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Today we visit with filmmaker Ejaz Kahn. He has a new movie coming out soon. “Trapped” has been filmed, it is in post production now.

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August 04

International Clouded Leopard Day

National Water Balloon Day

International Beer Day

National Coast Guard Day

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

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Here are reasons why you may feel a positive shift in your mood during the summer, and how you can keep that feeling going through the rest of the year.

The sun is a mood-booster: It makes you happier, because it increases serotonin. One way get this boost in winter is by finding outdoor winter activities that you enjoy, like snowboarding and skiing.

You spend more time outside: There are a lot more outdoor activities to do in the summer months, like going to the beach, lying out by the pool, visiting an outdoor restaurant, or seeing an outdoor concert. Being outside makes people happier.

You are more likely to exercise: Not only are you more motivated to work out, you tend to feel more alert, vibrant, and experience more daylight hours. And exercise helps us feel healthier and happier. Find a winter exercise, and make it part of your routine.

Traveling and vacationing: Both are obvious mood-boosters. If you can, take a vacation during the winter months.

There’s more socializing in summer: Between long weekends, weddings, BBQs, pool parties and casual hangouts, we’re often surrounded by people in the summer, which can be a huge mood boost. In winter, people can feel isolated and lonely, so be sure to plan activities, even if they’re indoors.

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The Center for Disease Control says that “Being awake for 17 hours is similar to having a blood alcohol content of 0.05%,” and “being awake for 24 hours is similar to having a BAC of 0.10%.” And recent stats show that among adults, 29% get less than 5 hours sleep each night. You know where we’re going here? Yup – this means that at any given time, almost one-third of the population is operating in a manner that could be considered legally drunk.

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House of the Dragon” writer George R.R. Martin says he’s “shocked” by UK laws that keep the HBO spin-off series shooting amid the SAG-AFTRA strike. Martin confirmed in a recent blog post that the “Game of Thrones” prequel series has continued production in European locations — including London, and shared the “second season is half done.” While “no writing has been done” since Martin turned in the scripts months ago, he explained that since the actors are members of a British union, “British law forbids them from staging a sympathy strike”. Martin feels this rule needs to be changed.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will likely change their names, according to a Royal expert. Although they have stepped down from royal duties, they continue to use the Sussex titles given to them on their wedding day. The couple have since gone to take the last name Mountbatten-Windsor, which they also gave to their children. Now, royal author Tom Bower says he thinks Harry and Meghan may change their name, yet again, to his late mother Diana’s maiden name: Spencer. Bower told a news outlet that Meghan’s “real passion” has always been “to be” Diana.

Everyone’s favorite centuries-old, wisecracking alien life form — a short list, admittedly — is coming back, thanks to Ryan Reynolds. The oddball NBC sitcom star from the ‘80s will return on Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Channel on Saturday, July 29. The reprise, though, will not consist of full-length episodes. Instead, the channel will air old “ALF” episodes alongside ALF-centric shorts, highlighting brands like Mint Mobile and Hims. LINK:

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Mischa’s Restaurant in New York is selling a $29 hot dog.

Anyone can be a Barbie girl — but doctors are warning not to take it too literally. The “Barbie” movie has taken the world by storm, even contributing to a pink paint shortage. But Margot Robbie’s now-iconic arched foot scene has become infamous, with people obsessing over it since the trailer dropped. Next, of course, TikTok’ers hopped aboard, recreating it in the “Barbie Foot Challenge.” But podiatrist Dr. Jodi R. Schoenhaus said: “If someone attempts the pose once or twice, they will likely be ok and produce a great…video. However…over long periods, there are some risks involved. The ankle is unstable, which can lead to ligament sprains and injuries, commonly seen with high heel use.” Also, the high-arched position of the Barbie foot can lead to muscle and spine issues, because it strains the lower back, and could damage the growth plates in younger ‘Barbies’. LINK:

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The scientific name for any object that’s shaped like a football is “prolate spheroid”.

Boys are more likely to be left-handed than girls are.

Riding a roller coaster can help you pass a kidney stone.

Rubber (elastic) bands last much longer when they are refrigerated.

A company named Cisco introduced its “iPhone”, a VoIP device, 22 days before Apple introduced its smartphone of the same name.

✓ “” was the original name for an online bank co-founded by Elon Musk in 1999. It later became PayPal.


Question: Parents say they have an average of 6 separate arguments with their kids each day. What’s the most common thing they argue about?

Answer: Not cleaning their plate

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No one is going to say that the newest Skittles flavor “tastes like the rainbow”. In celebration of Mustard Day on August 5, the candy brand has partnered with French’s to make its first-ever mustard-flavored Skittle. The company says the candies have a “tangy mustard flavor” combined with Skittles’ “iconic chewy texture” – and are colored yellow. But you won’t find the new flavor on store shelves. If you’re odd enough to want to try the new flavor, you need to meet up with French’s “Mustard Mobile”, which is stopping in 3 US cities: Atlanta on July 31, Washington on August 2, and New York on August 5. You can also enter an online sweepstakes for a chance to win a package of Mustard Skittles. LINK:

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Emperor & King: Both are rulers, but an emperor typically rules more than one nation, while a king rules only one territory – which could be located within an empire. That means a king may be ranked under an emperor.

Tiara & Crown: Usually, only sovereigns wear crowns, while other members of the royal family or nobility are allowed to wear coronets and tiaras. Design-wise, crowns are always a full circle, while tiaras are sometimes only semi-circular.

Copyright & Trademark: While copyrights are automatically created when something is produced, trademarks are created and registered by the owner for use in commerce. This means that social media pictures fall under copyright protection, while business names are protected by trademark laws.

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The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, then it’s you.” —Rita Mae Brown

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'I'm Literally In Tears': Stranger Helps 'Old Biker Dude' Get Thousands Of Online Fans