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A New Jersey community college professor is under investigation for berating a conservative student in a profanity-laced tirade that was caught on camera. Brookdale Community College sociology professor Howard Finkelstein allegedly slammed his hand on a desk and screamed the f-word at a conservative student, Christopher Lyle, in a discussion about sexual harassment. Joey Smith, who captured the exchange on video, said that he was recording the Sociology 105 lecture on his phone because he knew the “unprofessional” professor was going to do something “offensive or stupid.”

A jilted ex-boyfriend allegedly retaliated against a former flame whom he ran into with another man at the gym by posting revenge porn on social media. 25-year-old Alfred Kluge was arrested Tuesday on sexual cyber-harassment charges in Marathon, Florida after the nude photos were shared to his Facebook and Snapchat accounts. Kluge reportedly texted the woman following the gym encounter saying, “You forced my hand.” The distraught woman told authorities the X-rated pics were taken while the pair was in a relationship “and were for them only.” Kluge was booked Tuesday at Stock Island Detention Center but later released.

Police are searching for a man who robbed Game Haven on Millertown Pike on Friday afternoon.
Officers say the suspect entered the store, showed a gun and smashed a glass case. He took a PS4 from the case, then fled to a waiting SUV. No employees were injured, but the suspect cut himself when he broke the case. Investigators are following a lead in the robbery.http://www.wate.com/news/local-news/armed-man-steals-ps4-from-knoxville-game-shop/1120725962

A guy in Oakland, California, has uploaded video from his Nest IQ outdoor camera. It shows a delivery driver trying to deliver a package from Amazon at the man’s home.  “Trying” — because the driver decided to skip climbing some stairs to get to the front door and instead attempted to toss the package up. It fell short the first time but the delivery driver made it on his second try.

Mom called 'disgusting' and 'inconsiderate' after letting kid eat PB&J in store

One mom faced the wrath of angry bloggers after saying she let her child eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a store.
SFGATE reports that the mother asked a New York parenting blog called UrbanBaby if it was unacceptable for her 4-year-old daughter to eat peanut butter in public. "Has it become unacceptable to eat peanut butter in public? DD was eating a pb&j at a store today, and a woman stopped me to lecture me about peanut allergies," the mom asked. Responses to the question came flying in from keyboards of other moms. "That's really inconsiderate. So many kids have life threatening allergies to peanut butter." one person wrote. "Eating it in a shopping cart GUARANTEES it will be smeared on the handle, etc. Its really awful you would do this. Sorry, but imagine if it were your child with the allergy." Another blogger was more concerned with the cleanliness of the shopping cart. "I'd prefer if kids ate at tables and had an adult wipe their hands," the blogger wrote. "Eating while in a cart is messy and also your child's hands will be dirty from touching the shopping cart handle etc. It's pretty unhygienic both ways." Another person questioned, "You feed your child in a Target shopping cart? That is disgusting! Your problem is much bigger than the peanut butter!" Only a few people thought eating peanut butter in a store was okay. "No problem - my kids make a bigger mess with Target popcorn and slushies," one mom said. "Smear away. Not your problem," another commented.http://www.wvlt.tv/content/news/Mom-called-disgusting-and-inconsiderate-after-letting-kid-eat-PBJ-in-store-479535293.html

Man charged with driving too slow under "Slow Poke" law
A Knox County man has been charged with driving under the posted speed limit, breaking what has been called the "Slow Poke" law. The "Slow Poke Law" went into effect on July 1, 2016, and prohibits drivers from using the left lane of interstates and multi-lane divided highways unless they are passing slower vehicles. According to arrest records, on April 3, police said Ricky Lee Rutherford was driving 40 mph in the lefthand lane of a 55 mph zone when police pulled him over. Police said they also found prescription pills in his car. Police said they also discovered two outstanding warrants for his arrest for failing to appear in court.http://www.wvlt.tv/content/news/Man-charged-in-Slow-Poke-law-479446573.html

A fed up teacher's post about disrespectful students and their parents is going viral.
On March 28, Julie Marburger, a teacher in Texas, had had enough. She posted several photos on Facebook, including a lengthy post describing an experience with a parent who criticized her for disciplining a student child. "Teachers are some of the most kind and giving people I have ever met, yet they get treated so disrespectfully from all sides. Most parents can't stand to spend more than a couple hours a day with their kid, but we spend 8 with yours and 140 others just like him. Is it too much to ask for a little common courtesy and civil conversation?" Marburger wrote in the post. Marburger says she has always dreamed of being a teacher, but just after two years in the profession, she's already looking for a career change. "This is almost all I hear from other teachers as well, and they are leaving the profession in droves. There is going to be a teacher crisis in this country before too many more years has passed unless the abuse of teachers stops," she wrote on the post. Marburger also has some advice for parents:"People absolutely HAVE to stop coddling and enabling their children. It's a problem that's going to spread through our society like wildfire. It's not fair to society, and more importantly, is not fair to the children to teach them this is okay. It will not serve them towards a successful and happy life." Her post seems to have hit a chord, with more than 400,000 people sharing her post with many people commenting their support for the teacher. Marburger did update her post to note she has many respectful and hard-working students, but she still feels there are a lot of work needed by parents and students. "But my frustration was also in their behalf. Because the actions of some are hindering their educational experience."http://www.wate.com/news/national-world/teachers-post-about-parents-coddling-kids-goes-viral/1115607536?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_6News

Man attempts to run off rodents. Burns two acres 

Facebook felony

Police ride to hospital

Judge yelled at woman and she dies