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Today we have a #ComedyCall with the very funny Paul Scheer. We will talk about his new book JOYFUL RECOLLECTIONS OF TRAUMA, available now:

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May 29th

Biscuit Day

End Of The Middle Ages Day

International Day Of United Nations Peacekeepers

Learn About Composting Day

Mount Everest Day

National 529 Day

National Alligator Day

National Coq Au Vin Day

National Hydroxyapatite Day

National Paperclip Day

National Snail Day

Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day

Spring Bank Holiday

World Digestive Health Day

John F. Kennedy’s Birthday

National Flip Flop Day

National Senior Health And Fitness Day

World Otter Day

Wisconsin State Day

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This is a “good news” story – especially if you’re a wine drinker. A new survey asked “How much joy do you experience every month?” And the results were surprisingly positive. The poll of 2,000 American wine drinkers found the average person has 10 “extraordinary” days each month. That adds up to 120 every year. And when asked what exactly defines a joyful life, the top answer, agreed upon by 77% of respondents, was ‘feeling happy’. That was followed by ‘being healthy’ (71%), having ‘positive personal and family relationships’ (69%), and ‘feeling comfortable’ (69%). The survey, commissioned…you guessed it…by a wine maker, also asked how often people like to treat themselves. It found people are most likely to treat themselves to something nice on their birthday (66%). Other believe they should treat themselves while on vacation (59%,) or if they’re simply having a good day (48%).

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Bluetooth” technology was named after a 10th Century king, King Harald Bluetooth. He united Denmark and Norway – just like wireless technology united computers and cell phones.


Food Network has a new magical treat in store this holiday season: A ‘Harry Potter’-inspired baking competition. “Harry Potter: Wizards of Baking” will feature “innovative pastry chefs” as they “craft spellbinding sweet creations” inspired by the films. The show will be filmed at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London’s “The Making of Harry Potter” location, giving the competitors “unprecedented access to actual sets where the films were made, as they present their creations to the judges and special guests.”

Will audiences be “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” on Broadway? Fitness pioneer Richard Simmons, who has been reclusive for the past decade, is putting together a show for the Great White Way. He posted on Facebook that he and a friend “who is an attorney and manages famous artists in music” are planning “an interactive Broadway show” about his life. The show would create an open space near the stage where theater-goers could join in on workout dance numbers. The 75-year-old said: “I have so many ideas and I’m writing them all down … Broadway is in my blood!”

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Stats show that 84% of Americans aren’t fond of hipsters.

According to a study, US cannabis sales have generated more than $20 billion in tax revenues.

Japanese researchers have developed a headband that they say can alleviate the symptoms of depression. In a clinical trial, published in the Asian Journal of Psychiatry, the team found that the unit, which creates an ultra-low frequency magnetic field, was effective in improving depressive symptoms among men diagnosed with major depressive disorder. The device may also offer a safer and non-invasive method for alleviating the low energy people with depression often deal with. They say that compared to current depression treatments, such as long-term medications, electroconvulsive therapy, “is superior in terms of convenience and lack of anticipated side effects.”

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In Elizabethan England, the spoon was so novel and prized that people carried their own folding spoons to banquets.

When you look at a bright sky and see white dots, you are looking at your white blood cells.

Computer mouse speed is measured in “Mickeys.”

A wildlife technician once calculated that a woodchuck would chuck 700 pounds of wood if it “could chuck wood”.


A survey found that 55% of people take pictures of their food. And THIS is the most popular food item we photograph. What is it?

Answer: Ice cream

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The Japanese eating legend who won 6 consecutive Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contests is retiring — because he literally no longer has the hunger to compete. 46-year-old Takeru Kobayashi made the announcement in the new Netflix documentary “Hack Your Health: The Secrets of Your Gut” after doctors discovered his brain had become repelled by highly processed foods. Kobayashi spent more than 2 decades chowing down on hot dogs and other junky food, with his enormous appetite earning him fame and up to $650,000 per year. But in recent years, his appetite started to wane — and he now doesn’t feel hunger at all, and once went 3 days without eating.

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The online trip-planning company “Rough Guides” asked readers to vote on the world’s most beautiful countries. Here are the results…

1. New Zealand: Praised for its “contrast in scenery and beauty to be found in the people and culture”.

2. Italy

3. Canada

4. Switzerland

5. France

6. United Kingdom

7. Norway

8. Australia

9. Greece

10. South Africa

The next 10, in order: United States, Chile, Iceland, Argentina, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Portugal, Slovenia, and Japan. LINK (for details on each):

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The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!” —Marvin Phillips

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Viral Act Of Kindness Inspires Pajama Donation For Entire School