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Last week , we learned that playing a musical instrument could have mental benefits for children – and that too much screen time may negatively affect their development. And now comes this bit of parenting advice: If you want your kids to grow up “smarter”, you should sign them up for organized sports – and teach them to read for pleasure, rather than play video games. Neuroscientists at University of Eastern Finland found that children who spent more time reading and playing on sports teams developed better thinking skills than those who focused on other activities, whether that was unsupervised computer use or unstructured free play. And, no surprise here: The best results came when children combined increased sports and reading time with a healthy diet. Experts say that kids who play youth sports often have higher self-esteem and lower rates of anxiety and depression than their peers. And reading for pleasure is linked with better mental health, creativity, and reasoning skills in kids.

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If you have the mouth of a sailor, you could just be more intelligent than most. Studies have shown that swearing is a sign of higher intelligence and also helps manage pain. A Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts professor who has studied the subject for over four decades says the benefits of using vulgar language have been discovered using "a lot of research on the brain and emotion, along with much better technology to study brain anatomy." A 2015 study showed that well-educated people were better at coming up with swear words than those who were less verbally fluent. Another study showed that those who curse are more honest and have higher levels of integrity.

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Steve Harvey doesn’t have time for rumors about him and his wife Marjorie. He set the record straight about claims she cheated on him while speaking at Invest Fest 2023 in Atlanta on Sunday. Steve told the crowd of rumors that Marjorie had cheated on the TV host with the couple’s bodyguard and personal chef: “Before I get started, just let me say, I’m fine. Marjorie’s fine,” as fans cheered. He continued, “I don’t know what y’all doing, but find something else to do ’cause we fine. Lord have mercy. Man.”

Is Meghan Markle preparing to restart her acting career? That’s the word from Life & Style, with an anonymous source telling the magazine that the Duchess of Sussex is weighing offers. Reportedly, the recent popularity of “Suits” — the legal drama in which she starred from 2011-18 — has suddenly opened up an array of new possibilities. The source claims that Markle “is now planning an acting comeback,” and is being flooded with offers after Suits jumped to the top of Netflix’s viewership in June, racking up 3.1 billion minutes viewed in a single week.

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Researchers looking to minimize food waste have found that coffee beans make concrete stronger. A team of Australian scientists managed to make concrete that is about 30% stronger by replacing 15% of the mixture’s sand with charred coffee grounds. Australia produces enough concrete that all 75,000 metric tonnes of the country’s annual coffee waste could be repurposed as a partial sand substitute. That would not only help the environment, it would also and reduce the construction industry’s demand for natural resources. The researchers are working with local governments to put their discovery into practice on future infrastructure projects.

Perfectly Browned On All Sides – You are an anal-retentive perfectionist, a nit-picker who will devote unreasonable amounts of time to ensure that every project is done ‘just so’.

Blackened – You are a creative and high-strung latent pyromaniac who is seldom punctual, easily distracted, and has difficulty paying attention to detail.

Crusty Outside, Gooey Inside – You are an overly-sensitive individual who detests any form of criticism and has trouble expressing innermost feelings. Rather than facing problems head-on, you waste time brooding about them.

Slightly Tanned on One Side – You are a shy introvert who tends to underestimate the effort and time required to accomplish a task. You have an unreasonable fear of everyday things … fire, for instance.

Raw – You are a lusty and likely overweight thrill-seeker who refuses to even consider the concept of delayed gratification. Rather than plan ahead, you want immediate satisfaction.

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It is estimated that it takes 39,000 gallons (147,000 liters) of water to produce the average car.

It takes around 3,000 cows to supply enough leather for a full season’s worth of NFL footballs.

The human nose can remember 50,000 different scents.

Even though Fruit Loops come in different colors, they all have exactly the same taste.

The stage before frostbite is called ‘frostnip’.


Question: A survey found that regarding meal time, 1 in 3 of us have THIS in common. What is it?

Answer: We can’t get through it without using our smartphone

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It's been 26 years since Netflix was founded, originally as an online DVD rental service, and has mailed out more than 5.2 billion physical discs since 1998. And believe it or not, the company still rents DVDs to over 1 million people. That’s about to change, though. In April, the company announced that it would shut down the service by September 29. Netflix initially told customers that they would have to return all discs by October 29. But this week, the company clarified that it will not charge for unreturned discs after the shutdown date. Yup. That means subscribers to the DVD by mail service can keep any discs they have on hand. And even better, DVD customers were invited to opt in at the website to receive 10 free “mystery discs” from what must be a stockpile of tens of millions. Good or bad, customers will have no idea what films they’ll get. LINK:

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Over 30,000 songs have graced the Billboard Hot 100 in the chart’s 65-year history. Of those, 1,151 have reached #1. Here are the artists with the most songs that have made it to the top . . .

1. The Beatles (20 #1 hits)

2. Mariah Carey (19)

3. Rihanna (14)

4. Michael Jackson (13)

5. Madonna (12)

6. The Supremes (12)

7. Drake (11)

8. Whitney Houston (11)

9. Janet Jackson (10)

10. Stevie Wonder (10)

(In case you’re wondering, many of Elvis’ hits pre-dated the Billboard Hot 100 chart – and Taylor Swift has 9!)

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I haven’t spoken to my wife in years. I didn’t want to interrupt her.” ~ Rodney Dangerfield

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93-Year-Old Woman Spends Her Time Crafting Dog Beds For Local Animal Shelters