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Today we visit with Rich Fields. He was the announcer for The Price Is Right for several years with Bob Barker and with Drew Carey. Rich has a new book available now. Trust Your Inner GPS, available now.

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December 15th

National Wear Your Pearls Day

National Cupcake Day

National Lemon Cupcake Day

Bill Of Rights Day

Cat Herders Day

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When you are lucky enough to go on vacation, do you call your family and close friends? In a new survey, one in 4 claim they “always” keep in touch with loved ones when traveling (24%), one in 8 admit they “rarely” or “never” do – and just try to enjoy their time away. The poll of 2,000 Americans who have traveled abroad in the past 5 years also found that more than half (58%) said they require “recovery time” when they arrive at their destination. And the average person spends 4 days in “recovery mode” after the trip ends. And what might these people be recovering from? Nearly a quarter of those surveyed have at least 3 “panic” moments while traveling internationally. The most common moments of panic include issues with their flight being canceled or missed, losing their luggage, or not being able to understand or speak the language of the country they’re visiting.

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Kraft has a new style of its classic pasta in a box on the way…but you can’t honestly call it “Mac & Cheese”. For the first time ever, the household staple is going plant-based. The new version of the boxed favorite, which is labelled “Plant-based Mac & Cheese”, with a sub label reading: “Not Cheese”, contains a dairy-free alternative to its signature cheese. Also known as “Kraft NotMac&Cheese”, it will soon roll out on grocery store shelves in 2 flavors — original and white cheddar with shells — each priced at $3.49 per box. Oh, and by the way those flavors are actually labelled ‘cheese’ and ‘white cheddar’ “STYLE”, because…you know…no cheese!

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Barbie” will soon be available to stream on Max from your own Dreamhouse. Max announced that Greta Gerwig’s sparkly pink fantasy comedy will hit the streamer on Dec. 15. Earning over $1.4 billion at the global box office, Barbie is not only the highest grossing film of 2023 — but the highest grossing Warner Bros. movie in history. It follows Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’, who is joined by Ryan Gosling’s ‘Ken’, on her adventure outside of Barbieland. Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, America Ferrera, Michael Cera and Issa Rae round out the cast.

Kim Kardashian is set to star in an upcoming legal drama from Ryan Murphy, on Hulu. This continues the duo’s professional relationship. Recently, Kardashian starred in the 12th season of “American Horror Story” as a high-powered publicist for a movie star who’s on the rise. In the new show, she’ll play a divorce lawyer who’s the head of a successful all-female law firm in Los Angeles. Her current reality show “The Kardashians” also airs on Hulu. No word yet on a title for the new show.

Jason Priestley has boarded upcoming CBC drama “Wild Cards”. The Canadian network said the “Beverley Hills” star will play lead character ‘Max’s’ father and master conman ‘George’ in the “procedural with a comic twist” launching January 10. Set in Vancouver, Wild Cards follows the unlikely duo of ‘Ellis’ (Giacomo Gianniotti), a gruff, sardonic cop and ‘Max’ (Vanessa Morgan), a spirited, clever con woman. It has also been picked up by The CW in the US.

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Scientists are working on a pill that helps you stay sober while you drink.

A 26-year-old man was arrested after parading around Disneyland’s ‘It’s a Small World’ ride completely naked.

Charlie Jeffers has been playing with LEGO since he was 4, and says it helped him learn math and engineering concepts, and how to be focused, flexible, and creative. When it occurred to him that many kids don’t have access to LEGO, in 2020, the high school senior in Marin County, California launched Pass the Bricks. He and his volunteer-based team repurpose used LEGO bricks into new original sets for kids in marginalized communities. To date, the organization has delivered over 3,000 sets to kids in need. Some of the newly-created sets are quite innovative, like the “Superman Would Like Just One Day Off” set, featuring a grumpy Clark Kent in bed with his suit hanging nearby, and the “Droid Escape Pod,” which is a faithful representation of the spacecraft used by R2-D2 in “Star Wars”. With over 20 volunteers, Jeffers’ initiative has expanded to other cities, and delivered LEGO sets as far away as Ecuador. LINK:

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Pound cake got its name from its original recipe, which called for a pound each of butter, eggs, sugar and flour.

Apples, pears and plums all belong to the rose family.

The Aztecs used chocolate as currency.

Peppers don’t actually burn your mouth. The chemical capsaicin tricks your mouth into feeling like it’s being burned.

The stickers placed on fruit are edible.


Question: 28% of men will ask for help with THIS over the holidays. What is it?

Answer: Assembling their kids’ gifts

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In honor of “Cookie Day” on Monday, December 4th, restaurant chain Subway offered cookie lovers in the US their first chance to try its new footlong chocolate chip cookie. The footlong dessert will be launching nationwide in January, but select Subway restaurants handed out the delicacy for free with the purchase of a footlong sub. In addition, 4 Subway restaurants in Chicago, Dallas, Miami and New York were transformed into “Cookieway” outlets for the day

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Although it’s always interesting to look at those lists of the most-popular baby names each year, this is a year-end list not for 2023, but from 1923. What’s more, it is not a list of the most-popular names that year, but of some more “intriguing” choices some parents made that year for their children. Here are some less-common (OK, I’ll just say it: WEIRD) names bestowed on kids 100 years ago, according to the US Social Security Administration . . .


1. Clemma 1. Jolly

2. Peaches 2. Lieutenant

3. Evergreen 3. Everest

4. Splendora 4. Choice

5. Oval 5. Brutus

6. Curly 6. Craven

7. Haroldine 7. Bilbo

8. Canary 8. Grove

9. Valjean 9. Lazarus

10. Doll 10. Rome

11. Hixie 11. Garden

12. Glenola 12. Maywood

13. Pebble 13. York

14. Virgin (Thanks, Mom…) 14. Jock (Thanks, Dad…)

15. Leafy 15. Stillman

16. Maclovia 16. Omega

17. Corona 17. Benford

18. Novice 18. Lenzy

19. Brunette 19. Knowlton

20. Argentina 20. Chesterfield

21. Coma 21. Wise

22. Berdean 22. Press

23. Toy 23. Smiley

24. Anise 24. Polo

25. Nanny 25. Clover

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I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford. Then I want to move in with them.” ~ Phyllis Diller

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Every Third Grader Receives A New Bicycle In Unexpected Act Of Kindness