sending the car on an endless journey where it’s expected to remain for millennia. At the 5 year mark, data estimates showed the cherry-colored sports car had completed about 3¼ loops around the sun and was then about 203 million miles (327 million km) from Earth, according to the tracking website . On the other hand, it’s difficult to say for sure where the vehicle is — or to determine if it’s still in one piece, as it’s possible the car has been obliterated by a meteor or eroded beyond recognition by radiation, because current data is based only on calculated estimates of the car’s trajectory.


Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are both getting into superhero shape for “Deadpool 3”, and it’s safe to say there’s some friendly competition between them. On Friday, Reynolds shared a photo on Instagram Story showing him working on his bulging biceps by curling 60-lb. dumbbells. In the caption, he wrote: “I’m not training for Deadpool. I’m training to spend several months with @thehughjackman — who’s not as nice as everyone thinks.” Jackman fired back, reposting the photo and adding a “Ur cute” heart-shaped sticker.

Amid the fallout following the news that “Yellowstone” is reportedly coming to an end, comes an even bigger bombshell: series star Kevin Costner is essentially the reason behind the show’s demise. As a result, series creator Taylor Sheridan and Paramount are reportedly on the same page about ending the series. Deadline reports that Costner got into disagreements with the production team over the shooting schedule. He originally limited himself to 65 days of shooting but later made that 50 shooting days for the first part of Yellowstone’s current season. When it came to the second half, Costner only wanted to film for a week. He’s currently directing and starring in the western epic “Horizon”, which he also co-wrote. With Costner spending less time on the Yellowstone set, he’ll reportedly barely appear in the remaining episodes of Season 5.

Disney has confirmed that it has sequels on the way for “Toy Story”, “Frozen” and “Zootopia”. During an earnings call with investors, CEO Bob Iger made the announcement, saying the company will have “more to share about these productions soon”. The last entry in the main “Toy Story” franchise was 2019’s acclaimed “Toy Story 4”. Last year, Pixar released the spin-off film “Lightyear”, which failed to meet expectations at the box office. On Twitter, Tim Allen confirmed that he’ll be returning to voice ‘Buzz Lightyear’ for “Toy Story 5”. In the spin-off, the character was voiced by Chris Evans. LINK:

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When you book a flight, you probably don’t put much consideration into in which seat you’d be safest in case of an emergency, do you? Nope, like me, you’re probably more interested in legroom…or having a window seat. But just so you know, the middle seats in the last row are statistically the safest ones on an airplane. A “Time” investigation that looked at 35 years of aircraft accident data found the middle rear seats of an aircraft had had the lowest fatality rate: 28%, compared with 44% for the middle aisle seats. Experts say that makes sense because sitting next to an exit row would provide you with the fastest exit — but the wings of a plane store fuel, so this disqualifies the middle exit rows as the safest. Being closer to the front means you’ll be impacted first, which leaves us with the last exit row. As for why the middle seats are safer than the window or aisle seats, that is, as you might expect, because of the buffer provided by having people on either side. Oh, and just in case all this talk of airplane emergencies has left you spooked, remember this: Air travel is the safest mode of transport. In 2019, there were just under 70 million flights globally, with only 287 fatalities.

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The average person in France sleeps 8.83 hours per day, the most in the developed world.

Research has shown that dogs actually like the silly, high-pitched voice their owners use to talk to them.

The word “Huh?” is understood in all languages.


Question: According to a survey, what is the first thing that a modern woman does after breaking up with her boyfriend?

Answer: Unfriend him on Facebook.

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A pet fish did some online shopping and shared its owner’s credit card info — while playing a video game. Japanese YouTuber Mutekimaru, aka Maurice, runs a channel that features his Siamese fighting fish, or betta, playing Pok√©mon video games on a Nintendo Switch gaming console. A malfunction during a recent game, however, returned the device to its home screen. Due to movements the fish made, it opened the Nintendo eShop on the screen and spent $4 of Maurice’s money to purchase points. It also managed to expose its owner’s credit card information on a livestream. And he didn’t stop there. The fish went on to somehow download an app, spend reward money on a new avatar AND ask PayPal for a confirmation email. Then, just for the heck of it, it also managed to change Maurice’s account name from “Mutekimaru” to “ROWAWAWAWA.”

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Chewing gum stays in your stomach for 7 years if you swallow it: Gum actually moves through the digestive tract just like anything else we consume. The difference? It doesn’t get broken down and digested – it just stays a gummy way the whole way.

Eating turkey causes drowsiness: Scientists have discredited this idea, because tryptophan can only cause drowsiness if it’s consumed alone. Turkey also contains several other amino acids. Chances are, the sleepiness you feel after a turkey dinner is a result of the fact you’ve eaten a large, carbohydrate-rich meal.

Celery is a “negative-calorie” food: Science has proven that there are no foods that take more energy to eat and digest than they provide. Oh, and chewing and digesting celery only burns a half-calorie anyway.

Eating raw cookie dough is a health hazard: While it’s true that it could contain Salmonella bacteria, odds are that you won’t get sick, and those who do generally recover without treatment.


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Anonymous Man In US Walked Into Turkish Embassy And Donated $30 Million To Earthquake Victims