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Today we visit with a very funny stand up comic, Greg Warren. He has a new comedy special out right now. See “The Salesman” for FREE here:


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May 12

National Sapphire Segulah Day

International Me/cfs Awareness Day

International Nurses Day

National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

National Nutty Fudge Day

National Odometer Day

National Limerick Day

National Military Spouse Appreciation Day

National Provider Appreciation Day

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How much do you love this idea? Mosquito season ALL YEAR ’ROUND! Scientists are saying that’s a possibility, thanks to the artificial light in today’s well-lit cities. It seems that these days, mosquitoes are waking up sooner from their winter slumber, and that could be a major health issue if they’re carrying diseases like the West Nile virus. A new study from Ohio State University found that the lights we use every day in our homes and cities are disrupting mosquito behavior. And while the changes suggest mosquitoes may not survive all they way to winter if they’re still active, it also implies that they’re biting much longer into the fall.

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The “laugh-cry” emoji is the most popular in the world, even if younger people are, like, SOOOO over it. Researchers from University of Southern California analyzed millions of tweets in 30 countries, looking at how and when Twitter users turn to over 1,700 different emojis. They found “laugh-cry” is still a more universally utilized sign than the traditional smiley face.

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Suicide Squad” star Cara Delevingne has scored a role in the upcoming “American Horror Story” Season 12. Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk previously cast Kim Kardashian and AHS regular Emma Roberts in starring roles. This will be the first season of the show based on a novel, as Danielle Valentine’s thriller “Delicate Condition” will provide the foundation for the story. The novel follows a woman who is convinced that a sinister creature is trying to stop her from becoming pregnant. It’s unclear who Delevingne will play in the series.

As you’re no doubt aware, CBS aired the final episode of “The Late Late Show” after a 28-year run, and its termination may have had to do with the show’s declining profitability. Los Angeles magazine is quoting a source as saying that the late-night show, hosted by James Corden since 2015, cost $60-65 million per year to produce — but only made less than $45 million. The anonymous exec said: “It was simply not sustainable. CBS could not afford him anymore.” Corden announced his exit as host in April 2022, but at the time, it was unclear at the time if the Late Late Show franchise would continue.

The acrimonious relationship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will be revisited in a new book by journalist Nick Wallis. “Depp v Heard: The Unreal Story,” out May 17, covers the 2 jaw-dropping trials that unfolded in the wake of the couple’s 2016 split. The author calls it “an attempt to pull apart the evidence from both the UK and US trials and piece together what really happened.” Wallis says he is the only journalist to cover both trials extensively.

Amber Heard’s ‘Mera’ will be back in the new “Aquaman” movie. On Tuesday, Warner Bros. previewed “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” at CinemaCon, and the footage confirmed Heard’s return to the series. Amid her legal battle with Johnny Depp last year, some had speculated the actress would be cut from the franchise. Heard testified that she had “fought really hard to stay in,” claiming, “they” didn’t want to include her in the movie, and her role had been “pared down”. Despite that, Heard appeared in the footage, alongside star Jason Momoa. “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” is scheduled for release Dec. 20.

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A married Japanese couple has worn matching outfits every day for 40 years.

There is a big money mistake you should be careful to avoid – because it can ruin your marriage. Personal finance advisor Ramit Sethi, the host of the new Netflix series “How To Get Rich”, says that couples, who fail to discuss their finances and implement a plan of action to save, could pay big time when it comes to fighting about money. Sethi feels that the biggest mistake we make is to “avoid our money”. By that, he means “We wait until something comes up, and then we react to it, and we do that for the next 50 years.” According to him, couples generally lack a vision of what their money should do for them. Quote: “People will argue over how much one person spends at Target. We’ve got to stop asking $3 questions, and start asking $30,000 questions.” He feels that 5-10% of a couple’s earnings should go into savings, and another 5-10% into investments.

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More than one-fifth of all the calories consumed by humans is provided by rice alone.

Despite the fact that she has her own fragrance line, Beyoncé is allergic to perfume.

Bullfrogs do not sleep.

A typical pair of tennis shoes will last 500 miles (805km) of walking.

The fastest gust of wind (non-tornado) ever recorded on Earth was 253mph (407km/h).


Question: This food is so universally popular that 93% of people worldwide like it.

Answer: Popcorn

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A man in Chile landed in the hospital after drinking an atomic cocktail at his bachelor party and slipping into a coma. The groom-to-be drank a cocktail with alcohol, mustard, margarine and bacon and passed out.

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✗ “If you have back pain, you need bedrest until it improves”: No current medical guidelines recommend limiting activity – exercise is even encouraged. Prolonged bed rest makes most kinds of back pain worse, and stiffens back muscles. (I find I need whiskey, not bedrest, until it improves…)

✗ “You should avoid dairy products when you have a cold”: Recent studies show milk and dairy product intake does not increase symptoms of congestion or nasal secretion. Additionally, coughs became looser with increasing milk and dairy product intake. (Yeah, but ice cream just doesn’t taste the same…)

✗ “Antibiotics cure sinus infections faster than no antibiotics”: Most sinus infections are caused by viruses. Doctors tend to prescribe antibiotics, but those should only be used to treat bacterial infections. Taking antibiotics unnecessarily results in resistance against bacterial infections.

✗ “Air hand dryers are more sanitary than paper towels”: An independent study found that neither method is more hygienic than the other, and the most important thing to focus on is handwashing technique.

✗ “The flu shot can give you the flu”: Shut up. Just. Shut. Up. But also, remember that it takes 2 weeks for the flu shot to become fully effective, so if you get sick 2 days after being vaccinated, you were already infected when you got the shot.

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If you love something set it free, but don’t be surprised if it comes back with herpes. - Chuck Palahniuk

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'This Guy Is Batman': Hero Bus Driver Jumps Into Driverless Car Through Window And Stops It