Show Notes for Monday, September 18, 2023

This #MovieStarMonday we visit with Alicia Witt (Dune, A Made Christmas, Twin Peaks, Mr Holland's Opus, Cybill, Masked Singer)

Due to the strike in Hollywood, we're restricted on some of the things we'd like to ask her about, but we will chat about her time on The Masked Singer and the music she has put out since that appearance.

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September 18

World Bamboo Day

Air Force Birthday

National Hiv/aids And Aging Awareness Day

National Cheeseburger Day

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A poll suggests that most men rate their skills in bed LOWER than they actually are. For example, if you think you’re a 6, then she thinks you’re a 7. If you think you’re a 4, she thinks you’re a 5.

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A study claims that about 15% of men say they’d give up sex to win their fantasy football league.

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As if childbirth wasn’t already the scariest thing you could do with your body, the trailer for “American Horror Story: Delicate” is here, to make things worse. Emma Roberts plays ‘Anna Alcott’, a famous actress desperate to get pregnant. Matt Czuchry plays ‘Dexter’, her husband, while Cara Delevingne plays ‘Meg’, a mysterious woman who appears to be an ultrasound technician. And of course, Kim Kardashian plays ‘Siobhan Walsh’, a former actress who seems to be against the idea of Anna having a kid. Kimmy K’s acting chops are on full display in the new trailer, which starts with her telling Roberts she’s an “A-list star now,” and to “focus on the good.” Later, she asks Roberts if she wants an Oscar as much as she wants a baby, and is then seen singing Roberts a slightly terrifying lullaby. LINK:

Pirates of the Caribbean 6” is coming, and screenwriter Craig Mazin says it’s the most outlandish one yet. In a roundtable discussion, Mazin revealed that Disney has officially ordered the belated sequel, saying: “We pitched it and thought there’s no way they’re buying it, it’s too weird…And they did!” Mazin said that after the script was accepted, “the strike happened and (now) everyone’s waiting around.” No word on whether Johnny Depp’s iconic character ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’ will return.

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Would you rather have a hook for a hand, or peg for a leg?

Would you rather always wear comfortable clothes, or always wear fashionable clothes?

Would you rather date someone who won’t stop talking, or someone who won’t stop texting?

Would you rather go on a liquid diet, or a meat-only diet?

Would you rather have a huge booger hanging out of your nose for the rest of your life, or a pimple on your forehead for the rest of your life?

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In 1973, in the Sahara Desert, a drunken driver crashed into and destroyed the only tree for 250 miles.

The more common bearded men are, the less attractive beards become to women, according to a study.

Mustaches are hotbeds for bacteria because of the moist air leaving the body through the nose and mouth.

Sideburns are named after American Civil War General, General Burnside, who had huge sideburns connected by a mustache.

If you were to put down the razor and stop shaving forever, your beard would grow to approximately 27.5 feet (if you are male).


Question: One in 6 of us have THIS in their freezer right now. What is it?

Answer: Money

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A California school thought it was printing a suicide prevention hotline on student IDs — but accidentally used a number for a sex line. New Vista Middle School in Lancaster printed a list of helpful numbers on the back of the ID cards, including a 24-hour suicide prevention line, but a horrified parent realized that the printed number was actually a phone sex line. It’s not clear how the mistake was made.

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With the launch of a new spinoff series of “The Walking Dead”, Lawn Love ranked 2023's Best Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.

We compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on five zombie survival categories: Vulnerability, Hideouts, Supplies, Protection, and Mobility. We considered population density, access to “bunkers,” and hunting gear stores, for example, among 30 total metrics.

See the 10 best (and 10 worst) cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse below, followed by key stats from our report.

Best Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Rank City

1 Houston, TX

2 New York, NY

3 San Antonio, TX

4 Miami, FL

5 Los Angeles, CA

6 Austin, TX

7 San Diego, CA

8 Las Vegas, NV

9 Chicago, IL

10 Orlando, FL

Worst Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Rank City

1 Miramar, FL

2 Jackson, MS

3 North Las Vegas, NV

4 Paterson, NJ

5 Pembroke Pines, FL

6 Surprise, AZ

7 Detroit, MI

8 Port St. Lucie, FL

9 Garden Grove, CA

10 West Valley City, UT

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If you’re going to tell people the truth, be funny or they’ll kill you.” ~ Billy Wilde

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Hero Cat Comes To Help Little Dog That Was Being Bullied