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Dear John,

My boyfriend is a recovering alcoholic. He's been through some tough times, and rehab, and I have stuck with him. The last six months have been great. He is out of rehab, sober, has a great job, and feels great. Now, here's the problem. I signed a lease for a small property owned by my parents. I've been there for a couple of years and pay rent, pay all utilities, and function as a legal renter. They don't charge quite as much as they would someone else, but it's not free, either. When I signed the lease, they added a clause about my boyfriend. He was not in a good place at the time. It was before rehab, and they insisted that he would not be permitted on the premises. I think they did this because they were trying to protect me, and I couldn't really argue with them at the time. I asked what would happen when and if he got sober, and they said we would reconsider it and talk about it then. Well, he's better. And they still won't let him be in the apartment, even to hang out. I don't think they're being fair since he's changing his life and they won't give him a break. So my question is this: If your parents are your landlords and own the property, but you pay rent, should they be allowed to tell you who can and can't come over as guests? Is this even legal? What should I do?


Disappointed Daughter

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Companies have tried just about everything in their efforts to lure work-from-home employees back to the office – but this just might do it: withholding promotions. New stats show that fully remote workers were promoted 31% less often than their in-person peers in 2023. A Live Data Technologies analysis of 2 million white-collar workers found that 5.6% of employees who were going into the office at least part of the time received a promotion last year, compared to 3.9% of fully remote workers. In addition, roughly 90% of CEOs surveyed said they’d be more likely to give in-person employees raises, promotions, or better assignments. Studies regarding whether employees are more or less productive at home have gone both ways, but we do know this: Fully remote workers are a lot happier and more likely to stick with their jobs. Half of fully on-site employees plan to job-hunt this year, compared to just one-third of those who work from home.

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Some junior hockey players in Ontario are causing a stir for their preferred sports drinks. Glass jars of Bick’s sliced pickles and full-size bottles of French’s classic yellow mustard can be spotted along the Windsor Spitfires bench these days. The salty, vinegary condiments are said to help with leg muscle cramps, say the 20-year-old players who use them. Former teammate Oliver Peer swears by the recuperative powers of pickles, claiming he goes through 2 jars each game. He drinks all the juice and even chomps on a few pickles on the bench. Defenceman Roberto Mancini has been pouring mustard down his gullet during games for about 4 years, and says it has even become a superstition for him and other players.


A new “Top Gun” movie is in the works. Puck News says the sequel to 2022’s “Top Gun: Maverick”, with star Tom Cruise set to return, is in development at Paramount. “Maverick” co-writer Ehren Kruger is said to be currently penning the draft, and director Joe Kosinski is also expected to return. Hollywood Reporter is saying the plan for the new installment is to reunite stars Miles Teller and Glen Powell with Cruise. Top Gun: Maverick is most lucrative film of Cruise’s career, grossing nearly $1.5 billion worldwide. The movie also earned 6 Oscar nominations, winning one.

Hulk Hogan became a real-life hero over the weekend — jumping to the rescue of a 17-year-old female driver who was involved in a horrific car accident. Sources say the wrestler, his wife Sky Daily, and a friend were driving along a highway Sunday evening in Clearwater, FL when they witnessed a car swerve to make an exit — and in the process … clip another car, causing it to flip over. Hogan and his marine friend stopped and rushed to render aid to the driver, and helped her out of the car, after popping the airbag, all before paramedics arrived. She is apparently rattled, but OK.

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Here’s an interesting question: Is it possible to eat your way out of the “winter blues?” Maybe. If you’re feeling especially listless these days, take look at what’s on your plate. Dr. Robert Levitan, chair in depression studies at University of Toronto, says one of the main problems is the amount of sugar and fat we crave. And he points out that this could be related to Seasonal Affective Disorder, “since there’s a relationship between the lack of light and craving carbohydrates.” So, what should we do? For one, make sure you’re getting enough lean protein throughout the day, because that helps you feel full, and helps you avoid a ‘sugar crash’. These days, a lot of research is being done about the Mediterranean diet (based on fruits, veggies, unprocessed cereals, legumes and olive oil), because the feeling is that it could be as good for your mental health as it is for your body.

Scientists said this week that a new, simple blood test that can identify 18 early-stage cancers will be a medical “gamechanger”. Early detection is key to driving down death rates for cancer, which kills around one in 6 people globally. In a study, the new test identified 93% of stage one cancers in men and 84% in women. The test’s maker, Novelna, said it represents a “major leap in cancer screening”, and the findings “pave the way for a cost-effective, highly accurate, multi-cancer screening test that can be implemented on a population-wide scale.”. Existing blood tests can detect cancer, but often only one type — and with limited reliability.

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Cans of diet soda float, but regular soda cans sink.

Monkeys floss their teeth.

✓ If you were to drive a car at 100 kilometers an hour, 24 hours a day, you would reach the sun in about 3 years.

Men get hiccups more often than women.

The least common PIN number is 8068.

Anteaters prefer termites to ants.


Question: 13% of couples who sleep in separate bedrooms do this because of THIS. What is it?

Answer: One of them steals the covers

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A man crashed his car outside a Bass Pro Shop in Alabama, stripped down to his birthday suit and plunged into the giant aquarium inside the store. The incident happened last Thursday in front of shocked shoppers in the town of Leeds, near Birmingham, police said. There’s more: The 42-year-old man did a “cannonball” leap into the aquarium, then stood under a waterfall. He left the water to yell at 2 officers, then dove back into the aquarium. He eventually climbed over the side and fell to the concrete floor below, where he was apprehended by police. He faces several charges.

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You’ve seen the annual list of words “Banished from the English language”. Now, Wayne State University is out with its list of words that we should use more often. Now in its 15th year, Wayne State’s “Word Warriors” program aims to resurrect long-lost — but not completely forgotten — words. Here is the 2024 list:

Blatherskite: A person who talks at great length without making much sense.

Curglaff: The shock felt when one first plunges into cold water.

Dollop: A shapeless mass or blob of something, especially soft food.

Kaffeeklatsch: An informal social gathering at which coffee is served.

Pawky: Having a mocking or cynical sense of humor.
✓ Petrichor: A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

Pettifogger: An inferior legal practitioner, especially one who deals with petty cases or employs dubious practices.

Rawgabbit: A person who speaks confidently but ignorantly.

Twankle: To twang with the fingers on a musical instrument.

Thunderplump: A heavy fall of rain during a thunderstorm.

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Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.” —Phyllis Diller

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How Costco Employees Came Together To Rescue A Colleague