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Today we visit with best selling author Dylan Jones - Loaded: The Life (and Afterlife) of the Velvet Underground. 

Drawing on contributions from remaining members, contemporaneous musicians, critics, filmmakers, and the generation of artists who emerged in their wake, this "monumental origin story" celebrates the legacy of the Velvet Underground, which burns brighter than ever in the 21st century


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February 24th

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February 25th

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Does a firing by any other name still stink? Well, yes. But that isn’t stopping some corporate executives these days from coming up with alternate names for the act of letting staff go, in the hopes of avoiding online criticism. Many companies are avoiding the harsh-sounding word “fired” in their press releases and official comments, and replacing it with euphemisms like “involuntary career event” and “rightsizing,” even though it doesn’t change the outcome for those affected. Some examples:

Citi described cutting 20,000 jobs in November as creating a “simplified operating model.”

UPS said its 12,000 layoffs were an attempt to “fit our organization to our strategy.”

Stanford professor Robert Sutton called this use of soft language “jargon monoxide”. He says although it is intended to soften the blow to the person receiving the axe, it may have the opposite effect.

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Some football injuries could become a thing of the past. Researchers with the University of Colorado-Boulder have developed a revolutionary new padding design capable of withstanding significant impacts. This comes as players consistently deal with brain trauma from repeated head injuries. Using advanced computer algorithms, the team developed a way of redesigning the interior structure of cushioning materials. Testing shows the 3D-printed blocks can absorb roughly 6 times more energy than standard foams, and can outperform other designs by up to 25%. They project that the future looks promising for the development of padding that can provide optimal protection under all circumstances.

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The new ‘Karate Kid’ has been found. Sony Pictures has cast Ben Wang, the star of Disney+ series “American Born Chinese”, to star in its latest installment of the coming-of-age martial arts franchise. The new “Karate Kid” film will have Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio reprising their iconic characters. Plot details are being kept under a bonsai tree, but the new installment will bring the story to the East Coast and focus on a teen from China who finds strength and direction via martial arts and a tough but wise mentor (or two). It’s set for release on Dec. 13.

The trailer for “Deadpool and Wolverine” smashed viewership records following its debut during the Super Bowl broadcast. Disney says the trailer was viewed a staggering 365 million times within the first 24 hours across all platforms. That surpasses the previous one-day record held by another Marvel property, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which garnered 355.5 million views after its trailer premiered in 2021. Viewership for the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer was likely aided by the fact that this year’s Super Bowl which was watched by an estimated 123.7 million people across all platforms, making it the highest viewed broadcast in television history.

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According to a study, drinking just 2 cups of coffee a day cuts the risk of liver disease in half.

A Louisville KY school bus driver known for going above and beyond has had his act of kindness go viral. Larry Farrish Jr. recently noticed a little boy was having a rough morning. He said that normally, when he picks Levi up, the child is waiting “with a big smile”, but this day, he was sitting with a jacket over his head”. The first-grader explained through tears that he didn’t have pajamas for “Pajama Day” at school. The bus driver said his first thought was: “I gotta fix this.” After Farrish finished his morning route, he headed to a Family Dollar store and purchased 2 pairs of jammies for Levi, and headed back to the school to present them to the boy. Quote: “He was so excited — you should’ve seen how his face lit up.” When asked about it by a local reporter, young Levi said: “When he got me the pajamas, I did a happy cry.”

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NASA was inspired to use countdowns before blast-off by a 1929 science fiction film.

Michelangelo wrote a poem about how much he hated painting the Sistine Chapel.

The word “Huh?” is understood in all languages.

Originally, Dunce Caps were used to signify intelligence.

Generally, the colder the air is, the smaller the snowflakes are.

The term “brain-freeze” was invented by 7-11.


Question: A survey found THIS is the best thing you can do to start your day. What is it?

Answer: Drink a glass of water

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A bizarre act of vandalism was reported at an art exhibition in Moscow, where a security guard damaged an art exhibit — and tried to eat it. The organizers of a contemporary art exhibition at Moscow’s VDNKh exhibition center noticed that one of the exhibits was missing its main protagonist. The art piece, named “Escape of the Goldfish”, featured a goldfish bowl with a goldfish sticking out, next to a painting of the open sea, with another goldfish appearing as if it had jumped from the bowl and into the waves. The thought-provoking concept must have caught the eye of the security guard on duty, who ended up destroying the very thing he was paid to protect. Security footage shows the guard casually holding the painting of the open sea with one hand and pulling on the goldfish with the other until it comes off. He then smells the (fake) fish, and tries to take a bite of it. When confronted, the man said that he had had a tough night with very little sleep.

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I did some financial planning and it looks like I can retire at 97 and live comfortably for eleven minutes. – BUBBLY T

So many people breaking up right now… Pre Valentine’s Day layoffs you might say… – michaela okland

if you post a picture of your computer screen on any platform, I am zooming in. I’m looking at your tabs, I’m reading your open document, I’m browsing the desktop. im collecting data. every time – milk chiffon

oh it’s a marathon not a sprint? so like, much worse?? – Amy A

Oh so you thumbs-upped my text instead of hearting it, quick question why do u hate me? – Emily Murnane

Is rabies real or is it a vast government conspiracy aimed at stopping me from cuddling raccoons – Anne Theriault

i desire a trip to the aquarium, at the end of which i am permitted to pick one toy for my good behavior – callie actually

⇒ “that’s why they pay me the medium bucks” always kills in meetings. that’s free for you to use any time you want, buddy. little gift from me to you – katie

I’m flying this week. Should I pack an Allen wrench or will one be provided by the airline? — Andi

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If you can’t beat them, arrange to have them beaten.” —George Carlin

Never keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level. It’s cheaper.” —Quentin Crisp

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Student Athletes Gift Over 100 Scooters To Elementary Students On Valentine's Day