Saturday May 19 & Sunday May 20, 2018

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"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs -- even though checkered by failure -- than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat." --Theodore Roosevelt

"Care about what other people think, and you will always be their prisoner." --Lao Tzu

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A Nebraska woman suffering with a chronically runny nose for the past 2 years recently discovered fluid from her brain was leaking out of her nose.

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A 24-year-old Virginia woman allegedly driving drunk in New Jersey over
the weekend smashed into two parked cars, then switched seats with her also allegedly drunk friend, who crashed into another two vehicles. Officers responding to a 911 call in Hoboken found Jamila Banks, of Alexandria, Virginia, in the front passenger seat of her SUV. Janelle Green, a 23-year-old from Newark, was behind the wheel. Police say both women reeked of alcohol and reported that they had been at a club. They allegedly told cops they were trying to figure out who was "less drunk" and who could drive. Both were over the legal limit - one had a blood alcohol level of 0.17 and the other had one of 0.14. Cops say they damaged four vehicles - three Hondas and one Nissan. Green and Banks were both charged with drunken driving in a school zone and reckless driving. The SUV was impounded.(

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Woody Allen was cut from the filming of a documentary about the Carlyle Hotel over fears that sexual allegations against him could damage the movie.(

Producers have announced that actor Seann William Scott is replacing Clayne Crawford in the newly ordered third season of “Lethal Weapon.” Scott joins the series as a new character who folds into a partnership with Murtaugh (Damon Wayans). Crawford was fired from the Fox drama for alleged bad behavior on the set during Season 2. 

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A book nearly five decades overdue has been returned to the San Francisco Public Library. The copy of Eldridge Cleaver's memoir "Soul On Ice" was due back at the Eureka Valley branch Dec. 9, 1970, making it 47 years, four months and 29 days late. The library's late fee would've been $1,731.70 if it didn't cap the fine at $10.01. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the paperback's cover is detached from its spine and there's a hole in the title page. Branch manager Anne Vannucchi told the Chronicle last week she'd like to know who the library patron is so she can get the story behind the returned book. A man at another branch last year returned his great-grandmother's book titled "Forty Minutes Late" - but it was more than 100 years late. wate.comA black rat snake had slithered its way around a door handle at Breaks Interstate Park in Pikeville, Ky.

Two Tennessee high school students are facing charges after an attempt to lift a girl’s dress led to a stabbing with a pair of scissors.
According to a police report, the stabbing happened after a male student pulled a female student’s dress inside a classroom at Central High School in Memphis. Police said she made several swings before finally stabbing him with a pair of scissors. The male student was treated by the school nurse for his injuries. He claimed he was ‘only playing’ and never exposed the girl. He was given a summons for sexual battery. The female student is facing juvenile aggravated assault charges.

A smooth criminal in Los Angeles is being called the "Dine-and-Dash Dater" after leaving several women with restaurant bills.
One of the victims, who did not want to be identified, said she met Paul Gonzales on a dating app and went to dinner with him. "He ordered a salad with shrimp, filet mignon - yeah, he went all out," the woman said. After dinner, the woman says Gonzales had two cups of coffee and said he was worried about his sick aunt. "All of a sudden he's all, 'Oh my charger - my phone's dying and I'm waiting on a call from my mom about my aunt,'" the woman said. Gonzales told her he was going to get his charger from his car. But the woman says he never came back, and she was left paying a $130 bill. "I didn't bring it to the restaurant - nothing," she said. "I think I was more embarrassed. My pride was just like - you know? I felt dumb." What the woman didn't realize? She wasn't alone. Gonzales is the same man who has "dashed" from dates with at least four other women, leaving them with the bill. A Los Angeles attorney is advising all dine-and-dish victims to file a police report to document the crime. "You can be jailed for up to six months or fined up to $1,000 if your dine-and-dash bill was under $950," she said. 

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In Egypt around 1500 B.C., a shaved head was considered the ultimate in feminine beauty. Egyptian women removed every hair from their heads with special gold tweezers and polished their scalps to a high sheen with buffing cloths.

George Lumley, aged 104, married Mary Dunning, aged 10, in Nortallerton, England on August 25, 1783. She was the great-great granddaughter of the woman who'd broken her engagement to Lumley, eighty years before.

The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Brother(s) of the Bung
(BRUH-thur(z) uhv thuh BUNGH)
-A brewer.
-One who makes beer.

From bunghole - a "hole in a cask through which is it filled, closed by a stopper," 1570s, from bung (n.) mid-15c., "large stopper for a cask," of uncertain origin, perhaps from Middle Dutch bonge "stopper;" or perhaps from French bonde "bung, bunghole" (15c.), which may be of Germanic origin (or the Germanic words may be borrowed from Romanic), or it may be from Gaulish *bunda (compare Old Irish bonn, Gaelic bonn, Welsh bon "base, sole of the foot"). It is possible that either or both of these sources is ultimately from Latin puncta in the sense of "hole" (from PIE root *peuk- "to prick"). Transferred to the cask-mouth itself - 1570s.

Used in a sentence:
“Since the popularity of home brewing has boomed, my fellow brothers of the bung are beyond counting.”
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An Iowa Man says that his dog named Balew, a pit bull-Labrador mix, shot him while they were roughhousing inside of his home. 51-year-old Richard Remme of Fort Dodge told police he was playing with Balew on the couch and tossed the dog off his lap. He says when the dog bounced back up he must have disabled the safety on the gun in his belly band and stepped on the trigger. The gun fired, striking one of Remme's legs. He was treated at a hospital and released later that day. Remme told The Messenger newspaper that Balew is a “big wuss” and laid down beside him and cried because he thought he had done something wrong. (

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Authorities say a Phoenix woman accused of sending a pornographic photo to a 14-year-old boy and of attempting to lure him into meeting her for sex is believed to have begun communicating with him while playing Xbox video games. The state attorney general’s office said Friday that a Maricopa County sheriff’s office investigation resulted in 33-year-old Lisa Corn indictment on Wednesday. She was charged with 24 felony counts of aggravated luring a minor for sexual exploitation and other crimes. According to the attorney general’s office, investigators believe Corn began communicating with the boy while they were playing Xbox video games and then sent him photos, emails, and text messages.

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A Hudson, Florida man is behind bars after deputies say he attacked 
two people with a sword because he was angry over socks. 
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Thanks to breakthrough advances in medicine, Army surgeons have grown a
human ear on the arm of a soldier. LINK TO STORY