Wednesday May 23, 2018

Show Notes for Wednesday May 23, 2018

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"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

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An Indiana woman was arrested after she injected her husband with a lethal dose of heroin and then served his remains to unsuspecting neighbors at a barbecue. (

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It was reported that last weekend a Florida man was arrested during the PGA tour event “The Players Championship” after he drunkenly slapped a random kid. 25-year-old Connor Austgen has been charged with two counts of child neglect (battery). According to deputies, Austgen was drunk at the “Wine and Dine on 9” area, which is next to the ninth hole. The police report said Austgen approached a pair of 13-year-old kids and insulted them. Austgen reportedly pushed one of the kids and slapped another. Austgen walked away when adults approached but deputies quickly located him. According to jail records, Austgen bonded out Saturday after spending the night at the St. Johns County Jail. (
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Kristen Stewart walked the Red Carpet barefoot at the Cannes Film Festival to protest the ban on flat shoes. (

Tanya Harding has advanced to new week’s Dancing With The Stars finals. (

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An asteroid flew by the earth last week at 28,655 miles per hour and at one point it was closer to our planet than the moon. (

The GAP apologized for briefly selling t-shirts that have an incorrect map of China on them. (

A Chinese family adopted a dog only to realize two years later that it was a bear. (

A Wallet Hub study found that the house where you live has a massive impact on your happiness. (

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A law passed in Nebraska in 1912 set hard rules of the road. Drivers in the country at night were required to stop every 150 yards, send up a skyrocket, then wait eight minutes for the road to clear before proceeding cautiously, all the while blowing their horn and shooting off flares.

The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Paranymph (PAIR-uh-nimf)
-A bridesmaid or best man.
-A friend who accompanied the bridegroom when he went to bring home the bride.
-The bridesmaid who escorted the bride to the bridegroom.

From 1585-95; - Late Latin paranymphus - Greek paránymphos (masculine and feminine) groomsman, bridesmaid, literally, person beside the bride.

Used in a sentence:
"The dress she'd chosen for her paranymph was so gaudy, the poor lass looked like a flamfoo!" 
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Police say a Maryland man who used the name “VenomMan20” on YouTube has pleaded guilty to two counts of illegal possession of venomous snakes after a search of his home turned up six rattlesnakes. 29-year-old Brandon Joseph Boyles had worked at Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo in Thurmont. He took five venomous snakes along with three alligators and a crocodile, which he owned, when he left in September 2017. However, Boyles didn't have a permit to keep them in his house. He was prohibited from owning dangerous animals in Maryland and is now required to perform twenty hours of community service. Police say the crocodile, alligators, and rattlesnakes were transferred to the Maryland Reptile Conservation Center in Montgomery County. (

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Israel Rangel of Santa Ana is headed to prison after he took a stolen Ferrari on a two-week joyride in Southern California. Authorities said that last year Rangel stole a Ferrari 458 Spider from a service center in Costa Mesa. He was arrested on November 1st after Santa Ana police got a report of someone driving a Ferrari erratically. Police also say Rangel had asked someone for gas money to fill up the car at a Mobil station. He was sentenced to nine years in prison this past Thursday after pleading guilty to the theft. (

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A congressional candidate claimed she could communicate telepathically with space aliens

A Florida woman battered her boyfriend and trashed the couple's home 
after her beau declined to cuddle because the weather was too hot. 
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World is Encouraged to Ditch Trans Fats By 2023, Thanks to New Plan LINK TO STORY