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Dear John,

Not sure what to do. Sadly my brother's wife passed away. This was pretty unexpected. They did not have life insurance because he lost his job during 2020 and they couldn't afford to keep it. He asked me and my sisters to see if we could help. We all agreed to pitch in. I'm happy to help in his time of need. Here's where things get a little sketchy. I got a call from a classmate. He passed along his condolences and mentioned that he participated in the Go Fund Me thing. I asked a little more about that. He sent me a link. My brother is also asking others to pitch in to help with the funeral. My sisters and I had already told him we would do this. Should I say something to my brother about this? It seems odd that he's doing that when we already said we would cover the funeral. Any ideas how I tip-toe through this mine field?

Sad Big Brother.

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A survey finds Americans who identified as a Formula 1 fan rose from 21 percent in 2020 to 28 percent in 2022, a pace that vastly outstrips the growth in NASCAR (up 3 percentage points), IndyCar and NHRA (each up 3 percentage points), and MotoGP (up 6 percentage points). Formula 1 holds only a single race in the United States, and doesn’t have any American drivers; however, the Netflix documentary series Drive to Survive, which takes viewers behind the scenes of the tournament, has been a huge boon to the sport.

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Science came up with the formula for why certain songs can induce strong emotions in people. The researchers found when music suddenly breaks from its expected pattern, our sympathetic nervous system goes on high alert; our hearts race and we start to sweat. Depending on the context, we interpret this state of arousal as positive or negative, happy or sad. The results of the study found that the more emotions a song provokes — whether depressing or uplifting — the more we crave the song.

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She’s still got that Markle Sparkle. Meghan Markle will be awarded the 2023 Women of Vision Award next month — and it will be presented to her by none other than Gloria Steinem. The award is bestowed by the Ms. Foundation, which “works to bring attention to the real challenges facing women, especially women of color and low-income women who are living in poverty”. The Ms. Foundation announced that Markle will be receiving the award “for her global advocacy to empower and advocate on behalf of women and girls.” The ceremony is set for May 16 in New York.

Yellowstone” co-stars Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison have confirmed their romance in a fiery way. In a photo shared to Bingham’s Instagram, the 2 are seen sharing a kiss in front of an open flame, with him captioning their PDA post: “More than a spark.” Harrison’s reaction? She commented: “I love you, cowboy.” In the western drama, Bingham plays ‘Walker’, a musician and former convict who works as a ranch hand at Yellowstone. Harrison, who joined the series in season 3, also plays ranch hand—and ends up becoming Walker’s love interest. LINK:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger made the news for fixing a ‘pothole’ in his LA neighborhood, which turned out to be a utility trench.

Disneyland’s Splash Mountain will close next month. The log flume ride is being shuttered to make way for the California park’s new “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” attraction

Here we are, deep in the heart of “spring cleaning” season. For some, anyway. What would you say is the longest stretch you’ve gone without cleaning your home? A poll of 2,000 Americans found that while half claimed the longest they’ve gone without ever housecleaning is just one month (52%), one in 10 admitted they’ve gone more than 6 months. It was found that on average, it takes 2 hours to do a “light cleaning” at home, and 5 hours to “deep clean.” That includes chores like cleaning the large appliances and washing windows. That may be why 40% said they deep clean twice a year or less. Some tips survey respondents shared to make cleaning easier are to “do one room at a time, then move on,” have “a cleaning schedule for specific things that get cleaned daily” and do “the hardest job first, then it seems to go easier.”

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The first roller coaster to break the 100 mph barrier was Superman: The Escape at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park just north of Los Angeles.

Maine is the closest point in the U.S. to Africa.

Right now, 70 percent of the people driving on U.S. highways are speeding.

There are 74 lobbyists for every one senator in Washington D.C.

If you yelled for over 8 and a half years, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.


Question: More than 170 million Americans have a membership card to this place.

Answer: Public library

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A Monopoly match in Belgium turned into a bloodbath — and not figuratively — after a perturbed neighbor confronted the players with a samurai sword. A group of 4 were playing the game late at night. When it got too loud, a neighbor came to complain — and brought a stick to swing at the rowdy Monopoly players. Things then escalated quickly when the stick-swinging neighbor’s son emerged with a Japanese katana sword. One of the game players attempted to grab the sword, and in doing so removed it from its holster so the blade was unsheathed. The son tried to grab his sword back, leading to a fracas which “caused serious injuries to the two individuals.” Both were taken to hospital, and arrested.

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Sunshine: A ravenous appetite often develops because of a lack of serotonin. Sunshine brightens up your mood and minimizes the risk of binge eating.

Tea: Hot, unsweetened tea can be very soothing for your stomach and can ease the craving sensations.

Meditate: It helps you cope with stress, which is often the cause of these seemingly insatiable attacks.

Cool off your palate: An ice-cold sensation in your mouth works wonders against cravings. Feel some cravings coming on? Just suck on an ice cube.

Vitamins: Instead of chocolate or other sweet stuff, eat a handful of dried fruits. This way your body receives not only the sweetness you’re seeking, but also vitamins and minerals.

Coffee break: Coffee or green tea can reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism.

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If you come to a fork in the road, take it. – Yogi Berra

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Garbage Man's Act Of Kindness Reunites Bride With Family Heirloom