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Yes, TikTok has become a useful resource for finding important information – whether that be discovering useful products or time-saving hacks. Here’s the problem: New research shows that health and wellness tips should probably be taken with a grain of salt. A study by Dublin City University found that 57% of people who use TikTok consider it their main source of nutrition information (and 87% of millennials and Gen Z do). But, get this, just 2.1% of that info is accurate and regulated with public health codes. Some of the recent viral hacks that surfaced on TikTok include “Nature’s Ozempic” (the supplement Berberine) and the practice of marinating Diet Coke in the fridge for days to make the flavor “crispier”.

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Mark Zuckerberg thought of Facebook’s “poke” feature when he was drunk. The poke was one of the earliest features of Facebook, which Zuckerberg launched in college in 2004 as “The Facebook”. In 2005, when Facebook was still open only to college kids, he told “CBS Sunday Morning”: “I thought about it when I was drunk or something. And people really like poking each other for some reason that I don’t think anyone can really explain.” Lately, improbably, the poke is having a comeback. Facebook recently made the poke button more prominent, and also made it easier to find the page where all your pokes live


Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry are cooking up 2 new projects with Netflix. One series will see Markle celebrate the joys of cooking, gardening, entertaining, and friendship. She’ll also exec-produce. The second explores the world of professional polo. Prince Harry is known as a keen polo player and is often photographed playing internationally. He’ll make a cameo in the series, and will exec produce with his wife. Both untitled shows are in early stages of production, and are part of the deal they signed with Netflix in 2020 via their Archewell Productions company.

CBS is looking to reopen “Cold Case”. A reboot of the crime procedural, which aired for from 2003-10, is currently in development. The new iteration would follow an entirely different group of detectives dedicated to investigating unsolved crimes. Though details are being kept under wraps, one confirmed change from the original series is its setting; the reboot would take place in the Southwest. The OG was set in Philadelphia.

Jimmy Fallon is about to celebrate his 10th anniversary as host of “The Tonight Show”, a franchise that began with Steve Allen in 1954. Allen was followed by legends Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien – and Fallon wants some day to be the show’s longest-serving MC. Speaking about Carson’s record of 30 years as the longest-running host of this seminal late-night show, Fallon said during a panel at the Contenders Television event, “Let’s break the record, let’s go, let’s do 30 years!”

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Did you know? Ducks can catch the Flu. It’s true!

People who feel an urge to correct other people’s grammar are actually suffering from a form of OCD called Grammar Pedantry Syndrome.

No one likes to have to stumble around the bedroom and hallway on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Maybe that’s why a Japanese IT engineer has designed a night lamp that walks right along with you, lighting the way as it goes. Or, rather, it crawls right along with you – because it looks exactly like a spider. And of course, if you need to visit to loo in the wee hours, and this thing is turned on, it’ll seem as if a creepy creature is right behind you. The idea for the spider-legged lamp came to its inventor when he was trying to think of a way to put his 3D-printed robotic legs to good use. As a father, he was reminded of his own childhood, when he was terrified of going to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and the idea of a guiding night lamp was born. He calls his invention something that can “contribute to a sense of security as a reliable partner who walks with me in the dark.”

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Men and women who listen to similar music tend to be better communicators and have longer- lasting relationships.

Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was not a man in a suit; it was actually a giant puppet.

Archie Comics, who publish two different Sonic comics, released a comic that mentions that Sonic’s middle name is Maurice but never mentioned his first name. One of the Archie Comic writers has since shared that Sonic’s first name is actually Ogilvie. Fans disagree, as they say, that Archie Comic’s Sonic isn’t true canon, only the video games and the Japanese manga are.


In a poll, 36% of people said they always have THIS in their kitchen. What Is it?

Answer: Chopsticks

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Some people are getting around the requirement of actually being present at their video meetings by digitally “cloning” themselves. Delphi, the world’s first digital cloning platform, uses data from podcasts, videos, PDFs and other content to develop an AI clone that can mimic the user’s thoughts and speech – and it all takes as little as one hour. According to company CEO Dara Ladjevardian, the clone can “learn how they think about the world”, and replicate those thoughts and the person’s mannerisms when participating in a call. While there is a free version for “beginners and casual users,” most users will pay a monthly fee of either $29, $99 or $399.

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The pet health insurance company Nationwide invited people to vote in its “Wacky Pet Names” contest. These are the finalists


Boots With the Fur, ChugChug Pickles, Lil’ Richard Simmons Sweatin’ to the Oldies, Lord Waddles, Lulu the Conqueror, Molly From Corporate, Mr. Pizza Puff, One Love Tiny Dancer Princess Margaret Rose Windsor (all one name), Team “The Bandit” Player, and The News.

CATS: Balsamic Vin, Car Alarm, Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, Meownnaise, Minerva Meowgonagall, Necronomicat, Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, Skullcrusher, Steph Purrrry, and Tony “Scarface” Baloney.

EXOTIC PETS: A rabbit named BeezelBun, a ferret named Boo Boo Bean, a snake named Boop Noodle, a guinea pig named Cowpig, a tegu lizard named Frosted Mini Wheats, a macaw named Magic Nugget, a tortoise named Midsize Sedan, a ferret named Mumbo Jumbo, a pig named Snoop Hoggy Hogg, and a rabbit named Thor Odinbun God of Bunder.

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The nice thing about egotists is that they don’t talk about other people.” —Lucille S. Harper

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Six-Year-Old Hero Saves Entire Family From Devastating House Fire