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Drew Moerlein (he plays Captain America in the upcoming “Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra”) and his new film Bloodline Killer is available now:

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May 27th

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Summer’s almost here, and with it, of course, comes “auto-reply” season. That’s when, for a period of time, it seems like you receive an “out of office” response from every person that you send a work email to. I guess a shorter way of putting it might be to call it “vacation season”. But it turns out that 80% of us truly believe there is a distinct difference between a “trip” and a “vacation”. In a survey of 2,000 US adults with travel plans this summer, a “vacation” was most-often defined as travel strictly for relaxation (53%). Meanwhile, a “trip” is travel for a purpose, such as an event (32%) or simply getting out of one’s town or city (30%). And when summer holiday time mercifully arrives, what are the main signs that you’ve officially entered “vacation mode”? 59% said it’s when you arrive at the hotel, and 47% said it’s not until you get that first breath of ocean air.

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In 2016, a student left a pineapple in an art museum in Scotland. Two days later, it had been placed in a glass case as part of an exhibition.

The term “brah” is Hawaiian pidgin, short for brahdah (brother), and was popularized by surf culture.


Pitbull has responded on social media about his 2011 hit song being featured in one of the hot and steamy scenes in “Bridgerton” Season 3. He wrote on X: “This again shows the world how music is the international language that transcends over boundaries, moreso how a hit song can remain timeless. “Thank you @bridgerton and @netflix for the opportunity!” The orchestral version of ‘Give Me Everything’ is played during the nearly 3-minute scene. Bridgerton’s official account on X responded, naming him “Lord Worldwide”.

Who said romance is dead? Season 3 of “Bridgerton,” Netflix’s romantic drama from Shonda Rhimes, topped the streamer’s Top 10 list of the most watched English-language shows in the US. In its first week, the third season secured 45.1 million views. The series also topped the Top 10 list in 78 countries and appeared on the Top 10 lists of 92 countries. In addition, Season 1 of the series jumped to 4th place on the English-language TV list with 4.5 million views. Season 2 is in 8th place.

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A study found that men who wear red send out a signal that they’re angry and aggressive.

Pizza Hut is finally getting into the burger game – sort of. This week, the restaurant announced its brand-new “Cheeseburger Melt”, which consists of Parmesan-crusted thin crust melt, folded and filled with beef, plus smoked bacon, onions, mozzarella, and cheddar, with a bit of Burger Sauce on the side. So, there’s no traditional bun – but hey, it’s Pizza Hut, what did you expect?

When TikTok was launched in 2017, it was marketed as an app for sharing short-form videos. And the clips were definitely short – the limit was 15 seconds. But the time limit has gradually increased since then, and now, TikTok is testing 60-minute videos. That’s right, it has been reported that some users in select markets can now upload TikToks that are one-hour long! The thinking is that TikTok has been slowly allowing longer and longer videos in an effort to better compete with YouTube — and to give creators a longer leash in order to do what they do — creative. The new 60-minute limit could also allow for more full episodes of TV shows to appear in your feed.

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70% of those who lock themselves out of hotel rooms are women.

Seven people have keys with the power to restart the World Wide Web in the event of a catastrophic event.

The English language has about 3,000 words to describe the state of being drunk — one of which is “ramsquaddled.”
✓ In the 1600s, drinking coffee in Turkey was punishable by death.

The youngest Pope ever elected was 11 years old.


1-in-5 women surveyed say they’d rather walk on coals than do THIS.

Answer: Wear a swimsuit.

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Just imagine spending $400 – on one pineapple. No, it’s not food inflation gone wild, it’s luxury fruit. Melissa’s Produce, a California-based seller of specialty fruit and veggies is selling the Rubyglow pineapple, which is bred for its distinctive red exterior and its sweetness, for $395.99. Word is that it took Del Monte a decade and a half to develop the red-hued fruit, which is grown in Costa Rica. It’s all part of a recently-renewed interest in premium fruit. As Cindy van Rijswick, a strategist for Rabobank puts it: “Consumers are willing to pay for something that’s special. (When it comes to specialty produce,) there’s always a small market for higher-end restaurants, or foodies, or certain online channels.” Melissa’s Produce, which sells everything from truffles to mangosteens to kumquats, describes the Rubyglow on its website as a “rare gem” and “the pinnacle of luxury fruit,” and says that “for the gourmand, it’s an unforgettable gift.”

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The most-frequently recommended beverages from 10 expert reviews…

1. Pumpkin Spice Latte: Saw this coming from a mile away. This indulgent beverage, a cocktail of warm flavors like pumpkin, vanilla, and cinnamon, topped with Starbucks’ signature house-made whipped cream, is one of the first markers of autumn. 

2. Brown Sugar Oat milk Shaken Espresso: Relatively new, but it’s made a big impression. Made with creamy oat milk and the warm sweetness of brown sugar syrup, this iced beverage is also 100% vegan.

3. Pink Drink: It began as a fan creation, but became so popular that it earned an official spot on the Starbucks menu. Made with coconut milk, strawberries, and a strawberry açaí base, it’s definitely a summer must-try. 

4. Caramel Frappuccino: You had me at caramel. This frozen beverage blends coffee flavor with an artful swirl of whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Also, very photo-friendly for the Gram…

5. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew: If you don’t mind your coffee paired with a hint of sweetness, this might be for you. The bold flavors of cold brew combined with vanilla sweet cream equals a strong hit of caffeine that goes down easy.

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Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, some don’t turn up at all.” —Sam Ewing

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Manitoba Farmer Gives Away Millions Of Potatoes To People In Need