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June 17

World Juggling Day

World Croc Day

World Day To Combat Desertification And Drought

National Mascot Day

Global Garbage Man Day

National Cherry Tart Day

National Apple Strudel Day

National Eat Your Vegetables Day

National Root Beer Day

June 18

National Wanna Get Away Day

International Sushi Day

World Sustainable Gastronomy Day

National Turkey Lovers’ Day

Father’s Day

National Splurge Day

National Go Fishing Day

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While they are being promoted around the world as a crucial weapon in reducing carbon emissions, solar panels only have a lifespan of up to 25 years. And experts say billions of panels will eventually all need to be disposed of and replaced. So, they are calling for urgent government action to prevent a looming global environmental disaster. Ute Collier, deputy director of the International Renewable Energy Agency in the UK, says: “It’s going to be a waste mountain by 2050, unless we get recycling chains going now.” More and more solar panels are being produced, but at this point, there’s no real plan to deal with the waste, she says. One company says it hopes eventually to be able to extract and re-use 99% of a unit’s components.

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One of the most notable announcements at Apple’s recent event for developers is the company’s plan to tweak its iPhone autocorrect feature as part of the coming iOS17, so that you’ll probably never send another message that accidentally contains the word “ducking.” The “ducking” substitution for a common expletive is a source of long-standing frustration for many who have had had to rewrite their texts…or follow them up with a message that says “darn autocorrect!”. Of course, iPhone users have always had the option to turn off the autocorrect feature, but, really, who does that?


The adventures of ‘Jackie Peyton’ and ‘Nancy Botwin’ are set to resume with revivals of “Nurse Jackie” and “Weeds” now in development. Showtime is reportedly planning to bring back 2 of its most successful comedies, following the hit revival of “Dexter”. Nurse Jackie star Edie Falco and Weeds’ Mary-Louise Parker are both expected to return and executive produce the projects. Both projects are being “fast-tracked” to debut in the first quarter of 2024, but those dates could be affected by the writers’ strike.

Ellen Pompeo says her character’s exit from “Grey’s Anatomy” isn’t a “complete goodbye”. Pompeo famously exited the series after 19 seasons earlier this year, but teased a possible comeback when she reunited with Katherine Heigl for Variety’s “Actors on Actors” interview series. She said of ‘Meredith Grey’ leaving Seattle: “It’s a little bit of trickery, because I’m not completely gone.” Even though her character Meredith “left to go to Boston because her daughter needed to go to a special school”, she indicated she’ll make “some appearances hopefully next year”.

Some good health news for Danny Bonaduce — his brain surgery went off without a hitch — and now he’ll start his road to recovery. Paul Anderson, Bonaduce’s longtime friend and agent says the actor was under the knife for 2 hours Monday, but things went really well and everyone’s optimistic about his recovery. He’s expected to be released from hospital this week, and will rest at home for an expected 3-4 weeks.

Just as trial was to begin on Tuesday, it was revealed that Cuba Gooding Jr. has settled with his accuser, who alleged he raped her in a New York hotel a decade ago. The lawsuit sought $6 million in damages. The actor had insisted that his encounter with the woman was consensual after the two met at a nearby restaurant.

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Of nearly 1,000 fathers surveyed, 52% actively grill and barbecue, making BBQ accessories one of the most popular items to get dad for Father’s Day.

You know how it is: You’re driving alone, and the PERFECT song comes on the radio. Suddenly, the sun is brighter, the grass is greener, and before you know it, you look down at the speedometer and find you’re setting a new land speed record. Or the music you play during your workout results in a personal best, and you hardly even broke sweat. But new research says that it’s not only happy music that can affect your mood. And here’s the surprise: Researchers at Oxford University say that listening to sad music can – make you happy. Now, listening to sad music can certainly make people feel sad, but it was also found that doing can also impact a person’s mood in a positive way by allowing them to feel a sense of connectedness. One of the lead researchers said: “The value of sad music lies in its ability to create a sense of connection…And it’s that sense of connection…which is what makes listening to sad music really great!” The researchers say we may love sad music for the same reasons we might value sad conversations — that sense of genuine connection.

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Kangaroos keep growing until they die.

GPS tracking doesn’t work by the satellite tracking the object, but the object tracking the satellite.

When you become really close to someone, you can hear their voice in your head when you read their texts.

Lettuce is 97% water, tomatoes 95%, and bread 30%.


Question: Even though experts recommend against it, about 1/3 of pet owners do THIS. What is it?

Answer: Use their pets’ names as passwords.

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Taco Bell is testing a vegan version of its popular Crunchwrap, made with plant-based beef and cheese, in 3 US cities for about a week. Customers in LA, New York and Orlando can order the Vegan Crunchwrap, the chain has announced. Taco Bell has long been a favorite for customers who don’t eat meat, thanks to its vegetarian substitutes such as beans and potatoes. Nearly a quarter of the items it sold last year were vegetarian. Taco Bell used pea protein and soy to make the vegan beef in the new Crunchwrap.

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From around the world, as revealed in the first-ever Room Service Report…

1. Diet water

2. Melted ice cream

3. Blowfish

4. Boiled bottled water

5. A raw fish that the guest brought with them to cook

6. Cockle popcorn

7. No egg white omelette

8. Rice bowl for dogs

9. Bison

10. Eggless eggs in hell

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How A Wounded War Dog Became An Advocate For Kindness And Acceptance