Show Notes for Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, April 28, 2024

Today we visit with Brad Balukjian, author of THE SIX PACK: On the Open Road in Search of Wrestlemania.


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April 27th

Autism Super Mom Day

International Design Day

International Donor Conception Awareness Day

Love Your Thighs Day

Marine Mammal Rescue Day

Matanzas Mule Day

Morse Code Day

National Babe Ruth Day

National Devil Dog Day

National Gummi Bear Day

National Little Pampered Dog Day

National Pneumatics Day

National Prime Rib Day

National Teach Children To Save Day

National Tell A Story Day

Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

American Immigration Lawyers Association Day Of Action

World Design Day

World Tapir Day

April 28th

Biological Clock Day

Clean Comedy Day

Cubicle Day

International Pay It Forward Day

National Arbor Day

National Blueberry Pie Day

National Bravehearts Day

National Donate Life Blue & Green Day

National Great Poetry Reading Day

National Kiss Your Mate Day

National Superhero Day

Workers’ Memorial Day

World Day For Safety And Health At Work

World Women’s Wellness Day

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Researchers say that text messages and social media posts where words are “stretched out” (by inserting repeating letters or groups of letters) aren’t done so for fun — they’re actually conveying emotions. A 2020 University of Vermont analysis of about 20 billion tweets found that by stretching out a word, whether written or spoken, it can alter the meaning of that word, as well as the emotion behind it. Certain words can be an indication of sarcasm and playfulness, like “surrrrre” and “rightttttt.” On the other hand, “yessssss” can indicate tremendous excitement.

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Prince Harry has officially declared the US is his new home. The Duke of Sussex quit royal duties to move to America in 2020, with his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, but said at the time: “The UK is my home and a place that I love. That will never change.” Now, Harry has updated his records in the UK to make clear he’s no longer a resident of Britain. The Daily Mail revealed filings published by Companies House on Wednesday for a “Prince Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex” that state his “New Country/State Usually Resident” is now America – when it was previously recorded as the UK.


Autobots, assemble: Paramount has released a trailer for “Transformers One,” the animated prequel starring the voices of Chris Hemsworth, Brian Tyree Henry and Scarlett Johansson. Hemsworth voices young ‘Optimus Prime’, and Henry is ‘D-16’, before he became Optimus’ rival ‘Megatron’. The trailer shows the 2 starting out as worker bots, but soon they gain the ability to change into vehicles and gain weapons, as a battle against a mysterious villain unfolds on the Transformers’ planet of Cybertron. “Transformers One” is set for release in theaters Sept. 20. LINK:

Mariska Hargitay would have made her “Law and Order: SVU” character ‘Olivia Benson’ proud last week when she helped a child find their parent — after the kid assumed the actress was an police officer. According to witnesses at a playground in New York, the little girl became separated from her mother and ran up to Hargitay when she saw the police badge on her belt. After enlisting the help of the actress, production on the final episodes of the show’s 25th season was halted for about 20 minutes as she helped the child locate her mother. Shortly after, mother and daughter were reunited and Hargitay was spotted comforting the pair. The moment has gone viral on X.

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• “Why is this chair wet?”

• “What’s inside this letter from the government?”

• “If that’s not chocolate, then what is it?”

• “What’s keeping that beltless vagrant’s pants up?”

• “Honey, why are you so sick every morning lately?”

• “No sir, I don’t have life insurance. Why do you ask?”

• “How contagious are you?”

• “When you say ‘about average’, exactly how many other men are you comparing me to?”

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Every time you shuffle a deck of cards, you get a combination that’s probably never existed.

When pitched, the average Major League baseball rotates 15 times before being hit.

From a complete stop, a human is capable of outrunning a Formula One Race car for about 30 feet.

Only one person in recorded history has been hit by a meteorite.

Cats were once used to deliver mail in Belgium. It didn’t last


Question: In a poll, nearly 30% of people admitted they do THIS every day – and they’re not ashamed to admit it. What is it?

Answer: Eat candy

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In a scene straight out of “Weekend at Bernie’s,” a Brazilian woman reportedly wheeled the corpse of an elderly man into a Rio de Janeiro bank to have him co-sign on a loan. The woman was captured on video standing next to the dead man seated in a chair — and seemingly holding up his drooping head. She is seen talking to the deceased, whom she addressed as her “uncle,” and asking him to sign documents that would allow her to take out a $3,400 loan. When a bank worker pointed out that the man’s color looked off and he appeared “not well,” Nunes responded by saying: “He is like that. He doesn’t say anything.” Bank staffers called police, who arrived and arrested the woman. It was later determined that the 68-year-old man had been dead for several hours prior to his trip to the bank.

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2024's Cities With the Biggest Yards

Rank City State Population Size Score Average Yard Acreage

1 Carney,MD 29,352 100 1.14

2 Linton Hall, VA 42,702 91.69 1.046

3 Mequon,WI 25,102 84.61 0.966

4 Caledonia,WI 25,277 83.25 0.951

5 Fallbrook, CA 33,710 74.59 0.853

6 Derry, NH 23,027 72.45 0.829

7 Nacogdoches, TX 32,148 72.11 0.825

8 Weatherford,TX 32,168 71.11 0.814

9 Barnstable Town, MA 48,922 69.02 0.79

10 The Acreage, FL 40,160 68.9 0.789

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The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.” —George Will

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Ohio Teenager Sets State Record With Massive Catfish Catch