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July 25

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These days, men are just as likely as women to openly display a sensitive side, according to a new survey. A poll of 2,000 adults found that 71% of men feel they are in touch with how they feel, compared to 82% of women. Among those who consider themselves “sensitive”, 41% outwardly show this side of their personality “often” or “always.” A third (33%) said that being in tune with how they feel is the sign of a good leader. And while 37% of men would consider being called “sensitive” a compliment, only 23% of women feel the same way. In fact, 24% of women in the survey said they would feel insulted if someone called them sensitive.

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First they canceled the “thumbs up” emoji, and now they’re going after the index finger. According to a poll, Gen Z has decided that scrolling phones using your pointer finger is “lame”. Lame enough that they are now avoiding doing so — to avoid looking like “old and out of touch” baby boomers. The makers of the game Candy Crush commissioned the survey to shed light on the differences in the ways different generations use their mobile devices. They found that 80% of Generation Zers (those born between 1997-2012) use their thumbs to scroll their smartphones. 65% of millennials (born 1981-96) also tend to use their thumbs. And the poll found that 4 out of 10 Zoomers (Gen Z) admitted that they felt self-conscious scrolling or playing games on their smartphone in public using their index finger. As for Baby Boomers (those aged 59-77), 73% scroll through their phones with their index finger.

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James Cameron is blasting rumors that he’s in talks to direct a disaster film about the ill-fated Ocean Gate submersible. The “Titanic” director wrote in a blunt post on Twitter: “I don’t respond to offensive rumors in the media usually, but I need to now. I’m NOT in talks about an OceanGate film, nor will I ever.” Cameron has visited the wreckage of the Titanic more than 30 times.

Joel McHale recently offered some details about the “Community” movie, revealing that it’ll be coming to Peacock minus one major star. While speaking to Kelly Ripa on her “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast, McHale explained that Donald Glover will return as ‘Troy Barnes’. However, Chevy Chase will not be reprising his role as millionaire ‘Pierce Hawthorne’. He sarcastically quipped: “There wasn’t any issues at all when we were making the show.” Fans will recall that Chase was alleged to have grown notoriously difficult to work with. He eventually exited, and his character was killed off.

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About 30% of people who take prescription drugs misuse them.

Once upon a time, in the late 1900s, the Concorde revolutionized air travel by crossing the Atlantic in a supersonic time of about 3½ hours, flying at a speed of over 2,100 km/h. Well, the Concorde didn’t work out so well, but now, a Swiss start-up is looking to cut the current flight time from Paris to New York down from 8 hours to just an hour and a half – with its hypersonic, hydrogen-powered passenger jet. Destinus is aiming to build the first commercial hydrogen-powered aircraft that can travel at 5 times the speed of sound and at altitudes of more than 33 km (over 100,000 ft). The company says its latest prototype “has different types of engines, turbo jets, and ramjet, all hydrogen-powered and all hydrogen-cooled.” And the best news? Destinus aims to fly “people safely with hydrogen, no emissions, hypersonically”, and with the ability to fly anywhere in the world within 4 hours.

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Horses can only breathe through their nostrils.

Hot water freezes faster than cold water.

A small child could swim through the veins of a blue whale.

The terms ‘idiot’ ‘imbecile’ and ‘moron’ are all medical classifications for people with certain IQ ranges (Idiot 0-20, Imbecile 21-50, Moron 51-70).

On average, an office worker will use the left hand for 56% of what they type on a keyboard.


Question: 60% of us have gotten into an argument with our significant other in the past month over THIS. What is it?

Answer: What to watch on TV

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Although sleeping in the nude may seem like the obvious way to stay cool during a heat wave, a psychologist is warning us that it’s a bad idea, because it may have the opposite effect. Suzy Reading says she doesn’t recommend sleeping in the buff, because it causes sweat to collect on your skin “rather than being absorbed by the fibers of your clothing and cooling you down.” So, sleeping without clothes on can actually make you warmer. Instead of naked sleeping, she advises wearing “loose fitting, airy, light garments in natural fibers,” and suggests cotton, silk, eucalyptus or bamboo, preferably in lighter-colored hues. By the way, she says there are certain foods that you should avoid when it’s hot out. Reading says to steer clear of foods that are spicy or high in fat, as they can increase your body temperature.

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Sweet Potato & Yam: Even though some stores sell orange-fleshed sweet potatoes as yams, they are 2 different vegetables. Real yams are more like yucca when it comes to texture and flavor, and they have starchy flesh, not sweet.

Great Britain & United Kingdom: Great Britain is a geographic term that refers to the island of Britain. It is made up of England, Scotland and Wales. United Kingdom is a political term that encompasses all of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) as well as Northern Ireland.

Rat & Mouse: Although they’re both rodents, they are different animals. While rats are larger and heavier. Their tails are also different: mice have long, tails covered in hair, and rats have hairless, shorter, and thicker tails.

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Happiness is having a large, caring, close-knit family in another city.” —George Burns

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Couple Extends Heartwarming Friendship To Lonely Boy Who Knocked On Their Door