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We're excited to visit with actress/comedian Rachael Harris (Suits, The Hangover, Friends) We will talk about her latest project GOOSEBUMPS series Now streaming on Disney+ and Hulu. The season finale is November 17th

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November 17th

Homemade Bread Day

National Baklava Day

National Butter Day

National Farm Joke Day

National Take A Hike Day

National Testosterone Awareness Day

National Unfriend Day

World Prematurity Day

Zinfandel Day

International Happy Gose Day

International Students’ Day

The Little Mermaid Day

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Every student has done it at some point: Stayed up all night studying for an exam – or completing that important thesis that’s due in a matter of hours. Well, it turns out that pulling an all-nighter might have other benefits besides helping you not flunk out of the course. A team of researchers from Northwestern University says that “wired but tired” feeling due to lack of sleep for just one night might work as an antidepressant. While chronic sleep deprivation has been studied many times, the scientists were interested in looking into the effects of temporary sleep loss, such as that experienced by “a student pulling an all-nighter before an exam”. Study author Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy says they found that “sleep loss induces a potent antidepressant effect and rewires the brain.” She cautions that “this is an important reminder of how our casual activities…can fundamentally alter the brain in as little as a few hours.”

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Well, here’s a not-so-subtle reminder to tip your delivery driver. DoorDash has been testing out alerts that remind customers to include a gratuity . . . if they want their food to arrive in a timely manner. If you place an order through the DoorDash app without leaving a tip, you may get a pop-up reading: “Orders with no tip might take longer to get delivered — are you sure you want to continue?” The note goes on to explain: “Dashers can pick and choose which orders they want to do. Orders that take longer to be accepted by Dashers tend to result in a slower delivery.” In other words, tip your driver, or prepare to wait a long time for a cold meal. Customers are then given the option to add a tip . . . again.


Aquaman” star Jason Momoa is set to host “Saturday Night Live” November 18, marking his second time hosting the show. Canadian singer, songwriter and dancer Tate McRae will serve as the musical guest. A former contestant of “So You Think You Can Dance?” McRae gained attention for her song ‘One Day’, which went viral, before ‘You Broke Me First’ became an international hit. Momoa first hosted the iconic sketch show in 2018.

James Bond” producer Barbara Broccoli has shared a disappointing update on the next instalment of the franchise. The film series, which has spanned 25 films, 6 actors and nearly 6 decades, had its most recent outing with Daniel Craig’s final appearance as the suave ‘007’ in 2021’s “No Time To Die”. Following the box-office smash, attention turned to who would take up the mantle next – and when. But, in a new interview, Broccoli indicated that we’ll find out about that later, rather than sooner. Quote: “It’s gonna take a while…you know, it’s a whole new reinvention. So it’ll take some time.”

It sounds like “The Big Bang Theory” universe’s next expansion is still light years away. Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed on April 12 that exec producer Chuck Lorre was developing a new comedy series “derived from” the CBS mega-hit. Beyond it being earmarked for Max, no further details were disclosed. Then, the Writers Guild of America went on strike, which put any further development on hold until Sept. 27. Now, Lorre says the spinoff is “prenatal.” Quote: “You don’t talk about the birth until the second trimester, I believe, is the rule. That’s a long way of saying no, I’ve got nothing to say about it other than it’s something that we are discussing.

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A survey says that over 90% of women say it’s a turn-on when a guy cries at a wedding.

Goldfish have a 2-second memory. [LIE. Their memories can actually last for months]

The fear of water is called ‘acrophobia’. [LIE. Acrophobia is the fear of heights. ‘Aquaphobia’ is the fear of water]

Human facial hair grows faster than the hair on the rest of the body. [True]

Mickey Mouse’s ’s name was originally going to be ‘Mortimer Mouse’. [True]

• ‘A’ is the most commonly-used letter in the English language. [LIE. It’s ‘E’]

Adding salt to pineapple makes it taste sweeter. [True]

The largest mammals in the world are elephants. [LIE. The Antarctic Blue Whale is the largest]

Female reindeer do not grow antlers. [LIE. They do.]

Statistically, when in New York, you’re more likely to be bit by a New Yorker than a rat. [True]

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If a Polar Bear and a Grizzly Bear mate, their offspring is called a “Pizzy Bear”.

During the entire run of the “Gilligan’s Island” TV show, it was never revealed if “Gilligan” was his first or last name.

During your lifetime, you’ll eat about 60,000 pounds of food. That’s the weight of about 6 elephants.

Attics were invented in Attica.

Jumbo jets use more than 4,000 gallons of fuel to take off.

Caterpillars have about 4,000 muscles. Humans have about 600.


Question: This occurs more often in the first week of the New Year than at any other time. What is it?

Answer: Firings/layoffs

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Heinz’s latest ketchup flavor just might save you a step when assembling your next hamburger or hot dog. Rolling out to grocery store shelves in early 2024, “Pickle Ketchup” combines the “tangy and savory flavor” of pickles with the “unmistakable taste” of its ketchup. The company says the condiment was created to “deliver on fans’ hunger for unique, elevated, and nuanced flavor experiences”.

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Of course, you love your closest friends dearly – but that doesn’t mean that they don’t drive you nuts sometimes. So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at the most ‘common points of contention’ among best friends, according to a panel of UK experts…

Politics: Polarizing issues can be a problem among friends, especially if the discussion or debate can’t be held “respectively and sensitively.”

Miscommunication: It is vital to a healthy friendship — but can quickly cause a relationship to deteriorate if both parties can’t adequately express their feelings.

Flakiness: Unreliability – perhaps in the form of chronic tardiness, last-minute cancellations or broken promises — can cause problems due to the erosion of trust, which is important in a solid friendship.

Lack of reciprocity: Also known as a “lopsided friendship”, this can cause resentment and being undervalued.

Narcissism: This can make a friend feel “unimportant”.

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Good advice is something a man gives when he is too old to set a bad example.”~ Francois de La Rochefoucauld

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Dog Leads Owner To Lost Cat Trapped 100 Feet Down Mine Shaft