Thursday May 24, 2018

Show Notes for Thursday May 24, 2018


Dear John,

This is a pretty weird letter, but I've heard others that may be more bizarre. My husband and I are still getting used to being empty nesters, Our youngest left for college last year, so I'm not sure who all the kids are in the neighborhood these days, but I have driven past a few “organized fights” in the street recently. The last one was over the weekend. There was a group of neighbor kids in a parking lot near my home with boxing gloves on and a crowd cheering the two boys on. They all seemed to be about 11 years old to maybe 15. This looked like a scene from the movie “Fight Club” to me. When I parked in my garage an walked out to see if everything was OK... they had already taken off. This is the second time I've witnessed a street fight with these young kids. After the first incident I told my husband that I wanted to call the police, but he told me to “stay out of it” now that there has been a second event I think I need to call the police. What do you think? Is this just kids being kids as my husband says? Do you think someone may get hurt if I don't intervene? That's my fear. What are your thoughts?

Signed – Concerned Neighbor

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"Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been." --Alan Alda

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A Canadian woman was arrested after defecating on the floor of a Tim Horton’s and throwing it at a manager who wouldn’t let her use the restroom.(

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49-year-old Dona Reynaud, a former candidate for mayor of Kenner, Louisiana and the wife of a Kenner City Councilman, was arrested after police say she was the aggressor in a fight with a couple at the “Treasure Chest Casino.” Police officers were called to the Treasure Chest after casino security broke up a fight involving Reynaud and an unidentified man and woman. Reynaud, who appeared to be intoxicated, told officers the man shoved her with no physical provocation after she told his female companion that “it was not the time to be line dancing.” But the police checked the casino surveillance video and determined that Reynaud was the aggressor. She “removed both of her high heel shoes, ran towards the male, and punched him in the face,” causing him to fall out of his chair. She was booked for disturbing the peace. (

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Oprah Winfrey reportedly owns a $90 million mansion with sixteen bathrooms in it. (

Critics are giving the new Han Solo spinoff one star. One critic called it the worst Star Wars movie since “Attack of the Clones.” (

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A survey by America’s Fitness Index found that Arlington, Virginia is the fittest city in the country. (

A naked man was tackled and subdued after running through the aisles on an Alaska Airlines flight. (

Papa Johns is now selling its garlic sauce in one gallon jugs.

A survey called the “Indoor Generation Report” found that a quarter of Americans spend their entire day indoors without ever leaving the house. (

An internal Facebook survey revealed that the site has over one billion fake accounts. (

Facebook has launched a new product called “Youth Portal” that teaches kids not to spend so much time on Facebook. Because social media can be bad for kids. (

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Louis XIV of France really was as unpleasant a fellow as he's been depicted. In 1674, when he was visiting a school at Clermont, he heard from the school's authorities that one of the children, a nine- year-old Irish lad named Francis Seldon, had made a pun about the king's bald head. Louis was furious. He had a secret warrant drawn up for the child's arrest, and young Seldon was thrown into solitary confinement in the Bastille. His parents, members of one of Europe's richest merchant families, were told simply that the child had disappeared. Days turned to months, months to years, and Louis himself passed away. But Francis spent sixty-nine years "in the hole" for making fun of the king's baldness.

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Flummery (FLUM-er-ee)
-A sweet dish made with beaten eggs, milk, sugar, and flavorings.
-Empty compliments.

From Early 17th century (denoting a dish made with oatmeal or wheatmeal boiled to a jelly): from Welsh llymru; perhaps related to llymrig 'soft, slippery'.

Used in a sentence:
“Feeding flummery to the fulgurous faun failed to flatter, as the fulsome fainéant feigned fullness.” 

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The New York Daily News reported that a Brooklyn hair stylist threw his client through the front window of a barbershop after the client complained about his haircut. A 33-year-old customer at Levels Barbershop in Crown Heights reportedly told his stylist that he was unhappy with his haircut. He also threatened to withhold payment due to the disappointing job. The infuriated barber reportedly shoved the man through one of the front store windows, slicing his face open in the process. The stylist who injured the man reportedly ran off when it was discovered the man was bleeding. Paramedics took the victim to Kings County Hospital. The barbers at the scene, named Small and Donald Romelus, both maintain that they don’t know the stylist’s name or how to reach him. (

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An Iowa man unhappy with waiting in a police station lobby area broke into a secured area and was promptly arrested. According to police, 33-year-old Andrew Matthew Reagan came to the police station with an assault victim around 10:00 p.m. last Friday night. He was apparently unhappy with having to wait in the lobby area and began tinkering with the door. An officer in another part of the building talked with Reagan through an intercom, telling him that police were busy and officers would take his friend’s report when one was available. Reagan allegedly responded that an officer would be available once he got past the front door. Police took the comment as a threat, and Reagan was arrested when he defeated the lock and opened the door. He was charged with second-degree burglary and possession of burglary tools. (

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.
A Florida man interested in karate is alleged to have found an elusive and illegal target for his kicks: bird faces. Last week, the Orlando Sentinel reported that Rocco Joseph Mantella was arrested for “practicing karate” by kicking swans in the head at a park in downtown Orlando. FLORIDA - (
A professional Sumo Wrestler in Florida was kicked out of an all you 
can eat buffet for eating too much – FAKE NEWS!
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Royals Donate Royal Wedding Leftovers to Cheer Up Hospice Patients LINK TO STORY