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Today we visit with Devon Franklin from the new movie Jesus Revolution. The film was #3 in the nation for opening weekend!


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March 1

National Sunkist® Citrus Day

National Dadgum That’s Good Day

National Fruit Compote Day

National Horse Protection Day

National Minnesota Day

National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

National Pig Day

Self-Injury Awareness Day

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Gen Z’ers are turning to Uber, Lyft and public transportation much more than the generations before them, and that’s probably a good thing. Many in that age group (born between 1997-2013), have never bothered to get a driver’s license, and many of those who are still under 16 don’t plan to, an indicator of a trend away from our “car-centric” culture. US stats show that the percentage of 18-year-olds with a license in 2018 fell nearly 20% from 1983 (80% to 61%). Why the decline? With a ride available at their fingertips, more and more are turning to Uber, Lyft and the bus or subway…or even cabs. For some, concerns over the environment contributed to the decision while, for others, the motive is more financial…or an intentional avoidance of the pressures and possible tensions of driving on busy streets and highways.

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Would you like to have superspeed just like The Flash and other comic book heroes? Don’t laugh, scientists say super speed is already possible — at least among rodents. The study authors hypothesize that repeated stimulation of the nerves in mouse legs could eventually form superfast muscles similar to those that control eye movements. This means that maybe, someday, we could be part of a superhuman society where the limits of human speed are a thing of the past.


Zach Galifianakis has been cast in Disney’s live-action “Lilo & Stitch”. Reportedly he’ll take on the role of ‘Pleakley’ in the movie. That’s the alien character originally voiced by Kevin McDonald in the original 2002 animated film. Dean Fleischer Camp, the Oscar-nominated director of last year’s “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” will be directing the new adaptation. No release date yet.

It’s another HBO boo-boo. After the most recent episode of “The Last of Us” premiered, eagle-eyed fans noticed a blunder that brought to mind the infamous “Game of Thrones” Starbucks cup. In the 6th episode of the series, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s characters ‘Joel’ and ‘Ellie’ are seen alone, crossing a bridge through a snowy landscape. The problem? They weren’t quite so alone. In an aerial shot, members of the crew could be spotted in the far left of the frame. Commenting on a TikTok video highlighting the mistake, one fan commented: “Better than a starbucks cup.” No word yet on whether the network will digitally remove the crew members, as it did with the coffee cup. LINK:

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Season 44 of “Survivor” premieres tonight. Where else can you see people trying to survive in a potentially deadly environment, eating rice and bugs, and constantly wondering who’s going to stab them in the back?

As a parent, you become accustomed to sometimes having to tell your kids “No!” in order to make sure they don’t eat too much junk food…or do any of a number of other things that may not be good for them. But grandparents…not so much. Researchers with the American Dental Association surveyed mothers, and found that more than two-thirds feel that grandparents spoil their young children with too many sugary foods and drinks. Examples of sugary food items (as you might expect) include sodas, juices, baked goods, and candy. And perhaps oddly, while 72% say their children’s grandparents spoil them with sugary treats, only just over half (51%) have ever addressed the topic with the grandparents.

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On average, it costs twice as much to dine out as it does to eat at home.

Walking uses a total of 200 muscles with every step you take.

The crossed bones on a pirate flag are human thighbones.

It requires 7 to 8 trees to provide enough oxygen for just one person per year.

In the 1850s, some Paris newspapers were printed on rubber so they could be read in the bathtub.


Question: 28% of women say they would hate it if a man did THIS for them. What is it?

Answer: Serenade

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Definitely a bad example of “product placement. An advertisement for McDonald’s McCrispy chicken sandwiches placed across the street from a British crematorium is going to be removed after being called “tasteless.” The coincidental placement of the bus stop poster made for some dark humor, but Cornwall, England residents weren’t lovin’ the ad, which was installed opposite the Penmount Crematorium. Following complaints, a McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We were unaware of the road sign in the vicinity of this bus stop…in light of the concerns, we have asked for our advertisement to be removed.”

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An AskReddit thread asked “What is a subtle sign that someone is intelligent?” Here are some of the answers…

☞ “They are aware of their limitations and just how much they still don’t know. As a consequence, they also tend to underestimate themselves.”

☞ “The ability to change their mind when presented with new information. Intelligence is, at its core, a constant reassessment of your own knowledge and the ability to acquire and apply more.”

☞ “They are good at calm debates without resorting to insults, shouting or profanity.

☞ “When it comes to a subject matter they know, they can deconstruct in a way to explain it and use analogies to help it make sense to others.”

☞ “They are unafraid of the phrase, “I don’t know”. It’s only the dumb ones who are unwilling to admit that they don’t have answers.”

☞ “The trick is to be comfortable with saying nothing. Everyone else will be desperate to talk just to be heard, meanwhile you can sit back quietly…If someone else gets there first, all good, the right answer was reached. You’ll get it by thinking carefully, more often than not. Brain first, mouth second.”

☞ ““Quick wit and humor. Speaks to a certain sharpness of the person’s attention and how fast they can communicate.”


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My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them. - Mitch Hedberg

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Woman Rescues Lost Dog On Busy California Freeway