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Dear John,

I just had a first. It went well, I guess, but it was really hard. The problem is that I can't get over something that happened in the delivery room. And my husband is being a jerk for not backing me up. I was groaning... crying... okay, sometimes screaming in pain. That's normal, right? What would anyone expect? But after a couple of hours, the doctor says, "Can you calm down a bit?". Then he made a Shushing sound over and over. Really? Like has this guy ever been through anything like this? I'm the patient here pushing a watermelon out through my body. It hurts. It's two weeks later, and I'm still really upset. I don't want to take my baby back to the doc for a checkup. My husband says he was just trying to help me relax and was making calming sounds to help me deal with the pain. But that's not how I remember it. And who is my husband to tell me what to feel about having a baby? I'm right about this. We should not go back to the doctor and I want to write a letter to the hospital. That's not out of line. Right?


Mad Momma

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If you want to get your kids to eat their vegetables, here’s how to do it: Eat yours first. According to a survey of 2,000 parents with children 6 and younger, 53% have noticed their kids eating unwanted vegetables just to mimic them. 78% believe their children learned their table manners simply by imitating them at the table. What else did OnePoll find out from the parents of these little monst….err…angels?

80% described eating with their child as one of their favorite ways to bond.

72% said it’s important that their meals are eaten at an actual dining or kitchen table.

73% have witnessed their child use the same language as them in conversations, picking up complex words and phrases like “predicament” or “appropriate,” plus common expressions like “thank you” or “excuse me.”

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Parrots that have been taught to contact their feathered friends via Facetime appear less isolated or lonely. That’s according to a recent study at Northeastern University in Boston. The researchers said that parrots are a highly social species, and when they live with humans, they’re usually isolated from other birds, which can lead to loneliness and boredom. In the study, parrots were taught the association between ringing a bell and their owner bringing an iPad with a selection of birds. Then, the parrot could choose which one they’d like to call via video. The researchers noted that it was important to allow the parrots to choose which of their “friends” to call.

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Gayle King and Charles Barkley are teaming up to host a new CNN prime show named after themselves. “King Charles” will air on Wednesdays starting this fall and will continue through 2024. King said in the announcement: “To me, live TV is like working without a net. So, whatever happens, happens.” Barkley added, “I want it to be nonpolitical… but we don’t want to say we’re a Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat; that’s one of the things that’s already ruined television in general.” LINK:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has broken yet another box office record for animation with an estimated $58 million in its third weekend. Not only that, but Mario scored the 7th best third weekend for any film. And when the final total is in, the movie’s estimated $58 million weekend take could rise to $60 mil. Universal says “Super Mario Bros.” will pass the $850 million mark worldwide by today, putting it in position in this week to pass the $939 million global total of “Minions: The Rise of Gru”, and become the highest grossing animated film of the post-shutdown era.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has officially accomplished what no other animated movie has since the pandemic began: reach the $1 billion mark at the global box office. The Nintendo adaptation hit the mark at the start of its 4th weekend in theaters, adding an estimated $37.5 million from North American theaters along with an estimated $69 million overseas. It’s the 11th film in animated history and the first of the 2020s to reach $1 billion, passing “Minions: The Rise of Gru” to become the highest-grossing movie of the post-shutdown era.

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A clothing company has developed a shirt that can be worn 100 days straight without developing any odors.

Toronto ON is the latest city to experience Karen’s Diner, a concept built on “great burgers and rude service”. Turning the tables on demanding and entitled “Karens” — the stereotypical customer who asks to speak to the manager and makes the most ridiculous requests — the pop-up is known for its rude staff, and guaranteed poor customer service that warrant negative reviews. With14 locations in Australia, the UK and US, this is the first Canadian experience that’s staffed with sassy locals who are keen to give you the finger or roast you in front of your date. LINK:

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Smartphone maker Samsung created a robot shaped like a butt to “sit” on their phones, testing that they can take the pressure. The robot even wears jeans.

When he needed inspiration, Beethoven poured water on himself.

Firefighters use ‘wetting agents’ to make water wetter.

Bluebirds cannot see the color blue.


Question: 65% of adults agree – THIS helps them get a good night’s sleep. What is it?

Answer: Blackout curtains

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Police in Sweden responded to a report of a car parked near a busy intersection and officers arrived to find the car had been reported stolen. Luckily for cops the two thieves were found sleeping inside.

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These are the actors and actresses who actually put “butts in the seats”, according to a poll by Puck News, who asked “Who do you most want to watch in a theater?” Here are the actors and actresses that people said they’ll show up to see, in order, from #1 to #10 . . .

Tom Cruise, Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Kevin Hart

And here are the top “under-40” actors and actresses people said they are most likely to make an effort to see in a cinema, also in order . . .

Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Holland, Michael B. Jordan, Zendaya, Scarlett Johansson, Jenna Ortega, Margot Robbie, Henry Cavill, Emma Watson, Gal Gadot, Timothee Chalamet

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It would be nice to spend billions on schools and roads, but right now that money is desperately needed for political ads. - Andy Borowitz

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109-Year-Old Who Still Drives And Lives Independently Shares Tips For A Long, Healthy Life