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Dear John,

My boyfriend of eight months is a single dad with three children, and we usually take turns spending money on each other for dates. However, I've recently started feeling uncomfortable with him bringing his children along and expecting me to pay. And a few times he has asked me to pay for things his kids have bought. I didn't make a big deal out of it at first because it wasn't that much money. I mean, I do quite well and I can handle $30 or $40. But it's getting more and more frequent. Then yesterday, he called and said he wanted to buy a game for his oldest son. I asked what this had to do with me, and he told me he was short on money and needed $500. I hesitated but agreed. He asked for my credit card info so he could pay. That's where I drew the line. I told him to wait for me until I got there. He got mad at me, saying he didn't get why I was acting like this. I had to hang up. Last night, he asked why I didn't just send him the info so he could pay for the game like we agreed on. I told him I don't feel comfortable letting anyone have my personal info, especially when it comes to finances. He yelled, 'I'm NOT JUST ANYONE, I'M YOUR PARTNER!' We had a fight, and he left. The last thing he said was I'd better have an apology for him and his son the next time we speak. What should I do?

Boyfriend May Be Trying To Get My Money

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May 18

International Museum Day

National Cheese Souffle Day

National No Dirty Dishes Day

National Visit Your Relatives Day

National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

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When you work remotely, where are you when you actually do the work? For a third of us, the answer is – bed! A survey of 2,000 people who work mostly or entirely remotely found that 35% spend an average of an hour a day working from bed. It’s not all jammies and comforters, through. 63% of respondents said they work primarily from a dedicated home office. That’s in stark contrast to a similar poll conducted before the pandemic, when remote workers reported they were most likely to do their offsite work from a hotel, a friend or family member’s home, or a coffee shop. And what are the biggest perks of being able to work away from the office? According to the OnePoll survey, being able to dress comfortably is #1 (57%), followed by having no commute (54%) and working on their own schedule (53%).

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Hypnotizing people before surgery is becoming more and more common around the world, according to a report in New Scientist. And some patients can fall so deeply “under” that they are able to undergo major operations without any anesthetic – and feel no pain. Some doctors say that they are also using the technique more widely alongside drugs, and reporting that hypnosis helps relieve patients’ anxiety during procedures where people remain awake, such as biopsies, and this can cut the amount of medication required.

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Jeremy Piven says Mark Wahlberg is the key to “Entourage” making a comeback. Wahlberg recently went on the record in support of an Entourage reboot, but he hasn’t committed to starring in a potential series. He was a co-executive producer on the original show and Piven said that now, it’s just a matter of Wahlberg stepping up to the plate and giving fans what they’re clamoring for. He feels that all that needs to happen for Entourage to return is for Mark to carve out time from his notoriously busy schedule, and get on the phone with HBO.

The Kelly Clarkson Show” is making a major move for next season. The daytime talk show, hosted by “The Voice” coach, is officially relocating to New York City this fall, where it will film in front of a live audience at NBC’s 30 Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. Clarkson’s talk show has been based out of the Universal City lot in LA since its debut in 2019 but opened its last 2 seasons with week-long stints out of New York City.

The American Film Institute has confirmed that its 49th annual “AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Nicole Kidman” is being postponed due to Hollywood’s ongoing writers strike. The event was scheduled for June 10. The AFI said in a statement. “Due to the division in our community at this time, AFI has decided to postpone this year’s event with the goal to offer a celebratory environment worthy of our recipient.” Kidman was set to become the first Australian actor to receive the AFI honor.

Mark Zuckerberg has been putting his martial arts training to good use. The Facebook founder won gold and silver medals at a local jiu-jitsu tourney in Northern California — his first time competing. 38-year-old Zuckerberg kicked butt at a tourney in Redwood City, where he put his new skills on display, competing in both Gi (jacket) and no Gi. Not bad for a guy who is fairly new to the sport. Last year, Zuckerberg told Joe Rogan that he began practicing martial arts during the pandemic.

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The world can feel pretty rotten sometimes, but new findings reveal that a small act of kindness occurs about every 2 minutes. Researchers at UCLA, in collaboration with an international team of scientists, found that people all over the world signal others for assistance every couple of minutes — and the vast majority of the time people are there to help. It was found that individuals complied with small requests 77% of the time, compared to ignoring them 11% of the time, and rejecting the chance to help someone, which happened 10% of the time.

A team of doctors successfully performed brain surgery on an infant girl — before she was even born. Kenyatta Coleman and her husband Derek, of Baton Rouge LA learned late in her pregnancy that their baby had a rare and dangerous brain condition known as vein of Galen malformation. When they learned of a clinical trial run by some Boston-area hospitals to address it, they were in. Despite serious potential risks for mom and baby, surgeons were able to successfully perform the ultrasound-guided procedure. Yes, in-utero surgery has been used for other conditions, but this was among the first for such a rare and delicate condition. Two days later, Denver Coleman was born, weighing just over 4 pounds. Doctors say she’s doing very well, and there’s no sign she needs any further intervention. Her mom said: “She’s shown us from the very beginning that she was a fighter. She’s demonstrated … ‘Hey, I wanna be here.’”

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The word “fizzle” dates back to the 1400s when it meant to “break wind quietly.”

Contrary to popular belief, no study has proven that eating chocolate causes acne.

In 1966, Mercedes invented a car controlled by a joystick, replacing both the steering wheel and pedals. It could also be driven from the passenger seat.

Babies sometimes smile, not because they’re happy, but because they know it makes their parents happy.

The CIA headquarters has its own Starbucks, but baristas don’t write names on the cups.


Question: It takes the average person longer to do this on Mondays than any other day of the week. What is it?

Answer: Get out of bed

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Thanks goodness, the days of having to come up with a password other than “Password123” are coming to an end. Google has begun rolling out support for “passkeys”, an alternative sign-in method that it says is an “easier to use and more secure” alternative to the password. With passkeys, users can access their accounts the same way they can unlock their phone: with a fingerprint, face scan or screen lock PIN. Passkey support was rolled out on Chrome and Android devices in October, but now the option is available across Google accounts, from Gmail to Drive. Apple rolled out its passkey option with the release of iOS 16.

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Would you rather have whatever you are thinking appear above your head for everyone to see — or have everything you do live streamed for anyone to see?

Would you rather travel the world for a year on a shoestring budget — or stay in only one country for a year but live in luxury?

Would you rather move to a new city or town every week — or never be able to leave the city or town you were born in?

Would you rather always have a mullet — or always have a ponytail?

Would you rather always have bad gas — or always have really dry mouth?

Would you rather have a time machine — or a teleporter?

Would you rather humans discover intelligent life from another planet — or figure out how to extend human life for another 100 years?

Would you rather have to listen to the same 10 songs on repeat for the rest of your life – or watch the same 5 movies on repeat for the rest of your life?

Would you rather go without shampoo for the rest of your life — or toothpaste?

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Of all the things I’ve lost I miss my mind the most. – Ozzy Ozbourne

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Neighbor Offers Helping Hand To Struggling Mom After Her Husband Leaves