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Today we visit with best selling author, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong. Her latest book is a hit! It's called “So Fetch: The Making of Mean Girls (And Why We're Still So Obsessed with It)” AVAILABLE NOW:

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February 2nd

Candlemas Day

Crepe Day

Groundhog Job Shadow Day

Hedgehog Day

Lung Leavin Day

Marmot Day

National Brown Dog Day

National Catchers Day

National Groundhog Day

National Heavenly Hash Day

National River Day (See Also World Rivers Day)

Rheumatoid Awareness Day

Self Renewal Day

Sled Dog Day

Tater Tot Day

World Play Your Ukulele Day

World Wetlands Day

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Experts are telling parents that they should “pop the bubble wrap” and let their kids play outdoors and engage in “risky behavior” – within reason, of course. New recommendations released by the Canadian Paediatric Society emphasize the importance of unstructured outdoor play for children’s development, and physical and mental health. The group of doctors say that in these times of rising obesity, anxiety and behavioral issues, kids should be encouraged to participate in activities like climbing a tree, tobogganing, and rough-and-tumble play with others. One of the study’s authors says that parents and teachers should be wary of inciting fear in children about some activities, explaining that sometimes, in situations where there actually isn’t much danger, we may be creating fear and anxiety in children about them. Another pediatrician said it’s important to distinguish between ‘risk’ and ‘hazard’, and let the kids enjoy some thrills as a way of letting them figure out “how much they can do”.

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Self-checkouts in stores may decrease customer loyalty, especially for those with larger shopping loads, a new study has found. Customers using them often feel overwhelmed and unsupported, and miss the assistance traditionally provided by staff. Researchers at Drexel University say this lack of personal interaction can negatively impact their perception of the supermarket. The additional effort required at self-checkout stations, along with the necessity to purchase bags and the expectation of store-provided service, were all identified as factors that diminish loyalty.

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Jon Stewart is going home again. The comedian will return to host Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” every Monday beginning Feb. 12, through the 2024 presidential election, the network has announced. Stewart will also return as executive producer of the Emmy-winning satirical take on the news. For the rest of each week’s episodes, a rotating line-up of the show’s correspondents will share hosting duties. Stewart hosted the show from 1999-2015.

When the skirt Sarah Jessica Parker famously wore as ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ for “Sex and the City’s” opening theme went up for auction, no one exepected that it would sell for much more than $10-$12,000. But as it turns out, the 3-tiered white tulle skirt featuring a satin waistband ultimately sold for a whopping $52,000 at Julien’s Unstoppable: Signature Styles Iconic Women In Fashion auction. It was only outsold by a dress worn by Princess Diana and a Givenchy ensemble Grace Kelly wore while meeting JFK, both of which sold for $325,000. And the best part? A costume designer only spent $5 on PArker’s tutu in New York City’s garment district, ahead of filming.

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Research shows that viewing friends’ vacations, love lives, and work successes on Facebook can cause envy, and trigger feelings of misery and loneliness.

Now that we’ve all pretty much given up on our New Year’s resolution to drop a few pounds, McDonald’s has decided to bring back a fan favorite that wasn’t going to help with anyone’s weight-loss aspirations. For a limited time, the Strawberry & Crème Pie is back on the menu at participating US restaurants. The dessert treat, first introduced in 2012, is similar to the chain’s baked apple pie, but the apple filling is swapped out for a mix of strawberry and sweet crème.

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Scientifically speaking, water is not wet. Most scientists define wetness as a liquid’s ability to maintain contact with a solid surface, meaning that water itself is not wet, but can make other objects wet.

Before the Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt ate 100 Chicken McNuggets a day for 10 days straight, then won 3 gold medals.

Alfred Hitchcock was scared of . . . eggs.

July 16th is said to be the happiest day of the year.


Question: The average person will produce over 14 pounds of THIS in their lifetime. What is it?

Answer: Bellybutton lint

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A California woman earned a Guinness World Record when a single strand of hair growing out of her arm was measured at 7.24 inches (18.39cm) long. Macie Davis-Southerland said the hair, on her bicep, has often approached 6 inches, but would end up breaking or being accidentally plucked. She plans to keep growing the hair until she overtakes the overall record for longest arm hair, which is held by California’s David Reed at 8.54 inches (21.7cm).

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The online child-care site has compiled its annual list of baby names at risk of going extinct, based on the US portal’s analysis of names given to newborns. These trends were noted:

Girls’ names that were popular when Millennials were being born have fallen from grace in the past decade – especially Amanda, Angela, Brooke, Diana, and Michelle.

Names ending with “aiden” are seeing a big drop-off as well, including Aidan, Raiden, and Jaiden.

Last names-turned-first names are on the outs among both boys and girls, including Bradley, Brady, and Clayton for boys — and Oaklee, Mckenzie, Raegan, and Sawyer for girls. Here are the names that saw the steepest declines from 2022 to 2023:


1. Brooke (down 198 spots) 1. Julius (down 189 spots)

2. Blake (down 185 spots) 2. Jaiden (down 151 spots)

3. Mckenzie (down 184 spots) 3. Johnny (down 150 spots)

4. Brooklynn (down 182 spots) 4. Raiden (down 147 spots)

5. Charli (down 179 spots) 5. Reid (down 143 spots)

6. Raegan (down 161 spots) 6. Brady (down 114 spots)

7. Mckenna (down 150 spots) 7. Nasir (down 114 spots)

8. Finley (down 144 spots) 8. Ronan (down 104 spots)

9. Amanda (down 131 spots) 9. Bradley (down 104 spots)

10. Michelle (down 129 spots) 10. Clayton (down 102 spots)

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There is no such thing as fun for the whole family.” —Jerry Seinfeld

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Homeless Man Rescues Puppies, Drops Them Off At Shelter With Note