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August 29

National Sport Sampling Day

National Lemon Juice Day

International Day Against Nuclear Tests

According To Hoyle Day

National Chop Suey Day

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Handing your baby a phone or tablet to occupy them might seem like a harmless solution when you’re busy, but it could affect their development, says a new study. Having 1-4 hours of screen time per day at age 1 is linked with higher risks of delays in communication, fine motor, problem-solving and personal and social skills by age 2, according to a study of 7,100 children published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics. The researchers say the potential harms of screen time on communication skills may come from the fact that while they may hear a lot of words while viewing a screen, “they’re not practicing saying a lot of words or having a lot of that back-and-forth interaction.”

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TikTok’s official catapult into e-commerce, the TikTok Shop, fully rolled out in the US this month. It lets TikTok users purchase anything under the ‘fashion’ or ‘life-hack’ sun, from the comfort of their “For You” Pages. The social media app is aiming to sell more than $20 billion in products through TikTok Shop by the end of the year. But here’s the thing: TikTok has been accused of boosting videos that sell products through the new feature, which are marked with an orange shopping cart icon. The pickle sweatshirt, for example, is suddenly all over people’s screens, despite having been around since January. Now it’s easier than ever to fall into the #tiktokmademebuyit trap.


The Golden Bachelor” finally has a premiere date. The new addition to the “Bachelor” franchise, this one revolving around Gerry Turner finding a second shot at love, will premiere Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET. That’s a change from the network’s previously announced schedule, which had “The Golden Bachelor” premiering on Mondays after “Dancing with the Stars.” In the revised lineup, the new spinoff will be followed by “Bachelor in Paradise”. A premiere date for “Dancing with the Stars” is expected to be shared soon.

Movie lovers have a great reason to go to the theater this weekend. Sunday is National Cinema Day, when movie houses across North America will celebrate the joys of moviegoing with $4 tickets for every show. The event is mounted each year by the Movie Theatre Association of Canada, in partnership with the US-based Cinema Foundation. Over 3,000 venues will participate in National Cinema Day, with movies showing on over 30,000 screens across both countries.

Amber Heard will not face criminal charges in Australia. Prosecutors have dropped their case against her regarding a 2015 incident when she brought her 2 dogs into the country while visiting Johnny Depp, her husband at the time. She was accused of lying about how her Yorkshire terriers named Pistol and Boo — got into Australia, which has strict biosecurity regulations. Heard had pled guilty to providing false immigration documentation when the dogs were flown in on a private jet. The illegal import of dogs carries a potential 10-year prison sentence.

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You might feel like you’re all “on fleek” (or whatever term the kids are using these days) when you’re wearing your stylish Apple Watch or Fitbit, but scientists say there is a good chance it is covered in harmful bacteria. Researchers from Florida Atlantic University tested plastic, rubber, cloth, leather, and metal (gold and silver) wristbands, and found that 95% of them were contaminated with some kind of dangerous bacteria. Want more details? 85% were found with Staphylococcus spp — which causes staph infections, 60% had E. coli bacteria — and 30% carried potentially deadly Pseudomonas spp. These bacteria can lead to things like pneumonia and blood infections.

I love this! Research shows that petting other people’s dogs can improve your well-being. According to accumulating findings, human-dog contact increases the production of oxytocin (the “love hormone”) while reducing the production of cortisol (the primary stress hormone). And you only need 5-20 minutes of interaction with other people’s (friendly) dogs to reduce stress and boost your health. And it’s not just us. Scientists report they observe the same response in dogs, when we shower them with affection.

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There are 12 times more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way.

The fedora hat was originally made for women.

The most successful pirate in history was a woman.

The wealthy in Russia sometimes hire fake ambulances instead of taxis for a faster and more convenient way of getting to a destination.

The world’s shortest escalator, at a mall in Japan, has a vertical height of 2’8” (81cm). It has 5 steps and takes 8 seconds to ride.


Question: 55% of guys admit they’ve gotten jealous about THIS.

Answer: The size of a friend’s TV.

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Did you hear the one about the comedy festival award for best joke? If not, you’re about to. Over the weekend, the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival was held, and the panel of judges have announced the funniest one-liner at this year’s event. Now, I don’t to oversell it, but the gag was singled out from 3,525 shows, which were held across 248 venues, to be bestowed the coveted “Funniest Joke of Fringe” award. After a panel of judges made a shortlist of the top 10 side splitters, over 2,000 people then voted on which joke was best. The “Zookeeper” joke, told by comedian Lorna Rose Treen, took an astounding 44% of the vote, so you know it’s gotta be good, right? Right???? Here it is: “I started dating a zookeeper, but it turned out he was a cheetah.”

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Some wise-guy used AI to create “The Most Unhinged State Fair Food imaginable”, and I don’t think I’ll ever be the same…

Buffalo Blue Cheese Funnel Cake: Funnel cake batter infused with blue cheese crumbles and shredded buffalo meat, fried until golden, and drizzled with hot sauce and ranch dressing.

Cheese Curd Fondue Fountain: Deep-fried pretzels and cheese curds dipped into a flowing fountain of pure Wisconsin cheddar cheese.

Cotton Candy Corn Dogs: A fluffy cotton candy core wrapped in a crispy corn dog batter, deep-fried, and served on a stick, then smothered in flavored icing and sprinkles.

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Spaghetti Donuts: Spaghetti rings mixed with spicy marinara and cheese, then deep-fried and topped with Parmesan and more marinara for dipping.

Pickle Sundae: Vanilla soft serve garnished with dill pickle slices, drenched in a tangy-sweet pickle syrup, and topped with pickle-flavored whipped cream.

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Bachelor Party Rescues Missing Dog From Mud By Minnesota River