Monday July 2, 2018

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"Enthusiasm moves the world." --Arthur Balfour

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Cher told an interviewer that the Broadway show about her life needs a little work. (

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A Texas man accused of setting fire to a historic Austin building
claimed during an interview with investigators that he was pop star Taylor Swift. 36-year-old Matthew James Caldwell has been charged with arson, a second-degree felony. Austin police said they were called at 4:03 a.m. to the building for reports of an alarm activation, which they thought was a burglary. When officers arrived, they saw a man looking out the back door of the building before running down the alley. The man, later identified as Caldwell, was detained by police carrying several bottles of wine believed to be stolen from The Austin Club. Police said when they entered the building they found smoke inside and called firefighters to respond. In an interview with investigators, Caldwell denied starting the fires, despite police saying they saw him at the scene. He then told investigators, “My name is Taylor Swift, I told him to burn it down and he did what I told him.”
BIG SCREEN-LITTLE SCREEN:  Brought to you by TV with a LOWER monthly fee! The Grammy Awards are increasing nominees in top categories from five to eight. ( Shaquille O’Neal says he’s hoping to follow in the footsteps of Dwayne Johnson and become a movie star.( Long Island Medium’s Theresa Caputo and husband Larry are getting a divorce after a separation. (

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According to a new survey, a third of adults say they struggle to spend time with friends because they are too busy or can’t afford to catch up. And three-quarters say while they do get some time with friends, it’s not as much as they would like.

July and our one of the world’s best holidays are just days away which must mean school starts soon — if you work for The online retail giant has apparently decided to skip over the month of July and has set up back to school stores for
K through 12 students and college kids.
Police in Dover, Delaware, would like to know who dropped a house onto a two-lane road. Police there say someone abandoned the prefabricated home, blocking traffic. In a Facebook post that had been shared thousands of times, the department posted pictures of the home and said “this is not a joke.” The house was moved Wednesday. 

A water ride at a Six Flags in St. Louis has been closed after a rider said she was flung from a tube and suffered whiplash. (
British police found eighty-two inbred chihuahuas in the home of a hoarder who died last week. (
Police say that a stylish straphanger stabbed a man in the head with her high heel during a subway brawl in the Lower East Side of New York. Authorities stated that the pair were traveling on a Queens-bound F train near the Delancey Street station at roughly 5:00 a.m. Friday, when their subway squabble turned violent. The enraged woman ripped off her shoe and jabbed the heel into the left side of the 26-year-old victim's head. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where medics stapled the wound on his head. Police said the woman fled the station towards the Williamsburg Bridge. (

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is the capital city of Spain.
Prague is in
Czech Republic.
Birkenhead, England
was a forerunner of the Parks Movement and the first city in Europe to have a street tram system.
The Grandiloquent Word of the Day

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Bombinate (BOM-bin-ayt)
Intransitive Verb:
To make a buzzing or humming noise.

From: 1865, from Latin bombinare, corrupted from bombitare "to hum, buzz," from bombus "a deep, hollow sound; hum, buzz," echoic. Related: Bombinated; bombinating.

Used in a sentence:
"Mom, why do your toys bombinate, and mine don't?" 

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Authorities in Midvale, Utah are trying to determine who sent them $50 for a stop sign that was stolen from them in the 1940’s. The Midvale Public Works Department received a letter postmarked from North Houston, Texas in which a man said he was giving them $50 to pay for a stop sign he took when he was a “thoughtless teenager.” Although the theft occurred over 60 years ago, the man did not list a return address so authorities have been unable to locate him to acknowledge receipt.

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A 13 year old Illinois middle school student, who is facing felony charges after he taped his conversation with school administrators. Police say the boy was called into the Principal’s office to discuss the fact that he had missed multiple detentions. Prior to walking in he began recording audio on his cell phone and continued to do so for their entire conversation. After arguing with the Principal he admitted the conversation was being recorded, at which point the meeting was ended and the cops were called.

Is this story "Fake News" or something that actually happened in Florida.

A Florida Uber Driver has been charged after he pointed a gun at another
motorist because he was upset that she was texting. 

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After Tweeting About ‘Worst’ Sales Day, Independent Bookseller is Overwhelmed with Support. LINK TO STORY